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The Couple Next Door

✓ The Couple Next Door ☆ Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter ✓ The Couple Next Door ☆ Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter - The Couple Next Door, The Couple Next Door It all started at a dinner party A domestic suspense debut about a young couple and their apparently friendly neighbors a twisty rollercoaster ride of lies betrayal and the secrets between husbands

  • Title: The Couple Next Door
  • Author: Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter
  • ISBN: 9780735288782
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Audio CD

✓ The Couple Next Door ☆ Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter, The Couple Next Door, Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter, The Couple Next Door It all started at a dinner party A domestic suspense debut about a young couple and their apparently friendly neighbors a twisty rollercoaster ride of lies betrayal and the secrets between husbands and wives Anne and Marco Conti seem to have it all a loving relationship a wonderful home and their beautiful baby Cora But one night when they are at a dinnerIt all started a

The Couple Next Door

✓ The Couple Next Door ☆ Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter ✓ The Couple Next Door ☆ Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter - The Couple Next Door, The Couple Next Door It all started at a dinner party A domestic suspense debut about a young couple and their apparently friendly neighbors a twisty rollercoaster ride of lies betrayal and the secrets between husbands The Couple Next Door

  • ✓ The Couple Next Door ☆ Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter
    430Shari Lapena Kirsten Potter
The Couple Next Door

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  1. A baby is kidnapped while the parents are next door.Mayhem ensues It s a captivating story, I ll admit At first, at least Then, it becomes too convoluted to keep its realism So the story isn t bad per se If you don t mind crazy, nefarious scenarios with outcomes that lead to crazy, nefarious scenarios, you might just love this.I couldn t.I couldn t because it didn t sound right to me Especially not the ending What a stupid one The character would never have done such a thing Not after what happ [...]

  2. ZERO SPOILERS ZERO SPOILERS LESS THAN ZERO SAFE TO READ It s 3am.I just finish reading this sleep killer story.My final HONEST REACTION HYSTERICAL SO MUCH FUN I could roll on the floor laughing right nowOOOOO FUNNY GREAT WILD RIDE ReallyI m not sure if I m laughing at myself or the story or both A few random thoughts as you know I m not going to give anything away This is a question for my women friends When you are stressed, do you start cleaning If ever fueled with anxiety, do you need to clea [...]

  3. 3.5 starsA swanky rich couple have a six month old baby The babysitter cancels at the last minute, buuuutt the husband really wants to go to that dinner party next door with the hottie neighbor He convinces the wife Anne that it will be just fine to leave the baby by herself and check on her every thirty minutes.They return home to find the baby is now missing Then all the secretsgotta have secrets Mom is struggling with post partum depression Could she have done something to the baby and this i [...]

  4. THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR is an outstanding debut psychological thriller novel from author Shari Lapena, and one of the best reads I have read this year This novel, a child abduction case, races along at an amazing speed, full of twists and turns, totally gripping the reader for the suspense ride from beginning to end I kept flipping the pages as I had to know what had happened I loved it They left their six month old baby Cora home alone and went to a party next door But with the monitor on next doo [...]

  5. My reviews can also be seen at deesradreadsandreviews.wordprI still haven t listened to very many audiobooks While I prefer to read on my e reader or read a book, I really do like having the option to listen to an audiobook now and then It s a nice change and I can close my eyes as long as I m not driving But I don t close my eyes often as usually it doesn t matter how exciting the audiobook is, I could very well fall asleep.However, I didn t have that problem with this one I was pretty into it [...]

  6. 3.5 starsThe first 75% of the book was terrific lots of twists and turns, well paced, interesting character development and relationships, I was eager to return to my audiobook every time I was away from it I also loved that contrary to most thrillers that save the big reveal for the end, in this book, you find out who kidnapped the baby halfway through the book so you get to watch everyone scramble and unravel from there on out I liked it so much that I was mentally composing my 4 star review w [...]

  7. Wow what was that ending OK, let me back up.There s no denying that this is a compulsive page turner At the heart of the story is a frenzied pulse running rampant and it s addicting Ending chapters with shocking revelations, casting doubt and making me waver on my belief of who was behind it all, time and time again, was pure magic I read this book over the course of one day, simply because I couldn t bear to put it down I had to know who took baby Cora and WHY.With that being said, this is a c [...]

