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[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Ruthless : by Lexi Blake [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Ruthless : by Lexi Blake - Ruthless, Ruthless The first in a sexy contemporary romance series featuring the Lawless siblings from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake The Lawless siblings are bound by vengeance Riley Drew Brandon and M

  • Title: Ruthless
  • Author: Lexi Blake
  • ISBN: 9780425283578
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Ruthless : by Lexi Blake, Ruthless, Lexi Blake, Ruthless The first in a sexy contemporary romance series featuring the Lawless siblings from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake The Lawless siblings are bound by vengeance Riley Drew Brandon and Mia believe the CEO of StratCast orchestrated their parents murder twenty years ago to steal their father s software program And there s only one way Riley can find some solThe first in a sexy


[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Ruthless : by Lexi Blake [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Ruthless : by Lexi Blake - Ruthless, Ruthless The first in a sexy contemporary romance series featuring the Lawless siblings from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake The Lawless siblings are bound by vengeance Riley Drew Brandon and M Ruthless

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Ruthless : by Lexi Blake
    380Lexi Blake

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  1. 4.5 StarsYou tempt me like no other woman ever has I don t understand you and I might never, but I m going to know you, Ellie Stratton I m going to know what makes you smile and what makes you scream out my name I don t know how this woman does it, but she manages to write books that do it for me Every Single Time Being a huge fan of her Masters Mercenaries series, I ve been salivating for of the mysterious Lawless siblings ever since we first met Mia and Drew in From Sanctum with Love I mean, [...]

  2. 4.5 STARS Ruthless is a non stop thrill ride, chock full with secrets of revenge and betrayal It s dramatic and brings some hard hitting feels from the opening lines Lexi Blake is a smart, seasoned writer, engaging her reader instantly, and easily, in this addictive start to a brand new series I m intrigued by everything, everyone, and I can t wait to see what s going to happen to Brandon and Drew Captivating, the Lawless gang is impossible not to love A bunch of juicy alpha males who are demand [...]

  3. VENGEANCE v n d nsPunishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong.Vengeance is all the Lawless siblings have carried with them for twenty years Having lost their parents to murder and being forced to grow up apart It s time to put their plan for justice into motion Unfortunately one of those guilty parties has died, leaving his daughter at the helm of his company If they can t get to Phillip Stratton himself, Ellie Stratton will have to do Enter Riley Lang Lawless the goto cha [...]

  4. LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO LIVE I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW SERIES ABOUT THE LAWLESS SIBLINGS Stand alone book 1Release August 8, 2016LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO Blurb The Lawless siblings are bound by vengeance Riley, Drew, Brandon, and Mia believe the CEO of StratCast orchestrated their parents murder twenty years ago to steal their father s software program And there s only one way Riley can find some solid evidenceHeir to the StratCast legacy, Ellie Stratton hires a new attorney to handle a [...]

  5. LIVE amzn 2b6Thng4,5 5 STARS Revenge was only part of their plan Justice was another Ruthless was than good, it was fantastic At the beginning I was nervous since Lexi Blake is a new author to me But once I started I couldn t put it down The characters in Ruthless are complicated and the storyline interesting with mystery and some twists I didn t see coming Riley s entire focus is on revenge due to what happened to his parent but when he meets Ellie everything will change Ellie doesn t trust pe [...]

  6. Now LIVE US UK Barnes Noble I had to wait until my brain stopped screaming This is the best before I could even attempt to write this review Not only was I super excited to get of the Lawless family, but I was extremely happy with the story Lexi Blake delivered to us I loved Riley and Ellie Ruthless is the start to the Lawless series which follows Riley, Drew, Brandon and Mia Lawless as they attempt to get revenge on those responsible for their parents death When they were kids they never belie [...]

  7. 4.5 mindless fun STARSFirst off, I love love love Lexi Blake and especially her Masters Mercenaries series When I heard there was going to be a spin off with the Lawless brothers that was non BDSM military I was excited and a little apprehensive I just adore MM series and I was really hoping this new adventure could live up to my expectations Well, long story shortIT DID Ruthless is the first book in the Lawless series and can be read as a complete standalone in regards to the Masters Mercenarie [...]

