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Passionate Pursuit

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Passionate Pursuit : by Tina Donahue [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Passionate Pursuit : by Tina Donahue - Passionate Pursuit, Passionate Pursuit Is their passion strong enough to break her chains Andaluc a Spain Innocent Beatriz is desperate to escape the threat of a miserable marriage to a cruel Marquis Forced into the betrothal by her

  • Title: Passionate Pursuit
  • Author: Tina Donahue
  • ISBN: 9781601835918
  • Page: 159
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Passionate Pursuit : by Tina Donahue, Passionate Pursuit, Tina Donahue, Passionate Pursuit Is their passion strong enough to break her chains Andaluc a Spain Innocent Beatriz is desperate to escape the threat of a miserable marriage to a cruel Marquis Forced into the betrothal by her ruthless merchant pap her only hope is to conceal her identity and become a servant in a nearby castle a life drastically different from her comfortable upbringing Is their passio

Passionate Pursuit

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Passionate Pursuit : by Tina Donahue [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Passionate Pursuit : by Tina Donahue - Passionate Pursuit, Passionate Pursuit Is their passion strong enough to break her chains Andaluc a Spain Innocent Beatriz is desperate to escape the threat of a miserable marriage to a cruel Marquis Forced into the betrothal by her Passionate Pursuit

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Passionate Pursuit : by Tina Donahue
    159Tina Donahue
Passionate Pursuit

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  1. 3.5 Stars Why do you fight me He pushed his fingers through his hair What are you so afraid of After reading Wicked Whispers and reading an excerpt of this book I knew I had to continue reading about the De Zaya brothers, and while I really enjoyed Passionate Pursuit I have to say Wicked Whispers is a firm favourite in the series.One of the things that drew me in when I read Passionate Pursuit was the age old Noble man falling for a common girl trope, its a favourite of mine and while it may hav [...]

  2. Expected Release Date August 2nd 2016Story Rating 4 Stars Hero Rating 5 Stars Heroine Rating 5 Stars Villain Rating 3.5 Stars Romance Rating 5 Stars Heat Level 3.5 Stars Ending 4 Stars Overall Rating 4 Love Will Concur All Stars This was my first read by Tina Donahue and I really enjoyed it This was a wonderful historical romance about beautiful young woman named Beatriz and a warrior Tomas Beatriz has run away, her father was a ruthless uncaring and abusive man All s he cares about is money and [...]

  3. Passionate Pursuit by Tina Donahue is book three in the Dangerous Desires series This is the story of Beatriz and Tom s I have read the other books in this series Loving Lies and Wicked Whispers, but I easily feel this is a standalone book It does have the other characters from the previous book so I did enjoy catching up with them Beatriz is running from her father and his arranged marriage he has made for her Beatriz father is a unfeeling mean person and only made the arrangement to better him [...]

  4. She was a surprise to her new master Tomas, master of the house, war hero and very single man was captivated by the beautiful servant girl with the bearing, training and intelligence of one far above her station Beatriz refused to speak of her past, but the secrets she held close were dark and dangerous.Their mutual passion ignites a fiery affair where Tomas realizes he may have met his match, a goddess with the sexual appetites of a man and the power to bring him to his knees But one s station [...]

  5. This is the first book that I ve read by Tina Donahue and I wish that it wasn t I used to read historical romance novels like crazy and then I just hit a wall No matter which one I picked up, I just didn t like it Because of that, I haven t read one in quite a while and when I was approached about this one, I almost said no, thank you Boy, am I glad that I didn t It restored my faith in the genre That kind of stamp of approval is not something I give easily I m a jerk about books I won t lie I w [...]

  6. Passionate Pursuit, is the first book I have read by Tina Donahue and I really liked it The setting is different, 1489 in Spain, instead of England, and Spain is in the midst of the Spanish Inquisition Beatriz is a servant at Tomas home and Tomas is totally enthralled with her She is beautiful and if she wasn t a servant, he would have already married her Beatriz has a secret though, she is a very rich, evil merchant s daughter who is hiding from her father and an unwanted betrothal.It is refres [...]

