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Seduction Game

Ù Seduction Game ☆ Pamela Clare Ù Seduction Game ☆ Pamela Clare - Seduction Game, Seduction Game CIA officer Nick Andris wants revenge His last mission failed after a Georgian arms smuggler killed his lover He s been tailing a woman for three weeks hoping she will lead him to his target But there

  • Title: Seduction Game
  • Author: Pamela Clare
  • ISBN: 9780425254950
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Book

Ù Seduction Game ☆ Pamela Clare, Seduction Game, Pamela Clare, Seduction Game CIA officer Nick Andris wants revenge His last mission failed after a Georgian arms smuggler killed his lover He s been tailing a woman for three weeks hoping she will lead him to his target But there s a problem with the intel Holly Elise Bradshaw is nothing than an entertainment writer with a love for sex and designer clothes Clearly someone at Langley made a mCIA officer Nick And

Seduction Game

Ù Seduction Game ☆ Pamela Clare Ù Seduction Game ☆ Pamela Clare - Seduction Game, Seduction Game CIA officer Nick Andris wants revenge His last mission failed after a Georgian arms smuggler killed his lover He s been tailing a woman for three weeks hoping she will lead him to his target But there Seduction Game

  • Ù Seduction Game ☆ Pamela Clare
    371Pamela Clare
Seduction Game

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  1. 5 Stars SPOILER FREE REVIEWHe forgot he didn t really want to kiss her, because, oh, hell yes, he did He forgot his mission, the entire reason he was here He forgot everything but the feel and taste and scent of her You know when you spend months or years waiting for a book for a certain character that you build up in your head and you start to think that no way will the actual book live up to the expectations you built up But then you read it and not only does it meet each and every single one [...]

  2. Full review now posted spoilersMy favorite stories are those with heroes and heroines whose bravery and intelligence and capacity to love know no bounds, and such is the case with Holly and Nick in Pamela Clare s 7th installment of the I Team series, Seduction Game I know there will be some who might be surprised that Holly Bradshaw fits this description, but trust me on this forget everything you thought you knew about her and prepare to be blown away Blurb CIA officer Nick Andris wants revenge [...]

  3. Holly Bradshaw has been a secondary character of the series since book one To be honest, I ve never even remotely thought of her as anything but the I Team s flighty, shallow, blonde friend.Boy, was I wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong.What frustrates me most of the time with romantic suspense is that there seems to be just two types of female characters One is the utterly badass and is devoid of anything typically feminine This type of female heroine usually hates shopping, hate female talk, shoes or anyt [...]

  4. I m not feeling much like writing a review Just know that I personally LOVED every moment of this read As I read the closing Acknowledgments that Pamela wrote, I realized just how special life can be and so what I d really like to say is, I m SO happy that God watched over her and decided that it was not her time to leave us I m glad he gave her the strength to fight and I m so happy to know that she was always surrounded by her family, friends and loved ones NOW GO BUY THIS BOOK

  5. Absolutely loved this one Now I am totally torn I m not sure who I love the most Is it Nick because this book was pretty freaking HOT Or is it Marc Julian Nate Zach They are all pretty HOT too I shall ponder this and return with a full review.

  6. 4.5 Seductive Stars This is definitely a favorite series of mine, Pamela Clare has amazing characters, secondary characters and great story lines Reading an I Team book is like coming home to old friends and now she has given Holly a great story of adventure, deceit, action, heartbreak, forgiveness, and of course very hot sex We learn a great deal about Holly in this book, in fact we learn that we really didn t know Holly at all She has secretsry secret secrets Holly s the entertainment reporter [...]

  7. Seduction Game I Team 7 by Pamela Clare has everything I expect in an I Team story and even I love all these characters and stories, but this one has an amazing character twist Just when you thought you knew everyone, Ms Clare makes a fun and intriguing change between our perception of Holly and the character s reality This book is Romantic Suspense at its best.Holly Bradshaw has been with us from the start as a friend of all the I Team, but she writes for the entertainment section of the paper [...]

  8. So much fun and entertaining Definitely the story hero I think we were all waiting and wanting for our Holly I would say this had suspense than actual romance but done so well I didn t mind Four stars because the overall story was extremely well done but Holly waxing poetic over how hot her friends husbands were I know added to help summarize the previous books and refresh memories didn t jive with me personally and the tangent dealing with her creepy father felt forced in and wasn t flushed ou [...]

