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Whenever I'm with You

✓ Whenever I'm with You ☆ Lydia Sharp ✓ Whenever I'm with You ☆ Lydia Sharp - Whenever I'm with You, Whenever I m with You A missing boy A road trip into the Alaskan wilderness A week that will change everythingAfter Gabi s parents divorce she moves from California to Alaska with her dad At first it feels like banishmen

  • Title: Whenever I'm with You
  • Author: Lydia Sharp
  • ISBN: 9781338047493
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover

✓ Whenever I'm with You ☆ Lydia Sharp, Whenever I'm with You, Lydia Sharp, Whenever I m with You A missing boy A road trip into the Alaskan wilderness A week that will change everythingAfter Gabi s parents divorce she moves from California to Alaska with her dad At first it feels like banishment until she meets Kai He welcomes her into his life sharing his family his friends and his warmth But as winter approaches Kai pulls away for seemingly no reasonA missing boy

Whenever I'm with You

✓ Whenever I'm with You ☆ Lydia Sharp ✓ Whenever I'm with You ☆ Lydia Sharp - Whenever I'm with You, Whenever I m with You A missing boy A road trip into the Alaskan wilderness A week that will change everythingAfter Gabi s parents divorce she moves from California to Alaska with her dad At first it feels like banishmen Whenever I'm with You

  • ✓ Whenever I'm with You ☆ Lydia Sharp
    160Lydia Sharp
Whenever I'm with You

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  1. While writing WHENEVER I M WITH YOU,I listened to Rachel Platten s Stand by You My favorite color is blue.I like pink and purple too.This is not a review,but every sentence is true.And rhymes Except these two.

  2. An Alaska Native reader who is Tlingit wrote to me Debbie Reese, at American Indians in Children s Literature to share concerns with Sharpe s book As regular readers of AICL may recall, I get email from people who prefer not to be identified Some worry about backlash on them or their children I respect their requests and am grateful for their careful readings of children s and young adult books.The Tlingit reader s concerns are as follows 1 Ambiguity of Native CharactersThe two brothers in Whene [...]

  3. Gabi s natural grace is fascinating Poise, pragmatic manner and confidence rarely coexist in mere human beings but this 17 year old possesses all three Of course, she doesn t realize that Her Alaskan acquaintances see only the novelty of a rich Latina from L.A and they don t even have as much information about her as the tabloids do.Kai is not like that, but he isn t living the typical teen age life either When Gabi and her father moved in next door, Kai s father had been gone for almost a year [...]

  4. Not that I m not enjoying the view of his lean, muscled body all those square inches of bare skin in a shade that closely resembles his Canadian mother than his Tlingit father but this is not the scenario in which I imagined seeing him next to naked for the first time pg 5 6Not that I m not liking this book I HATE THIS BOOK ALREADY How did this rubbish get published What color skin do Canadians have I would suggest looking at Debbie Reese s review for a thorough write up of this book I can tel [...]

  5. While the story moved decently and was interesting enough, it seemed like it was forcing itself to be some sort of deep revelation about how people cope and need to move past their demons Also, they were in the Alaskan wilderness yet somehow these twin teenage boys are able to survive so easily The way they hunt and make fire so easily just seems too fake Yes, they had basically trained their whole lives to be able to do those things with their father, but it s the ALASKAN WILDERNESS Not everyth [...]

  6. Eh This story had a wonderful premise, but the overall plot kind of lacked for me I ve never been to Alaska, but I have a hard time believing this journey was as simple as this story made it Sure, things kept going wrong but there was always a convenient solution to make sure everything was quickly resolved It just wasn t realistic Also, I felt this story attempted to be diverse with the mentioning of various minorities I mean, how cool would it have been to go into the Tlingit culture but compl [...]

  7. Book reviewer Debbie Reese has already addressed some of the cultural concerns that plagued me when I was reading this book, set in Alaska In some respects, it seems to me that the author has gone to great pains to show just how naive and culturally unaware the book s protagonist is Not only is she unaware of her own culture and her feelings, but she is disdainful not deliberately so, but still, it is there of anything that is different from the familiar world with which she has surrounded herse [...]

