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The Shiva Option

Ò The Shiva Option ↠ David Weber SteveWhite Ò The Shiva Option ↠ David Weber SteveWhite - The Shiva Option, The Shiva Option In the long awaited sequel to In Death Ground the Grand Alliance of Humans Orions Ophiuchi and Gorm continue their galactic battle against the Arachnids a carnivorous legion of insects that regard

  • Title: The Shiva Option
  • Author: David Weber SteveWhite
  • ISBN: 9780743471442
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback

Ò The Shiva Option ↠ David Weber SteveWhite, The Shiva Option, David Weber SteveWhite, The Shiva Option In the long awaited sequel to In Death Ground the Grand Alliance of Humans Orions Ophiuchi and Gorm continue their galactic battle against the Arachnids a carnivorous legion of insects that regard any competing sentient species as a food source With billions of civilians already slaughtered and their armed forces ravaged beyond repair the Grand Alliance may be forceIn the lon

The Shiva Option

Ò The Shiva Option ↠ David Weber SteveWhite Ò The Shiva Option ↠ David Weber SteveWhite - The Shiva Option, The Shiva Option In the long awaited sequel to In Death Ground the Grand Alliance of Humans Orions Ophiuchi and Gorm continue their galactic battle against the Arachnids a carnivorous legion of insects that regard The Shiva Option

  • Ò The Shiva Option ↠ David Weber SteveWhite
    226David Weber SteveWhite
The Shiva Option

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  1. The Shiva Option is the sequel to In Death Ground It s a bit of a long slog, considering that you really have to read the two novels together to get a cohesive picture of the Bug war, but it s a good one First of all, in The Shiva Option the Grand Alliance isn t as impotent against the Bugs as they were in much of In Death Ground As such, The Shiva Option is perhaps not as tense as its predecessor But, the action has certainly been upped as far as fleet sizes are concerned, with literally thousa [...]

  2. The Shiva OptionAuthor David Weber and Steve WhitePublisher BaenPublished In Riverdale, NY Date 2002Pgs 753REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary The Bugs were eating their way through the other sentient species of local space Implacable, unstoppable, they swamed out of warp points and crushed resistance and finding inhabited planets set about devouring the intelligent species on those worlds They find sentients delicious Human children are just the right size for A Grand Alliance between Human, Ori [...]

  3. This is another great book in the StarFire series I m really happy that I started, or rather continued, to read this series despite the fact that the first book vas only okay and has very little to do with the rest of the series.This book continues the Alliance s battle against the alien invaders who got a taste for human flesh and an utter disrespect for individual live, theirs or their enemies In this book the Alliance have recovered from the initial onslaught and are starting to get the upper [...]

  4. This is my favorite series of sci fi novels The world building is excellent, though the books take place almost completely in space The rules of the universe are realistic and consistant This book had many challenges being the sequal to In Death Ground, which is arguably the strongest novel of the series The main challenge is that the war that those two books chronicle has reached a tipping point such that it feels like we are mainly in mopup mode The Bugs have very limited ability to strike bac [...]

  5. As I was reading this I thought it was a lot like what my father called training films You know, those John Wayne movies and others that were made during and about WWII The book isn t actually ultra patriotic like those movies, but it does focus almost exclusively on the space battles between the Alliance and the Bugs Before and after we get a list of the numbers and types of ships that are going into battle or that were lost in the battle Pulling random numbers from a hat for these lists would [...]

  6. The continuation of In Death Ground This is a lot upbeat than the previous book, although it s also not quite as good Without the harsh and brutal events of In Death Ground , this book would lose a star, just because everything seems too easy Ironically, if I hadn t known that The Shiva Option was upbeat, I would have subtracted a star from IDG for being too much of a downer.I did have some problems with this book, but they were pretty minor and they never really bothered me I ll list them any [...]

  7. From Publishers Weekly Fans of space opera who have been eagerly awaiting this sequel to Weber and White s In Death Ground 1997 won t be disappointed, to put it mildly Humanity and its various allies find themselves under attack by an enemy with whom no communication, let alone coexistence, is possible, since their foes lack individual sentience and are driven by a Darwinian imperative to regard all other life forms as food sources Countered against this nightmare are an assortment of diverse sp [...]

  8. This this is how you write Military Sci fi David Weber knows what the reader is looking for when they come to this sub genre of Space Opera lots of action, millions of starships, the deepness of space, the inter planetary battles, the alliances between alien races It s all here Look no further Hey You Yeah, I m talking to you the person holding that David Drake novel Put it down slowly walk away from it right now You need to walk over to the W s pick up the book that comes before THE SHIVA OPTIO [...]

  9. I enjoy pretty much any of Weber s books, and loved IDG My complaints about TSO were the huge Deus ex Machina that turns what should have been a loss or at the very best a stalemate into a relatively easy win e.g the phenomenon where any Bugs in a system become virtually paralyzed and easy to kill if you can kill a planet s worth with a fighter missile strike There were at least two Home Hives with 4 5 planets where the Alliance only had to fight hard to kill one planet, at which point the other [...]

