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The Widower's Wife

The Widower's Wife Best Download || [Cate Holahan] The Widower's Wife Best Download || [Cate Holahan] - The Widower's Wife, The Widower s Wife Ana Bacon a beautiful young wife and mother tumbled off a cruise ship into dark and deadly waters Ana is gone leaving behind her wealthy husband and adorable daughter but not everything about her di

  • Title: The Widower's Wife
  • Author: Cate Holahan
  • ISBN: 9781629537658
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover

The Widower's Wife Best Download || [Cate Holahan], The Widower's Wife, Cate Holahan, The Widower s Wife Ana Bacon a beautiful young wife and mother tumbled off a cruise ship into dark and deadly waters Ana is gone leaving behind her wealthy husband and adorable daughter but not everything about her disappearance adds up What secrets did she leave behind Investigator Ryan Monahan is a numbers man So when his company sends him the Bacon case which could net a ten milliAna Bacon

The Widower's Wife

The Widower's Wife Best Download || [Cate Holahan] The Widower's Wife Best Download || [Cate Holahan] - The Widower's Wife, The Widower s Wife Ana Bacon a beautiful young wife and mother tumbled off a cruise ship into dark and deadly waters Ana is gone leaving behind her wealthy husband and adorable daughter but not everything about her di The Widower's Wife

  • The Widower's Wife Best Download || [Cate Holahan]
    358Cate Holahan
The Widower's Wife

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  1. First I d like to apologize for being MIA the past week I missed my weekly wrap up and I am up to my eyeballs in past due reviews The Humphrey household has fallen apart between sickness and, quite literally, falling apart and we are just now functioning again I appreciate all those who have messaged and checked on me I finished this book last week and have been dying to review it I d also love to discuss things with others who have read it that I can t review here because of spoilers, but my mi [...]

  2. I received a copy of The Widower s Wife by Cate Holahan through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Crooked Lane Books and to Cate Holahan for the opportunity.What is the depth of a lie A lie that reaches the dark abyss of any ocean and spans from horizon to horizon.Ana and Tom Bacon live in an enviable palatial home in the suburbs The decorators and craftsmen have been busy tapdancing their way through rendering bolts of materials and installing the finest marble that money can buy Tom [...]

  3. If you re looking for an engaging domestic suspense thriller with an inventive storyline, look no further Tom and Anna Bacon have been accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, the grand mansion, the expensive cars, the wine collection But now they are facing financial ruin Tom is unemployed and drinking Anna is trying to support the family as best she can with a job as an administrative assistant while remaining the main carer for their young daughter, Sophie But it is hopeless Foreclosure looms Credit [...]

  4. While on a cruise ship Anna Bacon falls overboard into the sea but how has this happened, was this a terrible accident or something else The book alternates between Ana, her husband Tom and Ryan Manahan, a former police Financial Crimes investigator sent to find out the truth So how did Ana fall, was she pushed, did she slip As Ryan investigates further he discovers both Ana and her husband Tom have life insurance policies and Ana s life is worth ten million dollars The only problem for Ryan is [...]

  5. While on a cruise ship Ana Bacon falls off into the dark deadly water.Ryan Moran is the insurance investigator who is sent by his company He has to work out whether this was just a tragic accident or was Ana pushed.Tom Bacon will receive a 10 million dollar payout if it is found by the insurance company that Ana s death was a tragic accident Tom has an alibi and witnesses who claim to have seen Ana fall.What a wonderful story that mixes past and present with some surprises all through the story [...]

  6. I really hate when an author asks me to suspend my common sense and expects me to believe that two people without any common sense at all can successfully defraud an insurance company out of 5 million I m giving this book two stars because the author used my favorite word penultimate I was hopeful at first but as the chapters went on, I became less and less interested in both these characters SPOILERS First of all, I despise criminals and defrauding an insurance company is a crime Second, I m su [...]

