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Crewel Work

[PDF] Unlimited ¸ Crewel Work : by Natalie Alder [PDF] Unlimited ¸ Crewel Work : by Natalie Alder - Crewel Work, Crewel Work This is an alternate cover edition for B B BNLTG A successful race horse farm s trainer is key and William Becker was going to make certain that losing that key neither in the wake of a broken heart

  • Title: Crewel Work
  • Author: Natalie Alder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited ¸ Crewel Work : by Natalie Alder, Crewel Work, Natalie Alder, Crewel Work This is an alternate cover edition for B B BNLTG A successful race horse farm s trainer is key and William Becker was going to make certain that losing that key neither in the wake of a broken heart involving his daughter nor the sinister acts of another employee was not going to happen to his farm his legacy J P Ryan came from little and was left alone in the world atThis is an alte

Crewel Work

[PDF] Unlimited ¸ Crewel Work : by Natalie Alder [PDF] Unlimited ¸ Crewel Work : by Natalie Alder - Crewel Work, Crewel Work This is an alternate cover edition for B B BNLTG A successful race horse farm s trainer is key and William Becker was going to make certain that losing that key neither in the wake of a broken heart Crewel Work

  • [PDF] Unlimited ¸ Crewel Work : by Natalie Alder
    134Natalie Alder
Crewel Work

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  1. I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for a fair review thank you.Crewel Work by Natalie Alder was a really good book with really genuine characters Alder wrote a really sweet story that is just too good to be missed Who can resist the pull of that tender first love for a girl Just beautifully written and so romantic J.P was in love with Audra Audra was the most beautiful young woman he had seen he had practically watch Audra grow up over the last few years Audra was kind, caring and [...]

  2. This story is about young love There are twists and turns along with some drama and scary moments J.P came to work on Audra s fathers ranch as a horse trainer when he was 17 and Audra was 12 Audra is kind, caring and compassionate J.P longed to touch her ,taste her, and run his hands through her hair But he knew Audra was off limits to him and all the farm hands that worked at the ranch because she was the bosses daughter J.P had worked really hard to get where he was and he tried hard to not ri [...]

  3. I really enjoyed this book I was one of those girls that grew up loving horses so the setting on a horse farm drew my attention first Audra is the daughter of a horse farm owner who has a no dating employees policy for his family Audra unfortunately only has eyes for her father s head trainer, JP JP also has feelings for Audra and it is constant struggle to decide whether to follow his heart or give up the career that he has worked so hard to establish The love story is really sweet and I loved [...]

  4. Natalie Alder has written a sweet romance with a lovable cast of characters who expertly portray the importance of family Love and respect for each member is as rooted as tradition in this western novel Audra and J.P s story was tender and sizzling as young love tends to be There are plenty of romantic moments plus steamier details to illustrate their expressions I found it easy to read with enough ground work woven within the story to set up the beginning of a series It was an enjoyable read an [...]

  5. Crewel Work The Tapestry Series Book 1 by Natalie Adler is a great story This is the first book I ve read from this author I definitely will read in the future I really enjoyed this story I loved reading about Audra and J.P loved their connection, the setting I also enjoyed the close family bonds Looking forward to reading what happens next Recommended for all fans of romance.

  6. I loved this amazing book This is a first by Natalie Alder book And a first for her too This is a full story Sometimes you finish a story And wonder about what happens next Not this story It is great The last of this book is a page turner I also love the family And the normal feelings They haveNatalie knuckles I loved this book And highly recommend this book

  7. Loved this book, it s a really easy enjoyable read it follows Audra and JP as they over come her strict fathers over protective rules, will they finally explore their love Sorry no spoilers Great characters, well written, lovely romance, cowboys, horses, intrigue, great family, and love conquering all give this a try

  8. I loved this book I started reading this book and I couldn t put it down I read this book in one day I was just stuck to the story line and how well the book flowed I give this book a 5 star review I am recommending everyone to read this book

  9. Is there anything like your first love Young love that last through time that grows from a crush into friendship with love and respect for each other This story brought back a few fond memories and gave me a few smiles as I took my own walk down memory lane I felt the author gives a great plot with some wonderful characters You first love can be so painful when the odds are stacked against you with a very protective father who really only wants what is best for you.J.P maybe a young man in his e [...]

  10. 3.5 StarsA good amount of time lapse in the story to encompass Audra s coming of age I d have liked a bit less time passage, or at least a time compression of the course of events, in order to get fleshed out character detail, because they were really very engaging characters placed in a setting that was very easy to sink intoThe love story was very sweet, which was in keeping with the whole CoA theme, and I liked that Audra was strong enough to know that what she wanted was worth waiting for I [...]

  11. Massachusetts author, Natalie Alder, must have secret dreams to be the designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox as she absolutely knocks it out of the ballpark with her debut novel Crewel Work in The Tapestry Series Set against the background of the Bridgeton Pass horse farm in Carnegie, South Carolina, Audra Becker and the farm s horse trainer J.P Ryan are drawn to each other in a story of forbidden love Audra is not allowed to date the farm s employees and J.P doesn t want to do anything to je [...]

