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Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life

Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life Best Read || [James M. McPherson] Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life Best Read || [James M. McPherson] - Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life, Abraham Lincoln A Presidential Life Marking the two hundredth anniversary of Lincoln s birth this marvelous short biography by a leading historian offers an illuminating portrait of one of the giants in the American story It is the bes

  • Title: Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life
  • Author: James M. McPherson
  • ISBN: 9780195374520
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover

Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life Best Read || [James M. McPherson], Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life, James M. McPherson, Abraham Lincoln A Presidential Life Marking the two hundredth anniversary of Lincoln s birth this marvelous short biography by a leading historian offers an illuminating portrait of one of the giants in the American story It is the best concise introduction to Lincoln in print a must have volume for anyone interested in American history or in our greatest president Best selling author James M M

Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life

Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life Best Read || [James M. McPherson] Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life Best Read || [James M. McPherson] - Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life, Abraham Lincoln A Presidential Life Marking the two hundredth anniversary of Lincoln s birth this marvelous short biography by a leading historian offers an illuminating portrait of one of the giants in the American story It is the bes Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life

  • Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life Best Read || [James M. McPherson]
    148James M. McPherson
Abraham Lincoln: A Presidential Life

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  1. The point of this book is to provide a short overview of the life of Abraham Lincoln McPherson scholarship is sound, and he writes well either at length Battle Cry of Freedom or in a brief book like this What I found exceptional in the book was McPherson s ability to summarize great swaths of history with with brief descriptions that not only cover the salient events but provide new insights almost because of the brevity of the treatment If you ever want to spend just a couple hours and come awa [...]

  2. It s a commonplace to point to McPherson as one of the few historians today who combines intellectual rigour with extraordinary readability Last night I re read this tiny 66 pages volume in preparation for a foray into Tried by War and was once again inspired by JM s clarity and insight.When I watched the film scripted by Tony Kushner, I was very impressed by the skill with which he conveyed the complex, world historic principles that confronted Lincoln in the lead up to and throughout the cours [...]

  3. I wanted a simple book on Lincoln, since war is not one of my interests, and this book fulfilled that Short and to the point, yet it does give a good context in order to broadly understand the famed president and his reasonings for the civil war I would recommend this to anyone who needs a refresher on Lincoln or is just interested in facts, dates and places.

  4. I picked up this book after reading several reviews that said it was by far the best short biography of Lincoln It is indeed short a mere 63 pages Anyone wanting to know the basic external facts and forces that shaped Lincoln s life is well advised to spend the hour or two necessary to digest this book But whole aspects of Lincoln s internal life are covered with little than a tantalizing subordinate clause Although ill at ease with women, Lincoln in 1836 began a half hearted courtship of Mary [...]

  5. This was a good short read I enjoyed knowing a bit about Lincoln before I dive into any of the longer works about him Now, I have something to hang my hat on.

  6. Here s something Lincoln had a personal opinion about what the goal for the war should be the abolition of slavery and he had his conviction that his duty was to defend the constitution preserve the union at all costs, which could mean the short term acceptance of slavery In the end, he achieved both his personal goal and his presidential duty of upholding the constitution, but this itty bitty book helped me to see how the way to reaching both of these ends wasn t always clear or even likely Alo [...]

  7. I thought James McPherson did a great job with his objective of writing a short biography of Abraham Lincoln He covers all of the most important events in Lincoln s life, while also filling us in on recent scholarship that historians today are still debating about All major themes are covered, and because of it s brevity, this text is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in a short one sitting with Abraham Lincoln.

  8. Those already well read on the subject are not going to find anything new or riveting about James McPherson s slim book on Abraham Lincoln However, I read it hoping for a refresher, a framework of facts, a springboard to a in depth look into the life of Lincoln and into that period of American history The book accomplished that purpose quite well.

  9. This was a very easy read and a wonderful overview of a great American s life during a difficult time in history.

  10. This immensely short book only two cds manages to give the listener a pleasant experience and a worthwhile one Those readers who enjoy reading a great deal about Abraham Lincoln and his political thought and intriguing life story 1 already may find this book as I did, a book that one knows well and can quote at length on one s first read or listen simply because it quotes so much material that is already familiar And it is not as if this book provided a lot that was new about Abraham Lincoln, at [...]

  11. A clear concise biography, McPherson s eloquent and brief record of Lincoln s life draws from numerous historical sources to provide readers with an overview of the main facts of the Great Emancipator s campaign to save the Union Lincoln s early life in the frontier towns of Kentucky and Illinois did not indicate the heights to which his intellectual and spiritual life would rise, nor did his early political losses provide his contemporaries an idea of the statesmanship he would demonstrate in t [...]

  12. I enjoyed this short book about President Lincoln I followed along in the hardcover book while listening to the audio version This makes me really want to read other books that I have about Lincoln I would highly recommend this book.

  13. A intriguing read inspired by our nations Naturalization Process What an amazing man, and what a dark life.

  14. Is it cheating to read a 79 page book about Abraham Lincoln It was thoughtful, well researched, analytical, and.well.ise

  15. Concise but informative, I found this book to be an extremely well written short biography of Lincoln I really enjoyed it

  16. Do you ever want a source akin to but by a reputable scholar This 65 page biography of Lincoln by noted historian James M McPherson fits the bill My 13 year old son is doing his first major research paper on Lincoln This book is helpful to my son in providing background and framework, identifying the major issues Lincoln faced in his presidency, quoting from some of Lincoln s best known speeches, and highlighting Lincoln s place in history.