  7. This is a fast paced read about a woman in jeopardy I loved the way I never knew what would happen next There were some really intense scenes and a satisfying villain I also liked the whole Brazilian angle of the story, which added something unexpected A good read.

  8. Ryan Manahan is a former police Financial Crimes officer now turned insurance investigator after being shot He is very familiar with numbers including odd statistics that come to his mind frequently His current case has to do with the payment of a 5 million claim to a man whose wife disappeared overboard during a cruise in the Bahamas This story is told with two storylines intertwined Ryan s investigation in late November and early December is interspersed with Ana and Tom Bacon s decision in Oc [...]

  9. Unfortunately I cannot see where all these good ratings came from I just can t find any reason to rate this higher The story bordered on boredom at times it moved so slowly And as we are ending the story, there are just too many things happening that are far to hard to believe And I am fairly liberal with author s usage of the unlikely I d like a better term, but what comes to mind for this ending is that it is scattered leaving many thoughts dangling.

  10. I have to admitwhen I agreed to read this book, I didn t know what to expect But.once I started reading, I didn t want to put this book down It is quite the page turner For the last two days I had my nose in this book every chance I got It was kind of a Shhh I m Reading two days at my house this week.This was a fast paced mystery, the action moves along at a crisp pace.The author places her characters like playing cards, shuffles them with sleight of hand, and time after time I kept pointing to [...]

  11. Ana Bacon drowned after falling off the deck of a cruise ship Her husband Tom is eagerly awaiting the 10 million dollar insurance benefit Into this picture comes Ryan Monahan, a private investigator for ISIS Insurance Company, the carrier for Ana s policy Ryan s gut tells him that Ana s death is no accident If Ana took her own life the insurance company does not need to pay out but if this is the case how can Ryan prove it Maybe she was murdered Tom has a good alibi for the time that Ana s body [...]

  12. If you were among the financial elite with a strong hedge fund and suddenly it went all wrong A deal costing the company billions blasted all over the media what recourse do you have to save your life style and your family from poverty Looks like these are the opinions facing the Bacon family, Tom, his wife, Ana and their four year old Sophie Tom, after months of living on the edge of financial disaster, tom comes up with a plan for insurance fraud They will take a weekend cruise to the Caribbea [...]

  13. If you want a book that will keep you reading way past your bedtimewill have you convinced that you know how it will end and then to find out in the next chapter that you were totally wrongat has an ending that you won t see coming.If you are looking for all that and , The Widowers Wife is the book for you.Ana and Tom Bacon and their daughter live in extravagant lifestyle until Tom loses his job and they no income to support their family They are in debt over their heads and will soon leave see [...]

  14. This was a clever book which was a bit different to the average thriller.Ana Bacon falls off a cruise ship Her husband, Tom, is expecting a 10 million life insurance payout But Tom has not reckoned on Ryan Monahan Ryan is a former financial crimes officer who, after an injury, investigates insurance claims for possible fraud Was Ana s fall a terrible accident, a suicide or maybe even murder Ryan is relentless in investigating the Bacons and soon uncovers financial difficulties and a not very gri [...]

  15. A great mystery thriller without one million F bombs and unnecessary overly sexualized scenes Yes please This book is PROOF that authors still can write amazingly entertaining, suspenseful, dangerous literature without sounding like sailors It was a bit slow to start which I now actually appreciate as other thriller authors often jump in too quickly to the action without properly setting the stage Although it wasn t insanely difficult to figure out who did what, it was terribly difficult figurin [...]

  16. Loved this book A really good page turning story that had me right from the start I couldn t put it down practically binge read it over the weekend Liked the alternating chapters from the investigator s viewpoint and Ana s the story always kept moving forward Would ve given it 4.5 stars, but I had too many questions in my mind about how this would actually work in real life Okay.I know this is fiction and I need to suspend belief, but still I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a g [...]

