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The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

Free Download The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls - by Emilie Autumn Free Download The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls - by Emilie Autumn - The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls Two young women living centuries apart both accused of madness communicate across time to fight a common enemy their doctors It was the dog who found me Such is the stark confession launching the h

  • Title: The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
  • Author: Emilie Autumn
  • ISBN: 9780998990927
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls - by Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls Two young women living centuries apart both accused of madness communicate across time to fight a common enemy their doctors It was the dog who found me Such is the stark confession launching the harrowing scene that begins The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls as Emilie Autumn a young musician on the verge of a bright career attempts suicide by overdos

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

Free Download The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls - by Emilie Autumn Free Download The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls - by Emilie Autumn - The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls Two young women living centuries apart both accused of madness communicate across time to fight a common enemy their doctors It was the dog who found me Such is the stark confession launching the h The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

  • Free Download The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls - by Emilie Autumn
    457Emilie Autumn
The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

292 Comment The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

  1. I would like to say that I was unable to relate to most of Emilie Autumn s harrowing tale of the time she spent in a mental institution for trying to kill herself and the parallel story that she created about a young girl in the Victorian era who was also sent to a mental institution I would like to say that I never thought of killing myself I would like to say that I never attempted to kill myself before On most days I forget that the event ever happened I have masterfully convinced myself that [...]

  2. Before anyone jumps down my throat, let me just begin by saying that I ll provide quotes from the book just to show that I m not talking out of my ass here Ready Okay.This book makes me so, so angry As both a psych student and someone who was diagnosed with depression, I dived into this book expecting a riveting tale, an account of what goes on into a mental institution But what I found was a story riddled with misinformation, exaggeration, and all round pretentiousness And yes, I m aware that t [...]

  3. This book is ridiculous Not even in a good way I will give you a blow by blow summary, but first, a taste The book is filled with the somewhat edited ramblings of a drama queen When she voluntarily checks herself into the hospital, she expected something along the lines of this Instead, she got Please fill out this form When she didn t receive the grand fanfare she anticipated, she threw a fit and wrote a crappy book about it Then there s some crap about Alice in Wonderland and some other chick [...]

  4. The Asylum For Wayward Victorian girls is an autobiographical psychological thriller with an intriguing title that depicts, at first, the autobiographical modern tale of the authors brief stay in a mental institution Narrated throughout by the author, Emilie, a self invented highly conceited but in small doses likeable American McGee s Alice This was the only story I cared for and the only reason I made my purchase, I have often been fascinated by what goes on within the creative mind of this un [...]

  5. Possibly SPOILERIFFIC You ve been warned I ve been a huge muffin of Emilie Autumn s for years now, even having met her on one glorious occasion after seeing her magnificent live show She is someone I highly look up to She s graceful, elegant, intelligent, talented and beautiful Of course we all knew her to be an incredible artist, but this book completely blew away any of the expectations I had.The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls is a large, glossy coffee table book, and though it is kind of [...]

  6. I used to be a huge fan of Emilie until I saw her live and witnessed her performing a song called Manatee retard which mocked mentally handicapped people I found this odd coming from someone famously bipolar A family member surprised me with this book for Christmas thinking I was still a fan I feel bad because they emphasized on how expensive it was So I looked through it Not surprised in the least I found content discriminating those with mental disabilities, still I m stunned as Emilie s story [...]

  7. Hmm, well I m taking a few moments out of my day to write a review of this book as a kind of catharsis I need to just so I can mourn the loss of the time I spent with it, and move on.I ll begin by saying that it s an enormous pile of sh, and the only reason I can imagine someone would read it is to see if their patience is strong enough Strong enough to reach the point where they find the reason why the author went to the trouble to put all these words on all these pages only to find yourself di [...]

