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The Barbarian's Captive

[PDF] The Barbarian's Captive | by ✓ Maddie Taylor [PDF] The Barbarian's Captive | by ✓ Maddie Taylor - The Barbarian's Captive, The Barbarian s Captive Light years from home plant biologist Lt Eva La Croix and her all female exploration team land on a planet they believe is a perfect substitute for the dying Earth They are set upon by huge alien hun

  • Title: The Barbarian's Captive
  • Author: Maddie Taylor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Barbarian's Captive | by ✓ Maddie Taylor, The Barbarian's Captive, Maddie Taylor, The Barbarian s Captive Light years from home plant biologist Lt Eva La Croix and her all female exploration team land on a planet they believe is a perfect substitute for the dying Earth They are set upon by huge alien hunters and Eva is captured by the barbarian leader Tossed over his shoulder she is carried back to camp tethered to his bed seduced by his touch and claimed as his own InLigh

The Barbarian's Captive

[PDF] The Barbarian's Captive | by ✓ Maddie Taylor [PDF] The Barbarian's Captive | by ✓ Maddie Taylor - The Barbarian's Captive, The Barbarian s Captive Light years from home plant biologist Lt Eva La Croix and her all female exploration team land on a planet they believe is a perfect substitute for the dying Earth They are set upon by huge alien hun The Barbarian's Captive

  • [PDF] The Barbarian's Captive | by ✓ Maddie Taylor
    268Maddie Taylor
The Barbarian's Captive

365 Comment The Barbarian's Captive

  1. I m not sure how I m going to start reviewing this book Or rather, my rant I don t think I ve ever been this enraged, disgusted even, with a book, that much is clear Beware of possible spoilers and a rather long rant.I thought I knew what I was getting into with this book It s a trope that s used very often in the genre, alien males who don t have enough women left on their home planet and they need to assure the survival of their species They re also domineering and the women in their culture [...]

  2. I want my time, money, and stomach back When reading the synopsis of this book I took it for something similar to my beloved Ice Planet Barbarians series with some spanking and rough sex play per the description How can this story read that they hold women precious, while kidnapping them, tying up, and forcing sex The heroine is shot by a female alien so that the other human women can try to escape Of course they are caught again, then after she must have an odd voyeuristic sex episode to save t [...]

  3. Fated mates Check Hot alien leader Check Heroine who makes sense Check.Domestic discipline Noooooo I m not too hot reading about all the spanking as a means of discipline hence I cannot give this book 4 stars I liked the story minus all the spanking and flogging as I did not find them really sexy in this book

  4. Yes, I read the reviews Yes, I was aware there was spanking and other domestic dicipline I went in with open eyes but at every turn shit kept happening that killed my inner feminist The heroine never once did anything to get back at her alien mate, she just weakly gave in and kept letting him beat her It just wasn t for me maybe a little too soon after the Women s march I only gave it two stars because I finished it.

  5. Three and a half starsDomestic discipline spanking stories aren t usually what I gravitate toward so I was pleasantly surprised A strong female character that isn t particularly bratty or bitchy She s definitely not too stupid to live The hero is an alpha who isn t a total prick and cares about her Also a win.This will probably be a reread in the future.

  6. It was okay but I read this awhile ago and I can t really remember anything about it So I guess that says something right Still I know I didn t hate it and since I m always looking for sci fi romance reads, I would be willing to read in this series.

  7. Love this book Maddie Taylor really wrote a good book Can t wait to read .I chose this book because I got hooked in by the second chapter and Could not put it down Must read

  8. Standard fare I d love for just one of these to seriously address the myriad of issues with the barbarian hero stereotype and take the heroine s concerns seriously instead of just paying lip service to them.

  9. Maddie Taylor has written books I ve enjoyed and that is why I got this book In the past she has shown respect for all her characters women as much as the men and consequently, the men in her books demonstrate respect for their women and want them to thrive in life by having enriching jobs and lives they don t want little sex slaves that mindlessly obey them and whose only skill is being able to be a living version of a blow up doll Had I realized that Trent Evans was involved in this book, I wo [...]

  10. First, the theme of this sci fi, erotic romance is one that I ve seen many times throughout the genre That is, alien race world going extinct because their females are so few and or are infertile usually because of some tragic happening in their world Then, pop up on the scene, usually discovered by accident, human females who can low and behold mate and produce offspring for said alien race From that point on, it s usually a tug of war of wills between the two sexes races Oh, and let s not forg [...]

