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The Wrong Side of Right

Free Download The Wrong Side of Right - by Jenn Marie Thorne Free Download The Wrong Side of Right - by Jenn Marie Thorne - The Wrong Side of Right, The Wrong Side of Right Fans of Sarah Dessen and Huntley Fitzpatrick will enjoy this smart debut young adult novel equal parts My Life Next Door and The Princess Diaries plus a dash of West Wing Kate Quinn s mom died last y

  • Title: The Wrong Side of Right
  • Author: Jenn Marie Thorne
  • ISBN: 9780147509840
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Wrong Side of Right - by Jenn Marie Thorne, The Wrong Side of Right, Jenn Marie Thorne, The Wrong Side of Right Fans of Sarah Dessen and Huntley Fitzpatrick will enjoy this smart debut young adult novel equal parts My Life Next Door and The Princess Diaries plus a dash of West Wing Kate Quinn s mom died last year leaving Kate parentless and reeling So when the unexpected shows up in her living room Kate must confront another reality she never thought possible or thought of at alFa

The Wrong Side of Right

Free Download The Wrong Side of Right - by Jenn Marie Thorne Free Download The Wrong Side of Right - by Jenn Marie Thorne - The Wrong Side of Right, The Wrong Side of Right Fans of Sarah Dessen and Huntley Fitzpatrick will enjoy this smart debut young adult novel equal parts My Life Next Door and The Princess Diaries plus a dash of West Wing Kate Quinn s mom died last y The Wrong Side of Right

  • Free Download The Wrong Side of Right - by Jenn Marie Thorne
    268Jenn Marie Thorne
The Wrong Side of Right

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  1. His eyes burned into mine No talking at all, kay Stand there and look pretty He tapped me on the head, and as he walked away, something broke in me snapped so forcefully that I could have sworn it made a noise, like two bits of flint knocking together My pulse stilled to a dead quiet I blinked, and everything around me became crisp.Look pretty.No one had ever talked to me that way before.I loved this book Completely unexpected, I assure you.This book is about a young woman living in blissful ob [...]

  2. 3.5 stars Not your usual YA contemporary and I liked it The premise is very interesting and intriguing Kate who lost her mom last year is now being bombarded with the truth about the existence of a father she has never known since birth But her father is no ordinary man He s a senator and is currently a presidential candidate so you could just imagine the massive change Kate s life is about to undergo and I was caught right in the whirlwind that is Kate s life as she gets to finally know her dad [...]

  3. This is an update review I absolutely adore this book, it got me into so much tears eventually I have to stop and calm my breathing This book is about a girl name Kate Quinn, her mother died last year leaving her to be parentless and downhearted So suddenly when her father shows up, she s shocked What s weirder is that her father is actually a powerful politician running for the US president And there her life has turned upside down, running for campaigns, meeting her new family and falling in l [...]

  4. 4.5 stars Talk about a timely read you guys if you re sick of the rhetoric in the current campaign that s happening in real life, this book might just be the perfect escape Kate Quinn s mother died last year leaving Kate in the care of her aunt and uncle She s never known her father, and in all her thoughts about it, she definitely never would have imagined him to be a politician vying for the presidency of the United States but that s exactly who he is Kate is suddenly thrown into a life that s [...]

  5. Rating 4.5 StarsWhat did The Wrong Side of Right manage to get right that so many other YA Contemporary novels have gotten wrong Nearly everything Thorne s debut is a story of family, friendship, and finding your voice even in changing situations Kate was brought up by her single mother, a woman who worked for NGOs and kept out of politics, in LA, as far away from Washington D.C as you can get When her mother passes away in a car accident, Kate is sent to live with her uncle and aunt in South Ca [...]

  6. I CANNOT ANYMORE.The first few pages was so very Princess Diaries like and I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM with that I actually liked the concept of this story and how it all started But the main character, Kate, was such a bore She puts me to sleep.And also, she was such a pushover I like the fact that she was not angry and that she doesn t have hurty feelings towards his father But oh my god it s like she doesn t have any feelings Another reason why this didn t work for me is the focus on the politics [...]

