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A Poison Dark and Drowning

A Poison Dark and Drowning Best Read || [Jessica Cluess] A Poison Dark and Drowning Best Read || [Jessica Cluess] - A Poison Dark and Drowning, A Poison Dark and Drowning The magicians want her to lead The sorcerers want her to lie The demons want her blood Henrietta wants to save the one she loves But will his dark magic be her undoing Henrietta doesn t need a prophec

  • Title: A Poison Dark and Drowning
  • Author: Jessica Cluess
  • ISBN: 9780553535945
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover

A Poison Dark and Drowning Best Read || [Jessica Cluess], A Poison Dark and Drowning, Jessica Cluess, A Poison Dark and Drowning The magicians want her to lead The sorcerers want her to lie The demons want her blood Henrietta wants to save the one she loves But will his dark magic be her undoing Henrietta doesn t need a prophecy to know that she s in danger She came to London to be named the chosen one the first female sorcerer in centuries the one who would defeat the bloodthirsty Ancients The

A Poison Dark and Drowning

A Poison Dark and Drowning Best Read || [Jessica Cluess] A Poison Dark and Drowning Best Read || [Jessica Cluess] - A Poison Dark and Drowning, A Poison Dark and Drowning The magicians want her to lead The sorcerers want her to lie The demons want her blood Henrietta wants to save the one she loves But will his dark magic be her undoing Henrietta doesn t need a prophec A Poison Dark and Drowning

  • A Poison Dark and Drowning Best Read || [Jessica Cluess]
    194Jessica Cluess
A Poison Dark and Drowning

644 Comment A Poison Dark and Drowning

  1. Henrietta is too fickle over too many pickles I m not a fan of love squares, I can barely tolerate a love triangle But, I love this world I love the descriptions of the beasts that Cluess describes as well as her writing The sorcery and the magic Give me Now, back to Henrietta She got on my nerves a lot Mainly because she claims to love Rook, but he was in the background again, which was fine But as soon as Magnus or Blackwood are in the room, it s like he s all forgotten Plus her lying I can t [...]

  2. This book WIPED ME TF OUT Think the movie sequel rule of BIGGER BADDER AWESOMER BLOODIER CRYINGER I need to formulate an actual review in my brain but it s mushy and I m like I guess This one made me love Henrietta but not necessarily anyone else stares directly into the souls of all men in this book

  3. Devastatingly magical and monstrously romantic I can t decide if this book stole my heart or ripped it out of my chest I loved it If you read the first book definitely pick up this sequel And if you haven t read the first book, you really should.

  4. People do what they think is right, but that does not make it good Bloody, magical, monstrous, romantic and utterly heartbreaking This book takes everything we loved from the first book and elevates it All the stakes are raised, relationships are tested, secrets revealed, And, we are forever reminded that the demons of our pasts never truly stay buried The book was well paced and beautifully written, pushing the borders of right and wrong, with almost all sides coming out looking pretty gray How [...]

  5. This had some pretty unexpected twists and turns I cannot wait for books in the series to find out what happens with Henrietta I thoroughly enjoyed this installment I forgot what my rating was for the first installment think four stars but this one was a bit better but that could be because we know most of the characters already Overall, an intriguing fantasy that answers some questions from book one but also leaves to be answered for the next book

  6. Loved Just as atmospheric as the first and I finally got the Blackwood scenes I was hoping for Can t wait for the next P

  7. Thank you, Penguin Random House, for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.People do what they think is right, but that does not make it good.I can t believe that it took me almost three months to finish this book I did not have high expectations because I gave the first book 3 stars Still, I couldn t help but be disappointed bya lot of things I ll try not to be too salty, but just know that this book wash.A Poison Dark and Drowning resumes the story of Henrietta Howel, [...]

  8. Omg I didn t think that this series could get better but Jessica has outdone herself She upped the magic, romance, and secrets and oh my gosh there s some big reveals in this book And now I m really dying to read book 3

  9. Okay, I will admit that I was a little nervous to start this book I was nervous because I had a lot of feelings from the last book, mainly regarding Blackwood, and I was not sure how it was going to play out in this book However, as soon as I started this book, I knew this was going to be a good one The author did a great job at keeping my attention throughout the entire book I thought the plot was really addictive and interesting I couldn t stop reading it There were some predictable storylines [...]

  10. I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful signed ARC of this masterpiece Thank you, Jessica Cluess, for sending me a copy of this book My opinions are entirely my own I looooooooved A Shadow Bright and Burning, but A Poison Dark and Drowning blew me away The stakes were raised, the characters grew, the twists were endless and the action was gripping Cluess knocked it out of the park as far as sequels go It s very rare for me to enjoy a sequel as much, let alone MORE than the original, but Cluess [...]

  11. Rating 3.25 stars Despite everything your lies, your wounds, I cannot help but love you I m helpless against it guys I m so conflicted with this book I read it in two sittings there was so much stuff that I m truly unhappy about but deep down I can t bring myself to hate this book and some parts I loved so much that I am now as usual an ugly mush of emotions gonna try a different style of review and see how it goes okayOverall I think these books are weaved together with elements from a lot of o [...]

