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Flight of Magpies

Free Download Flight of Magpies - by K.J. Charles Free Download Flight of Magpies - by K.J. Charles - Flight of Magpies, Flight of Magpies Danger in the air Lovers on the brink With the justiciary understaffed a series of horrifying occult murders to be investigated and a young student who is flying literally off the rails magical law

  • Title: Flight of Magpies
  • Author: K.J. Charles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Flight of Magpies - by K.J. Charles, Flight of Magpies, K.J. Charles, Flight of Magpies Danger in the air Lovers on the brink With the justiciary understaffed a series of horrifying occult murders to be investigated and a young student who is flying literally off the rails magical law enforcer Stephen Day is under increasing stress And his relationship with his aristocratic lover Lord Crane is beginning to feel the strain Crane chafes at the restrictioDanger in

Flight of Magpies

Free Download Flight of Magpies - by K.J. Charles Free Download Flight of Magpies - by K.J. Charles - Flight of Magpies, Flight of Magpies Danger in the air Lovers on the brink With the justiciary understaffed a series of horrifying occult murders to be investigated and a young student who is flying literally off the rails magical law Flight of Magpies

  • Free Download Flight of Magpies - by K.J. Charles
    308K.J. Charles
Flight of Magpies

802 Comment Flight of Magpies

  1. 4.5 stars K.J Charles has some mad skills, let me tell you Her A Charm of Magpies stories are imaginative, her sex scenes are SMOKING hot, and her writing is tight She is on fire, and this book was, yet again, top notch quality.Crane and Stephen have become one of my favorite M M couples They just feel so multidimensional, and this story tries their relationship like never before They have to deal with issues of trust, independence, and power, and it was both harrowing and beautiful to witness I [...]

  2. Lucien and Stephen are back, and in trouble Old enemies are coming back to haunt them, new enemies are making their presence felt Stephen s trainee Jenny Saint seems to be going off the rails, the pair clash over the third man in their relationship get your mind out of the gutter, I mean Crane s henchman Merrick and there is only so much longer Crane can bear to spend in England.Because falling in love is all very well, but Stephen and Crane are facing up to the real issues between them, and it [...]

  3. 4.5One for sorrow two for JOY.It s another adventure for Day and Crane I expected no less than perfect prose, hilarious banter, and lots of delicious angst and magical treachery And that s what I got Someone is out for revenge, you see But Lucien and Stephens s bond is so strong it can t be bent, much less broken.This story was heartwrenching but worth it Things were shaky for a while, but these two are ever closer to their HEA Indeed, I would count the last chapter as such if the series were to [...]

  4. The three books and the short stories that make up the A Charm of Magpies series are a completely satisfying, exciting, beautifully written magical romp Read them in order, and fall for the characters and the author This third book is full of action and conflict Almost too full if I had any complaint it s that it moves too fast for the length There are delicious events here, not just in the arcane and mystery realms but between the characters Stephen and Crane have serious fights about who they [...]

  5. Written November 2, 20144.7 Stars Magnificent intriguing and captivating from the first page to the lastBook 3 Just in this way creates a perfect steaming hot, intense and fantastic historical adventure romance Without doubt best so far in this series e it s his, just as all I am and all I have are his But I do hope you are aware, my sweet, somewhere in that absurd heart, that I am ever, entirely, and quite pathetically yours I have no words to pay tribute to these great Magpie books, and this t [...]

  6. What a worthy conclusion to this series Though I m not ready to let go of Lord Crane and Stephen, just now that I ve really started to grow attached to them I m both sad and satisfied.

  7. 4.5 stars I honestly don t know what the deal is with KJ Charles Did she sell her soul to the Devil Has she been secretly writing for years excessively readable works in some other genre, say, gothic thrillers or werewolf comedy of manners or Pre K fiction Maybe under the sly secret pseudonym of JK Charles I ask, because I just sit back sometimes and stare at my much loved ebooks of The Magpie Lord and Think of England, and ponder that if they were paperbacks, they would be bent and creased and [...]

  8. My first BR with Marcie Whatever else you are, you re mine I ve been putting off reading this one because I couldn t face the end And now It s over What ll I do without my kinky dandy I was going to say this is the best one of the series but then I looked at my reviews for the first two and realized I gave them 5 stars too Duh, I m going with 5 on this one but I feel GR is limiting me I d much prefer to go with 7 or 12 Crane and Stephen haven t been together all that long but they are so devoted [...]

  9. This is, I think, the best paranormal series I have ever read And of the three books so far, this one is the best.And if Lucien being all disdainful and foul mouthed doesn t make you cackle with admiring glee Well, you d have my sympathies.Just as you do if you aren t reading this insanely clever, spectacularly gruesome, and delightfully sexy series.

  10. All kinds of disorderly and conduct unbecoming London as cesspit makes its reappearance Troubles that have been delayed and put off come back to roost And the magpies are even spectacular than usual, which let s be honest are one of two favorites things in this series for me Finally, Crane stops dillydallying and coddling and he s magnificent Nice humanizing of Stephen s team in this one as they become fleshed out and explored The Council, well they provide all the help one has come to expect a [...]