  9. Who knew Holly s book would be so very, very good Holly Bradshaw is a reporter in the entertainment division for the Denver Times She gets on CIA Agent Nick Andris radar when she begins dating an arms smuggler, a man who killed one of his fellow operatives When Nick finally makes his move to take him out, Holly gets in his crosshairs.I wasn t all that enthused to read this story because up until now, Holly seemed pretty lightweight She was all about serial dating, fashion and partying I couldn t [...]

  10. I enjoyed Pamela Clare s Mackinnon s Rangers series, so I was hoping this latest I Team book would be a good RS read Unfortunately, the story line not only lacks multi faceted characters, but also fails to give two main characters any true internal conflict as well as external conflict Holly s covert op is so unconvincing and forced I ended up skimming pages of filler sex scenes, and eye rolling some of the action scenes and dialogues Bummer.

  11. Seduction Game is the best I Teams book yet It is the epitome of my favorite kind of romantic suspense with smart characters, snappy dialogue, dangerous adventure, heart breaking emotions and panty melting romance.Holly Elise Bradshaw is the entertainment reporter of the Denver Independent Of all her friends on the paper, she is the most free spirited She is a little vain, a fan of high fashion, and a lover of shoes Her collection would give other Bradshaw Carrie shoe envy She is also sexually f [...]

  12. This book is the winner If I could, I would give it ten stars Pamela Clare always knows how to give what the readers want and never fails to deliver.I will not go far into detail and will try not to spoil the story This is the book which you should read without spoilers It s better to let the book speak for itself.Seduction Game is an enjoyable and engaging story, a perfect mix of sweet romance and intense suspense with some heart pounding action This is the seventh installment of the I Team ser [...]

  13. 4 Stars The fabulous I Team series continues with Seduction Game, which finally gives us Holly Bradshaw s story In previous books, Holly comes across as ditzy, materialistic, and a borderline nymphomaniac I was interested to see how this author would handle her character In typical brilliant form, Pamela Clare manages to deliver a story that will have readers looking at Holly in a whole new light Along with all the I Team books, Seduction Game is filled with action, intrigue, and plenty if suspe [...]

  14. Nick Andris and Holly Bradshaw were Underwhelming and Disappointing I really wanted to like this book but felt no chemistry Holly has been around for most of this series, as a reporter and friend to I team ladies It pains to me say this but I feel like Pamela Clare did Holly a disservice It s hard to build a character as a cute little shoe loving bimbo who was constantly with lots of guys, and then to flip her into Wonder Woman But then the author continued to portray Holly at least through eyes [...]

  15. Whoa Forget everything you ever knew about Holly Bradshaw because she s about to step forward and share another side to herself with readers that will completely blow your mind Pamela Clare is a masterful storyteller who never disappoints And with Seduction Game, the latest installment to the popular I Team series, she once again delivers another outstanding storyline, along with a brand new hero named Nick Andris So buckle up and hold on tight while Nick and Holly take you on a wild ride Not go [...]

  16. Seduction Game es el septimo y ultimo libro de la serie I Team creada por la autora Pamela Clare y tiene como protagonistas a Holly, personaje que conocemos desde el primer libro y Nick, un nuevo personaje.Al iniciar esta lectura estaba un poco dividida, por un lado estaba muy emocionada de volver a leer otro libro de la autora pero por otro tenia un poco de reservas respecto a este libro, ya que el personaje de Holly no me llamaba demasiado la atencion, por eso no me esperaba que la historia me [...]

  17. The seventh book in Pamela Clare s excellent I Team series Holly Bradshaw was introduced in book one of the series and has made appearances in just about every I Team book since She is an entertainment writer at the paper who loves designer clothes and shoes and has a reputation with men But there is apparently so much we didn t know about the lovely Holly We get to meet CIA officer Nick Andris who is sent to take out a Georgian arms dealer I don t want to give any spoilers so I won t say any B [...]

  18. 4.5 StarsWho d have thought this is our HollyWe didn t really know her at all did we .BUT, I really liked her

  19. I didn t find the plot or characters as engaging as the other books in this series, but I do have mad respect for Holly I didn t care much for her in the previous books, but WTF she s CIA Totally didn t see it coming, and she certainly showed she s stronger than anyone thought.Nick is cool I like that we get to meet his family towards the end, and his friendship with Nguyen is interesting too.Overall, this is a book that shows the support and camaraderie among all the characters we have met so f [...]

