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Esperanza's Box Of Saints

↠ Esperanza's Box Of Saints Û María Amparo Escandón ↠ Esperanza's Box Of Saints Û María Amparo Escandón - Esperanza's Box Of Saints, Esperanza s Box Of Saints A twentieth century fairytale set in Mexico and America Esperanza s Box of Saints is the magical and humorous tale of a beautiful young widow s search for her missing child an odyssey that takes her f

  • Title: Esperanza's Box Of Saints
  • Author: María Amparo Escandón
  • ISBN: 9780330482714
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Unknown Binding

↠ Esperanza's Box Of Saints Û María Amparo Escandón, Esperanza's Box Of Saints, María Amparo Escandón, Esperanza s Box Of Saints A twentieth century fairytale set in Mexico and America Esperanza s Box of Saints is the magical and humorous tale of a beautiful young widow s search for her missing child an odyssey that takes her from her Mexican village to the brothels and peep shows of Tijuana and Los Angeles Esperanza s journey tests her faith teaches her the ways of the world and transforms he A t

Esperanza's Box Of Saints

↠ Esperanza's Box Of Saints Û María Amparo Escandón ↠ Esperanza's Box Of Saints Û María Amparo Escandón - Esperanza's Box Of Saints, Esperanza s Box Of Saints A twentieth century fairytale set in Mexico and America Esperanza s Box of Saints is the magical and humorous tale of a beautiful young widow s search for her missing child an odyssey that takes her f Esperanza's Box Of Saints

  • ↠ Esperanza's Box Of Saints Û María Amparo Escandón
    442María Amparo Escandón
Esperanza's Box Of Saints

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  1. I really liked this a lot It was cute, adorable, and wonderful and magnificent all at the same time I giggled at the ending, which was unsurprising but again, cute and adorable If you re looking for a fun, quick, and interesting story, grab this book It requires a bit of suspension of disbelief It s not quite on the same level as Isabel Allende, but Esperanza s Box of Saints has that same sort of fantastic element to it.

  2. 3.5 OK Quirky book Being of Latin descent I understand the book than the regular non Latin My Grandmother had her saints too.From the book, Some of Esperanza s saints Juan Soldado, the unofficial patron saint and protector of illegal immigrantsSan Adjutor, patron saint invoked against drowningSan Antonio de Padua, patron of lost people and invoked by women who wished to get husbands.San Francisco de As s, patron of animals and pets,San Gerardo Mayela, patron of housewives,San Isidro patron sain [...]

  3. Hmm Okay Let me try to tackle this My feelings about Esperanza s Box of Saints are all over the place.This book is pretty cute, which makes it hard to reconcile with the extremely dark subject matter Honestly, I m not sure how the author did it The writing is light and charming, but whoa is it dark Like, every major plot development is super horrendous and grim but described with vivid colors and smells and charming scenes It s kind of amazing that the author was able to accomplish this This is [...]

  4. This book does have a fun premise Esperanza begins a desperate search for her deceased daughter from her small Mexican town to Tijuana to LA after she sees an image of the saint for desperate causes in the grease of her oven window However, the overall package doesn t satisfy and falls flat w too many conveniences Esperanza is gorgeous but doesn t know it she s in and out of hideous situations but doesn t get hurt everyone she meets falls in love w her even the most despicable of men She finally [...]

  5. This was a book with an implausible storyline, but entertaining and well written This is a story of loss, friendship, and faith An apparition of a saint tells Esperanza that her daughter is not dead She leaves her town in Mexico and searches through the brothels of Tijuana and Los Angeles, looking for her daughter who she believes was kidnapped into prostitution The assortment of characters she finds is often hilarious and not as frightening as one would imagine happening in reality The novel is [...]

  6. Esperanza is trying to deal with the sudden death of her daughter Blanca, when her favorite saint San Judas Tadeo appears to her in the oven door and tells her Blanca isn t dead after all Thus begins Esperanza s quest to find her little girl This journey takes her to Tijuana and LA, into the seediest of apartments and brothels, putting her in danger physically and spiritually But despite the difficulties, Esperanza stays true to her faith and loyal to the memory of her daughter I love the style [...]