  17. The Widower s Wife by Cate Holahan4 sWhat s It About Ana Bacon, a beautiful young wife and mother, tumbled off a cruise ship into dark and deadly waters Ana is gone leaving behind her wealthy husband and adorable daughter but not everything about her disappearance adds up What secrets did she leave behind Investigator Ryan Monahan is a numbers man So when his company sends him the Bacon case, which could net a ten million dollar payout, Monahan doubts that her death is just a tragic accident But [...]

  18. I read this book as Hurricane Irma blew outside my windows It was a riveting read The characters are vivid and the plot twisty turny enough to keep me guessing The writing is excellent and because I like a slight literary bent, it really drew me in Holahan manages to keep a great plot going without compromising her talent Five stars

  19. 3.5 rounded up to 4 An enjoyable listen 5 stars for the narrator 3 for a story that was very easy to guess the next twist in the story Recommended for fans of Mary HigginsClark or if you need a break from all consuming suspenseful thrillers, and just want to enjoy a good mystery with a likable, non dysfunctional heroine.

  20. So you know how life sometimes just grabs you and you don t finish a book No matter how hard you try it you can t get to the ending Well this time that was not me It took me 3 weeks to finish this book and it became a challenge I would not give up, no matter what I made this decision.We fought we lied we sneak we climbed we did what we had to, to survive But finished we did.My Experience You are seated in a Gone Girl type narration That person s turn then the other person s turn Which side are y [...]

  21. Oh My Cate Holahan did it again This is the second book of hers that I have read and with both I have not been able to stop reading The drama, the mystery, the relationships, and the who dun it were absolutely wonderful The relationships between the characters were spot on Perfectly realistic, perfectly scarey sometimes , and just perfect all the way around The drama and mystery was intriguing enough without going so far out of bounds that it seemed unreal While reading sometimes a character jus [...]

  22. Actually, this book lost me when her boss tried to force himself on her, and she goes home and immediately has sex with her husband Right I did, however, finish the book I never ended up liking any of the characters, and it s books like this that burn me out, and make me not want to read for a while.

  23. This well told story had so many twists and turns that I found it nearly impossible to put down Though the far fetched ending didn t quite measure up for me, the story kept me guessing and turning pages all the way through, so this one it a four star read for me I would definitely read by this author.

  24. Once you start this book it s not likely to sit on your night table for very long, you won t want to put it down As I read, echoing in my mind was the famous quote Oh What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive It starts with financial troubles for an out of work trader, used to living large a million dollar home, luxury cars and whimsical spending He made a mistake and is forever considered not employable He and his wife are now in danger of losing everything They need a lot [...]

  25. 3.5 stars another solid suspense novel from Cate Hollahan I m totally going against the grain here, but I liked this one than Lies She Told The plot felt like it flowed smoothly and I think, for whatever reason, I just enjoyed the basic premise of the story a bit It didn t hurt that I buddy read this one with Lindsay Check her out lindsaysbookreviews.wordpress , which is always fun I enjoyed the character of Ana, and while I questioned some okay, a lot of her choices, for the most part I coul [...]

  26. When a supposedly abused wife and mother goes missing from aboard a cruise ship, an insurance investigator comes to investigate her philandering husband This is my third book in recent months told in alternating points of view and I think I like this writing style It s a fun suspense thriller that kept me interested until the end I know this book has had mixed reviews but I liked the story line and the insurance investigator s point of view I am thinking my accounting degree with criminal justic [...]

  27. This is one of those books that have one mumbling to oneself really It is twisty, but I believe the author foreshadowed her plot intents way too clearly, and unbelievably I hoped she would redeem herself with a dynamic ending, but, alas was rather disappointed I feel like a 3.5 but that s not a rating option Gut feeling while reading was on par with watching a train wreck You just can t help but continue hoping for the best.

  28. Great book The way it flipped back and forth between perspectives could be a little off putting at times but overall a great story I figured it out close to the end but it was great writing how it played out I wish the end could have been a bit neater but interesting to think about how it may have worked out perhaps a sequel

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