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The Courts of Chaos

[PDF] Unlimited Ú The Courts of Chaos : by Roger Zelazny [PDF] Unlimited Ú The Courts of Chaos : by Roger Zelazny - The Courts of Chaos, The Courts of Chaos Amber the one real world of which all others including our own Earth are but ShadowsFor untold millennia the cosmic Pattern sustained order in Amber and all the known worlds But now the forces of Ch

  • Title: The Courts of Chaos
  • Author: Roger Zelazny
  • ISBN: 9789993911555
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] Unlimited Ú The Courts of Chaos : by Roger Zelazny, The Courts of Chaos, Roger Zelazny, The Courts of Chaos Amber the one real world of which all others including our own Earth are but ShadowsFor untold millennia the cosmic Pattern sustained order in Amber and all the known worlds But now the forces of Chaos have succeeded in disrupting the Pattern unleashing destructive forces beyond measure forces meant to reshape the universe To save Amber Corwin prince of theAmber the one r

The Courts of Chaos

[PDF] Unlimited Ú The Courts of Chaos : by Roger Zelazny [PDF] Unlimited Ú The Courts of Chaos : by Roger Zelazny - The Courts of Chaos, The Courts of Chaos Amber the one real world of which all others including our own Earth are but ShadowsFor untold millennia the cosmic Pattern sustained order in Amber and all the known worlds But now the forces of Ch The Courts of Chaos

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ú The Courts of Chaos : by Roger Zelazny
    150Roger Zelazny
The Courts of Chaos

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  1. Here is where I ll put my opinion on the first five books As a series, the worldbuilding is amazing, the characters intriguing, and the format is fast paced It s interesting to see a book where there are few characters that can claim clean hands, and it makes for a complex storyline.That said, I sometimes feel like there s a bit too much explaining going on though the first book does a good job of making the explaining organic I can t remember how many times the reader hears about the political [...]

  2. Corwin gets a quest and heads to Chaos, and leprechauns and The World Tree, a fitting ending to the first arc of the Amber series, enjoyed all 5 of the novels, onto the second arc now.

  3. Sometimes it s damned hard to tell the dancer from the dance Roger Zelazny, Coruts of ChaosSo, this isn t the bottom of the first five books in the Chronicles of Amber Actually, of the five books that make up the Corwin cycle Books 1 5 , it might be my favorite so 3.5 I haven t been impressed by the five enough to rush soon into the Merlin cycle Books 6 10 I ll probably get there I own all ten The Great Book of Amber , but other books from other favorite authors remain unread and unless there is [...]

  4. In some ways, I enjoyed this one, the fifth in the Amber series, the most The momentum built, the suspense, the twists and turns, the revealing of character traits, truth from lies The way Zelazny tells this story is incredibly unique in the manner in which you learn the story, piece by piece, one part of the puzzle He kept me interested the whole time, and wanting He knows just when to give me to keep me from getting frustrated and holding back just enough to keep my interest piqued Clever a [...]

  5. Sad It would have been nice to go out with opera in a big Wagnerian finale beneath strange skies, against worthy opponents not scrabbling about in a foggy wasteland That quote, an excerpt from Chapter 7 in this novel, sums up my thoughts on the final novel in the Corwin cycle of the Chronicles of Amber Zelazny ventures into a philosphical self analysis of Corwin s character and motivations as he travels to the Courts of Chaos, but it seems a bit long winded at times The transitions through shado [...]

  6. wonderfule battle, the journey and the sadness of passingis would seem the natural end of the series, i m glad it isn t.

  7. I m going to write some general remarks that can serve for books 1 5 the Corwin books and then break down my thoughts book by book Likes Zelazny is a great world builder vivid imagery combined with his poetic writing leads to some pretty amazing visuals and really immersed me into these books He has somewhat of a 70s, intellectual vibe to his prose which I really liked It was a good combination for me, though I could see how this would irk some readers There is plenty of political intrigue, the [...]

  8. e Courts of Chaos, a grossly non Euclidean realm A satisfying and touching finish, despite its uneven start This last chapter was the best, being a final adventure filled with wonderfully surreal encounters and phenomena Some details were probably inspired or borrowed from better known predecessors But like King did with The Dark Tower, they are woven together to create a new entity, unique in its own right And Zelazny s epic must have provided things that became the basis for many of the princi [...]

  9. This opens with Random demanding that Corwin open the door he brought food because Corwin is reacting badly to the revelation at the end of Hand, namely that view spoiler Ganelon was really Oberon in disguise hide spoiler More revelations ensue Who is designated Oberon s heir What Dara was up to, and who was the warrior who spared Corwin in the Courts of Chaos What they are going to do about the black road And the grand conclusion to this series.

  10. I have finished the Corwin arc and along the way I had the feeling that this must be what someone experiences on LSD but in written form I ve found the story compelling, juvenile, incomplete and strange all around but I have enjoyed it nonetheless.

  11. Back in the days before Mr Fogerty inspired Mr Jordan to expand on his observation that the big wheel keeps on turning, and before Mr Martin went into the field of meteorology, Roger Zelazny produced this series of five terrific books and thereby offered the fantasy fiction field an alternative to Conan pastiches and Hobbit homages Amber is the true, real, center of the universe, see, and it s a magical kingdom where the king has gone missing and the nine princes and a handful of princesses are [...]

