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Night Watch

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Night Watch : by Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Night Watch : by Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield - Night Watch, Night Watch Others They walk among us Observing Set in contemporary Moscow where shape shifters vampires and street sorcerers linger in the shadows Night Watch is the first book of the hyper imaginative fanta

  • Title: Night Watch
  • Author: Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield
  • ISBN: 9781401359799
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Night Watch : by Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield, Night Watch, Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield, Night Watch Others They walk among us Observing Set in contemporary Moscow where shape shifters vampires and street sorcerers linger in the shadows Night Watch is the first book of the hyper imaginative fantasy pentalogy from best selling Russian author Sergei Lukyanenko This epic saga chronicles the eternal war of the Others an ancient race of humans with supernatural poweOthers They walk am

Night Watch

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Night Watch : by Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Night Watch : by Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield - Night Watch, Night Watch Others They walk among us Observing Set in contemporary Moscow where shape shifters vampires and street sorcerers linger in the shadows Night Watch is the first book of the hyper imaginative fanta Night Watch

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Night Watch : by Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield
    139Sergei Lukyanenko Andrew Bromfield
Night Watch

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  1. 2014 The reasons why I will never read another of Lukyanenko s books are at the bottom of the review 2012 We don t even know how to wish evil on anyone Except that our Good is not any different from Evil How do you write the real Russian urban fantasy Spice up your standard recipe with extreme moral ambiguity, questioning of morals and purpose, blend the distinctions between the forces of dark and light creating moral greyness, add questionable authority figures, question the benefit of one vers [...]

  2. I can t get over the suspicion I m reading this in the wrong language.Simple, really I am I m reading it in English.The philosophy of language makes me dizzy the chicken egg relationship between cognition and verbal expression means that something is likely lost in translation the sophisticated or fantastical a thought becomes Even simple phrases have deeper meaning Take the concept I have to walk the dog Not too hard, is it Except in translating, do you use the pronoun I or is it implied in th [...]

  3. So I was strolling through a thrift shop one day a few weeks ago and came across this book on a sale table I had never heard of it before but was intrigued by a blurb on the cover that said Brace yourself for Harry Potter in Gorky Park The Night Watch takes place mostly in and around Moscow The book is really broken down into three parts but all three focus on Anton who is an Other, working with the Night Watch Others can be shape shifters, magicians etc the main point being that they are all Li [...]

  4. You know, I ve read this entire book and met quite a few Russians and I still don t understand them though I think, as a nation and hodge podge of ethnicities, they re one of my favourites Apart from the Irish, but who can t love those crazy, drunk, lucky bastards Okay, for legal purposes I am forced to clarify that they are not always crazy, drunk, lucky, illegitimate or a combination of one or of those characteristics This is an unfortunate stereotype propagated against the great people of Ir [...]

  5. Final rating 3 5 stars Why was is that the Light acted through lies, and the Darkness acted though the truth Why was is that our truth proved powerless, but lies were effective And why was the Darkness able to manage perfectly well with truth in order to do Evil I have no idea what to say about this I liked it and disliked it Both, equally I loved it because the idea is unique and there is a lot of thinking about consequences, life in general and lot But i felt that the story was poorly execute [...]

  6. For the past month or so I have been regrettably absent from the nets that I like to call my digital home Real life demands have left me with precious little time to call my own and, frightening still, the books that have found their way into my hands have not been inspiring me to take to the webs and shout my opinions into the ether with my usual gusto Yes, I was in the grip of a mid winter malaise second to none where everything I read, saw, or listened to just seemed either like it was tryin [...]

  7. I read Sergei Lukyanenko s Night Watch after having already seen the films based on it The movie Night Watch is or less a faithful adaptation of the first section of the book with a few embellishments The movie Day Watch is a much looser adaptation of the second and third sections.On the first page of the book, there are two messages One from the Night Watch that reads This text had been approved for distribution as conducive to the cause of Light The message from the Day Watch is identical exc [...]

  8. Night Watch is an amazing piece of Russian literature, definitely than just your average run of the mill horror and full of creativity, imagination and depth behind the paranormal.