  7. The Wrong Side of Right tells the story of Kate, who s mother recently died, and unexpectedly discovers her father s identity, which comes as a massive shock an even bigger shock is the fact that her father is a senator, and on top of that, is a presidential candidate Kate, who wasn t really that bothered about politics, except to pass her AP classes, is now thrust into the political world On top of having to deal with being thrust into the public light, Kate has to deal with the fact that she h [...]

  8. I thought I had to tone down my rating for this book because of Republicans, but I like how the author handled the ending This is such a cute read I finished it immediately.

  9. It s amazing how much one person can change the world, even if they don t know they re doing it This book gave me the feels And I freakin loved it.This book at first seemed so familiar with any YA Contemporary book, but after reading it, you realize how different it was There was so much this book offered than the romance Thank goodness I hate it when contemporary books pretend to be anything other than what they really are It pretends to be some deep story about hopelessness, depression, and pa [...]

  10. Update Did a reread because I wanted to read about a sane member of the GOP running for president where I wouldn t be considering moving to Canada if the Dump does get the presidency Let s pray that he doesn t Anyway, this book is how reality should be instead of the craziness that we got Rating stays the same, in fact I think I liked this book better the second time around.To see full review click here.Warning this is going to be a bit of a fan girl review.Because I freaking loved this book.I k [...]

  11. Initial Thoughts This book was adorable I loved the relationships and characters and being on the campaign trail The Wrong Side of Right will charm you from cover to cover 3.5 Stars Read the full review A Perfection Called BooksBoth heart warming and entertaining, The Wrong Side of Right is a wonderful contemporary that gives an introspective view of politics and family.I m always cautious to read books about politics because sometimes they are too preachy and other times it s vastly inaccurate [...]

  12. This was an impressive debut novel, with tight, clean writing, an interesting plot, and an intriguing cast of characters, yet, unfortunately, I can t say that I full on enjoyed it I think the biggest flaw in this book is the amount of pages in it Few YA contemporary novels need to breach close to 400 pages, and this one holds no exception In fact, most literary agents don t accept contemporary novels topping an 80,000 word count I m guessing this one is close to 100,000 especially not from debut [...]

  13. this book feels like eating a full, delicious meal and I m satisfied to the fullest, my belly s round and I might just burp so goodis is still as heartwarming and unputdownable as I remembered from two years ago and AHHHHH I LOVE THIS full review to come

  14. My first attempt at reviewing his was terrible When you let emotions cloud your words, that s what happens Commence take 2.I do not understand many of the writing decisions made when this book was written These are writing style, pacing, character progression, and concept vs execution.To begin, writing style It sounds like a real teenager This can be both good and bad, particularly when involving the reader See, when a character doesn t change their voice to reflect their mood at all EVER, it ge [...]

  15. I didn t really know what to expect about this book, I ve never heard of it before, and quite honestly I only read it because it was the book of the month of The Rainbow Bookclub But I have to say, it really surprised me I was hooked since the very beginning and I even managed to read it in one day, it was that addictive Kate was an amazing protagonist, and enjoy a lot reading from her point of view She is really smart, but the thing I like the most was that she is realistic I could always under [...]

  16. Esta parte de la rese a se titula Sinopsis, el problema no es que mientas, el problema es que te creo.Nuevamente he sido enga ada por la, ahora popular, pr ctica publicitaria de comparar los libros con otras cosas m s conocidas y m s cercanas a los corazones del p blico general Lo que dice la descripci n Equal parts My Life Next Door and The Princess Diaries plus a dash of Aaron Sorkin.Lo que dijo mi coraz n Aaron Sorkin L elo Tienes que leerlo Lo que dice ahora mi cerebro Pffffffff.Este libro t [...]

