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Free Download Cookie - by Jacqueline Wilson Free Download Cookie - by Jacqueline Wilson - Cookie, Cookie Frequently berated for breaking his hyper fussy house rules as well as for her lack of looks confidence and friends Beauty lives in uneasy fear whenever Dad s home Her pretty sweet mum is equally

  • Title: Cookie
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780385613972
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Cookie - by Jacqueline Wilson, Cookie, Jacqueline Wilson, Cookie Frequently berated for breaking his hyper fussy house rules as well as for her lack of looks confidence and friends Beauty lives in uneasy fear whenever Dad s home Her pretty sweet mum is equally afraid of him Eventually after an unbearable birthday party amidst fears that Dad s temper is out of control Mum and Beauty run away They find themselves in an idyllic seFrequently berated f


Free Download Cookie - by Jacqueline Wilson Free Download Cookie - by Jacqueline Wilson - Cookie, Cookie Frequently berated for breaking his hyper fussy house rules as well as for her lack of looks confidence and friends Beauty lives in uneasy fear whenever Dad s home Her pretty sweet mum is equally Cookie

  • Free Download Cookie - by Jacqueline Wilson
    305Jacqueline Wilson

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  1. This has to be my favourite JW of all time It s so utterly tragic in the beginning, but Beauty s story still managed to be relatable because everyone s felt belittled even if it s just to a small degree Of course, Dilly is my favourite mum character too I feel like so often in JW the mum is the problem parents so to see a mother so dedicated to her daughter s happiness made me tear up so many times I might just have to re read this annually.

  2. One of the most tragic and touching of JW s books, I had so many emotions while reading this Usually, I don t think mothers are portrayed very sympathetically in her books They re always the ones to nag and ruin the fun Dilly is the kindest mum on the planet, and how much she cares for Beauty gets me every time Domestic abuse is hard to read about, but it s so worth it by the end and it s definitely one of the happiest ever afters JW s written

  3. This is a fantastic book It is Dame Jacqueline Wilson s new book Jacqie has been made a dame She totally deserves it.Anyway this is about a girl called Beauty who s bullied at school for the way she looks, her personality and the way she dresses The main bully is Skie Luckily Skie s best friend Rhona loves Beauty and wants to be her BFF.At home Beauty s life is as far from normal Her mum loves her to bits and has never got cross with her but with her dad it s another story Beauty and her mum liv [...]

  4. This is the third Jacqueline Wilson book I ve read aloud to my daughter Though I enjoyed the other two The Butterfly Club and Little Stars , this one had the same superb writing Something about Wilson s style makes reading aloud her prose very easy I guess it s voice Her smooth sentences create clear images that convey simply her characters view Those views are often poignant and fun Cookie s real name is Beauty Her Dad is successful, but he s quite a jerk It is painful to witness, but not dark [...]

  5. I have never read any Jacqueline Wilson books before, I knew I thought I knew what kind of books she writes, you know, Tracy Beaker is on all the time on CBBC etc I didn t think badly of her books, but I wasn t really interested in them, I thought I d read it all before.When I noticed this book in the library, it was the title that caught me Cookie I love to eat sweet things And when I read the description, well, it kind of resonated with me, my mother was a total control freak, and Beauty felt [...]

  6. Beauty is a smart young girl who is not beautiful She is very self conscience about her looks and is teased at school for her name and has several nicknames, but the most cruel one is Ugly At school she must deal with these bullies, and a girl who wants to be her BFF but is afraid to At home Beauty has additional problems Her mother is gorgeous and supportive of Beauty but the father is extremely verbally abusive, and often physically abusive as well The book talks about Beauty s ways of coping [...]

  7. nunggu kiriman hadiah kuis di vhr radio joget2 tadinya ga mo dibaca dulu, tapi pas buka plastiknya baca dikit eh keterusan pmenyedihkan adalah ketika seorang ayah menganggap putrinya sendiri buruk rupa.nyedihkan adalah ketika kau merasa pendapat ayahmu adalah benar.nyedihkan adalah ketika kelebihanmu tidak dianggap sedikitpun oleh ayahmu sendiri.nyedihkan adalah ketika apapun perbuatan ibumu tidak ada artinya dimata ayahmunyedihkan adalah ketika kehadiran seorang ayah membuatmu ketakutan alih2 r [...]