  12. Well, it was quite a hellride When I started my Amber marathon I was thinking I would make it through both cycles Corwin s and Merlin s But right now, after finishing Corwin s cycle, I don t feel like go farther for the time being I definitely need a break Nothing about this series felt like twenty years ago when I d first read it Then it was like true magic, something that didn t let me go for a long while But not this time I m getting old I guess because very little of that twenty years old ma [...]

  13. The Courts of Chaos is the somewhat anticlimactic and disappointing 5th book in this ongoing series and though I am loathe to admit it as I have enjoyed the earlier books, this one was a chore to read As the end of a five book story arc I was hoping there to be much pace in this novel so that it might attain some of the brilliance of the first book in the series In that book I was amazed that an author could portray so much information and story in such a small amount of words and yet maintain [...]

  14. It took 5 chapters to start Corwin smoking this time The first five books in the Amber series come to a conclusion with this book before Amber is continued with Merlin as the main protagonist Corwin s boy isn t really introduced here but gets a soft hand over to his own cycle by bringing him in in several scenes It is a little bit artificial, but on the other hand it is good that he doesn t appear in a flash in the next book.The narrative is slower than the previous books, lots of psychedelic de [...]

  15. With this slender volume, the five book first Amber series comes to a close Oberon, the king, and father of the narrator, Corwin, and his siblings, plans to repair the damaged pattern on which Amber and the universe of parallel worlds is based, aware that he is likely to die in the process Corwin declines to take the throne after him, having matured over the series and found that, without the rivalry with his now deceased brother Eric, the attractions of ruling have paled The backup plan if Ober [...]

  16. And so it comes, the end of the fabulous Amber series On the merits of this final book alone, I m tempted to rate it three stars but I cannot avoid putting it in the context of the greater story coming to an end.The Amber series has been an odd beast It s simultaneously slow paced and kind of rambling, but each entry in the series built up a really epic and engaging story.The characters are all interesting, and the characterization shines from Corwin himself, to Brand, Benedict, Oberon they all [...]

  17. Not as good as book 4, but better than the first book in the series Corwin and his family are faced with the end of the world, and the only way to stop it is to fix the Pattern.Not as much intrigue or fighting as previous books More of a long horse ride with a few interactions with random folks An adequate ending to the Corwin cycle.I ll probably comment on this again at the end of the Merlin cycle in 5 books , but as of right now I probably won t recommend this series to anyone There are some [...]

  18. Siblings are at each other s throats, as they try to discover the true culprit in all of the deceptions and plotting Meanwhile, a force is moving upon Amber, threatening their very existence Dun dun dunnnnnThe Courts of Chaos was a fast paced, but information dense novel that very neatly and satisfactorally wrapped up the first half of the Chronicles of Amber I blasted through these novels, and loved every minute of them I loved the shorter novels, the breakneck pace they brought, the unique wor [...]

  19. 3.5 stars I was a little disappointed in the conclusion to this series It was very short 140 pgs , and could have easily been tacked onto the end of Hand of Oberon My main gripe was that, for the first time since Nine Princes in Amber, Zelazny used or over used his brief snippets of world after world to give you the feeling that a lot of changes were going on as Corwin traveled between shadow versions of Amber Seriously, I don t need 5 pages straight of these snippets of landscape, rinse and rep [...]

  20. I m not sure why these books were ever once considered good Essentially, this series drifts from scene to scene, in a and disjointed way as the series progresses random hellrides with pages of surrealist drivel to random shadows alternate worlds that don t hold any special meaning, making their purpose ultimately useless No rationale is ever given for why Amber is worth preserving None of the characters are compelling to read about, and they never gain any real depth this despite a slightly in [...]

  21. Remate a la primera serie relacionada con mbar G nero Narrativa Fant stica.Lo que nos cuenta Corwin est bastante furioso por los recientes acontecimientos y los cambios que han causado, adem s de sentirse enga ado y por tanto dolido en su amor propio Y las instrucciones de prepararse para una guerra en tan poco tiempo le preocupan, pero no todos sus hermanos comparten sus pensamientos ya que hay que enfrentarse a la gran amenaza Quinto y ltimo libro de la serie Cr nicas de Ambar Hay otros cinco [...]

  22. My expectations were very high for the last book in the series, since I had heard it was one of the best I was, however, slightly disappointed The introduction of the courts of chaos in the previous book wasn t really fully developed here, so it felt like the introduction of a new world, rather than the resolution, or clarification of the world that we had inhabited throughout the series I felt like a lot of the creatures and characters introduced to us in the book, also, were afterthoughts unl [...]

  23. A fantastic end to a the Corwin Cycle of the Amber books The characters have deepened amazingly so much is tied up, yet there is plenty of room for expansion What a wonderful world I m so sorry he never got to fill it in better.The first 5 books AKA The Corwin Cycle are followed by 5 books in the Merlin Cycle then Betancourt wrote a prelude a trilogy the first book of a duology IOW, it was supposed to be another 5 books Unfortunately, the publisher folded after the first of the duology 4th of th [...]

  24. I have grown quite fond of Amber I have to say This was a nice conclusion to the first five books, but definitely left to be desired in further books I really was not expecting the story to progress the way it did This is excellent fantasy.

  25. The fifth novel in the Amber Chronicles marks the conclusion of the Corwin arc The story primarily follows Corwin as he makes his way to the Courts of Chaos to help stop Random from destroying Amber I found it to be a very fitting finale and enjoyed it considerably.

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