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The Earl's Dilemma

✓ The Earl's Dilemma ✓ Emily May Emily Larkin ✓ The Earl's Dilemma ✓ Emily May Emily Larkin - The Earl's Dilemma, The Earl s Dilemma He s running out of time James Hargrave Earl of Arden urgently needs a wife He s resigned himself to a marriage of convenience and has even chosen a bride Kate Honeycourt his best friend s sister K

  • Title: The Earl's Dilemma
  • Author: Emily May Emily Larkin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 337
  • Format: ebook

✓ The Earl's Dilemma ✓ Emily May Emily Larkin, The Earl's Dilemma, Emily May Emily Larkin, The Earl s Dilemma He s running out of time James Hargrave Earl of Arden urgently needs a wife He s resigned himself to a marriage of convenience and has even chosen a bride Kate Honeycourt his best friend s sister Kate has been on the shelf for years Why then does she so firmly turn him down Surely she can t be holding out for a love match But Kate has a proposal of her own He s running out

The Earl's Dilemma

✓ The Earl's Dilemma ✓ Emily May Emily Larkin ✓ The Earl's Dilemma ✓ Emily May Emily Larkin - The Earl's Dilemma, The Earl s Dilemma He s running out of time James Hargrave Earl of Arden urgently needs a wife He s resigned himself to a marriage of convenience and has even chosen a bride Kate Honeycourt his best friend s sister K The Earl's Dilemma

  • ✓ The Earl's Dilemma ✓ Emily May Emily Larkin
    337Emily May Emily Larkin
The Earl's Dilemma

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  1. I started out being a bit annoyed at the hero, James He was very dismissive about Kate s looks and not loving her He had decided to marry her because he needed a bride to keep his estates and his fortune Unfortunately, Kate overhears his discussion with her brother, and she already has issues about being tall, red headed and freckled She s been in love with James, her brother s best friend, for over eleven years, but realizes he will never love her She determines that she will help him find a br [...]

  2. Oh barf This book was so lovey dovey sticky sweet that I had a stomach ache by the end what with the overall goodness of everyone I very rarely enjoy category romances because I find them too short, the characters are underdeveloped and the stories lack substance This one s slightly better than what I ve read in the past, but not by much You could say it s a friends to lovers story or a spinster handsome war hero story but it s not really either because the author doesn t flesh out the story eno [...]

  3. It s been so long since I ve picked up an HR but Scribd had a lot of recommendation for me and all of them sounded really good This book especially It was a sweet friends to lovers story which is what the doctor ordered for me DFull review to come

  4. A stellar historical romance in the friends to lovers vein The Earl s Dilemma by Emily May will leave you with a sappy grin on your face and a little skip in your step Kate has loved James since she was seventeen But after that humiliating summer, she learned to hide her feelings and treat him like the treasured friend he needs Since then, she s only poured out her heart to her diaries she writes in while secluded in the hidden priest hole of her brother s house So when she overhears James say t [...]

  5. I read this book a couple of years ago and was less than impressed with it To be honest, when I looked back on it, I couldn t remember much about it, but some of my longest standing friends, people whose opinions I value and often share, really liked it, so I slated it for a re read.I finally got around to that re read and all I can say is that perhaps I wasn t in the right frame of mind when I read it first time around, because it s a really good story with a lovely, well developed central roma [...]

  6. Having happened upon Emily May s The Spinster s Secret, among the best of the genre I ve read this past year, I ve read of her books, written as Emily Larkin as well as Emily May All are great reads btw The premise here is simple he must marry she has known loved him for years but is disillusioned, so won t marry him for his convenience The author brings such grace to the narrative, it makes the evolving feelings of H h unforced and inevitable but never trite I love this author s fluent Regency [...]

  7. The H Earl needs a wife asap or he will lose his inheritance He decides to ask for his best bud s sis and tell the bud he is doing it cause she is plain, won t object to a MOC, used to be moony over him and he can get on with his usual licentious pursuits without too much interference from her Unfortunately the h was in a nearby secret hiding place and heard his little soliloquy and now wants nothing to do with him, but she will help him find a wife She makes a list and starts rounding up the la [...]

  8. 3.5 starsIt was a very light and quick read I like Ms May writing style very much Her character driven and story development makes reading quite enjoyable Although, l liked it, l can t say l loved it Unfortunately, l didn t convince how hero suddenly came terms of his live for heroine It was not suddenly but imo, it lack of emotions that l would love to read in romance Despite some minor complaints, it was still very entertaining reading.

  9. A must read This was the first book by Emily May that I have read and I hope to read many from her in the future I loved her characters and how they developed throughout her story.James visits his friend for a very specific reason His father s will demands that he marries by the age of 30 and his birthday is fast approaching With his experience, he knows that he will not find the kind of wife he wants during the season A young chit straight from the schoolroom would drive him crazy within hours [...]

  10. Ah, time to revisit this utterly delightful friends to lovers story This is by far the funniest that I ve read, and the most adorable too.

  11. Almost four stars.I thoroughly enjoyed this author s The Spinster s Secret written under the name Emily Larkin, I dunno why , but this book was not quite as good for me I think that s because there seemed to be too much repetition of the hero and heroine s thoughts about one another Perhaps it could have been shorter.The plot was quite clever, though James has to marry before his thirtieth birthday in order to keep his unentailed fortune He hasn t found anyone he fancies, so he decides to marry [...]