  8. I wanted to love this book because the premise really appealed to me A YA compared to Into The Wild my all time favorite , sign me up.That said, I was terribly disappointed in this book for so many reasons For starters, I would have loved for Kai and Hunter s Tlingit heritage to be than just a quick line in the book If not for that one sentence, I would have never guessed they were native Their heritage seemed like a fun quirk than a full bodied culture, and it was disappointing to not explore [...]

  9. Full review over atThe Bookaholic Blurbs Whenever I m With You is likeable But it would have been an unforgettable one if the execution isn t that of a let down Giving it three stars for the attempt to show different sides of relationships which I appreciated and for the potential of the characters to see of the world than just themselves Thank you, Asia Philippines for the galley

  10. What I was expecting based on cover A cute swoony story about two teenagers falling in love, while on a journey to save someone What I got ALASKA IS DANGEROUS My reaction wut.

  11. That was an amazing read 4.5 stars A wonderful adventure story PACKED with suspense and intrigue Oh my gosh, so good.

  12. Remember how it takes your breath away remember that this is how I felt the first time I saw you, and how I ve felt every day since then, whenever I m with you This is my version of heaven Whenever I m With You is a quick read which features love and loss and how everyone copes differently and what they need to heal and move forward I loved trekking though the Alaskan wilderness with these characters, the descriptions were vivid and I imagined myself there too I m excited to see what Lydia write [...]

  13. The cover shows a girl and her boyfriend sharing a milkshake while planning an adventure in Alaska, but it does the story injustice in that in the actual scene in the novel, the girl s boyfriend has disappeared and she s sitting up late in his kitchen, talking to his brother They figure out he took off into the wilderness, heading to where his father died at a remote cabin the year before, and they plan how they re going to track him down at dawn To reach him before a blizzard comes in.That dram [...]

  14. I enjoyed this book It was a cute and adventurous kind of book.Gabi is hiding from the life her mother has thrust upon their family Kai refuses to admit the truth that his father is dead When Kai goes in search of the truth Gabi and his twin brother head out to track him down before the big storm hits Along the way everybody gets to know each other better, danger ensues and truths come out Will these teens survive their journey Will they turn back and go home without learning the truth about Kai [...]

  15. Such a fun story Genuinely loved the characters, and the adventure plot was superb But there could ve been kissing.

  16. EDIT fakt nech pem, ako si niektor autori m u sami ohodnoti svoju knihuNothing worth having comes easy So that s why he s so quiet and has no social life It isn t that he s shy, or he doesn t like talking to me, or he doesn t want to go out with friends he s just busy and mentally exhausted He s given it all up to pursue something worth having.Neviem, o som si myslela, ke som kupovala t to knihu Anot cia znela tak super Pr beh sa predsa odohr va v Alja ke a po New Yorku, Californii a in ch super [...]

  17. This is a fast paced contemporary YA read filled with adventure, romance, and life lessons, and the pacing and writing are all on point but at the same time, I have to think maybe it was all a bit too much and a bit too little in different ways It tries to pack a ton into a small book, but probably because of that, the larger and serious life lessons and issues feel like they get glossed over, and offered somewhat too easily The fact is, it s the emotion of the romance, specifically and the adv [...]

  18. I won this book in a Giveaway Despite the title and cover this is not a love story, this is a story of discovery, loss and forgiveness Whenever I m with You is a drama filled book that follows a broken girl and an even broken set of boys as they all begin to heal I liked this book but honestly Gabi s character for me was annoying, trivial and very selfish Thankfully she didn t constantly say every thing out loud, but mentally she was always talking about herself and her issues I know she cared [...]

  19. I don t normally write reviews but there are so many things wrong with the book As someone who has lived in Anchorage as a transplant it is clear the author has never lived there The saying write what you know is popular for a reason The author s main character acts like living in Anchorage is for people who are poor to middle class while she is rich and so stands out due to her wealth and all the kids do rural things like jump in ponds, fish out their backyard, and hunt Kids in Anchorage do tho [...]