  12. Book 1 of The Tapestry SeriesCrewel Work is the love story that we all wished for when we were teenagers You know, you meet someone, become infatuated with them and after years of temptation you finally get a kiss A touch A sign.That this man is yours, he was made just for you to love forever That is what this book took me back too That first love you never forget Living on her fathers race horse ranch Audra Becker is twelve when she notices the new hand, J.P Ryan He s gorgeous and he works with [...]

  13. Sweet Love StoryThis is my first book for this author The storyline was good How a true romance could stand the test of time and obstacles set forth by her father J.P Is 5 years older than Audra, who is only 16 J.P Works as the trainer of the race horses at her family s ranch So J.P Has to stay away from Audra but their love never falters Audra s father tries his best to keep them apart and does a good job till she turns 18, but they have to hide their relationship from him though neither is hap [...]

  14. Audra Becker was sixteen and she loved JP Ryan He was her father s horse trainer on their ranch He came to work for her father when he was seventeen He is five years older than Audra There was one rule for employees and that was they were not aloud to date his daughter Of course, when she was younger that wasn t a problem but now as a teenager it was Her father would find her watching JP and he would remind her no dating employees, it could ruin you family name and business This book goes on for [...]

  15. SNS Rating 5.0 Patricia s Review Well this story is about young forbidden love J.P and Audra feel that they have a connection and are forbidden to act on it because of Audra s father who just happens to be J.P s boss Audra s father has told his employees that his daughter is out of reach and he will fire anyone who tries to having anything to do with her When Audra finally become legal age will they give into the feelings they have for one another They are tired of slipping around and afraid of [...]

  16. Crewel Work by Natalie Alder I really enjoyed reading this book It was an easy read didn t have any problems following along with the characters It was well written It was a cute cowboy love story about a teenage girl named Audra and J.P who both have the hots for each other but can t be with each other because her father, William doesn t want her to date any of his employees My favorite part of the story was when it was Audra s birthday, J.P finally kissed her You ll have to find out for yourse [...]

  17. Ms Alder writes a wonderful introduction to her Tapestry Series with this sweet, coming of age love story with a loving and respectful hero who knows what he wants and is willing to wait and do what is best for the woman he loves.Read full review in the 2015 July August issue of InD tale Magazine.

  18. I could relate to Audra and JP I was one of those girls whose dad forbid her to see the love of her life Not the kind of book I normally read, but couldn t put this one down.Natalie Alder really nailed it with this story dealing with young love.

  19. fabulous readLoved the watch this young love blossom through the years It was not only a show of respect and true love it could also be frustrating and maddening at times Loved every moment of it The laughter in the small points was always a page turner Great job.

  20. I really enjoyed this book I enjoyed getting to know the characters and cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

  21. ARC FOR AN HONEST REVIEW This was a great story of young forbidden love J.P And Audra fight their feelings for one another for so long Will they finally give into passion

  22. This is a story about family, relationships, and love all set on a race horse farm Audra is only fifteen when she starts noticing J.P the handsome trainer who works for her dad, William Becker William owns the farm and has rules no dating the help, which makes this a forbidden love story It s than a romance and I think readers will enjoy the Becker Family I look forward to reading about them in the The Tapestry Series

  23. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review I could not get into this book We have a teenager crushing on an older man Someone who works for her family Her father is over protective How cliche For a story, who s cover tries to be sexy, this was just juvenile The conversations didn t feel natural, when there even was conversation There seemed to be too much internal dialogue Every thing that happened was drug out, slow moving and unrealistic It felt forced and faked There s a diffe [...]

  24. Natalie Alder is a new author to me she has written a sweet romantic novel with an edge of super sexiness, she has a great cast of characters who are portray in such a beautiful way I love how the importance of family is everything to them, and how they love and respect each and every member of there family.The story of Audra and J.P s was beautifully tender and sizzling with sparks flying as young and tender love seems to always be There are some beautiful romantic moments intertwined plus some [...]

  25. I love cowboy romance reads, there is something about men that work with their hands and wear tight pants that I just love and I really enjoy Crewel Work The author was able to pull me in and never let me go I was able to connect with the characters and thought the author did an amazing job with descriptions I wish there had been Dialogue between the characters I am the type of reader that could do without all the internal dialogue That didn t make this a bad book.Overall I can t wait to read [...]

  26. Too much detail in love scenes The love making was not as beautiful as I felt it should Too many descriptions cheapen the act, in my opinion One s imagination should provide the very intimate details Sorry, but I won t be reading any of your books, Natalie I did read the entire book, however I enjoyed the storyline

  27. This was an enjoyable read, that I enjoyed throughout its entirty It moved along at a great pace, has characters that you want to see happy and overcome everything that might be in there way This is a awesome story that will keep you entertained from the moment that you pick up this book This has to be on your TBR list, no doubt about it.

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