  7. Passionate Pursuit is the third book of the Dangerous Desires Series and the second I ve read I started with book two and it was a good book, so when asked if I would review this one, I agreed It is an interesting story A young girl runs away from her wealthy family to avoid a marriage arranged by her father Hides in disguise and becomes a servant for a very wealthy man only to fall in love with her boss, the very wealthy man She displays traits rare for servants she can read, is articulate, and [...]

  8. Are you thinking about leaving Isabella asked If you do, Tomas will follow and try to bring you back Not if he believes I fear Papa beyond anything else What woman wants a life constantly looking over her shoulder or dreads becoming a widow, forced into a second marriage with a brute All I have to do is convince Tomas I want an end to this madness by never seeing him or my father again Although women have succeeded in deceiving men since time began, you will never fool Tomas The man would have t [...]

  9. An Amazing Historical RomanceYou will love each and every Tina Donahue book They will keep you glued to the pages They are exciting,sweet,suspenseful,and of course scorching hot The storylines are exciting And the characters are awesome.

  10. Once overly zealous, descriptive graphic steamy scenes began to hijack the storyline, I realized this was likely to wind up in my did not finish pile By 37%, after witnessing multiple times a supposedly shy, innocent virgin heroine who seemed unrealistically overly eager and skilled then later insisted on becoming biblical with the hero right after nearly being brutally raped, the voice of common sense kicked in and told me to quit pursuing this one Though this avid true romantic at heart can ha [...]

  11. Rating 4.5 StarsI received this book for review from Words Turn Me On and the author I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.Tomas de Zayas is a man in quite the predicament that s not of his making Beatriz Gonzalez y Serrano is a woman who s trying to hide from family She s had to give up almost everything to feel free but freedom always comes at a price.It didn t take me long to find the character to hate and his name is Nuncio In his own mind he feels that he s im [...]

  12. 5 Steamy, intelligent historical romance I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review I like my historical fiction to be accurate and historical romance to be swoon worthy Passionate Pursuit is both This is book 3 in a series, but it s a standalone so you can start from here I started with book 2 so I jumped at the opportunity to review this one as well Tom s explains the first two books quite well in the beginning of his own story He tells Nuncio, his manservant, that both h [...]

  13. Net Galley Review book received in exchange for an honest review I was looking forward to reading this book as soon as I read the blurb, I definitely have a thing for historical romance novels and Passionate Pursuit didn t disappoint The book was written from both characters point of view but in the third person One of the things that I enjoyed the most was the authors detailed descriptions I could imagine what was being described and that s something I admire in books, especially historical one [...]

  14. Passionate Pursuit is the third book in the Dangerous Desires Series by Tina Donahue , and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this great sexy historical romance story This book is just as hot as the others ones in this series.This author has create some scenes that will make you feel the fire and the passion between these characters,the storyline is prefect and everything flows so easily Tina Donahue has a style and a gift that lets her create characters that seems to have flaws and virtues ,a [...]

  15. Passionate Pursuit is a compelling historical fiction novel that takes place during the 15th century.Beatriz Gonzalez y Serrano of Andalucia, Spain, didn t want to marry someone, just because her father told her to do so Her father had chosen Marquis Larnaz Telles, a cruel and ruthless man to be her betrothed Her mother was sent to an early grave because of her father s abuse Beatrice had no intention of following in her footsteps No, Beatriz would rather work as a lowly servant, for the rest of [...]

  16. The plot of this book had great potential However, there were two elements that ruined it for me First, the feminism was really over the top It felt like there was a feminist thing being pushed in my face in almost every scene I do understand that the author was trying to show the independence of the main character If feminism were a flavor in this book, it would be as if someone added way too much salt to the dish I felt turned off instead of inspired.The other issue that put me off, though it [...]