  20. Gabi s mother is a famous actress and when her parents get divorced, her father takes her to Alaska Gabi has an unlimited credit card, and can buy anything she wants She has a boyfriend Kai, who seems to be pulling away from her Kai is searching for his lost father and decides to go find him in the Alaskan wilderness With out telling anyone, he takes off His twin brother Hunter and Gabi go after him Gabi is no survivalist, but fortunately, Hunter knows what to do They meet Vicki at a restaurant [...]

  21. Gabi is the daughter of a famous Hollywood actress To get away from the paparazzi she and her father move to Alaska Near Anchorage, her new home, she meets Kai a boy who seems wonderful, but who is just as broken as she is He decides he has to go on a cross country trek to find his father at the end of November Gabi and Kai s twin brother try to find him before he gets killed by the elements or wild animals Once they find him, they realize they need to complete Kai s quest and they have to face [...]

  22. This was a great book I would recommend it to kids in middle school It kept me turning the pages and my eyes wide open Gabi Flores and her father gave up sunny Los Angeles for Anchorage, Alaska, to escape Gabi s famous mother When her boyfriend, Kai, takes off unexpectedly in search of his father, Gabi braves the wilderness alongside Kai s twin brother, Hunter, to rescue him There are challenges ahead though, including blinding snowstorms, hypothermia, and terrifying animals When she and Hunter [...]

  23. I happened upon Whenever I m with You while browsing bookshelves at the book store At first glance, it gave off a Christmas y vibe or the cover did, anyways After reading the synopsis, I was intrigued It didn t exactly play out as I thought it would, though Overall, I d say I m disappointed.I thought the inner struggles Gabi, Kai, and Hunter go through and how they respectively deal with them were interesting and thought provoking However, everything that happened throughout their Alaskan mis ad [...]

  24. Whenever I m with you, a romance novel by Lydia Sharp was really good When Gabi has to move from Southern California all the way to Alaska because of her parents divorce, she doesn t know what to do Then right away she meets Kia, who changes her whole perspective of Alaska He always makes her smile, until one day he doesn t show up anywhere Where could he have gone Gabby addresses his brother about the situation They next day their on the road to go find Kia, but they have to be very careful due [...]

  25. This was such a fun and adventurous read I don t typically read contemporary fiction, but this book sucked me in from the first page I read the whole thing in a couple days, and as I sat wrapped up in my blanket late at night, I could almost feel like I was in the Alaskan wilderness by the detailed descriptions alone The relationship between Gabi and Kai was believable and adorable, and the family issues they both dealt with are very relatable to teens Filled with adventure, raw relationships, a [...]

  26. After Gabi s movie star mom leaves Gabi s dad for her most recent costar, Gabi and her dad move from California to Alaska to get away from the paparazzi They move next door to a family and Gabi quickly falls for Kai Kai s dad supposedly died but since a body was never found, Kai chooses to believe his dad is alive Kai decides to take on the Alaskan wilderness and head off on foot to look for his dad Once Gabi realizes where Kai has gone, she and Kai s brother, Hunter set out to find Kai What the [...]

  27. Could have had a little umph Based on the description I was expecting drama and maybe some Alaskan culture than what I got here Like I feel like Snow Dogs was better than this representation and that was a comedy for children.I really did like the characters though and if you re looking for a simple, sweet read then pick it up but if you re looking for something you can t put down because of all the drama then take a pass.

  28. just disappointing tbh the storyline and plot seemed so cute i struggled my way through the book as it was just so unentertaining i had only 30 pages to go when i decided it just wasn t worth it and i cracked open another book

  29. An unusually fun book to read It is not an out an out romance or even that romantic in nature It is about human emotions interspersed with the Alaskan wilderness Loved to read all about Alaska without the whole travel book writing style Definitely read it once for an experience.

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