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Secret Baby

[PDF] Secret Baby | by ↠ Victoria Pinder [PDF] Secret Baby | by ↠ Victoria Pinder - Secret Baby, Secret Baby Victoria Morgan shocks the world when she shows up at her father s funeral Shocking because for the last five years everyone believed she was dead To escape her billionaire father s cruel manipulatio

  • Title: Secret Baby
  • Author: Victoria Pinder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Secret Baby | by ↠ Victoria Pinder, Secret Baby, Victoria Pinder, Secret Baby Victoria Morgan shocks the world when she shows up at her father s funeral Shocking because for the last five years everyone believed she was dead To escape her billionaire father s cruel manipulations Victoria let everyone believe she was gone forever Burdened with a broken heart and the tragic loss of her baby she felt there was nothing left for her But her returnVictoria Morgan sh

Secret Baby

[PDF] Secret Baby | by ↠ Victoria Pinder [PDF] Secret Baby | by ↠ Victoria Pinder - Secret Baby, Secret Baby Victoria Morgan shocks the world when she shows up at her father s funeral Shocking because for the last five years everyone believed she was dead To escape her billionaire father s cruel manipulatio Secret Baby

  • [PDF] Secret Baby | by ↠ Victoria Pinder
    143Victoria Pinder
Secret Baby

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  1. I had such high hopes for this book, a dead father, daughter coming back to live because of it all of this drama I was very excited for Then I started to read and this was nothing to what I thought we were getting I wanted history of her crappy dad, of them in high school together I wanted a book that made sense when you read it and not have it going all over the place I m glad I got this for free because I would have been pissed if I paid for it

  2. I will start with a confession I didn t finish this book I don t do this often, normally I hold on and struggle through to the grim end, but I didn t even have the patience for that with this book The tenses were constantly confused, and confusing, switching back and forth between past and present tense for no particular, nor logical reason There were references to the past I m assuming that gets expounded upon further into the book than I got that made no sense in the sentence and paragraph str [...]

  3. Received in exchange for an honest review As soon as I finished Secret Crush I knew I had to have Secret Baby I instantly contacted Victoria and asked if it was possible and thank my lucky stars she said YES In this installment we follow Vicki The come back from the dead Morgan and instantly in the first chapter we find our story Vicki has a daughter.She rushes to Alice s and Johns and comes face to face with the daughter she thought had died, Clara and the love of her teen life, Colt.Thankfully [...]

  4. Secret Baby by Victoria Pinder is book number two in the House of Morgan Book series This is Victoria Vicki Morgan and Colt Collins story.Vicki gave birth to a baby girl five years ago She was told that her baby died Vicki faked her death so that she could get out from under her dad s harsh control Vicki surprised everyone when she showed up for her dad s funeral But then Vicki and Colt were shocked when secrets and lies come out.I enjoyed this story It is a sweet, heartwarming, and at times a [...]

  5. I was really excited to get Victoria s story book one talked about her a lot and left me wondering what her real story was I feel bad for the House of Morgan I liked how you could feel sympathetic towards both sides I understood Vicki s need to be with her daughter and Colt s need to prove she would stick around the story is so interesting and layered you keep reading to see what would happen I just wish the conversations flowed naturally they felt stiff and stilted, sometimes incomplete but I [...]

  6. Another good story about the House of Morgan Man their father may be dead but he is one of those men you d like to raise from the dead so you could slowly kill him all over again, for the crap he put his family thru.In this book we find out all the crap he put Victoria throughinly telling her that her daughter died at birth Thank heaven s for Colt And that s all I can say so that I do not give this Very good storyline away Looking forward to Peter s book.

  7. Glad I didn t pay for this one Idea could have been good, but that s about it Worst editing ever beyond annoying Basic grammar like choosing the correct preposition should not be repeatedly ignored for example, different FROM not different than, not different to Bored WITH, not bored of Preposition use is the worst of the recurrent problems Then there s the use of oranges and oak as a unique personal smell Really What exactly does oak smell like, and how does that relate to oranges And, why has [...]


  9. Another awesome story by Ms Pinder At times I struggled with strong feelings because of the loss Victoria had to deal with on her own She remade herself into a better person yet so many damned her because of her family name and who her father was There are 3 Morgan siblings, Vicky is the middle child and only girl Her father was grooming her for a life he intended her to have no matter how she felt Colt is a wonderful and strong man who served in the military He raised his daughter from infancy [...]

  10. I could not put this book down What happens when your dad does something that breaks the man you loved and yourself up and he tells you something about the daughter you had that was a complete lie What would you do if you both found out nothing was as it seemed but one is about to move on and the other just wants a second chance with the people they love This is the problem Victoria Morgan faces when she goes back to her hometown for her father s funeral and sees Colt Collins and their daughter [...]