  8. Beauty Cookson is a smart young girl who is bullied, both at home and at school Her peers nickname her Ugly, and her father berates her about her lack of looks, confidence and friends He does not treat her mother that much better After a particularly disasterous birthday, Beauty and her mother escape to the seaside to start a new life.Considering the last book I read by Jacqueline Wilson Lily Alone was merely lukewarm, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this particular offering Des [...]

  9. This is an excellent book I was so upset about the way Beauty s dad talks to her mum no respect Also that they can t even enjoy living in a beautiful house because of Beauty s dads stupid house rules I was shocked that he slapped her I was really sorry for Beauty, and the way she had to lie about what was actually going on in her house There were some fun and exciting parts in the story when, Dad is went away and they spend their time watching Rabbit Hutch and eating sticky pink iced buns I love [...]

  10. Sepertinya sudah lama sejak terakhir membaca karya Tante Jacqueline Kangen juga dengan buku bukunya yang banyak mengangkat anak broken home, perceraian, atau bahkan kekerasan dalam rumah tangga, meski kadang secara pribadi agak jengah gitu karena kebanyakan pembacanya kan anak anak bukan saya maksudnyahh D.Cookie bertutur tentang Beauty Cookson, gadis cilik yang merasa rendah diri dan tak menjadi dirinya sendiri, karena sang ayah yang abusive, temperamental, dan terlalu membentuk Beauty dan ibun [...]

  11. Jacqueline Wilson was my favourite childhood author and this hasn t changed re reading her books still fills me with that comfort and warmth and well laughs that only she can provide This story is about a young girl named Beauty who was absolutely in love and obsessed by rabbits but due to living with her dad, who majorly disapproves of any kind of animal Cookie s dad is a nasty man who spends most of his time telling cookie how ugly she is how much of a dissapointment she is He also spent a lot [...]

  12. Beauty Cooksen seems to have a lot to make her happy a pricey private school, a large house, beautiful toys, and expensive clothes Instead she hates her school, she can t have a pet inside her home, she can t play with her toys, and she doesn t fit into her clothes Her classmates call her Ugly because they feel she doesn t live up to her name Her mother, Dilys, wants to persuade her classmates to call her Cookie by learning to bake different cookies Her father, Gerry, isn t happy that his wife i [...]

  13. Beauty harus menanggung ejekan dari teman teman nya disekolah karena mereka memanggilnya Ugly yang menurut mereka lebih pantas untuknya Dengan pipi gembil, rambut lurus dan sikap tidak percaya diri, makin menambah penderitaan Beauty.Tapi tidak semua temannya bersikap jahat padanya, salah seorang teman tampaknya cukup tulus untuk menerima Beauty sebagai teman Beauty gadis cilik dengan ibu penyayang namun tak berdaya bersama sama harus menghadapi seorang ayah yang otoriter, moody dan su [...]

  14. Beauty Cookson is no beauty She s a plain, timid girl surrounded by super confident, snooty girls at school Worse than the teasing in the playground, though, is the unpredictable criticism from her father Frequently berated for breaking any of Dad s hyper fussy house rules, as well as for her lack of looks, confidence and friends, Beauty lives in uneasy fear whenever Dad s at home Her pretty, sweet mum is equally subject to Dad s tirades Eventually, after an unbearable birthday party and a very [...]

  15. Beauty Cookson is plain and timid, and all the super confident and snooty girlz at school think her name is rediculous and tease her horribly.Worse than the taunting in the playground,though,is her father s constant, hurtful critisism.Beauty and her mum live in fear of Dad s fierce rages sparked off when they break one of his fussy house rules or suggest something silly like getting a pet.But Beauty s mum adores her,and does her best to keep Beauty happy despite all the tension and shouting.Afte [...]