  8. Ok where do I starts with this review here Some spoilers ahead please proceed with caution I guess, I will start with the good The hero Riley LOVED HIM HE WAS JUST TOO SWEET It starts out with action and his parents being killed and his family being ripped apart He lost everything and was dropped into a nightmare of evil Foster care with the family from hell He grows angry and the need for revenge becomes his sole propose He and his siblings had planed to get their revenge thru the daughter of t [...]

  9. 4 Stars Ruthless was so Intriguing, and a whole new author to me full off a packed out plot that had me guessing the whole way through, I really enjoyed this Business owner Ellie is set to be CEO of Stratcast and so very near seeing to her goal After her father died she s set to take his place But her father wasn t a nice person and has some enemies to conquer, but she s been in this business from being a young adult and so has worked hard to get where she is, yet the lawless family just see her [...]

  10. 4.5 stars I was coming off a horrible book slump prior to reading this book I was desperate to end that slump Enter Ruthless by Lexi Blake From the first chapter alone, I knew I was going to have a winner.Riley and his siblings waited years for the opportunity to finally exact revenge from the people who killed their parents Their first mark is Ellie Stratton, daughter of one of their targets Their revenge starts to unravel when Riley s feelings for Ellie deepens Suddenly, revenge became messy a [...]

  11. 3 StarsOverall Opinion Meh This is why I m not a huge fan of suspenseful romances For what it was I guess it was enjoyable I just need a good balance between the romance and the suspense to enjoy it, and that rarely happens for me I, unfortunately, didn t find that in this book either I felt like the romance was a little too instalove for my tastes, and I just didn t fully understand their connection The story dragged for me through all of the business drama, but I never felt the need to skim ma [...]

  12. This is my first Lexi Blake book and I can tell that I have been missing out on this talented author But fashionably late is the way to go.5 It is time to show the queen that her knight can take care of her Stars.The beginning of the book was heartbreaking, it was so emotionally touching and just made you want to continue reading even if it was gutting It sucked me in and with these kind of sentencesFour of them There used to be six But Riley just looked at Drew And knew one day they would be to [...]

  13. ARC PROVIDED BY PUBLISHER IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEWIntense, sexy, riveting, and absolutely consuming are just the few words that comes to mind when describing any book from Lexi Blake In Masters and Mercenaries Series, readers were introduced to Drew, Mia and the Lawless siblings and so you could imagine my excitement when I discovered that Lexi Blake was writing a whole new series on the Lawless siblings and their quest for revenge and justice for their parent s death.It might be wrong I [...]

  14. I really liked this one Riley gives the best grovel of any H ever And so he should Ellie was an amazing h She was so kind and loving and looked at the world through rose colored glasses Riley realized pretty early on what he was doing was so wrong He did everything in his power to help Ellie when the time came and did it selflessly than I thought was possible The secondary characters were amazing too I can t wait for Bran s story I am a little worried about Drew s but sometimes the resistant t [...]

  15. 4 banging Mr Lawyer STARS Review Midnight RomanceLexi Blake is a must read for me I know her works since Master and Mercenaries series BDSM romance Lawless series is brand new and can be read as a standalone but I d advise to read MM series because of some characters may be make an appearance in the future Lawless already introduce in From Sanctum with Love Kai s book and I m hooked with this family Drew Lawless as the eldest and the head of 4L Company along Riley, Bran and Mia In Dominance Neve [...]

  16. No elaborate review for this one, justI loved the tension and the mystery of it all The author left enough hints along the way to guess what happened Loved both hero and heroine On to the next

  17. I gave this audiobook a B for both the story and narration at AudioGals Narration by Alexandra ShawneeI had high hopes for Ruthless The blurb had me enraptured Being a big fan of twisty, romantic suspense titles, this revenge based plot turned into love held much appeal for me Unfortunately, while I enjoyed the underlying story of corporate espionage, the ruthless tactics for both taking over and taking back a company, and the suspense around a mysterious fourth person involved in the murder plo [...]