  9. 3.5 stars This had some interesting ideas and story lines but the delivery was clunky because of the translation In some ways it was like the Russian version of Rivers of London, but not as funny or readable This was a reread and I first read it many years ago so when I first rated it from memory, I gave it 5 But there werent so many excellent books in the genre back then or at least not that I knew of Glad I refreshed my memory, but sadly not as good as I remembered.

  10. Thoroughly entertaining book I was looking to explore scifi fantasy works by Russian authors, and Sergei Lukyanenko s name is on many recommended lists This genre vampires, twilight worlds, etc is outside of my normal choices, but I enjoyed it nonetheless It has creative world building and a cast of strong, distinct characters The 1980 s Moscow setting was a nice change from the typical Nondescript Western City or Tolkien Land Template I ll definitely keep reading in the series.

  11. Ever danced with the devil in the middle of the night Once there was TwilightThen True BloodSomewhere in the middle came The Vampire DiariesRobert Pattinson s forehead, move over please, The Night Watch is here.What a great writer Sergei Lukyanenko is Many reviewers seem to think he is a Russian Tolkien I can t really see that, given that The Night Watch is set in Moscow, with no real invention with languages or places What the author does well is keep a concise story flowing throughout, even th [...]

  12. The Dark freedom is, first of all, the freedom from yourself, your consciousness and soul When you feel no pain in your chest it s time to scream for help Except for then it s too late The author took all sterotypes of urban fantasy and crushed them into pieces It s not about Anton s selfish wishes to be with a woman he loves as much as it is a fight for his right to choose his own destiny I adore Anton, I adore the humor and ambiguous messages It s far from perfect, but enjoyable enough.This i [...]

  13. I was really enjoying this book until about the midway point and then instead of Lukyanenko pushing the story on to a fantastic ending which would have had me drooling for the following instalments he simply repeated the same trick from the first part of the book twice and helped me to lose interest entirely.At the heart of the book is a fantastic premise police departments set up by Light Magicians and Dark Magicians to monitor the behaviour of Good and Evil his pronouns not mine , fighting a [...]

  14. I thought there are a lot of interesting and unusual aspects to this book In particular, the tripartite structure I got that term from the book club discussion , the magic system, and the depth of discussion on the nature of good vs evil and how to go about keeping a balance between the two.I liked the tripartite structure of the book It sort of spilt the story into three sub stories although the time line was consistent as were the main characters However each sub story had its own focus and re [...]

  15. I was really close on giving up this book after I was almost seventy five percent done with the book, but I kept going after thinking that I had come near to the end and the final conclusion will be satisfactory to my persistence, but unfortunately it left me wanting for .The genre of book is Urban fantasy, but author manages to put in lot of grey moments in the book, where in you are confused regarding classifying the good guys as good, it s not your typical Harry Dresden type urban fantasy not [...]

  16. 2.5 5 on a good day.This book is my biggest let down of 2017 so far I really expected great things from it, and I was excited that Autumn and I were able to select it for Bookworm Bitches April Pen Pals buddy read, but it just didn t do it for either of us I obviously had quite a few issues with this book, and yeah I could focus on the positive, but right now I m bitter that I wasted my time and I just want to get all the negatives over with first, SO HERE WE GO KIDSIt s hard for me to explain w [...]

  17. Please note I ve read this book twice, the latest time being December 2006.Translation I had my husband read this first, after he read the Russian version, so he could tell me how good the translation was he was born in Russia He tells me the translation from Russian is very good, as good as could be expected considering there are so many Russian words and phrases that simply cannot be translated into English with the same amount of impact Apparently the Russian version of this book has a great [...]

  18. Some years ago, I wrote quite a lot of material for a roleplaying game called In Nomine That s why I have an Author page here on , even though I m not really an author, just a reader In Nomine was about the war between Heaven and Hell, and the players could take on the role of either angels or demons The premise was that they are much like us that is, angels and demons alike had similar feelings, doubts about the side they had chosen, and were both capable of good and evil, however predisposed t [...]