  17. This story takes place in 15th century Spain Beatriz has ran away from her dominant father to avoid an arranged marriage and is working as a maid in Tom s estate.He is dealing with the strong attraction he feels towards the servant girl, unable to grasp the reason he can t just ignore it while she takes any opportunity to spy on him from afar Tom s manservant warns him about all that is wrong with pursuing her and the damage it could bring him, and tries desperately to keep the girl out of his m [...]

  18. Reviewed on behalf of 2 Girls Who Love Books Blog.Passionate Pursuit is written in each characters point of view I really enjoyed how detailed the writing is The storyline is written perfectly I was a little worried about reading this book I am not a huge fan of historical fiction I really wanted to enjoy reading this book.Passionate Pursuit is the story of Tomas and Beatriz The setting is in Spain and dated in 1489 Beatriz is a servant in a castle.She has taken notice from Tomas They share an i [...]

  19. Passionate Pursuit is a sexy historical romance Book three in the Dangerous Desires series, this one is another example of how good Tina Donahue can write and how addictive her books can be.Beatriz is than a simple servant and Tomas can feel it He will chase her until the end because he wants to have her at any cost The tension is always present and it s clear they both feel it Their story not only has passion and tension but also there is love and friendship.As the other books in the series, t [...]

  20. This is the 3rd in the Dangerous Desires series and is Tomas story and he wants Beatriz, one of the servants in his castle, but she s not who she seems Beatriz is hiding from her father and a betrothal she doesn t want but doesn t expect to find herself having feelings for Tomas Much to his mans servant s dismay Tomas tries to be around Beatriz whenever he can and finally gets her to agree to spend time with him As they enjoy their passionate times together her past catches up to Beatriz, will T [...]

  21. 3.5 StarsCute historical romance set in 1492 Spain Beatriz is on the run from her evil father who is trying to force her into an arranged marriage She finds work at the castle of Tomas, a handsome noble They quickly become infatuated with each other even though their relationship seems doomed Tomas is expected to marry someone of his station, not a maid And Beatriz is afraid to reveal her true self for fear of her father finding her But, Beatriz secrets when revealed could cost them both everyth [...]

  22. I found this to be an OK read Beatriz is posing as Tomas servant, but little does he know, she s not exactly who she says she is The premise had potential, but where it lacked for me, was 1 the insta love, and 2 the book starts off mid way through the story, if that makes any sense It felt as though this was part 2 of a series, and I was left trying to figure out what had already taken place This was a distraction and left me with some disinterest in finishing the book I did note that this is in [...]

  23. Beatriz Gonzalez y Serrano ran away from an arranged marriage and took refuge working in a castle Tomas de Zayas was awarded a castle and its grounds by a grateful monarch Now all the unmarried women and their mothers are descending on him, trying to get him to choose a bride He only has eyes for one woman, and he can t have her This is a very Sexy historical romance It is the third in a series but easily read as a stand alone It does contain spoilers for the two previous books Our heroine has a [...]

  24. The dangers of fighting the Moors off Spanish lands is nothing compared to the fight for Beatriz es hand in marriage Tomas, the son of noble man, cares little for her background as falls in love with maid dusting his study and secretly reading his books He seduces her, and she too falls madly in love But she has a secret that threatens not only their ability to marry, but their very lives Passionate Pursuit lives up to its title as Tomas sweeps her off her feet with silken beds and romantic hill [...]

  25. Beatriz is desperate to escape an arraigned marriage to a cruel man that her father is forcing her into She runs away to a nearby castle and becomes a servant Tomas find his new servant girl intriguing and can t see to stay away from her, will he discover her secret This is a fast paced steamy read The chemistry between Beatriz and Tomas is scorching The story held my interest throughout A very steamy historical read I loved it.

  26. This book is pretty much an instant love Some might argue because they are sort of developed before this book begins Probably because it s book 3 but I felt like it was an insta love.The further I got into this novel, the I didn t care for it It was just stupid They over reacted about stupid shit and I just found the characters unlikable and boring.I eventually dnf d.

  27. Wrong timing and slow start put me out of reading this The last 70%, however, was enjoyable My full review at Scandalicious Book Reviews here scandaliciousbookreviews.c

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