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Jury of One

✓ Jury of One ✓ Charlie Cochrane ✓ Jury of One ✓ Charlie Cochrane - Jury of One, Jury of One Inspector Robin Bright is enjoying a quiet Saturday with his lover Adam Matthews when murder strikes in nearby Abbotson and he s called in to investigate He hopes for a quick resolution but as the

  • Title: Jury of One
  • Author: Charlie Cochrane
  • ISBN: 9781626493773
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Jury of One ✓ Charlie Cochrane, Jury of One, Charlie Cochrane, Jury of One Inspector Robin Bright is enjoying a quiet Saturday with his lover Adam Matthews when murder strikes in nearby Abbotson and he s called in to investigate He hopes for a quick resolution but as the case builds he s drawn into a tangled web of crimes new and old that threatens to ensnare him and destroy his fledgling relationship Adam is enjoying his final term teachInspector Robi

Jury of One

✓ Jury of One ✓ Charlie Cochrane ✓ Jury of One ✓ Charlie Cochrane - Jury of One, Jury of One Inspector Robin Bright is enjoying a quiet Saturday with his lover Adam Matthews when murder strikes in nearby Abbotson and he s called in to investigate He hopes for a quick resolution but as the Jury of One

  • ✓ Jury of One ✓ Charlie Cochrane
    351Charlie Cochrane
Jury of One

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  1. Things I Find While ShelvingI received a free ARC via NetGalleyI am going to try really hard to not just gush throughout this review but it s going to be difficult because I loved this book so much.I fell in love with Adam and Robin in The Best Corpse for the Job which if you haven t read you totally should and I was so excited when I found out there was going to be a sequel Knowing I d get of these two and another excellent Cochrane mystery to boot Made my day.So of course the minute the ARC f [...]

  2. After finding a dead body in his school nearly a year ago, Adam would be quite happy to never be involved with another murder investigation again Sadly for him his boyfriend Robin is a detective and he can t seem to avoid them Though he certainly was giving it a right good go for the last couple months.Their luck breaks, though, when Robin gets called in to investigate the knifing of a man in a neighboring town, and both he and Adam get dragged in and out of several different murder mysteries th [...]

  3. Book 2 in the Lindenshaw Mysteries seriesAlthough this is the second book in the series and there are references to events in book 1, it still reads very well as a standalone It s definitely mystery than romance but there are some lovely scenes between the heroes and Charlie Cochrane handled that new relationship vibe very well It is clear Robin and Adam are still working on how their lives are going to mesh but it is also clear that they love each other very much The terror each experiences at [...]

  4. 3.5 Stars Good grief, there were so many names floating around, I m not sure I know what happened to them all This puzzle became much complicated than book one too complicated for me to enjoy as much The police procedural aspect was quite good, lots of slogging after witnesses and suspects, but honestly, it was an awful lot of coincidence and serendipity The misdirection did its work, as the true villains of the piece were impossible to figure out But it was so much work for me, flipping back a [...]

  5. Look at this, a sequel and I d actually read book 1, go me I do love me a Charlie Cochrane book with it s oh so British feel Adam and Robin have moved in together although Robin hasn t sold his apartment yet, leaving Adam feeling a bit unsure However when a man is murdered in the next town over and Robin is pulled in, things from the past crop up, like a case that Adam was a juror on years ago and the sexy witness he fantasized about at the time is a key person in the new investigation I have to [...]

  6. Robin and Adam pick up in their relationship in this next book of the series Now they are together and learning how to live with one another Adam is leaving his post at the Lindenshaw school and off to be a headteacher and Robin has a new murder to look into.The story is captivating and fun Adam is embroiled again in the murder without even trying here he has a past connected to the case and how fascinating it becomes for the past and his future play a big role in this murder mystery At times it [...]

  7. So much subterfuge So many lies Jury of One is the second book in the Lindenshaw Mysteries series it follows The Best Corpse for the Job These books are about Inspector Robin Bright, of the Stanebridge Police Department The cast of main characters is rounded out with Anderson, Robin s partner on the force and Adam, Robin s partner at home Robin and Adam meet in the first book of the series, but their relationship really doesn t get off the ground until the end of that book this book is set a sho [...]

