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The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?

Free Download The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic? - by Kathryn Wesley Free Download The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic? - by Kathryn Wesley - The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?, The Tenth Kingdom Do You Believe in Magic Title Tenth Kingdom Binding Paperback Author Kathryn Wesley Publisher HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS

  • Title: The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?
  • Author: Kathryn Wesley
  • ISBN: 9780007102655
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic? - by Kathryn Wesley, The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?, Kathryn Wesley, The Tenth Kingdom Do You Believe in Magic Title Tenth Kingdom Binding Paperback Author Kathryn Wesley Publisher HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS

The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?

Free Download The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic? - by Kathryn Wesley Free Download The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic? - by Kathryn Wesley - The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?, The Tenth Kingdom Do You Believe in Magic Title Tenth Kingdom Binding Paperback Author Kathryn Wesley Publisher HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?

  • Free Download The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic? - by Kathryn Wesley
    488Kathryn Wesley
The Tenth Kingdom: Do You Believe in Magic?

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  1. This is another book in my series is it a series now of novels I owned as a child that I keep finding at my mothers house I ll start by saying I was obsessed with this to series as a kid I own them still on DVD and they envoke such fond memories I mean, it even has Jimmy Nail making a cameo as a goblin And Wolf was definitely one of my first tv crushes Yes he s obsessive, but the actor does such a good job at making him so vulnerable and above all else, likeable This novel is basically the book [...]

  2. I WANT THE SECOND PART OF THIS STORY DON T MAKE ME GO TROLL ON YOU 3,5 starsIf i could rate the series, accurately Simon Moore s screenplay, i would give it a five star rating This story at the time _ than ten years ago _ rocked my world LOL Up until today, that miniseries is probably my all time favourite fantasy series The contemporary mixed with the fairy tales retellings, was right up my alley The main couple was adorable, especially WOLFe actor really did an amazing job BUt this is a nove [...]

  3. The 10th Kingdom was actually a miniseries first, with this novel adaptation briefly printed as a pack in for the boxed set And while the film version is easily better than the book, that doesn t mean the book is terrible After all, it features a hillarious and lovable cast of characters and an immersing fairy tale plot that will satisfy hard core fantasy fans But the writing in the book is functional than poetic, and when there is a movie version out there, it doesn t make much sense not to ju [...]

  4. I was torn between 4 and 5 stars for this book, but the fact that I am pretty rabid to get my grabby hands on the mini series not to mention make icons pushes me over the edge.Your standard normal girl finds herself thrown into a not so normal world and finds out that she is possibly than the nobody she thought Or something like that The humor really endeared it to me as well A friend Juushika had mentioned this book on her journal, and quoted the same quote I am going to site below It was one [...]

  5. i have all the 3 movies this isn t like any other fairy tale that you hear of it actually has most of them combinedthis has awesome charactersaction adventure that you wont expectmirrors like other storiesa human wolf that acts his part out really well and a lot that you should read for yourselves

  6. I can still remember when i watched this series for the first time It was on VHS, and it was around 11 at the time I actually just brought it again, but this time on dvd It s been ages since i saw it last, but when i did re watch it this time, i realized how much i had missed it and i just fell in love with it over again On tv now, there is Once Upon a Time T10K has been closely linked with OUAT, saying it s the same, but it really isn t You watch once upon a time, and it all fake with the CG I [...]

  7. The 10th Kingdom is the best miniseries EVER No other miniseries compares.Anyway, I saw this book at a used bookstore and I got it Overall, the book is exactly like the miniseries Virgina and Tony get trapped in the 9 Kingdoms and they have to save Prince Wendell while also try and find their way back home Plus, adorable Wolf Virginia romance, yah A lot of the dialogue is word for word What I did find interesting was that the book contained a lot of scenes that were either deleted, extended, alt [...]

  8. Cute Fluffy Silly That s what I thought when I started to read this book I picked it up at the used book sale without knowing anything about it Turns out it s a novelization of a TV miniseries The show came first, and the book after A magic mirror allows people to pass between the fairy tale world and New York City Some trolls, a prince in the shape of a dog, and a humanoid wolf come into New York They take back with them the bumbling super of an apartment building Tony and his waitress daughter [...]

  9. I was looking for something along the line of Princess Bride, and I found this though set in modern day New York It has lots of twists and turns and humor The movie is pretty good, too.

  10. A new spin on old fairy tales It s a solid story filled with adventure, humor, and a touch of tragedy.I enjoyed it, but I thought it dragged a bit in the middle and didn t really add anything that wasn t in the made for tv movie, which I was hoping for.

  11. This book is fantastic Kathryn wesley does an excellent job of transporting you into your favorite fairytale stories with a new spin This book was ahead of it s time.

  12. Einzelner, in sich abgeschlossener Roman Das Zehnte K nigreich basiert auf einer vierteiligen TV Serie, die in den USA sehr erfolgreich war und zu Weihnachten 2001 erstmals im deutschen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt wurde.Inhalt In dieser Geschichte geht es vor allem um eine Reise und die damit einhergehenden Ver nderungen, Erkenntnissen und Abenteuer Virginia, ihr Vater Toni treffen auf den verzauberten Prinzen Wendell Hund und dem Mischling Wolf Von Trollen, J germann und der b sen Stiefmutter verfol [...]

