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A Darker Crimson

Ü A Darker Crimson » Carolyn Jewel Ü A Darker Crimson » Carolyn Jewel - A Darker Crimson, A Darker Crimson Long ago the portal was sealed and Los Angeles now Crimson City rid itself of demons for eternity Or so Claudia Donovan believed With the city s other paranormals active than ever and the treaty bet

  • Title: A Darker Crimson
  • Author: Carolyn Jewel
  • ISBN: 9780505526588
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Ebook

Ü A Darker Crimson » Carolyn Jewel, A Darker Crimson, Carolyn Jewel, A Darker Crimson Long ago the portal was sealed and Los Angeles now Crimson City rid itself of demons for eternity Or so Claudia Donovan believed With the city s other paranormals active than ever and the treaty between the species all but dissolved she and the rest of the CCPD have enough to handle But now her daughter has been kidnapped and she s learned that demons still exiLong ago the port

A Darker Crimson

Ü A Darker Crimson » Carolyn Jewel Ü A Darker Crimson » Carolyn Jewel - A Darker Crimson, A Darker Crimson Long ago the portal was sealed and Los Angeles now Crimson City rid itself of demons for eternity Or so Claudia Donovan believed With the city s other paranormals active than ever and the treaty bet A Darker Crimson

  • Ü A Darker Crimson » Carolyn Jewel
    362Carolyn Jewel
A Darker Crimson

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  1. I was told that A Taste of Crimson was the best of this series and that the rest were stinky but, of course, I didn t listen to my wise friends and went ahead and read this one And were they ever right.This book is about a young woman, Claudine Claudette Sorry her name escapes me who at 25 is a cop, a mother of a 10 year old daughter and lives in a world where vampires and werewolves are commonplace While investigating a crime scene she becomes entangled with a demon who brings her to his world [...]

  2. Re read on 1 17 2015 Still really good I noticed some minor nits, which was to be expected Fast paced, action packed futuristic UF.A great, strong, human heroine compelled to fight for her daughter s life literally in hell I found her absolutely realistic in her description a human woman coming from the slums, pregnant a 15 doing everything to keep her daughter and herself floating Hating vampires who, when rogues, prey on humans like her father, and when normal dominate Crimson City with their [...]

  3. Intriguing take on the paranormal romance genre Loved most of the book but there were a few scenes that didn t sit well Overall, good read

  4. A little disturbing for me.There are some good points in the book, but there are bad points as well.I liked Tiber, however I think we could have used background on him You don t get his whole story, so you don t really understand why he does what he does However, a strong vamp, he does what is necessary for Claudia, Holly and himself What he had to do in a part of this novel was really sad a parent shouldn t have to do what he had to do I really felt for him.As for Claudia, her hatred for vampi [...]

  5. This is book 4 in the multi author series Crimson City This was good but nothing great It kind of annoyed me with the whole I hate everything about you but I m inexplicably attracted to you genre, especially when it comes to human to vampire relationships Read it one too many times But in the overall Crimson City series, you do need to read this because it has crucial plot development and activity If you don t read it you will be a little lost in the next book Since they re all written by differ [...]

  6. I have very mixed feelings about this book On the one hand, I enjoyed the adventure, liked the main character and was particularly happy to see her not turn from tough street cop to whimpering female any time the primary males showed up.I had a serious issue with the writing, though It was inconsistent and confusing to follow at times Sometimes I found I had to re read a few paragraphs, because the continuity didn t seem to pan.Still, even with the issues, a very quick read, making for some ligh [...]

  7. Our heroine is the soul mate of a demon and also apparently a vampire She gets dragged to the demon world where she runs into her destined demon mate He is compelled to mate with her She takes off with the vampire and eventually has sex with him too The demon completes the bond to save her, but she chooses the vampire over him Eventually, she kills the poor bastard rubs bridge of nose First time I ve felt sorry for a demon in a series Not that I necessarily dislike the H or the h, but well Yeah. [...]

  8. I ve read other books by Carolyn Jewel, and I ve been eying these Crimson City books for some time So I was optimistic about this particular novel I have to admit, though, that I just couldn t get into it I didn t really connect with the characters, and my attention didn t want to stay with what I was reading Which is unfortunate because there is some good writing here creative and colorful with a nice edge to it I plan to give this one another go someday and may up my rating For the meantime, t [...]

  9. 3.5 Stars A very good, action filled story once I was able to really get into it Unfortunately, that was not until I was past the 30% mark I found the first part to be a little slow and ponderous After that part passed, the read was great although I much prefer the demons in Jewel s My Immortals seriesLoan from fellow CJ fangirl Mara

  10. This is an action novel with sexual tension everywhere It was an excellent read despite or maybe because of the ever present sexual activities and constant flirting with paranormal creatures I would be very careful when recommending this book.

  11. I realise being part of a series can make some sort of confusion acceptable, but this was beyond that The world s were poorly constructed on the whole and felt like flimsy sets There were creatures and items and technology etc that were never explained yet referenced to with weird terminology It s like details were thrown in solely for the sake of having details, but without adding anything to the novel on the whole and really only confusing me further The characters also felt stereotyped and la [...]

  12. At times the writing was a tad confusing It did not help that the editing was lacking in places some sentences missed words The background of the heroine was interesting, but I was constantly rooting for the wrong romantic interest When you look at the world from the eyes of the heroine, you expect to know which guy she will end up with But I didn t really get why she was attracted to the vampire that much instead of for example her demon mate Pairing her up with a demon would have been a much [...]

  13. If you like paranormal with strong female characters, steamy love scenes, and lots of action, this is a good choice for you.Claudia Donovan comes through as a relatable, single mom and cop who pulled herself up from the lowest parts of Crimson City in the fourth installment of the series She has the uncomfortable experience of falling for Tiber Korza, a powerful, wealthy vampire Claudia doesn t like vampires In fact, Claudia has a lot of wake up calls in this book She faces the toughest challeng [...]

  14. Ok so let me just say that the story line was really good and I loved it However as an adult I understand that I hear or read adult language but, I just want to know why do so many Romance novels have you the F bomb like it is candy I do not find that sexy in the least lil bit Maybe so ladies do but not me That crap does not make me feel femanine or sexy It s like ewwwww really you had no better way to decribe this I mean come on Anywho I did really like the story line I was pretty nice and alto [...]

  15. Crimson City, the former City of Angels, is on the brink of war among humans, vampires, and werewolves, and police officer Claudia Donovan is caught in the middle Things couldn t get much worse, and yet they do Her child is kidnapped, and Claudia discovers another faction threatening to destroy whatever last tie to peace Crimson City has Demons do exist, and they re ready to spill into the city to take control Her only ally is the vampire Tiber Korzha, and he may be the greatest, sweetest danger [...]

  16. Loaned to me by a friend Wait This is 4 I didn t get the sensation of having missed something, but now I m wondering if I should read the others in the series It s a series, but each book by a different author Will have to investigate further.

  17. 3 1 2 stars I really liked the story, although at times it was a little difficult to follow Once it smooths out, it s very interesting.

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