  8. This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone This was my first book by this author and it was very good I didn t get a connection to either of the MC s, Robin or Adam immediately but eventually I connected with them I really enjoyed the mystery in the story and that seems to be in the guts of the story I enjoyed how Mr Cochrane gave life to the story in the background, which was the romance between Robin and Adam and still keeping up with the mystery in the book I would definit [...]

  9. I received an ARC from Inked Rainbow Reviews in exchange for an honest review This is book 2 in the series I didn t realize how much I had missed reading mystery suspense books until I read this book Although I didn t read book one I was able to follow along with the story fairly well The toughest part of the book was trying to mentally translate he British slang into English American language Otherwise I enjoyed the story a great deal.

  10. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.This is a exciting and a complicated story than the first book in the series I enjoyed the intertwining strands of the multiple crimes in this story There are perhaps too many characters this time I had a difficult time keeping everyone straight but I enjoyed Robin s crime solving escapades If Adam and Robin felt old for their years in the first book, the domesticity of this second story makes them both seem positively ancient [...]

  11. A great murder mystery with British flare I loved it Charlie Cochrane writes excellent murder mysteries, intricate plots, lots of red herrings and something to really get your teeth into The other fact is I love the characters, they re not over exaggerated but real and normal.Robin and Adam met in the first book when Robin came to investigate a murder in Adam s school Since then they are now living together at Adam s house, in a solid relationship and everything couldn t be perfect However, the [...]

  12. This review was written for Joyfully Jay Reviews and can be accessed here joyfullyjay 2017 09 reviewJury of One is the second book in a series, and reads fine as a standalone It is also a mystery, with a faint hint of romance.Inspector Robin Bright and his partner, teacher Adam Matthews, met nearly a year ago when Robin investigated a murder at the school where Adam teaches Their attraction was initially tempered by suspicion, but that s all water under the bridge They ve been together just long [...]

  13. If you love the British mystery shows on PBS you will love this book.Inspector Robin Bright is back with his trusty sidekick Sargent Anderson, his boyfriend Adam and the ever lovable Newfie Campbell and murder is on his agenda This time it is in a nearby town that is short staffed investigating a serial killer This is a really convoluted tale of several murders, robberies and plain old assault This story played out in my mind like Masterpiece Theater I really enjoyed trying to figure out who dun [...]

  14. The mystery was a bit convoluted and there were a few too many coincidences to make it believable for me The climax was also very unbelievable and a bit frustrating for me view spoiler Honestly, if someone kidnaps you and has a weapon why would you antagonize that person and then also tell them that you were on the jury that found them guilty Also whenever the villain spends a bunch of time laying out all his crimes and motivations is a bit ridiculous hide spoiler I ll try one in this series bu [...]

  15. Jury of OneCharlie CochraneRiptide Publishing, 2016ISBN 9781626493766Four starsHow interesting that Charlie Cochrane s quintessentially British books are published by a house right near me in the USA I had such fun highlighting all of the English slang as I read through this second in the Lindenshaw mystery series Fortunately all of it makes perfect sense in context Adam Matthews and Robin Bright are back with trouble in their newly domestic life together Adam is looking forward to a career cha [...]

  16. A cozy sleuthing reading, Jury of One follows the life of Adam Matthews and Robin Bright a year after murder case that had united them Campbell, Anderson, and Davis, the usual suspects were still thick in the pictures Now we got to meet Robin s superior Cowdrey, also his mother and aunt Claire Their interactions with both Adam and Robin often brought out humorous side of the story without them being comedic about it.As all Cochrane s works this book also have very British feel to it When it came [...]

  17. Book two of the Lindenshawe mystery series finds Adam and Robin established in their relationship and living peacefully together, but unfortunately all is not peaceful in Lindenshawe.Someone is attacking women in the nearby town of Abbotstone and the police there are under pressure to solve the case When a man is murdered there in a separate crime, Robin is drafted in to help solve the murder so that the police can focus on find the serial attacker As Robin starts to investigate he inadvertently [...]