  20. For what feels like years ago now, the I Team series was my top favorite Romantic Suspense series for a long time I remembered readers begging Pamela Clare for horny Holly s book for years but the time has come to have her story told When I realized that SEDUCTION GAME was Holly s book my expectations sky rocketed and I went into this book hoping to be blown away And I was.For the most part.Pamela Clare s action sequences are money From the very first page, the action and suspense pulls this boo [...]

  21. It s been a good week, reading wise I ve been quite happy with my book choices and Seduction Gamebook 7 of Pamela Clare s I Team series did not disappoint I first heard about Pamela Clare way back when I joined Since then, I ve made it a point to pick up her books as often as possible Her romantic suspense books are well written, well researched, and oh, so sexy Seduction Game is the story of Holly Bradshaw and her love interest Nick Andris We ve met Holly in the earlier books and she never real [...]

  22. I SOOO hate to say this because I love this author and this series but I found myself eye rolling through most of it Seriously Holly undercover ops CIA Puh leeze Plus it was just too overly dramatic And the relationship between Nick Holly Nick, you kidnapped and torchered me but I want you, I love you, let s have hot sex, never mind that you roughed me up, bruised my ribs and cut up wrists cue eye rolling 2 stars for the story but an extra star just for the side characters from the other bks in [...]

  23. It s been a long time since I stayed up way past my bedtime simply because I couldn t put the book down Loved it Nick was great but Holly got me She s full of surprises, that one Review to come.

  24. 2.5 stars This book had the longest epilogue in the history of epilogues Sigh, a real disappointment Seduction Game was definitely not Ms Clare s best It seemed like a plot recycled out of the other books Again, we have a kidnapping but with some mild torture thrown in for kicks Even though he had reasons for what he did, I don t see a person forgiving that sort of thing in their heart.The plot didn t seem to make much sense I believed Holly s night job , but if the villains wanted to kill this [...]

  25. Unique Stories, Compelling CharactersThe I Team Series by Pamela Clare continues to impress me Seduction Game is the seventh installment, and once again two sexy, intelligent characters enthrall as they fight for their lives and their love.In prior books, blond bombshell Holly is a fluffy entertainment writer whose penchant for expensive shoes and wealthy men provide a sharp contrast to her smart journalist friends on the I TeamA Officer Nick Andris thinks his boss is crazy for making him survei [...]

  26. Espere bastante tiempo para leer este libro, estaba esperando que lo publicaran en espa ol pero me canse de esperar y lo le en ingles, como con todos los libros que he le do de esta autora ME ENCANTO, no esperaba demasiado del libro de Holly, yo solo la ve a a ella desde el primer libro como el miembro menos interesante del I Team, la ve a como una rubia superficial y un poco tonta, estaba MUYYY equivocada, me ha gustado mucho el libro.

  27. Como me gusta el I Team no lo puedo remediar.Me ha gustado Holly desde siempre y esperaba con muchas ganas su libro Me ha encantado Nick y Holly fajfkjakjfaffj Our Holly Our Holly xDDD

  28. Holly, you blew my mind Well done, PC, for turning Holly into the surprise character of the whole series Loved it 4 1 2 stars

  29. I Team NovelsExtreme Exposure Book 1 Heaven Can t Wait Book 1.5 Hard Evidence Book 2 Unlawful Contact Book 3 Naked Edge Book 4 Breaking Point Book 5 Skin Deep Book 5.5 First Strike Book 5.9 Striking Distance Book 6 Soul Deep Book 6.5 Seduction Game Book 7 FINALLY Holly s book is here YAYAYAYAYAY I feel like I ve been waiting forever for Horny Holly story.And did she have a story.We already knew Holly is a loyal and great friend, but she comes off as a materialistic, shallow, party girl that is a [...]

  30. I gave this audiobook a B for both the story and narration at AudioGals Narrated by Kaleo GriffithFeaturing a cross between the TV series Sex in the City and Alias, Seduction Game is one thrilling spy adventure filled with an overlay of spicy hot passion And with a last name like Bradshaw, it s hard not to recognize the similarities between the designer loving heroine who also happens to work as a journalist, and Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City But perhaps what I enjoyed the most about this f [...]

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