  12. 3.5 starsI don t know why I took so long to read this one I had enjoyed the first book and jumped into this one without a fresher of any kind I still like Henrietta She means well, but maybe doesn t go about doing things in the best way I didn t care for her lying and believing that she knew the best way to do everything I really liked the addition of Maria and look forward to seeing what she brings to the last book And of course the many many boys were delightful Plot wise, it did get a bit rep [...]

  13. I m never sure how to review second and third books in trilogies, because of the potential spoiler factor for the first book I enjoyed this second installment in this series all right, but it lacked the magic the first book had for me Where the first one seemed to turn so many standard fantasy elements on their heads, this book felt much typical fantasy, with too many familiar elements feeling just plain too familiar Which under normal circumstances would have been fine, but I just had differen [...]

  14. I received an advanced copy of this book thanks to netgalley and I was happy to read it I already enjoyed the first one whom I found really good but A poison dark and drowning was so much better What can I say The plot was fantastic as well as the revelations The book kept me on edge, some of the revelations were unexpected and I was surprised The pace was really good too, there is always something to discover and the danger is never far behind It was well done and Jessica Cluess wrote a flawles [...]

  15. Excellent sequel really successfully takes everything up to eleven I can t wait for book three Review to come

  16. This Book I have so many words and none all at once I suppose that s what happens when you read one of your most anticipated titles of the year.Y all may recall how much I adored the first in this series, A Shadow Bright and Burning It was, by far, one of my favorite YA fantasies of 2016 and the wait for A Poison Dark and Drowning was terribly long and emotionally painful But I digress.Where the first book had a stronger focus on the friendships forming between Henrietta and the other sorcerers [...]

  17. A POISON DARK AND DROWNING is a romantic and action packed adventure and just so much fun to read.I am utterly addicted to the magical version of Victorian England that Jessica Cluess has crafted in this series, and it was an absolute pleasure to return to it in this novel.I really enjoyed this second book in the Kingdom on Fire series Where A SHADOW BRIGHT AND BURNING really focused on character development and Henrietta s growing power, A POISON DARK AND DROWNING is much plot driven and actio [...]

  18. Source NetGalley Genre Young Adult, Fantasy Rating 3.5 4 My Thoughts A Poison Dark and Drowning is the second installment in author Jessica Cluess Kingdom on Fire series Henrietta Howell came to London thinking she would become the so called Chosen One The first female sorcerer in a century, and the one prophesied to lead the sorcerers to defeat the fabled 7 Ancients She s the first female to be inducted into the Royal Order by Queen Charlotte, and played a key part in the defeating Korozoth, th [...]

  19. ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Well, i can t belive i have to wait a year to read the next book in the series How am i supposed to do that I loved A Shadow bright and burning so much and even if this book is a lot different in some ways, i love it none the less I don t want to spoil anybody so i ll keep this short, but you guys have to read this I liked so many things about it First of all Mary She is an amazing new character and i love her to pieces [...]

  20. This was so good and creepy Henrietta has now fully embraced her destiny She s taken on the role of the chosen one even though her group of friends and allies are fully aware of the truth She is racing against the clock, scrambling to find a cure for her beloved Rook before his humanity is swallowed whole by the darkness within him.I loved all the magical battles in this one the stakes were definitely upped from the first book Almost every other chapter had a new plot twist, making my head spin [...]

  21. AHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOkay That s enough Jordyn.I loved this My critical reader self is frowning at it for all of the pieces that are very obviously influenced by The Mortal Instruments The Grisha Trilogy Harry Potter, but my emotional reader self is like BUT IT S SUCH A GREAT MASH UP Every relationship in this book is painfully complicated and I don t know how to feel and I f ing love it There were a few plot twists I figured out and some that shocked me which is per [...]

  22. The follow up to Jessica Cluess s magical young adult fantasy, A Shadow Bright and Burning read my review , is equally as compelling and dramatic A POISON DARK AND DROWNING continues Henrietta Howel s journey in the magical society of the Order, but she harbors a secret to protect her and the man she loves Unspoken romance, secrets, lies, and tons of magic are just some of what you ll find in this fantasy series.For me the Kingdom on Fire series isn t one that breaks new ground or blows my mind [...]

  23. I was hooked to the story line and the characters right from the start, just like I was in the first book I ve re read the first book before starting this sequel, so that also helped a lot I think I was completely and utterly lost inside this world after my re read of book 1 so starting book 2 right after was such a joy Everything was just as amazingly written this time around as it was in the first book and I couldn t get enough of it yet again The magic is further explored, and the Ancients un [...]

  24. I m always amazed when I find an author who writes interesting, energetic tales without that annoying mid point slump Like the first book, this one was full steam ahead from beginning to end.

  25. THIS BOOK OHMYGODI need to lie down now honestly was not expecting this book to be so intense and stressful it broke all my expectations and the sequel is bound to fuck me up even .

  26. This book Woah Just Woah This sequel gets to explore a lot further on the Ancients history which I found it very complicated and sad at the same time ESPECIALLY RHL EM There s another secret of him that I had never expected at all In fact, it really does tie up everything on what happened from the first book The way on how the characters had connected with their past doings.The romance wasn t that much focused within the story Well, there are some few moments which I had enjoyed as well It reli [...]

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