  17. Lincoln For Busy ReadersThe year 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln 1809 1865 This anniversary would be a cause for reflection and soul searching under the best of times Reflection on Lincoln and his accomplishments is particularly important given the difficult days in which we live.There has been a never ending flow of books about Lincoln, and many new books are scheduled to appear in celebration of the bicentennial of his birth Among these books is this short stud [...]

  18. A lot of books have been written about Lincoln For those who love the man, his biography is like a bedtime story of which we never grow tired of hearing His humble beginnings, his simple but eloquent language, his steadfastness and patient devotion in the face of passionate opposition, his clarity of purpose amidst confusion, his sacrifice all of these makes him so fatherly, so removed from pettiness and malice, and so loved But biographers have had to dig ever deeper to come up with a new way t [...]

  19. This is a short book that tells some history about one of our former presidents It was just enough to get a taste fr how things transpired for Abraham Lincoln to end up being such a well regarded president I am not a big history buff so didn t want to go through the process of reading some long drawn out, long, boring book This was good stuff.

  20. James M McPherson s 2009 biography Abraham Lincoln attempts to capture the life of our 16th president in a mere 65 pages plus 12 pages of notes and bibliography As I just finished reading David Herbert Donald s magnificent Lincoln see my review that work here on , which weighs in at 600 pages plus 114 pages of notes and bibliography , this is an interesting contrast.McPherson s account moves briskly through Lincoln s life, and is very precise and efficient You don t get much in the way of specif [...]

  21. A book on Lincoln by James McPherson clocking in at less than 100 pages is either going to be a brilliant distillation or a pitiable half job and waste of expertise I regret that I feel this leans to the latter Lincoln s just too big He defies quick summation McPherson tries hard He crams in Lincoln s hardscrabble upbringing, self directed education, family history, legal career and personal life in one dozen pages a fear of conciseness, to be sure, but so hurriedly and basically that none of in [...]

  22. Short, but one of the best nonfiction books I ve read I m not sure if it is the writing or just that Abraham Lincoln was such an inspirational man, but this is a must read A few great quotes Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them America will never be destroyed from the outside If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicate [...]

  23. An excellentreadI confess that I am a Lincoln admirer through and through In my opinion, no greater man ever graced the face of our nation I find our 16th President to be awe inspiring No man suffered in the service of our country, and no man gave as much to the devotion of the Presidency In these uncertain times, I think most of us would confess that we wish he were here to guide our hearts and souls today McPherson portrays the majesty of Lincoln with all of his works but, importantly, he po [...]

  24. Pithy, Precise and TimelyThis delightful small volume from Oxford Press written by one of the eminent Civil War historians of our time pays tribute to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th and arguably most revered President of the United States of America.Every element of this book pays tribute to Lincoln, right down to its brevity, which echoes the terseness of the Gettysburg Address which itself lines the internal covers.This volume, timed to release with the 200th anniversary of the birth of Lincoln, co [...]

  25. I picked this book up mostly because Abraham Lincoln is one of those historical figures with whom I struggle and I wanted to learn I found that I have misunderstood and misjudged the man in many ways Further, I found the timing of this book very intriguing For example, I couldn t help but notice in this short biography how much we are reliving the past both the Bush and Obama administrations exhibit characteristics of Lincoln s time and once again I lament that we are doomed to relive history b [...]

  26. It s short Less than 100 pages, and as such, is an extremely brief overview of Lincoln s life And yet, having read at least one other biography of Lincoln, this short book covers or less what I remember from the first, except for a few details I recommend reading this book as an introduction to Lincoln, and then reading several in depth biographies and histories This book will give you the basic framework, the others will fill in the details.That said, I don t agree with everything the author [...]

  27. It s always hard to rate these short biographies because by definition they omit a good deal, but presumably that s a given when you read a book about someone like Lincon that comes in under 100 pages.That said, such books help us to truly distill the nunerous events and complexities into their essence, allowing us to focus on the most meaningful events and the core of Lincoln s legacies, which could be less clear, for instance in a bookstop volume or multi volume biography McPherson does an exc [...]

  28. Apparently I m the first person on to read or review this book, which is kind of crazy because it is one heck of a fast, easy read So here s what I love about this book it s tiny Really I ve read a number of books on Lincoln he s my personal hero and sometimes it can get overwhelming Short treatments are a worthwhile contribution to an already crowded market for, as I see it, two reasons 1 They are approachable by people who don t want to commit to massive tomes, but are interested in the subjec [...]

  29. As a fan of the 1000 page presidential biographies, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this slim volume a mere 65 pages after factoring in end matter I did not think such a tiny book would be than a slightly expanded encyclopedia entry on our 16th president My initial judgment proved accurate for the first few pages There is not much here other than standard biological facts Where McPherson shines is in the passages highlighting Lincoln s political career and presidency In v [...]

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