  18. Okay, as a Brit who has spent all my life living in villages that populate the home counties, this book and its predecessor is such a lovely treat for me It reminds me of lazy Sunday afternoons, sitting curled up in an armchair with a cup of tea and a crumpet and watching British detective mystery serials on TV In fact, minus the tea and crumpet although I had several during my read, because yum , this book is exactly like those British murder mystery serials, with the only exception being that [...]

  19. I absolutely loved the first book in the Lindenshaw Mysteries, The Best Corpse for the Job I was such a fun, quirky read I was even excited when I got to the end and found out that it was going to be part of a series When Jury of One was offered for review, I requested it immediately So, first, I need to say that if you haven t read The Best Corpse for the Job, you don t need to worry It works great as a stand alone Second, if you ve read The Best Corpse for the Job, Jury of One isn t quite as [...]

  20. Robin Adam Redux But FlippedOK, here s the deal My review of the first in this series was headlined Too Many Characters With Too Many Motives Not Enough Romance Time Ditto here One of my observations was Everyone seems quite proper for their rolesbut there are so many interrelated subplots that I tended to get a bit lost I will admit, however, that the identity and motive of the killer was well hidden and is why this went from three to four stars Ditto here.I also noted I almost deducted that st [...]

  21. First read September 2016re read January 2018 in advance of book 3This is the second of the Lindenshaw mysteries, staring Robin, the police inspector, and his own boyfriend and primary school teacher, Adam Now settled into a relationship, Adam is getting ready to move onto a new school next term when Robin gets involved with a case in the next town over With his sidekick Anderson, and new girl Davis, they investigate the stabbing of a man behind a trendy restaurant This doesn t fit the pattern o [...]

  22. There are some references to events from the first book, mainly in reminiscence of how the MCs connected in that story, but you don t have to have read book one to understand events of this book I believe this story is set one year later.I haven t read the first in the series, where the two MCs meet as witness and cop on a murder case, but I suspect there was romantic tension between them, leading up to a relationship, in that book than there is in this story, where they ve been together for a [...]

  23. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not So Anonymous.Note This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.I liked Robin and Adam in the first book but I loved them in this sequel, especially seeing how far their relationship has come but realizing how they re still dealing with certain issues as a couple Robin s new complex is a complex one, because while the first book had his past intertwined with how he was handling the case, here we have a piece of Adam s past co [...]

  24. The book starts about a year after the last ones ended Robin and Adam have made a life together and just as they re really getting comfortable a new murder case comes up While book two was mainly about Adam with a lot of side of Robin, this book us the opposite This book us a bit intense with the attacks and the new characters Just like book one it s a slower paced read as there s lots of different roads each lead can take them It really just feels like a good ole fashion murder mystery Maybe [...]

  25. A mystery that starts with a man leaving a restaurant and ends up getting killed No one really witnesses it except for one man from a distance who just happened to be a witness in the first book in the series Takes place in England and sometimes its hard to understand their terms Lots of interaction within the police departments on who should be handling the case Love the dog, Campbell, so loyal and when he s mad at you he lets you know it He lives with Detective Chief Inspector Robin Bright and [...]

  26. Once again Charlie Cochrane reminds me why I love English murder mysteries so much The relationship between Robin and Anderson, his sergeant is reminiscent of Barnaby and Troy Scott Jones Midsomer Murders , Morse and Lewis Inspector Morse , and many I enjoyed seeing how Robin and Adam have grown since The Best Corpse for the Job and Adam may not be at the center of this mystery but he is drawn into it and not just because he is living with Robin As for the mystery, it may not have been as heart [...]

  27. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewRating 4.5 out of 5 starsFor the full review, visit wp p220KL 79pFrom that review What marvelous characters What a hedgerow maze of a plot With Jury of One Charlie Cochrane moved her cozy mystery series even closer into my heart.Characters Adam Matthews and Robin Bright melt you with their genuineness By that I mean, I believed in them utterly Their kindnesses and their doubts about the relationship in its newness, their intelligence and perceptions abo [...]

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