  11. Our heroine Eva is a biologist on an all female expedition to find a viable planet for Earth s population While planetside on a research mission with 10 other colleagues and guards, they are set upon and captured by a race of loin clothed barbaric beings Three escape and seven others become captive to this race of men.I was seriously torn with how I d rate this because I enjoyed the writing even if I didn t agree on some themes I would compare reading this to trying to drink water while having h [...]

  12. I purchased this when it was on special offer for 0.99, and having now read it, I think I d feel aggrieved if I d paid full price There are grammatical errors throughout which is always quite frustrating to encounter in a published story.The real issue for me though is the story which deals with a patriarchal society keen on punishment and it really skirts a murky line between consent and non consent In fairness, there is a warning about this before the story starts but I d hoped that as the sto [...]

  13. I m not sure what I should say , except that I m disgusted The book was all about what he freaking wanted and never her Don t speak unless the conversation is initiated by someone and that command obviously annoys her But guess what she does about it Absolutely nothing And oh she speaks about how brave and intelligentshe is considered in her own place but where the heck is it demonstrated The book enraged me damn too much.The h was obviously mortifiedby the spankings and all but what does she do [...]

  14. What Was I Thinking There are no excuses for my behavior reading this book the author did warn me I should have known better from the title, yet I was interested in reading another alien paranormal story The few I read last year were interesting and not so far fetched that I was able to enjoy the author s vivid imagination The Barbarian s Captive is not one of those reads for me From page one through the end of the book, womankind is slapped in the face repeatedly and, liking it, comes back for [...]

  15. Rating 3.5 Ok, I really love a good alien romance, but at times I wanted to punch Kerr in the throat While some good points were made about keeping order, I didn t care that the woman was getting spanked all the time and men can do what they want At times it was a little fun to read about it, but it felt like everything she did she got spanked for it The very end when a certain someone got spanked in public, I almost peed myself because it was so well deserved Overall I did like this book and I [...]

  16. Tall Dark and AlienI want to be r wally honest for just a second if you don t mind I was for certain I was wasting my time on another alien style romance Boy was I a total snobby witch My full apology to Ms Maddie Taylor From beginning to the very last line, I LOVED THIS FREAKIN EBOOK The story of Kkerr and Eva was so supercalafragulistic I m already on the prowl for 2 I would give this one 6 stars if I could

  17. I wish there was meat in the book If you are into spankings you will probably like this book The writing was OK but Max Kerr came off as cold but caring but not understanding I didn t care for the interaction between Kerr and Eva Eva came off as being clueless It fell short of the books description.

  18. Total misogynist trash Like a beginner s Patriarchy manual Don t bother See other one star reviews for details, they covered it.

  19. Conflictingly GoodOk, I admit, there were some eye rolling moments in the beginning, but as a whole, I loved it I like stories that have deeper conflicts, not romantic angst, but truly difficult to accept conflicts Challenging deep seated belief systems makes me enjoy a book , whether I agree with what happens or not Actually, I think if a romance book can not only take you thru the typical emotions, but also make you laugh, make you sad, and piss you off a little, that is the mark of a masterpi [...]

  20. Just no It s one thing for a little spanking between consenting adults, it is another thing that it is a punishment for trying to be an equal to your partner And the justification of well there are no marks on you or well it turned you on is just bullcrap This book made me so angry because instead of our Hero realizing that there should be compromise between him and the woman he claims to love our spineless heroine decides that these people are right and she should be beaten in the town square f [...]

  21. I would DEFINITELY recommend reading JC Red s review before reading the Barbarian s Captive misleading title by the way She sums up everything wrong with this book beautifully I thought this would be similar to Ruby Dixon s series, but this totally missed the mark Disappointed.

  22. Gotta love aliens, especially big sexy ones lol I however would hate to be stuck on a world where women held zero power Yes it would be nice to have someone take care of you and love only you, but to be ordered aroundYea I ll pass Overall though I did enjoy the story.

  23. Great readThis was a great book As they fought through their feelings and fear to discover true love they also found a way to help each other s people and planets Very well written.

  24. The Barbarians CaptiveWonderful storytelling that you have to get I couldn t get enough of this one, and couldn t put it down once I started reading.

  25. What could you wantNot a novella A good read, with a few surprises Light BDSM, tons of steaming sex, good story line, and a few funny parts What could you want

  26. AmazingIt was simply amazing The character development was great and kept them from being flat The character motives fit well and kept the story rolling

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