  11. Mom Daughter ReunitedThis is the second book in The House of Morgan series and I can honestly say that it has been a long time since I have completely despised a character Holy crap I just want to bring that evil man back to life to kill him all over again brutal, I know but he deserves no sympathy It grabs you right from the start and your heart goes every which way I absolutely love how the child is protected and loved with nothing but her best interest involved I am hooked on this series

  12. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review This book grabbed my attention the moment I started reading it and I had a very hard time putting it down The author did an amazing job conveying Victoria and Colt s story I loved everything about this book, even the very realistic portrayal of Clara, their child, who is outspoken and direct to the point I would recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading This is the second book in the series, but it can be read easily as a st [...]

  13. This is the second book of The House of Morgan by Victoria Pinder but my first read of her works I am definitely going back to read book 1 now and probably read book 2 again I enjoyed this book very much The story is complicated, compelling and well written The story flows and keeps you engage until the last page I received an advanced reader copy and I am happy to tell you how much I enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading all the books in the series.

  14. Can Colt and Victoria become one again He s trying to build a new life for himself and his daughter, after his wife and mother of his child left Then Victoria comes to town and now wants to be part of her daughter s life Beautiful love story with drama thrown in Great read Received this book for a ARC and appreciate receiving it

  15. This book had me from the first word It s a very quick read that keeps you hoping for a happy ending Secret Baby is a book about secrets, lies, trust, friendship and re building relationships Victoria Pinder has hit a home run with the House of Morgan books and I can t wait to read the next one I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced readers copy of this book.

  16. I received this book in exchange for my honest review They all have secrets n when this one came out it shocked Vicki because she thought her baby was deceased When she sees her daughter for the first time she is in shock The book revealed secrets Lies n true love

  17. Loved it,great read This book has a great storyline that most women can relate to, or even dread that something like this story could happen to someone that they know I will be reading by this author.

  18. Needs WorkThis storyline had really great possibility but lacked depth The writing style along with the flow of the story really needs to be addressed There was no build up or really any angst It was like the author would start moving towards what could turn into a great scene and then it would flop with no follow through For instance when she goes to Colts with her box of proof of her story, you never experience the depth of the situation, he never goes through the box, you don t ever feel the [...]

  19. Secret BabyThis book had the potential to be a beautiful story of love, betrayal, and redemption, but it was disjointed, some things were left hanging such as the Hudson s Who were they and why did they smoke Vicki out A good proofreader was needed to correct many mistakes A hurricane does not suddenly appear without many days warnings among other things.

  20. SecretsA father deceived his daughter How cruel Vicky lost years of her daughter s life Now she has to prove to the father of her little girl that she was not as deceitful as her own father She acts as the nanny to get to know her baby girl A fiance in the mix is A mess.It s A bit of A choppy read, but A sweet romance about 2nd chances with a HEA

  21. Victoria faked her death after her baby died and disappeared for five years Her father was wealthy and controlling but after he died she returned only to find out her baby had not died and that she was being raised by her ex boyfriend and her baby s daddy Vicky s dad was behind the plan Vicky wants to be a part of her little girl s life, but Colt doesn t know if he can trust her.

  22. Betrayal, misunderstanding, and time broken heartsThis story has twists and turns, and air from a cruel father that changes the lives of two young people It s a good story and the main characters are basically good people that have to fight to overcome a malicious tyrannical father Even after his death he leaves pain and ruin in his wake.

  23. In order to rate a book, I have to select a star should allow negative stars This would have gotten at least a 2 I couldn t get past the first chapter so 1 for unbelievable content within the first two paragraphs and 1 for grammar errors starting on page 1 I was looking for something light to read I thought this would fit the bill I WAS WRONG.

  24. Her baby was stolen by her father, but he told her it was dead So she left town by faking her death She is back and discovered the lies her father had told her, the child she thought dead and the man she loved and thought didn t want her A really powerful story of betrayal.

  25. This would have been a great story except for two things I felt there wasn t enough background given and the editing was horrendous Verb agreement and sentence structure are crucial but was terribly lacking This interrupted the flow of the story.

  26. A can t put down storyGreat story, terrible editing Liked the characters,colt and Vickie, Clara was a real plus in the story Clean up the editing and it will be much better.

  27. I have my strong woman who has cut ties with her family Her father had so much money that he could get away with almost anything and did A lovely romance.

  28. Captivating Very well written and full on suspense.Very interesting, once picked up, you won t be able to out it down Hooks you right from the first chapter

  29. The story idea premise was okay, but executed horribly This is one of the most choppy books I ve read and the story did not flow at all.

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