  16. I decided to read this book as it has been on my shelf for a long time I don t really know what to make of it it was okay the story starts with beauty Watching Sam and Lily a TV show seeing as a baby show Beauty loves rabbits a friend of hers got her a rabbit for her birthday who didn t like pets in the house or pets at all for that matter so he leaves the cage openon purpose to get rid of the rabbit they find the rabbit die so blue is mum decides enough is enough and they leave him and go to th [...]

  17. I remembered reading this book for one whole day I was hooked, only stopping to eat for breakfast and lunch Beauty is an ironic name for the protagonist, who is often called ugly and other names I loathe her father a lot I think he should be proud that his daughter is smart and kind than be a disrespectful daughter He should be proud of his daughter for the person she is I am angry at the way he treated his wife too He thinks she s an ornament You can show her off if you like and drop it if you [...]

  18. Begitu saya disodorin buku ini oleh Momo, saya langsung nyeletuk wah, warnanya aki banget DCeritanya tentang gadis kecil bernama Beauty yang minderan Bukan karena bentuk fisiknya yang dianggap tak sedap dipandang mata, tapi lebih karena sikap sang ayah yang disadari atau tidak telah melakukan tindakan yang di mata saya termasuk sebagai verbal abuse Dikasih sang editor Makasi ya peluk peluk

  19. Menyenangkan mendapati Beauty telah menemukan dunia yg begitu mencintainya senang melihat Beauty akhirnya bertemu dengan Sam dan Lily.tapi akan sangat menyenangkan bila tahu apakah Dilly kembali bersama Gerry di Happy homes atau bersama Mike di Lily Cottage Dan apakah mereka akan tetap di Rabbit Cove dan terus menjual Bunny Cookies yang enak, renyah, menenangkan dan menyenangkan Ku Harap begitu

  20. I always love Jacqueline Wilson s books Her characters are so real I really felt for Beauty and I loved the humanity and warmth of her relationship with her mother and I really cheered when they left her father I only wanted to know if he ever knew his daughter was on TV and absolutely beautiful.

  21. I don t really admire Jaquline Wilson s books She always writes about girls and even though I am a girl her books aren t very attracting or hooking But this was the best book I ve read by her I can imagine this in reality.

  22. Udah lama nggak baca karyanya tante JW Lumayan oke Tapi kayaknya saya lebih suka Vicky Angel Eh, bener itu nggak ya judulnya hahahaUps, ternyata salah kan Males ngecek sih Yg bener Lola Rose , yg temanya mirip mirip pake KDRT juga Hahahaa X

  23. I don t remember much about this book apart from the fact that I thought it was really boringwhy cant any book character be okay with the way they look that is one thing that really annoys me about some books

  24. The book was very boring and whiny, not to downplay this character s problems or anything I just couldn t enjoy the book I didn t like it It was so depressing, and not even in the good, soppy, heart wrenching sort of sad, either More like the please stop before i punch ur face type of sad.

  25. This book was awesome I love Jackie and this is definitly one of my favourite books of hers that I have ever read I love the way Beauty and her mum find happiness in their cookies

  26. Dad is a bad man because a he gets so crossb he orders us aroundc he s a great big bully Finishing this book feels like a huge accomplishment because of how long I ve been wanting to read it It was embarrassingly good, and funny and had a really strong message I honestly became so attached to Dilly s achievements and breaking away from her abusive husband, protecting not only Beauty, but herself I was so proud, and happy The ending is a little cheesy, and makes me scrunch my toes up with embarra [...]

  27. Although I m considered too old for Jacqueline Wilson stories now as I m a teenager, Cookie was an absolute page turner for me I just didn t want to put it down When I wasn t reading it, I thought about reading it I finished the book just over 24 hours after I started it It may not be my favourite Jacqueline Wilson story but I truly loved it Jacqueline is brilliant how she can create such empathy for Beauty, I really felt for her and I just had to see how her life turned out If you haven t read [...]

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