  12. It was really cute My only real criticism is the ending seemed rather abrupt to me I would have at least liked an epilogue or somethingOther than that though, a very sweet, light read 4 1 2 Stars

  13. First thing first, I think the cover is ugly I doubted it at first but then I started readingI shouldn t have judged a book by its coverJames, the new Earl, was used to be a younger son with no title, no fortune, none at all The only thing he had was recklessness So like common second son did in that time, he had fun, slept with opera singer, fought a duel over boots, until finally his dad bought him a uniform Meet Kate Honeycourt, the ultimate spinster, she s 27 yo and practically on the shelf [...]

  14. I was very intrigued by this book when I first discovered it here on , because the cover was pretty and it had a promising storyline To be perfectly honest, The Earl s Dilemma was an extremely engaging read, but I soon felt guilty of reading it as it wasn t clean I m very prudish with books, so it was disappointing to me that there were explicit details Fortunately, the sex scene was easy to foresee, and I was able to skip most of it, but there was still some sentences and words throughout the b [...]

  15. Talk is cheap, action speaksJames, a younger son, has unexpectedly become the Earl And along with the title has come a requirement in the will that he marry before he turns 30 So he turns to his best friend Harry and tells him that his sister Kate will do just fine He doesn t love her but he gets along with her, and he can always have a mistress as he s not really attracted to Kate Most unfortunately, Kate hears everything How James ends up eating his words is a very enjoyable read.

  16. Cute story I got a bit frustrated with Kate at times I felt like shouting out James really and truly loves you, you dimwit, say yes However, I really did love reading this very enjoyable book Will definitely read from this author.

  17. Although this book is in need of some heavy duty polishing,I did finish it and quite enjoyed some parts of it.

  18. SweetI made a resolution to review the books I read so here goes Very sweet novel I can strongly relate to Kate and her feeling plain when comparing herself to others There were no crazy plot twists or the like but I enjoyed the way it progressed Well paced and the romance was just right for my tastes.

  19. i read this book not long ago this is a sweet romance with no drama or angst or anything that can make you want to pulled out your own hair which is maybe good for someone who loves this sweet genre but it maybe boring to those who love to have a stressful angst drama kind of plot as for me, im 50 50 i like the sweet romance but i dont like how the author makes the heroine im not talking about her personality i love her for her strong prideful personality what i dont like is how the author make [...]

  20. At the beginning of the story we find our heroine Kate in a priest hole For some reason, that image alone elicited a chuckle from me But for Kate, it s her hiding place where she writes entries in her diaries I for one have my own nook, it s not a priesthole, but it suffices just the same So while in the priest hole she overhears her brother Harry and her always had a crush on him, in love with him, but he doesn t know, James talking James is reaching 30 and in order to receive his full inherita [...]

  21. I needed something completely different and this historical romance fit the bill.It s a quick read, easy to get into, and I liked the characters James needs a wife or he will be disinherited, and only has 2 months to find one of course , so he decides to settle on his best friend s sister He likes her, she isn t afraid of him he has a tendency to scowl and look stern , and he thinks they will get on tolerably well Since she s on the shelf and not known for her beauty, he thinks this is a slam du [...]

  22. 3 stars Not essentially because of the author s writing but because of the character s James is the type of hero who d never garner much respect from me no matter what He might have come close but the author didn t even try very hard to make him all that likable, so his and Kate s interactions throughout the story not only felt forced, strained but also, rather amateurish As a result, his sudden change of perspective where Kate was concerned in about 3 weeks of spending time felt somewhat unbeli [...]

  23. It s the usual combination of I ve loved you for years and from friends to lovers tropes In this book, it s quite alright , but somehow it fell flat One thing that I like from this book is that I get to see the hero s inner thought and therefore understand why he falls in love with the heroine despite her being ordinary plain However, I find the sex scene is too dispassionate Well, maybe I ve been too accustomed to those HR where sex is oh so magical and eye opening and to be honest I still don [...]

  24. This is a simply charming book, with a lovely witty writing style and one of my favourite theme s a woman who sees herself with less than pleasant looks Bran faced , who has loved a friend of her brother s forever He starts out as less than appealing with some arrogantly cruel comments she secretly over hears, and develops into a man you feel does deserve happiness after all I would recommend this book if this is your sort of theme I will be watching for from this author BTW, the editing on the [...]

  25. Good premise but not a good delivery Nothing special plus annoying writing and too sweet characters that gave me a sugar rush

  26. Kate Honeycourt likes to write her diary in the priest hole next to her brother Harry s library Whilst there she overhears Harry his best friend James Hargrave, Earl of Arden talking James has recently inherited the earldom after a carriage accident killed his father elder brother James urgently needs a wife, the terms of his father s will states his heir must marry before he s thirty or forfeit everything that is unentailed James has under two months has resigned himself to a marriage of conven [...]

  27. This was an angsty and at times clever story of unrequited love Kate has loved James since she was a young woman and he never saw her that way When he is forced to marry in order to claim his inheritance, he decides on Kate since she ll do as well as any other Kate overheard James talking to her brother and saying some very unflattering things about marriage and her When he asks her to marry him she turns him down because the thought of being in love with a husband who has no similar feelings wa [...]

  28. James has to marry before his 30th birthday in seven weeks time or lose his inheritance He plans to ask his best friend s sister, Kate, to enter into a marriage of convenience with him However, Kate has overheard a frank conversation between James and her brother Harry, in which James makes it clear that he neither loves Kate nor finds her attractive Kate has been in love with James for 11 years and refuses his offer I think we can all see where this is going I enjoyed many things about this nov [...]

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