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Skeezers Best Download || [Shay Hunter] Skeezers Best Download || [Shay Hunter] - Skeezers, Skeezers Skeezers what happens when the movie THE PLAYERS CLUB meets CINDERELLA After a tragic accident Spyrella Combs dream of being a dancer is thwarted In a web of depression food becomes her sanctuary an

  • Title: Skeezers
  • Author: Shay Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Skeezers Best Download || [Shay Hunter], Skeezers, Shay Hunter, Skeezers Skeezers what happens when the movie THE PLAYERS CLUB meets CINDERELLA After a tragic accident Spyrella Combs dream of being a dancer is thwarted In a web of depression food becomes her sanctuary and she finds herself playing maid to her physically fit cousins But not for long A successful stripper Carlita Fields is being forced to choose between her man who prefeSkeezers what happens


Skeezers Best Download || [Shay Hunter] Skeezers Best Download || [Shay Hunter] - Skeezers, Skeezers Skeezers what happens when the movie THE PLAYERS CLUB meets CINDERELLA After a tragic accident Spyrella Combs dream of being a dancer is thwarted In a web of depression food becomes her sanctuary an Skeezers

  • Skeezers Best Download || [Shay Hunter]
    225Shay Hunter

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  1. Be careful what you wish for Never a dull moment I love this story Nice to see a book that has a beginning, middle and end without the worry about if there s a sequel Love how everything came together and karma paid visits to who it needed to Well done

  2. Wow Skeezers is a fast paced standalone that tells a story of jealousy, envy, and plain old mean heartedness Told thru the voices of 3 cousins, each lady had me feeling different emotions towards her I really enjoyed this book Can t wait for the next Cartel Publications book

  3. Skeezers will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning My first thought was wait these 3 cousins are losing their mines at the way they think, treat themselves and people and just plain out not a care in the world You will read about selfishness, depression and ways life has take a turn Good story.

  4. Everyone needs somebodyI really enjoyed this story It s a quick entertaining read, that my be a little unrealistic, but still has a good storyline, and a message at the end.

  5. Great bookThis book was crazy good Each page was a page turner These cousins were to much Will keep you guessing to the end I would recommend this book.

  6. These cousins were something else Mo was just evil Interesting content storyline help me finish this story in a short period of time Good quick read.

  7. Took me a little longer to read this novel not quite sure why but once it got good there was a lesson learned about karma.

  8. No cliffhangers and still was good This book pulled you in from the first couple sentences until the very last sentence I can t stand Monique she was selfish , conniving , sneaky , vindictive , and a user I didn t feel the least bit sorry for how I m not saying she deserved her fate but I knew she had it coming for her When you play dirty you never win she used all the people around her for her own good and didn t stop to think about them I loved that spy got herself together but hated that she [...]

  9. Loved it This was a very good story and so different from most of the other urban fictions out there Spy was extremely naive and a little crazy, carlita was so quick to give up her man she didn t really allow him to tell her everything she was already convinced that mo s word was law Mo was bonkers And if I was poe I would ve left all them crazy hoes alone I felt bad for Reggie because even tho he was straight up sabotaging spy s need to be healthy, he loved her and he was a nice guy, unfortunat [...]

  10. Selfish is the word that describes Monique Relying on her body and looks is how she gets by as the main attraction at the strip club at Skeezers Her cousins Spyrella Carlita take her abuse and allow her manipulations to control their lives as well until both Spy Carlita decide enough is enough But getting from under Mo s web is not as easy as it seems she plots the most evil plots she can to keep both cousins in her grasp This child is the epitome of evil but every dog has its day and Monique wi [...]

  11. This book pulled you in from the beginning of the book,these cousins were something else moniquecwas very self centered,conniving,vindictive and a user i didn t feel sorry for her at all she had it coming to her for all of her manipulated ways about her.Excellent read if you haven t read this you are missing out.

  12. Fye Read As expected this book was good Monique was one bitter and selfish female smh I didn t like her at at She was just cruel to Spy smh but Karma is a bish I hate things went the way they did with Carlita I was hoping the plan worked for her and Wisdom sake and Spy as well some Great read from Shay Hunter as expected She always deliver.


  14. Tragic turnOverall this is a good read I think the twist could have lasted a bit longer and not end so suddenly Monique should have gotten a taste of her own medicine before she was killed so quickly I would have loved to see Carlita and Wisdom s story evolve.

  15. Wow Really good book I m glad Mo got what she deserved I didn t like how Carlita went about doing her get back, because it back fired on her at the end I m ready for part 2

  16. Karma gets you every time I was not a fan of mo karma all ways comes back around Love how love overcame all kudos CARTEL publications now on to part 2 hope it s a page TURNER to.

  17. At first I wasn t really feeling this book I gave the book a second chance and baby I m glad I did This book was hella good I really enjoyed it All I can say is Monique as a true bitch Can t wait to read part two it s should be amazing.

  18. Action packedA must read Captivating from start to finish Monique was evil but paid for her wrong doing Spy finally found happiness Carolina sad the way she ended but got revenge against her evil cousin Moral of this story Karma is a bitch and it will surely bite your ass

  19. Loved itI was looking for pages can We say Karma is a B tch Monique should have stayed in Her lane you can t do wrong to people and don t expect for nothing to happen to you in the end

  20. Must RadThe was a book leaving u wanting as the rest ,but I give two thumbs up to the young AuthorU GO GURRRRLLLL

  21. Off the hook Loved it Good from beginning to the end Karma is a b % Starting part two now Hopefully Spy will continue her happiness

  22. Great book Great story so much hate but love at the same time I m hoping there s a second book I d like to find out what happens next

  23. Very good I loved it Spy deserved her happiness O would recommend of to everyone One to have on the bookshelves forever.

  24. Pretty goodThis book was good Full of drama and lies A lot of back stabbing between family And Karmame got than what they asked for

  25. Omg This chick Monique is crazy and she is a bully, she scemes to get whatever and who ever she wants but she pays a high price for her actions

  26. Oh my goodness This book was so good I could not put it down The most enjoyable part was it was not filled with a bunch of graphic sex scenes I cannot wait to read part 2

  27. MmmIt s wasn t necessarily a bad read but I didn t like how this book glorified purging Especially considering what type of world we live into today.

  28. Excellent readI really enjoyed this page turner There was so much action and at one point you could relate to a character Looking forward to the next book.

  29. It had lots of potentialBut it didn t live up to it in my opinion.This was my second Shay Hunter read and while I won t say I was disappointed because there truly were some jaw dropping OH EM GEE moments that took place between this group of characters, at the end of the day I didn t feel the Story was half as good as it could have been.The story had a rushed feel to it and it lacked a lot of details as by the end I felt like there has to be a back story or something that I am missing out on I v [...]

  30. Skeezers to go I must say I was pleasantly surprised This was one of the choices for my bookclub this month The last time we chose a book by Shay Hunter we weren t really that impressed However, I must say this book had all of the elements you want in a book The beginning laid the foundation for the rest of the book and the storyline was somewhat believable with enough mystery to keep you guessing about what was next This was my first read for the year and I must say I was satisfied Kudos to the [...]

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