  7. Esperanza s Box of Saints is a short novel, but one that I truly loved A spiritual woman, Esperanza lives in Mexico with her best friend Both have lived lives filled with tragedy First, their husbands were killed in a tragic accident Most recently, Esperanza s daughter died in the hospital unexpectedly The book follows Esperanza as she travels through Mexico and the United States searching for her daughter, hoping to find her alive Along her journey, Esperanza does things full of sin and lust an [...]

  8. Vakit kayb diyemem ama okta bir ey katm yor insana.Finali biraz sa ma olmu K z lm dindar bir kad n Esperanza Cenazenin ertesi, bir azizin sil eti beliriveriyor mutfa n n cam nda K z n lmedi diyor Ertesi g n bir kez daha ayn senaryo B ylece Esperanza ba l yor k z n aramaya Bir daha a g r nm yor aziz ona Ama vazge miyor Esperanza Yolculu u gene kendi evinde mutfa n n cam nda son buluyor Me er aziz efendi k z n lmedi kalbinde ya yor mealinde bir eyler demeye al m Eh i te

  9. a story of searching for a sign of how to live after losing someone incredibly close and important in your life Those months, and years can turn you into a different person, and taking a long journey through mexico and los angeles and back can give you all the answers you might need She describes a three bedroom house in Downey, with an overflowing purple jacaranda tree, which is the house i moved into and grew up in, I wonder if a mexican wrestler named Angel lived there long before we did.

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  11. More 3 1 2 than 4 stars This book really grew on me as I read Esperanza is one of those characters whose dogged determination wins out over what we might consider reality By the end of this novel it doesn t matter what is true or not I just admire that she has been true to herself This is a book I had never heard of had it not been for.

  12. This is a rich, luxurious story Warm and fun, yet touching and empathetic too This was a rewarding read for a cover and title that jumped out at me on a bookstore shelf without having heard of it otherwise.

  13. Hilarious A journey that plays on the role of sexuality in the spiritual journey Mar a Amparo Escand n makes a sad situation hopeful and humorous.

  14. cordelial84.wordpress 201Meet Esperanza, a young widow, who has just lost her child, Blanca Esperanza is a humble, deeply believing woman, living with her best friend and her daughter When Blanca dies, Esperanza s world falls apart As always, she takes comfort with her faith and her saints During Blanca s funeral, one of the saints tells Esperanza that Blanca is not dead and that she has to find her Thus Esperanza embarks on her journey, which is full of surprises, but which is in reality a jour [...]

  15. One of my MOST favorite books and is a joy to read over and over Scribner Paperback Fiction Reading Group Guide describes it like this A magical, humorous, and passion filled odyssey about a beautiful young widow s search for her missing child a mission that takes her from a humble Mexican village to the rowdy brothels of Tijuana and a rarely seen side of Los Angeles But it s not just a geographical journey it s also a journey of self discovery And Self recovery, I say.It is at times touching, f [...]

  16. Esperanza D az has just lost her twelve year old daughter to an unexplained, sudden virus When Esperanza last saw her Blanca she had been in the hospital to have her tonsils removed and had been fully recovered to the extent that she was about to come home, when she is suddenly reported dead The night of the funeral Esperanza experiences a vision from San Judas Tadeo, patron saint of desperate cases, when he appears on her greasy oven window See there is a reason not to clean these things He tel [...]

  17. In the book Esperanza s Box of Saints, the setting took place in many different places It took place in Tijuana Mexico and In many different little places in California The setting is very scary because the narrator describes how both places are very dangerous and how Tijuana is a really bad country to be in because it is a prostitution city The books main character is Esperanza, she is a very beautiful lady and she is very brave She is the mother of her lost daughter Blanca I really like Espera [...]

