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Love Is Not Lost

Unlimited Love Is Not Lost - by Nikki Bolvair Unlimited Love Is Not Lost - by Nikki Bolvair - Love Is Not Lost, Love Is Not Lost Book It s Daniels All sixteen year old Faith Daniels or Daniels for short wanted was a chance A chance to forget her dark past and forge her own future But that s hard to do when your past is full

  • Title: Love Is Not Lost
  • Author: Nikki Bolvair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Love Is Not Lost - by Nikki Bolvair, Love Is Not Lost, Nikki Bolvair, Love Is Not Lost Book It s Daniels All sixteen year old Faith Daniels or Daniels for short wanted was a chance A chance to forget her dark past and forge her own future But that s hard to do when your past is full of great darkness Death always comes at a hefty price so when you re unsure if you ve carried out such a sentence Given the chance to break free from her hometoBook It s Daniels

Love Is Not Lost

Unlimited Love Is Not Lost - by Nikki Bolvair Unlimited Love Is Not Lost - by Nikki Bolvair - Love Is Not Lost, Love Is Not Lost Book It s Daniels All sixteen year old Faith Daniels or Daniels for short wanted was a chance A chance to forget her dark past and forge her own future But that s hard to do when your past is full Love Is Not Lost

  • Unlimited Love Is Not Lost - by Nikki Bolvair
    351Nikki Bolvair
Love Is Not Lost

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  1. Title Love Is Not LostSeries Faith, 1Author Nikki BolvairRating 3.75 Stars I refuse to be like my brothers, Faith, Tyler whispered in my ear I won t be the one stealing your kisses I want to be the one stealing your heart I bought Love Is Not Lost on kindle and I did enjoy it but it was rather short.The chemistry between Daniels and the guys felt a bit unreal She let them in and trusted them too quickly, in my opinion, especially after all she s been through but I did love them together and how [...]

  2. The question is what was that about Or perhaps why did I read that Well, I know, it was a free ebook and I got it, and i read it And it was really boring.I guess the lenght doesn t help The characters have no development, neither do their relationships The love came out of nowhere, kind of like the ball she s it with at the begining I was wondering if I had skipped some chapters but no, I didn t.Also, i like tragic past and everything I love to cry reading But seriously, how do you want to conne [...]

  3. I honestly did not expect myself to like this book as much as I did I went into this book with absolutely no expectation As a matter of fact, I was really hesitate in going into this book It just doesn t seem like an interesting book to me when I first saw it But boy was I wrong, this book drew me into its world from the very first chapter And the next thing I know, I have finished it I surprised even myself But then I guess this book really isn t that long anyways Will definitely read the seque [...]

  4. Four It s Daniel s Stars We meet Faith Daniel s when she s in the back of a cop car, yet again being accused and questioned about a crime she didn t commit Thankfully an officer named Brady, who s been looking out for her since that horrible day when she was 13 comes to take her home and unlike every other time he and his wife want to adopt her and move to New York Faith knows this is an opportunity to leave all the bad memories behind and start over but little does she know moving to New York w [...]

  5. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsLove Is Not Lost begins when Daniels is suppose to meet up with Officer Brady She knows he s going to tell her that he and his wife are moving, but when he asks her to join them things get turned upside down She s always cared about Brady, but now it s And when the three boys who live by her won t leave her alone things get even intense for Daniels This book was really interesting I enjoyed how Daniels acted throughout the story She had been through a [...]

  6. Loving those MacGuires First off, I m a huge fan of the reverse harem type books Second, the author wrote some very painful, sob inducing scenes mixed right in with literal laugh out loud moments I was reading this in the tub and the Hubs had to come check on me because I was crying so hard Of course he laughed at me when I had to save the kindle at him, lol So grateful I don t have to wait long until book 2 just three days until payday

  7. DNF at 61% b c I can t even sum up enough energy to rant about how bad this is.Ha, just kidding Ranting is where I get my life force from I love food That being stated, I would honestly prefer not to eat anything for two whole days rather than read any of this shit That s how much I hated it If I didn t need my kindle so much I would ve set fire to it just so that I could have the pleasure of watching Faith s agonizing monologue go up in flames I actually feel like self harming just a little bi [...]

