Do you know French is one of the six official languages used in the United Nations? Well, French speakers are everywhere; there are about 280 million French speakers in the world, among which 68 million are native speakers. French is the only language to be used aside English, and around 27 countries have French as an official language.

Basically, French is known as the language of love; it has unique Latin roots strongly related to romance. When it’s about French language translations, it is always a great challenge to cope up with the linguistic roots. Only the native speakers/translators can translate the French language without any difficulties or errors. If you are looking for professional French translation services UK, it is recommended to hire a trustable translation agency only.

French Translation Services UK

You need a pro translator, with native language fluency as well as experience in translating French documents. No matter, whether you need french translation services for business purpose or official requirements, a reputed translation agency can offer you services accordingly. Below here, let’s have a look at some interesting facts about French language translations, and why you need to hire a professional language translation agency.

  • French and English seems deceptively same but both have completely different grammar styles – You will be surprised to know that, there are many words in French and English which look similar, but are entirely different in terms of meaning and use. Even the grammar differences are also intense, when adjectives, verbs, syntax, and gender are taken into consideration. If you want to avail the best-quality French translation services UK, it is essential to hire native language translators only. The translators with native language fluency have good knowledge about the grammar and essence of French. They can easily understand your requirements, and can accordingly offer you reliable French translations.
  • French is lengthier as compared to other languages – Have you gone through any French documents before? Mainly, the books and official documents involve more pages than the translated pieces in another language. The main reason behind this is, French translations are about 15-20% longer than the original language, especially English. Different languages have different sentence structure, and accordingly, the content length varies. In case, you want the French translations to be specific and precise; then it is highly recommended to hire an experienced translator with native language fluency.
  • French language has multiple variations – Just like English, French has many variations depending on the location or country. You can experience the differences in pronunciations, formalities, grammar, tone, and other cultural factors when witnessing the French language in France, Canada, United States, Middle-East, Monaco, Belgium, and others. To avoid any inconveniences in the French translations no matter what the differences are, you need to avail services only from a reputed translation agency or company.

At Translation AZ, we provide satisfactory and reliable French translation services UK. Our pricing is competitive and includes no hidden charges. We have a dedicated team of native translators for French translation project. Contact our project managers for information about our translation services and pricing estimate.

3 Interesting Facts about French Language Translations

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