  18. Again, a book club book that I was way behind on I had trouble with this book, but I liked certain aspects of it Overall, though, I struggled with the choices she made and thought about 40 pages before the end of the book, the tone completely changed and it seemed a different book Then it morphed back to the rest of the story.I had hoped for from this book, so I was a bit disappointed, but I did enjoy the altar s importance and the message of faith It was also interesting that my feelings about [...]

  19. Esperanza s Box of Saints is a literary masterpiece The story focuses on Esperanza, a young, Mexican widow from the small time of Tlacotalpan, Veracruz who embarks on a journey to find her daughter The story takes place in Tlacotalpan, Tijuana, and the busy streets of Los Angeles Esperanza faces many obstacles in her remarkable journey to locate her daughter The many struggles are at time serious, emotional, spiritual, and humorous Esperanza also carries around her Box of Saints that signify her [...]

  20. As they made love, he heard a crashing sound inside his chest and wondered what it was, immediately realizing she has broken his life in two From then on, everything in his life would be placed in time as before Esperanza or after Esperanza Haven t you ever been hurt by another wrestler Not really I just had my pinkie broken once, but the damage is inside There s no scar Sometimes that s the kind of damage that hurts the most He was amazed by the way God reworks events so that people s paths get [...]

  21. Esperanza was told that her 12 year old daughter died during a tonsillectomyprocedure Esperanza does not believe it She is visited by a Saint who tells her that her daughter is not dead, but has been kidnapped This story asks the question How far will a mother go to be with her child again It is a break from the Latin American tradition of magic realism, but still represents the many facets of Mexican Folk Culture As Mexican folk art and celebrations such as Day of the Dead become increasingly p [...]

  22. I got this book from a church book sale, I really enjoyed it It was comical, religious and about various relationships Esperanza s daughter Blanca dies in the hospital and Esperanza gets an apparition from St Jude, the Saint of the Poor She begins to speak with her church father and ends up going to several brothels looking for Blanca Obviously she was looking for her daughter who she believed to be alive in all of the wrong places Well, Blanca is really dead and Esperanza finds love It was very [...]

  23. This humorous novel tells the story of Esperanza Diaz, a mother in Veracruz, Mexico whose daughter dies and, unbelieving that she has actually passed, sets out on a mission to find her Carrying her box of holy cards, votive candles, and statues she visits some of the seamier side of towns and cities and gets help from a cast of amusing characters including her parish priest, an American judge, a luchador, and a variety of sex workers Through it all, she maintains a stream of mainly one sided com [...]

  24. A wildly quirky and surprisingly reverent story about a mother dealing with well, denying, for most of the book her daughter s sudden death She sees a vision of a Saint in the grease on her oven door which tells her the daughter is still alive, so she goes searching for her Somewhat reminiscent of Tim Robbins, but less sharp I don t like Tim Robbins very much I liked the breakneck pace and the hilarious naivety of the heroine Every time she meets someone new it seems like a disaster waiting to h [...]

  25. This book is about women who lose her daughter Ezperanza takes her daughter to the hospital and when she goes to pick her up they tell her that her daughter died After she wanted to see her daughter but she couldn t see her because they told her that she was contagious She tries to find out where her daughter is because she thinks that her daughter is not dead They might have taken her somewhere to make her a prostitute She goes on this journey to find her daughter Blanca Then she goes in this j [...]

  26. Entertaining novel about a young widow who is told that her 12 year old daughter is dead but does believe it Her search for her daughter takes her from her small Veracruz village to Tijuana and eventually to Los Angeles Lots of interesting stuff here about Mexican religiosity, the love of a mother for her daughter, and the effect of time on grief And despite those sometimes heavy themes, it s often very funny and slight spoiler alert it even has a happy ending But not the happy ending I was expe [...]

  27. This was a tale of loss and magical thinking to refuse the reality of that loss Having lost a dear friend this year, the book reminded me of some of my own less than rational methods of coping don t always remain dominant Esperanza s travels from her home in a tropical paradise backwater of Mexico to the brothels of Tijuana and LA to find her lost daughter are both touching and at the same time suspend one s quick judgement of the role of belief in our hearts.

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