  13. martinabookaholic.wordpressMeine Meinung Ich wei , einige m chten mich jetzt sicher lynchen, weil sie dieses Buch lieben und nicht verstehen, dass es mir leider nicht so ging Zu meiner Verteidigung ich wollte es auch lieben, aber die st ndigen Sichtweisenwechsel haben es mir schwer gemacht eine Verbindung zu den Charakteren aufzubauen oder in die Handlung einzutauchen.Vor allem hat es mich gest rt, dass auch oft aus der Sichtweise des lahmarschigen Vaters oder von den B sen geschildert wurde Dab [...]

  14. I read this, after watching the series on Sky and it is a really good read, A very different take on all the fairy stories, we listened to and read, as children Nothing is as it seems If you like the series, Grimm and Once Upon a Time, then this is the book, you will want to read, A young woman, and father, are transported by accident, while looking for their missing mother, and wife, to a the land of Fairy Tales, the 10th Kingdom While traveling through the Kingdom, they come upon, A Big Bad Wo [...]

  15. I d actually only give it 2.5 stars I absolutely love the mini series, but this just didn t do it justice While it is largely the same, I found many of the small changes unnecessary, and jarring I did not enjoy the writing, and the parts the author came up with on their own i.e the characters inner monologues seemed very one dimensional I did not feel they managed to capture the essence of the characters at all As a huge fan of the 10th Kingdom , it was still an enjoyable read, but there were to [...]

  16. I loved it on TV and I loved it even on paper I really, really love this story We tend to forget that original fairy tales are sometimes cruel and that the ending is not always as happy as can be I love the world that is created here, those Nine Kingdoms are each special in their way I m particularly fond of Snow White and Cinderella and their status of legend for their people As to the different characters, I think I m in love with Wolf and Prince Wendell both Virginia is sometimes a little ir [...]

  17. I really love fairytales, so this book satisfied me completely I had seen the movie on Hallmark and now own it and that is why I purchased the novel The writing isn t prize worthy as with any book based on a movie , but if you love fairytales like me, this will do it for you I will certainly read this again in the future For me it s a feel good book, with wonderful, quirky characters It is a novel with dark and light sides, and a well balanced one at that.

  18. The 10th Kingdom is a contemporary drama, set in a world where fairy tales, folklore, and traditional myths come to life This story follows the fortunes of Virginia, and her father Tony, who unwittingly find themselves in the fantasy world of The Nine Kingdoms, where they must save a prince from the clutches of his evil stepmother, and restore him to the throne.

  19. In the reverse of what is normally true, this is a novelization of the movie The 10th Kingdom rather than being the book the movie was based on Much of the dialogue is word for word, but I think I might have a slight preference for the book because my brain makes Wolf MUCH suave and debonair then the people who made the movie did I lurve Wolf.

  20. This is a novelization, which I usually avoid like the plague, but I adore the miniseries, so I thought I d give it a try As far as novelizations go, it s not bad The writing could use some serious polishing, but it gives some nice insight into the story, and it s a fun read.

  21. This is a book adaptation of a screenplay television mini series of the same name, which came out around the year 2000 as is evidenced by the image on the front of the book, with the Twin Towers prominently front and center I first watched The 10th Kingdom around 2012 or so, and enjoyed it It played with classic fairy tale tropes in a way that was different from what I was used to, and I really enjoyed watching it on screen Having enjoyed the series so, I picked up the book from a read and retur [...]

  22. Ever since I was a child I adored the story of The 10th Kingdom Magic and the real world combined, it plucked up familiar fairy tales and gave them its own unique twist To me growing up this truly felt as though it was a fairy tale written for the twenty first century Though to adulthood I continued to love the series as much as ever, but it was only this year I came to read my family s old dogeared copy of the novelisation and now I m not sure I m able to put into words quite how disappointed I [...]

  23. The 10th Kingdom is book that is tied to a tv movie that aired in the USA in 2000, under the same name It is retelling of some fairy tales and what happens after ever after Probably one of stories that started landslide of retelling of fairy tale movies and books.I had seen the movie that this book is based on I love it I thought the book was going add on to the story or continuation of it It did not, it is basically a rewrite of the movie but done really well Since it has been 17 years Wow sinc [...]

  24. This is a novelization of a miniseries TV show, and from what I can remember of the show, this book of course follows it very well.I had forgotten how creepy Wolf is This is yet another book show where obsession is treated as great romance Sure, he can sometimes be a funny character and he has a few sweet moments, but he s also an extremely problematic character Virginia is very much an object to him the exact type of objectification ranging from sexual object to food source, as he is still a wo [...]

  25. I don t know what to say It s still the 10th Kingdom I watched growing up and the same one I m still madly in love with but at the same time it is not Parts have been changed and not for the better The Sing off at the Little Lamb Village, and Parts were added some were funny and maybe some added flavor but others it just didn t need to be done and I think if you have seen the series first it will disappoint.

  26. Watched the series as kid and was trying to get my hands on a copy of the DVD But I came across the book and was excited to read it 10 times better than I remember the series being Took me a while to get into it, but I really enjoyed the plot, but I wasn t keen on the ending I knew it was going to happen, but too mushy for my liking

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