  8. 3.5 Stars This book turned out just meh for me I was completely sucked in from the start and then at about the 65 % mark the characters started annoying me and I wasn t thrilled with the ending Some other people might like this than I did I read a lot of psychological thrillers so now very few are 5 Star reads for me.A special shout out to Kirsten Potter the narrator She was awesome This is very easy to follow on audio.

  9. HA What a wild and crazy ride Sometimes when I read a crime thriller, I become bored with the pace or exasperated with the clues and detective types, but not so this time Each character had their own complex personality, and or presence here, and there is never a dull moment.Without giving anything away, I ll just say, be prepared for a shocking crime and horrendous secrets revealed, some of which, you will find terribly disturbing I entered this mystery not knowing anything about the plot so wa [...]

  10. Wow This is one of my favourite reads of 2016 and is long listed for my Top Ten Books of 2016 This totally took my breath away and from start to finish I was totally lost in this book and the desire to know the truth I HAD to know the truth I guessed the ending so many times, should not have bothered, it was brilliant and had so many twists I was feeling motion sickness Honestly, check out the blurb You never know what s happening on the other side of the wall.Your neighbour told you that she di [...]

  11. Cynthia and Graham invite next door neighbours Anne and Marco to a small dinner party but tell them not to bring their small baby Cynthia and Graham, themselves childless, are not child friendly The pre arranged babysitter cancels at last minute so Anne and Marco decide, reluctantly to go anyway, leaving baby Cora alone, taking a baby monitor and agreeing to take turns checking on her every half hour So far so gooduntil.Anne and Graham return home at one in the morning and to their horror discov [...]

  12. First of all, I m a skeptic by nature By going into a thriller, I go in grudgingly knowing I m going to be critical Suspending belief shouldn t be required for a story done well As I m reading, this is the constant chatter going on in my head recalling Elaine in a Seinfeld episode maybe the dingo ate your baby I m thinking anything is possible at this point including the dang Dingo This is warped Let me preface it A baby is missing Stolen from her crib while her parents sat at a dinner party nex [...]

  13. Most of my friends loved this, but I wasn t as wrapt At all Yes, very, very edge of your seat worthy reading, but the end result was a little flat for me As a debut, this was brilliant work and I commend the author for writing a book that most of us just could not put down.I felt it was a train wreck of completely messy, unscrupulous and totally moral lacking characters I know we are not meant to always love the characters we read about, but I was eye rolling many times Marco What a spineless ma [...]

  14. Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishing, and also to Shari Lapena for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review Goodness me, this book was so full of twists and turns, I don t know whether I m on my head or my heels right now Imagine the horror of discovering your 6 month old baby has been abducted from her crib in the early hours of the morning Imagine also the myriad of emotions you d experience Well, that would be bad enough, but what multiplies that horror her [...]

  15. I highly enjoyed A Stranger in the House so I was very much looking forward to reading Shari Lapena s previous novel The Couple Next Door As expected I thoroughly enjoyed it, I raced through the intriguing pages and I have to say that it is neck and neck as to which I preferred the best, as both were hugely entertaining.It does takes a while to get used to the authors writing since she uses third person present tense but once you adapt to it you soon fly through the story, it was very easy to fo [...]

  16. Schemes, lies, deceit, despair, and many many stupid decisions This is a fast paced, page turner that managed to hook me up from beginning to the bloody end.The plot is well written and the characters are interesting enough In order words, they make such stupid mistakes, mostly out of despair and foolishness, to the point where it verges towards the comical Throughout most of the book, I kept switching between feeling sorry and distressed and just being amused.There were many twist and turns, so [...]

  17. Anne and Marco s babysitter cancels at the last minute when they have a dinner party next door Marco talks Anne into leaving their six month Cora alone because they can bring along the baby monitor and check in on her at half hour intervals When the two arrive home shortly after 1 am though Cora is no where to be found and the police are called in to investigate As the investigation proceeds it becomes increasingly clear that the kidnapping was orchestrated by someone close to the couple or the [...]

  18. The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena is a 2016 Pamela Dorman Books publication.A hypnotic and atmospheric thriller.This story starts off with a familiar ripped from the headlines setup where a couple, Ann and Marco, decide to leave their young daughter home alone while they attend a dinner party next door They bring the baby monitor and check on the baby every half hour However, when they return home from the party they discover the child has been kidnapped After reading the first chapter of thi [...]