  17. 4.5 5 stars But it occurred to me suddenly that trust wasn t an object, not something that arrived on your doorstep, solid and absolute It was a decision, a leap September was such an interesting month for my reading From queer boys who belonged in the rain, to fangirls with social anxiety girls that participate in political campaigns and have their life changed upside down And that last one was such a cute, heart warming and wonderful experience, for so many reasons.First of all, this book had [...]

  18. Somewhere between 4 4.5 stars Really well done YA contemporary with political drama and characters who make a difference This is one of those books for true contemporary lovers it has some romance, but is really a book for people who want to see interesting and thoughtful characters dealing with an extraordinary situation in the best way they know how At it s heart, this one is all about family I sincerely hope that Jenn Marie Thorne is writing a sequel, because I so want to be in these characte [...]

  19. After being slightly disappointed with quite a few titles I listed on my most anticipated 2015 debuts lists in case you are interested, you can find it from here , I am happy to say that The Wrong Side of Right delivered exactly what I expected it to deliver Though it did not blow my mind or change my life, I found it to be an enjoyable, well written YA debut with an interesting setting.The Wrong Side of Right follows Kate who s living with her uncle and aunt after losing her mother in a tragic [...]

  20. Ok So if you re familiar with the blog, you ll know that both Tom and I work in politics We have extensive experience in political campaigns including presidential ones so we re SUPER picky when it comes to books that try and delve into our realm Which is why, I am beyond thrilled to say that The Wrong Side of Right is everything I thought it would be, and Because seriously, if Leila Sales is blurbing you, my expectations are pretty sky high to begin with Debut author Jenn Marie Throne introduc [...]

  21. I CAN T BELIEVE I NEVER REVIEWED THISeveryone needs to know how good this book is ok its amaziNGSo apparently Kate is the secret her mom has hiding from her real dad, the media, and pretty much the entire world.Kate is the love child of her mother and the possible next President of the United States Right in the middle of the Presidential campaign, it is revealed that Kate is the child of one of the Presidential candidates She quickly goes from typical high school student to the girl everyone wa [...]

  22. I knew I was going to like this from the first chapter Kate is so effortlessly likeable and the premise is captivating and fun The grieving for her mum was so well depicted I loved that it had realness and depth but it did not make the entire book get swallowed up by a grief ridden, depressive tone In fact, the book was loads of fun while also having so many shades of emotion from all the different plot lines I was liking this a lot And then Enter that rebellious boy that the blurb mentions Sudd [...]

  23. But listen Fuck this campaign Do not let them tell you who you are You re not an idiot You re amazing, Kate Quinn I see you He nodded at my confused expression I saw you right away That stupid press conference, grabbing that stupid microphone The real you You re better than all of them Loved it.There re some mildly unrealistic things but in the end this book was fantastic.The character growth, the family themes, the sweet romance and, last but not least, the behind the scenes look at the America [...]

  24. What happens when a love child appears during a presidential campaign THIS FABULOUS BOOK Told from the perspective of Kate, said love child, this book is so spot on real you d swear it s nonfiction The details of being on the campaign trail are fascinating and expertly done The story is enough to keep you reading, but the fully drawn, interesting characters with real reactions to this surprise who leap to life from the pages of this book make you want to not put it down I loved it from start to [...]

  25. FIRST THOUGHTS 4.75 stars The Wrong Side of Right is such a delight Reminiscent of All American Girl one of my favorite Meg Cabot books x What a Girl Wants Amanda Bynes in her prime adorable Colin Firth , it struck such a great chord Smart, well written and charming, this is for sure one of the best contemporaries I ve read so far in 2015

  26. My first five star read of the year The tears I shed on this one Worthy of my tears therefore, five stars.

  27. Booooorrriiiinnnng Where can you find a frustratingly pathetic and na ve girl but in here She doesn t have any strong and eye catching personality She doesn t have any initiative She lets herself being led and instructed without questioning even if only silently She s annoyingly stupid and even if she suspects something, she tries to reason it out and completely ignores the problem People point out that she can do better than being a doll and she ignores them.It didn t matter, though She was wro [...]

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