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Keeping Lily

✓ Keeping Lily Æ Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty ✓ Keeping Lily Æ Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty - Keeping Lily, Keeping Lily My husband traded me away to save his own life And now I belong to the devil One night and everything in my life changed Two words and my world turned dark Take her Owing the most ruthless crime lord

  • Title: Keeping Lily
  • Author: Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Keeping Lily Æ Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty, Keeping Lily, Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty, Keeping Lily My husband traded me away to save his own life And now I belong to the devil One night and everything in my life changed Two words and my world turned dark Take her Owing the most ruthless crime lord in Garden City five million dollars my husband chose to trade me and my children away to save himself I was on the cusp of freedom so close to divorcing that scumbagMy husband traded me

Keeping Lily

✓ Keeping Lily Æ Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty ✓ Keeping Lily Æ Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty - Keeping Lily, Keeping Lily My husband traded me away to save his own life And now I belong to the devil One night and everything in my life changed Two words and my world turned dark Take her Owing the most ruthless crime lord Keeping Lily

  • ✓ Keeping Lily Æ Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty
    483Izzy Sweet Sean Moriarty
Keeping Lily

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  1. My own gaze drifts down and I watch as his red, glistening cock disappears inside me.what the fuckis a red dick

  2. OMG.That sums up my feelings about this book It s crazy, far fetched with some difficult scenes one in particular I struggled with but about that later despite there being a lot I didn t like this book held me completely from the first page to the last.Lily is beautiful yet she s married to a pig of a man who lives the life of a single man despite the fact that they have two children together Not only does her husband Marshall disappear for huge periods of time but when he s back he doesn t tou [...]

  3. I have no idea why I have read this book or why I even started to read it, or why on earth I didn t drop it Hell if I know Curiosity killed the cat In this case, I wasn t killed, though It only damaged my brain cells I once read a classic book about a man selling his wife, The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy It was an epic read Maybe, the idea of a man selling his wife sounded interesting again and that is why I started this book but I think it couldn t have been wrong for me I am the wro [...]

  4. So I ve had this on my tbr list for a while and finally today, I decided to give it a go I don t even know how to rate this book It definitely ensnared me I couldn t put it down But I have to say, this is one fucked up relationship Lucifer Matthew is one bad dude He is seriously one messed up mofo He kills people He beats people He kills people s family membershe erases their bloodline from this earth I like an antihero as good as the next person but even I was kind of cringing I love how he was [...]

  5. 4 Stars Okay, I was loving this book in the beginning It has an uber alpha male who is extremely possessive and obsessive of the h He goes through questionable lengths to make her his Lucifer is extremely dominant, and violent towards his enemy s, as the king of the corrupt underworld he has to be ruthless But towards Lily he turns the violence within into a deep protectiveness towards her and her children Here s a little taste of Lucifer If anyone or anything were to try to come between me and [...]

  6. Absolutely adored this Lily is trapped in a bad marriage with a cheating husband As she s about to end it, her pig of a husband Marshall sells her and her kids to Lucifer, the mafia in exchange for his debt.I expected this to be dark and gloomy but the book was amazing Though Lily remained married to Marshall in first half of the book, she d been celibate for a long time and Lucifer falls for her hard and fast.He gets pretty obsessed with her to the point he adopts the kids, has super hot no glo [...]

  7. I was recommended this book by a friend and initially reading the blurb I thought oh hell, I m not sure, but my friend knows my love of true love realistic romances so I gave it a go because I trust her OH MY GOD I FLOVED IT 5 truly isn t enough I love love love love LOVED it Lucifer falls in love with Lily just seeing her photo He knows she has kids and he instantly loves them too Now that might sound a bit huh, but he EARNS their love and PROVES himself to all three and lily doesn t just give [...]

  8. Lucifer, aka Matthew, is some kind of mob boss, though it s never really explained who he s affiliated with We know he has power though, and it s enough to form alliances or to start wars I got the impression he s mostly a big time loan shark, and Lily s husband made a mistake when he borrowed five million dollars from him There s some serious insta obsession going on From a picture alone, Lucifer decides he not only wants Lily for his wife, but he also wants her two children a ready made family [...]

  9. Really Ok that was justk, I have nothing nice to say , but how the heck did this book get so many good reviews I must have read a different book Woman are good for sex that is it They just need to go shopping and if they get mouthy or non compliant just f ck them and it will get them right back in line.Pathetic view of women I am just disgusted

  10. I love dark reads and this wasn t a dark read Not even dark romance I have a love hate relationship with Mr Lucifer Obsessive and protective of Lily Children But come on, as the reader, I m to believe just overnight, one look at a picture, going to collect a debt, make an offer, this bad ass ruthless man, just turned softie Ridiculous Then to come off so dominate one minute, then within seconds all vanilla talk WTF No, damn it, you stay being dominant NOT vanilla I Can t And don t get me started [...]

  11. Despite the hero s extremely dark behavior in meting out swift revenge for wrongs done to him, I fell in love with Lucifer His ruthlessness, his power, his reasoning, his confidence, his possessiveness, his devotion were all simply beguiling to me It s a shockingly harsh book, but I loved Lucifer s relentless determination to care for Lilith and her children He gave her absolutely no choice in the matter and eventually wore her down to his way of thinking I liked how he claimed her immediately a [...]