  8. I am still reading this book but so far is like factitious illness 101 Is very painful to read when you are living with mental illness because it feel a little like the author who was my hero until I read story is mocking us It feels like this was made up for the money, like stage character, it has many errors and it also seem like she actually has no empathy for anyone but herself specially people like me, living with mental illness It is like munchausen syndrome diary It s terrible I now reali [...]

  9. This book was INTENSE Emilie Autumn s insights about bipolar disorder and mental health care were extremely fascinating I ll have to write a better review when I read this book again It also has some very interesting illustrations.Damn, the Victorian Era sucked I love the aesthetics but not the era.This book is a story within a story You have Emilie Autumn being forced into an institution after a suicide attempt She talks about how her freedom and privacy was taken from her and wonders how this [...]

  10. I have to say there seems to be a lot of ungenuine high ratings on this book to keep the rating up after Autums very public outcry regarding her book being rated one star She called it bullying I can t say I saw much evidence of this at the time except for one or two reviews which have thankfully been deleted It is sad that the author cannot understand that not everyone is going to enjoy their book But her outcry is why I am going to choose how I write my review carefully because clearly the aut [...]

  11. Terrifying to think that this, THIS, is the material being handed out by a self proclaimed mental health advocate and one who clearly owns no conscience A plethora of whining, self pity, hate, bullying, negativity, falseness and full of ableism Although not surprising coming from an author who lacks need for a wheelchair and yet puts themself on display in one Did I mention fat shaming Yes, bullying of those who are overweight, but this is okay apparently for the author who is also the narrator [...]

  12. This book is the tale of Emilie Autumn s stay in a mental asylum after her failed suicide attempt Within the true story is also another story which I believe was created in Emilie s own mind as a way to cope with her stay of a girl named Emily with a y, who is from Victorian times and also in an Asylum for suicide There is no denying this book is intense, that is part of a reason it took so long for me to finish it Even though it is 266 pages, it is about the size of a dictionary in height Each [...]

  13. ProsThe appearance of the book was alluring and the layout of content, interesting though I have read others books created in this scrap note book design and often find them interesting than your average black and white read, yes I am one of those that like books with pictures, so this was bound to take my interest.Emilie showed a fine example of Parents who push their children to be outstanding musicians because the parents need the reflected glory, it was saddening On the other handConsThe ch [...]

  14. I don t normally give bad reviews wish I could zero star rate but I have and have known people who have suffered, and still do, with depression I feel like this book is an insult to the people who read it and the people who suffer with any mental illness.I read the first 20% and promptly realised there was no way I could continue reading this silly self pitying self obsessed attention seeking pile of pretentious nonsense.So needless to say I did not and will not finish it and I d advise everyone [...]

  15. I have two different editions of this book and it has been messed with by the author so much that it s hard to decipher what is fact or fiction in the autobiography side of the story It seems slightly just as fictional as the fictional half, so as it goes along There is a lot of unnecessary ranting and self pity to the point of being uninteresting In March 2014, I also ordered the audio book because I wanted to hear the author tell her story, see if I would hear a genuineness in her voice Let s [...]

  16. I feel like I ve found some kindred spirits within the book of a kind I ve never known before It makes me want to research and read other accounts of victorian insanity in women I told my husband this and he didn t understand at all why I would want to read what must be such disturbing accounts And I didn t really have any kind of good answer for him But now I think it s that kinship that I m feeling making me want to connect with them and share in their stories.Like the members of the striped s [...]

  17. Danke for curing my insomnia with this over the top, self worshipping, book of fiction thought it would never happen.

  18. It has taken me six months to finish this, it was so tedious, my seven year old sister isn t this dramatic and infant like If I never hear or read the word stockings or come across another sycophantic Anglo phile who lives for stereotype and playing pretend, I will be grateful Can t actually believe Emilie Autumn wrote this after how much she portrays herself as an intellectual The historical errors are almost comical I think she has a wild imagination and has aimed to shock with this book, but [...]