  8. Shut up, Daniels, was all I got before warm lips touched mine Lincoln s hand moved fromy my chin to the back of my neck, holding me to him as he thoroughly kissed me His lips were soft and welcoming I had never been in a guy s room, but I had never been kissed before either What the hell You ve just been kissed and now you say you haven t been kissed Ms Nikki Bolvair, there s a big discrepancy right here.As for the book, I thought it was bland and boring In honesty, I couldn t really finish it a [...]

  9. Let me tell you, the book is good I really really loved it, but there are things I didn t like The story was rushed She somehow fell in love with the three brothers and they did with her too There is no character development I really don t know anything than the names of all the characters and it s a pity because if the author had put effort into describing them and so writing a book a little much longer, I would have loved and enjoyed it .

  10. Love is Not Lost received 2 stars The novel gained STARS for these items gained for The book caught my interest in first five pages gained for I thought about the book when I was forced to set it down and re enter society The novel failed to gain stars for these items NO STAR gained for There were no info dumps, poor writing, or copy edit mistakes that jerked me out of the story NO STAR gained for I was sad when the book ended I want NO STAR gained for That s it I m hooked on this author I will [...]

  11. Awesome book I just read this book and I seriously have a book hangover It was great I can t wait to start reading book 2 I usually love paranormal but Daniels and her guys keep me interested even without the paranormal side I ve recently started reading RH and this so far is a series to be read.

  12. Emotional bookIt has some triggers with abuse and alcoholism but it s not big in your face It s an emotional book without making you feel heavy at the end Loved the mc and the guys are all cute and sweet which is nice Really like the way she s fleshing out the supporting characters Really good read and I m looking forward to book 2

  13. Somehow the story seemed rushed and the interest from the boys and the reciprocation from Daniels did not seem natural Maybe it seemed so because I would be wary if three hot guys suddenly decided I am their love interest Other than that this was a very light and easy read.

  14. 3.5, would have been 4 but the book is too short I didn t feel like there was nearly enough character development and basically no time at all for any relationship development even though that is the point of the book

  15. SacrificeFaiths past and her future catch up to her When she finds love not only with a family but through friendship and love times three, She makes a sacrifice for her friend that has suffered.

  16. THIS BOOK IS BIZARRE AND GROSS I skipped 2 4 and just read the last part of the book 4 and it s freaking disgusting Don t read and don t waste your time

  17. okay I LOVED this I stayed up until 3 4 in the morning reading this series I got to book 4 before I finally crashed and now I am back at it to finish the series this one is addictive I LOVED it

  18. 3.5 starsI thought this was cute We get a back story of Faith and why she ends up in New York with her new adoptive parents I will continue with the series Once I get money of course Review to come.

  19. DNF 62% Booooring I felt zero connection to any of the characters, probably because they were all very one dimensional.

  20. Love Is Not Lost is a fun fast RH read I enjoyed it very much just wish it was longer Be ready for a cliffy major editing needed 3.5 Stars

  21. Love is not lost is the first book in the Faith series Faith Daniels did not have a good or easy life, constantly having her past haunt her She gets a second chance with a new start But can it last, can t she let herself be happy This is a well written story with great characters and even some humour.

  22. Okay, let s be honest here For as drawn out and lame that C.L Stone s Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle series can get, I have to give the woman a high five and a thank you, because and polyandry books for young new adult are coming out that aren t all about sex cough Anita Blake cough Merry Gentry cough Bolvair even credits Stone with giving her the idea for the Faith series.The problem with Love Is Not Lost is that it s too short We don t really learn anything about anyone who isn t Daniels It s [...]

  23. Very slow going, very realistically placed, but read the first 2 books and low key gave up because they could have been combined into one novel Not enticing enough, I think, for me to finish the series I can probably predict what will happen, and from the first two books, I don t expect any drastic plot twist or anything to shake things up.

  24. MehPretty cliche and cheesy Stereotypical foster kid tries to be hard but of course the other characters say just the right thing to get her to open up No exciting twists in this one.

  25. I have gotten very into reading Reverse Harem novels lately It s super hard to find decent ones that don t just read like fan fiction This series is really good though Both the characters and the story are fully fleshed out and well written I m enjoying becoming invested in this world and pleased that I discovered this author.

  26. I really liked this book, other than the fact that is was so short If you aren t a fan of reverse harem, then this isn t the series for you.Faith Daniels, who goes by her last name, is offered a new life by a couple that has been the closest thing she has had to a family in a while Daniels brother was killed in a car accident years ago, which drives her father to drink and abuse her mom One night the fighting gets out of hand and her father ends up killing her and then abuses Faith to where she [...]

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