  12. This was a crazy rough and wild ride I mean Matthew Lucifer was clinically nuts but it works If you don t like lots of murder and torture against your enemies, this book is not for you If you love when someone finally gives a horrible villain what they deserve, then you re going to love this book This was a hot little read.

  13. 3 5It was an ok read.Thought H was a little mean to hToo chummy with the strippersAnd not enough talking between the two character A lot of head talking but not much interaction between the two beside sex I felt no love connection between them H was obsessed with her, but only seem like for sex, and h spent most of the book hating herself for likening the sex Yea not enough love

  14. Not impressedHow are there so many 5 stars The love between these two was forced, he didn t feel at all human nor like he really cared about her Why let some slutty woman rub up on you in front of the woman you love then dismiss her feelings completely I m just all around disappointed wish I never spent my money on this book.

  15. 4 LUCIFER THE DEVIL STARS Man oh man, I LOVED this book to the banter, the jokes, the steamy scenes, the violence bloodshed to the big gentle giant playing tea party with 4 year old child This book has it all and I gave it 4 stars for keeping it really light yet silently disturbed with the mafia thing going on Here s my casting for the oh, so beautiful so strong so sexy, Lucifer MatthewHe s so beautiful it hurts to look upon him The kind of beauty that s so strong, so deeply felt, it s like expe [...]

  16. I give Keeping Lily a solid 3.We meet Lily right about thetime we find out that her husbandMarshall is indebted to Matthew Lucifer for 5 million dollars.Marshall can t pay up hebegs Lucifer to take Lily, and their2 children for payment Lucifer takes to Lily immediately,and let me say this book definitelyhas its hot sex moments We realize Lucifer is Mafia, and we get to see inside his world.I think for me what this book neededwas character development and relationship development between Lucifer [...]

  17. Great story Lily finds herself in the worst possible position Or is it the best possible position Lots of drama, violence, angst, and intrigue Everything a mafia story should be 4.5 stars

  18. First time read from author Izzy sweet The writing was a bit bumpy for me but the story itself made up for it The hero Lucifer was really possessive and obsessed with the heroine Lily This was basically a Heroine and her children yes 2 of them gets kidnapped stolen by a mob boss from her husband was going to get divorced anyway he was cheating on her because the husband owes a huge amount of money to mob boss When Lucifer sees her he is captivated by her and the caveman kicks in I am not going t [...]

  19. 2 Where s the Darkness Stars Loveless marriage between cute and sexy Lily and older, chubbier, gross Marshall.Debt of 5 million owed to the horrible bad boy Lucifer.If your nickname is LuciferYOU BETTER BE A BADASS Lucifer is nott even close to a badass soend of story for me.

  20. DNF 40% I didn t like the writing and even though I can easily accept nonsense in my books the beginning of this one ruined the rest for me I don t like Lilith at all.

  21. I really liked this story At first I didn t think I would but I was pleasantly surprised Now mind you, this is a very illogical relationship and you need to suspend disbelief and put your brain in your back pocket Lily is trapped in a loveless marriage with a cheating husband named Marshall The night before she plans to leave the bastard their home is invaded by the mobster he owes money to, Lucifer Marshal and Lily had been married for at least 8 years but she d been celibate for a long time be [...]

  22. Just what I needed A tough alpha, badass hero Some blood and gore And smoking hot sex The male narrator was like liquid sex in my ears and I couldn t get enough of his voice Swapped between reading and listening and it was brilliant

  23. I liked that the H was so possessive and obsessive of the h However, there were things he did to his enemies that were too disturbing Even the h was concerned about the H s brutality which made me think there might be a sequel I didn t like that the h s ex was such a typical bad father and husband I wish authors would make their side characters especially villains complex.

  24. 4 starsIt was a good story really kept me on my toes I was not able to put it down Ugh Lily s ex husband i really wanted to punch him I completely loved Lucifer and how he fell in love with Lily and the children Good read

  25. I liked this book the only thing that bothered me was there wasn t any real get to know each other before they were intimate but other than that he was a good alpha male and took care of the ones he loved.

  26. Keeping Lily delivered some great romance moments but at times I did struggle with some of the connection between Lucifer and Lily as it felt really rushed but the sex scenes were enjoyable Lily has a strong need to feel protected based on her background story so you can overlook her rapid need for Luifer and his magic touch but other times not so much.Lily s children are an interesting side story and Lucifer s interaction with them did soften my perception of him and it made me forgive him for [...]

  27. This was a dark and twisted romantic mob mafia story which read like a true rollercoaster ride This Disciples series is going to be an exciting one based on Keeping Lily no doubt Alpha hero, Matthew aka Lucifer and the Boss does acquisition of sorts and is owed back 5 million dollars from low down Marshall who haphazardly traded his wife, Lilith Lily and their children, Adam and Evie like nothing for his debt Now that s weird In reading this worthy page turner, Lily was planning to divorce Marsh [...]

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