  10. About half way into this book at this moment To break it down The action is good David Weber style action, grand space battles, a few twists, a few new techs Interesting and entertaining enough.The plot The bugs are inhuman attackers who must be killed The humans and their allies are trying to defeat them by moving ships around and attacking There really isn t much to it so far The bugs, not much to say about them, they might as well be robots Their only concern is to try to exterminate all oth [...]

  11. REVIEW Starfire Series by David Weber Steve White Another SF series that I picked up on a recommendation Or perhaps not a recommendation, of a wondering on that person s description of the books, which I will paraphrase A small space battle, followed by a bigger space battle, followed by an even bigger space battle, followed by a desperate space battle, followed by an even massive and desperate space battle, followed by As you might guess, these books are about space battles This summary, by t [...]

  12. The Shiva Option by David WeberThis is book number four in the Starfire series and may be the conclusion The Shiva Option saves countless lives but is honor besmirched or are ethics compromised The inhumane bugs are finally exterminated by the alliance of dissimilar beings or are they A smidgen of doubt provides the opening for a 5th book This book could be read as a standalone but it wouldn t be as nearly enjoyable Reoccurring characters provide the bulk of the heroics Weber writes extraordinar [...]

  13. So I enjoy Space Opera I enjoy grand fleets clashing in the inky night of space I enjoy books by David Weber.I don t enjoy this Oh sure, it has all the tactics and battle actions and Humanity and its Allies fighting off the threat of the bugs, but what hasn t it got Well story, really.It contains huge clashes of fleets and their buildup but it really doesn t contain people They are there, of course, but they really don t feel that they matter much to me Unlike the previous books I just don t car [...]

  14. Old fashioned Space Opera, intelligently written, told on a galactic scale Enjoying it so far.Upon completion Good on the science, mezzo mezzo on the fiction One thing I enjoyed was that the starting point for this series, the old STARFIRE game from Amarillo Games, hardly seems noticeable at all Game fiction tends to be overwhelmed by the game setting these days try reading a Warhammer novel sometime, and you might see what I mean One doesn t get that with the Starfire series it is a workmanlike [...]

  15. The final triumph over the Bugs whom the Terrans and their allies first encountered in the novel In Death Ground Not only do the TFN, the Orions, and their allies learn how to exploit the Arachnid s fatal weakness but they learn the fate of Survey Flotilla 19, which had been given up for lost even before the end of In Death Ground.Not only did SF19 survive its desperate flight from the bugs forces, but they encountered a new coalition of aliens who were also at war with the Demons the term the C [...]

  16. Tercera parte de la serie de Starfire las tres primeras partes son la 2, 3 y 4 La acci n que transcurre en la 1 es posterior a estas 3 aunque se public primero y por eso es la 1 Viendo adem s las opiniones de los siguientes n meros de la saga, me planto aqu A partir del 5 Weber dej de escribir y la calidad baja, seg n el consenso Han sido tres libros de mucha batalla espacial con muy poco desarrollo de personajes todos los almirantes act an igual cuando toman el mando, si quitaran los nombres se [...]

  17. This was a very good book I especially enjoyed the moral dilemma raised by the plot is there ever an occasion when genocide is acceptable In all situations that I can think of in Real Life, the answer is a resounding NO But add in other non Terran species, One of which we can t communicate with, who consider us nothing than food, and who simply won t stop no matter what, and that answer may change Although I greatly enjoyed this book, I found many of the passages that dealt with the inner worki [...]

  18. Great conclusion to this military sci fi series Liked the new races that were introduced As usual the new technology that is developed during the story fits well with that already in use, there is nice development of the cultures of the various alien races.Also liked the descriptions of the strategies employed by the grand alliance As usual left wing politicians are portrayed as incompetent self righteous hacks seeking to run down the noble military as are the press All in all a really good book [...]

  19. A satisfactory conclusion to the story started in In Death Ground The Shiva Option might be worth another star but, despite the noticeable increase toward a usual balance of background information, the battles seem to have become pretty redundant after the relentlessness of the previous book Good military sci fi.

  20. Once I had finished reading In Death Ground, I had no choice but to finish the series This book is for those military science fiction aficionados who like incredibly detailed accounts of futuristic military tactics and technology, and who like their wars free from moral ambiguity For those few of us, this book is a delight indeed

  21. This novel is total escapism Put your disbelief in a box and lock it down Open the covers and enjoy the adventure story of completely unimaginable usages of people, materials, and technology It s a space opera.

  22. OK, This is my junk scifi nerd war read Women have romance novels, I have have scifi Its based on an old game StarFire that Steve White created in the 80s Of the series, Shiva is my favorite I can t count how many times I ve picked this book up.

  23. I enjoyed this book as the finale to the books leading up to it, but I did find it tended to drag in places and honestly was significantly longer then it needed to be in many parts Still recommend it though to people who are interested in an epic military SF series

  24. More Arachnid stopping action as the boys and girls from the TFN with their allies are wiping out their home systems one by one, but do the Bugs have tricks up their sleeves

  25. I m not sure that I agree with Weber s depiction of his character s reluctance and horror when it comes to genocide Humans are all about genocide He does a good job of justification, however.

  26. 2.5 Stars It would have been great if it wasn t so one sided The author was clearly biased toward one side and it became even ridiculous towards the end.

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