  19. Dutch Nederlands The asylum for wayward Victorian girls, door Emilie AutumnGenre het boek is deels autobiografisch hoewel door sommigen bestempelt als onzin en betwijfeld historisch accuraat Waardering 2 5Korte samenvatting Emily Victoriaans Engeland en Emilie eigentijds Amerika proberen allebei aan hun eigen, gruwelijke werkelijkheid in een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis te ontsnappen Wie moet dit lezen Fans van Emilie Autumn, mensen met een olifantenhuid en weinig aantrekkingskracht tot de hulpbelem [...]

  20. When I truly love a book several things happen to me 1 I of course find it hard to put down2 I have very vivid dreams about it3 It influences my dress4 I find it very hard to review because how can you put into words how a book this special makes you feel All of the above has happened, I am officially in love with this book.I thought I would like this book, it s about everything that I love or find fascinating, but sometimes this can work to the books disadvantage, because I have extra high hope [...]

  21. Review of the audiobook spoilers alert So after waiting two years after paying, it arrived, and I ve listened to it As well as the rushed plain black packaging with RE used logos instead of the promised exclusive artwork the content itself is rushed With snippets of other releases included to fill it up The story has been changed ALOT from the original Let s start with the most stupidest she as always stated the stay the book was based upon was around 2004, when she was 27 28 born 1977 , but, in [...]

  22. She should have left the book alone First time round it wasn t perfect and yes it had many errors, but now, the audiobook which is allegedly going to be the new printed version , is just tragic I won t repeat what others have said about certain parts, their reviews are all accurate and I agree sometimes a project just doesn t deserve than one star, and, every author should acknowledge this and work from the negative criticism not accuse people who don t like it of all being bullies I have many [...]

  23. English ItalianoOne of the best books I ve ever read I already loved Emilie Autumn as a singer, and now I am impressed by her writing abilities too.As usual, she s not scared to shock people by exposing the truth And, in this book, the truth is that the line that divides the crazy people from the sane ones is really, really, thin She explains how acts like self harm and suicides are not something irrational, but there are valid reasons behind such actions, and society should start to understand [...]

  24. The book and author are ridiculous Sadistic to some extent with the whole obsessive compulsive need to lie frantically about experiences which are deadly grave for so many The fact is, in the beginning when the book was first published Autumn claimed this book to be her memoir mixed with half fictional tale Emily with a y She never stated it too just be picks from her experiences, no This was directly published from her spiral notebook journal she penned in an asylum metal ring bound spiral note [...]

  25. I am MEGA frustrated and angry at Autumn for the Audio book edition of this publication Okay, so originally I would have given the last two editions both 3 stars, but now I have to decrease that to 1 star This book is ridiculous You cannot voluntarily go into a mental health facility without an adult, if under the age of 18, how stupidly dangerous and unprofessional would this be And can you imagine the legal medical negligence cases if this happened In the real world it does not In the mind of [...]

  26. This book is amazing, definitely on of my favourites Not only is it amazing in terms of content it is also amazing visually And I ve always been a sucker for a beautiful book that looks good on the bookshelf The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, is a semi autobiographical, fantasy novel, I did think this to be an odd combination at first However, Emilie Autumn presents the story in a way that works, with smooth changes from the real world to the fictional Asylum This book is clearly very perso [...]

  27. This book is one of my absolute favorites It is amazingly written and has beautiful artwork in it as well While partially a true story of Emilie s stay in a mental institution, there is a fictional story within about Emily with a y who is staying in a Victorian Asylum Having some of Emilie Autumn s actual handwriting in the book made it much personal and made it seem much like a journal than just any ordinary book This is a must read for any muffin Emilie Autumn fan.

  28. I learned not only about this woman who has already helped so many lost girls women find their way but learned about my self and others with manic depression It is a good read for those not shy about the dirty gritty truth of what really happens behind the doors of asylums.

  29. This is currentlyON HOLD.I will continue reading this at a later time.Original start date November 12, 2017Put On Hold February 23, 2018

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