  19. Dense particles of deception are scattered in every nook and cranny What you think that you see with your own eyes is not necessarily what you see Anne and Marco Conti must really have an intense thing for dinner parties Marco talks Anne into leaving their newborn infant next door with a faulty baby monitor They will take turns checking on her every 30 minutes Sounds like a great plan, huh Our model parents have also taken to tipping back on the wine goblets, too Not a sober soul in sight When A [...]

  20. Yes, yes yes yes yes I love it when there is a up and coming author who just produces such an amazing book it looks like they have been a best seller for years I am not kidding, this is truly a remarkable read.I know us reviewers, we say things like twists and turns unputdownable , stayed up all night to read it, but I tell you, its so true.If you are a passionate reader, and I know that you are because you are on writing reviews, then you will certainly understand my gushing on this book.Secret [...]

  21. Pues oye, lo he disfrutado un mont n.No soy mucho de leer novelas de este g nero, pero he de decir que cada vez estoy leyendo m s y estoy encontrando una vertiente m s que interesante que de primeras no era mi favorita He le do varios comentarios respecto a la voz narrativa, porque no es muy utilizada en este tipo de novela es en tercera persona, s , pero narra en presente La verdad es que yo estoy acostumbrado a leer novelas en presente, aunque en esta ocasi n hab a alguna cosa rara como si el [...]

  22. Shari Lapena has tapped into a universal fear among parents Just imagine, your 6 month old baby is sleeping upstairs, the babysitter has cancelled at the last minute and the dinner party you have been invited to attend is literally just next door, one shared wall away You can take the baby monitor with you No problem.It is in keeping with human nature I think, that once tragedy strikes we are all inclined to sit back and say How could they have possibly Don t misunderstand me, I am certainly not [...]

  23. So there s a couple named Marco and Anne Conti who have a baby called Cora They are deprived of outgoing social activities, and when the neighborly couple are inviting the Conti couple to a party, it s hard to resist.There are some twists involved in the plotting of this book one or two of which are ponderous Like, the babysitter cancels at the last moment That means the baby is going to be alone The latter is still going to be monitored audibly So the young couple go to the party.I gave the boo [...]

  24. One star is for me because I finished it One star because the author came up with some good character names Cora Conti, Cynthia Stillwell, Detective Rasbach I m looking at you.Well, that s about all the nice nice I can make.I can t get past the clunky, amateurish writing If I heard Marco said Anne replied Cynthia stated ONE MORE TIME.oh my gosh If you, as an author, are going to write a book that is almost entirely dialogue, wouldn t you make sure you were a damn fine dialogue writer first It w [...]

  25. I ve read this book before.Well, ok, not this book, but I ve read many of its fraternal twins, and the gene pool is starting to feel a bit shallow to me.The Couple Next Door has an interesting hook a six month old baby disappears from her crib while her parents are next door at a dinner party It reminded me of the Madeline McCann case, and I was interested to see how the plot would develop However, reading this book was at times like playing thriller bingo The couple that seems perfect from the [...]

  26. I m actually relieved that I had a previously scheduled appointment the morning after I finished this book or this review would have been entirely different Whew It s taken me this long to calm down, after THAT ending WARNING DO NOT PEEK AT THE LAST PAGE.I became involved after page one It never slowed down or got boring, as most books tend to do For a lot of you speedy readers, I imagine you could read this book in one day or want to I wanted to.Beg, borrow, no stealing, PLEASE or pay full pric [...]

  27. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum I read this book because everyone was reading it We re talking EV.Y Think I m kidding Yep I m still 30th in line at the non porny library and yes I just removed this request I m an old lady and forget these things sometimes Since this is a mystery you re going to get an even crappier review than I normally barf out The basic premise of The Couple Next Door is that Marco and Anne s babysitter cancelled at the last minute due to a family emergency, leaving t [...]

  28. I suppose I should write a coherent review after my previous one of Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh upon finishing this I really, really dislike writing negative reviews, so let me start with the positive here This story was full of so many twists and turns and red herrings, I actually really enjoyed not knowing who to trust or what was going to happen It definitely threw me for a loop quite a few times and I love when a thriller can keep me on my toes like that However It appears that I have become a bit of a [...]

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