  18. 4.5 Revenge filled StarLexi Blake is one of my favorite BDSM novelist and the absolute best when it comes to writing erotic stories that are not only off the charts steamy, but intriguing as well Yeesh, found within the pages of her books are some of the sexiest flogger wielding Alpha Doms ever I freaking love all the McKay Taggart hotties in the Masters and Mercenaries novels When finding out there was a new series coming along, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on the first installment, R [...]

  19. 3.25 OkayI m going to be a total and complete hypocrite here I am admitting this right up front because I don t understand myself either One of my number one complaints in romance is a man who doesn t grovel apologize make amends for a wrong done to our heroine I like an Alpha Jackass as much as the next girl, but damn I hate when the heroine forgives him in 2.5 seconds flat with sometimes no than a, sorry I hurt ya, Babe If that So in Ruthless we get good grovelo good Too much So much I though [...]

  20. 5 stars Hell ya, this was amazing Really awesome and thought out plot Great MCs h is sweet, gentle albeit somewhat naive, but strong and loyal The H spends the latter half of the books on his hands and knees begging for forgiveness Now that s what I like This is one of those books where the plot is so strong that I actually wasn t waiting for the nookie, I was so entranced in the who did the whadda I have a strong feeling this could easily become a new fave suspense series.This is my first Lexi [...]

  21. 4 4.5 StarsRuthless was a beautiful story of love triumphing over all obstacles It was also an intense and gripping ride of suspense and deceit, with an intriguing backstory, that kept me flipping the pages until the very end The Lawless siblings, Drew, Riley, Bran and Mia, have a common goal obtain justice for the murder of their parents The police claimed their deaths were a murder suicide, but they know this assumption is wrong Someone tried to kill them all Their story was heartbreaking Twen [...]

  22. IMHO this book it s not worth 8 I found myself getting bored with it and then I started skimming and In the end I DNFed Now don t let my opinion stop you from reading it, you might like it It just wasn t for me Since I DNF I won t be rating it.

  23. 4.75 why have I waited so long to read this awesomeness stars Seriouslyhave I been living under a rock This book was GREAT and Lexi is a GREAT author I m familiar with Lexi s work but never delved into the Master s and Mercenaries series For whatever reason they just didn t appeal to mewell, now I m going back and will start that series asap This book starts off at a rather dark place That darkness causes four children to focus their lives on nothing but revenge for the murder of their parents U [...]

  24. Dear , who do I talk to about allowing stars for a review Thank you, Blissed Out ReaderIf I was ever to write that request, it would be for this book I love this author s books and this spin off series may be the best EVER You know a book is great when every single character is just perfect Perfectly sexy, funny, supportive, loving, warm Or perhaps evil, petty, and absolutely rotten They run the whole gamut, and come together in a story that was mesmerizing from the first page to the last Ellie [...]

  25. This book was AMAZING Yes that is all caps AMAZING I honestly loved everything about this book Riley will hands down being going in my top list of heroes, he was amazing His grovel was amazing, I mean who doesn t love good grovel No one That s who, everyone loves awesome grovel and this book has it I really don t think I can say too much about our hero Riley, he was hot, alpha and loved his Ellie Now Ellie sweet Ellie I loved her, I felt bad for the poor girl I mean it seems everyone close to he [...]

  26. Simply the bestI love everything about this story I was swept up on page one, and didn t come down from my book high till I hit the end Its exciting, it s sexy, it s swoony It s just fantastic I usually tell readers that if Lexi Blake wrote it, I own it, and Ruthless is no different I have never met a Lexi Blake book I didn t fall in love with, and this new contemporary series just adds to my Must Read Over Over list I really wish I could give way than 5 stars

  27. I love me a twisty turny suspense and I sure got it with Ruthless The suspense kept me guessing all the way through I also love me a good grovel and oh man, did Riley ever give a good grovel, he s the master Roll on January for the second book in the series.

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