  19. Light and Dark Anton Gorodetsky, a light other, is a newbie field operative for the Night Watch as all hell threatens to break loose in Moscow This is exotic Urban Fantasy unlike anything I have read before.Sergei Lukyanenko has built a wonderfully detailed and consistent world where secret powers war against each other while bound by a mutually enforced treaty The world building is elegantly presented via character conversations that are well contexted to the narrative There are distinct philos [...]

  20. Destiny Around page two hundred I wondered whether Lukyanenko was going to throw us a Perdido Street Station style curveball and make The Night Watch about something other than a triple header search for an unsanctioned vampire, her young Other hostage, and the uber powerful Warlock Witch responsible for the great black Vortex hovering over the head of a nice, pretty little general practitioner can you tell I ve been reading too many mysteries and watching too much film noir lately Sorry.But nop [...]

  21. In this, the first book of the night watch trilogy we follow Anton Anton is a member of the Night Watch which means he is an Other someone apparently human who dies in fact posses extraordinary powers which mean he is not, entirely, the same as other people The others are divided into the Light ones who do good and make up the Night watch in which they monitor the dark ones who have their own Day Watch and who do bad stuff That is the basic premise of the novel.I chose to read this because the m [...]

  22. To begin with I m out of sympathy with the basic idea An elaborate parallel world of agents of the light and dark forces operating in a modern environment isn t the sort or urban fantasy that usually appeals to me I prefer the secret quirk, the half hidden monster, the dark hint of something other For all its symbolic possibilities, Lukyanenko s scenario, with its enforced treaty between the two sides, its negotiations, power struggles and rule bendings, feels paradoxically mundane.Inevitably he [...]

  23. 3.5Si ringrazia ancora la babba per il mega regalo 3 dammi le mezze stelle please Comunque Scriver una vera recensione domani, ma nel frattempoI guardiani della notte mi piaciuto, anche se con qualche riserva Strano, all inizio confuso, ma sicuramente una lettura molto piacevole Nonostante qualche difetto l ho letteralmente divorato, sicuramente proseguir la serie I guardiani della notte si compone di tre racconti piuttosto lunghi concatenati fra loro, che ci introducono a un mondo diverso da qu [...]

  24. 3.5 stars Loved the concept at the heart of this series of llinked stories i.e the Nightwatch and the Daywatch Thought the actual execution of that concept was good but not great Still, worth a read in my opinion just to experience the setting.

  25. Vampires, shape shifters, witches, magicians new there Light, Dark, the Balance new there either So why do I like this book so much Well, in the imagination stakes, there is the Twilight, which does seem original to me, but really it is the character and setting that I like.The protagonist, Anton, Light One, magician, agent for the Night Watch the organisation that attempts to ensure that the Dark Ones uphold the truce between Light and Dark is committed to his cause yet continually morally conf [...]

  26. edit 11 26 13 You find life such a problem because you think there are good people and bad people You re wrong, of course There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides Terry PratchettSummon up your own shadow and let it pull you into the Twilight, the liminal land of heartless greys and mysterious shadows, where truths cannot be hidden and where magic is real But the Twilight s gift is two edged While it will grant you powers, it will also leech away your hum [...]

  27. This is a bilingual review , , , , , , , , I m not much of an urban fantasy fan so, if it weren t for a random afternoon spent watching the movie at my friend s house, I would ve never picked this book up nor would have I known about its existence It was an overall interesting read for me However, there were several anti gay comments throughout the book and, at some point, I came to realize that the author happens to be a douchebag Considering that I m trying to separate the art from the art [...]

  28. For those that found the interest to see the movie some 2 years ago when it made it s North American release, Night Watch seemed a bit too confusing Whether it was just another victim of the movie made from a book or that Russian is a difficult language to translate to English, Night Watch and it s sequel Day Watch, lacked a lot of background story and character development that the books provide The Night Watch books are perfectly translated and give explanation of even the simple plot points t [...]

  29. Interesting It felt like a very slow, thoughtful book, but a lot of things went by much too quickly Anton and Svetlana s courtship appears to have occurred entirely between sections one and two, for example, and really nobody except for Anton and Egor got much in the way of characterization It was neat to have the mix of fantasy elements and complicated mysteries, though, and the mysteries all had great flourishing reveals as Anton figured them out although I would have liked to have their emoti [...]

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