  11. 4.25 starsIf this review is slightly shorter AND not as coherent than the previous two well, I have my reason laugh I read this back in September 2014 and silly me, I didn t immediately wrote down my thoughts So I couldn t exactly remember a lot my brain s fault, not the book Also, when I read this, I didn t know that this would be the end of the series So my opinion reflected that.My 4.25 stars rating and not was based on one issue I was slightly worried with Lucien and Stephen s arguments in [...]

  12. This is how I felt upon finishing Flight Of The Magpies And it still feel that way now I loved this book I love this series and I swear K.J Charles can do no wrong I have not read any of her books and thought, Oh this one was just ok Nay, they are all excellent Thank you K.J.While reading A Flight of Magpies I could feel the stress that Stephen was under, as he stretched himself thin to do a good job and prove himself to his superiors All the anxiety and flop sweat just oozed off the page, makin [...]

  13. This is the final book in this series and I m so sorry that I have to say goodbye to two very dear characters I loved Crane and Stephen especially Stephen and I m feeling so sad that there is no to read about them.If the first book was about lusting, the second about loving, this book was about the consolidation of the love between Crane and Stephen.This book was intense, as always, too much action, a real plot and villains.Stephen would like to leave his job and be with Crane all the time, but [...]

  14. The writing is tight in this story Concise, meaty and clever More than once I had the urge to start reading aloud just so I could hear the words Subtle and yet demanding of my full attention, exciting and lovely and sexy Before I get to characters and plot, I must start with the tattoos They continue to play an important and, most excitingly, ever changing role Not just as a part of the story but as an expression of the continuing evolution in Crane and Stephen s relationship, revealing the chan [...]

  15. I know I m starting to sound like a broken record with this series, but each one truly is better than those which have come before The stakes get higher, the interpersonal tension between Lucien and Stephen winds tighter, and the sex gets hotter Combine this with a cast of colorful secondary characters, and you have a series that continues to exceed already high expectations view spoiler Speaking of secondary characters, we are introduced to the delightful Jonah Pastern, who will be getting his [...]

  16. Might contain spoilers I liked this closure I wouldn t mind getting , but still, it was a nice ending for the lovely couple Lucien Vaudrey, aka Lord Crane 37 and Stephen Day 29 The book was filled with action, betrayals, love, friendship, loss, and trust It pretty much got it all, AND it s fast forward, easy and a quick, nice read Overall, I enjoyed this series and wished there was , but it s also nice to have it done it is done, right to find something new to read Though I hate finding new book [...]

  17. Stephen and Lucien wow Their relationship is magical Not only there is magic involved, but they are so strong, so right, so perfect together This was one fantastic adventure, dangerous, threatening, but at the same time, these adversities only brought power to both of them I have a favorite, though Lucien You can give me a dominant Lucien anytime, please Actually, give me He is absolutely fabulous I love to see him with Stephen, no doubt about that, but I also love to see him arguing with M [...]

  18. There are two things wrong with this book One is the cover fail I look a Crane and I see him ready to attend the senior prom, circa 1978 The second is that it was too darn short Other than that, it s awesome Really well written, great mystery, and great characters I totally loved seeing Stephen and Crane as an established couple.Honest question was Shanghai really gay friendly or gay tolerant in the 18th or 19th century

  19. Flight of the Magpies is book there in the A Charm of Magpies series that I was on the fence about reading because I do not read historical romance, EVER To say this series surprised the heck out of me, is an understatement I loved all three books in the series, maybe because like my friend Caipi said, it didn t feel like a historical romance, and I agree Yes, the dialogue and the description of clothing and everyday life was definitely historical, but it just added to the story for me.Lord Cran [...]

  20. Ahhh the lads are back at it You fucking pricktease, Crane hissed Go and get naked I want you bent over the bed and waiting for it You are getting respectable, aren t you Stephen said thickly All the way to the bedroom when there s a floor right here you could fuck me on Well, howdie doodie Who said historical romances were boring Stephen and Crane are in fine form and no doubt about it The floor, a wall, the hall table, under a restaurant table anything goes.You can love Stephen and his diminut [...]

  21. I read this with a great big smile on my face, happily getting anxious to return to the book to see what is happening, each time I had to stop reading.Charles really went out with a bang with this one A proper finale, a kick ass culmination of a great series.What I loved The conversations and banterCrane s sarcastic mouthSeeing the bond that exists between Crane and Stephen We had already seen the bond that there is between Crane and Merrick which is further reinforced here But in this one we al [...]

  22. 4.5 starsI ve read this 3 times nowd finally remembered to write a review Loved Crane.Liked Stephen.Could do w o the power play in the bedroom.Swooned over the relationship growth development Intrigued by Jonah.Like Merrick, but less than before.Uncertain about Saint.Enjoyed the story.Obsessed with this series Fangirl ing over the authorwaysDid I mention I ve read this 3 times

  23. I can t really express the degree of love that I have for this series in any better way than recommending it A Charm of Magpies The Magpie LordInterlude with TattoosA Case of PossessionA Case of SpiritsFlight of MagpiesThe writing, the characters, the story They all combine to give me what I love best about reading, an adventure and memories that stay with me long after it ends This, like all of them, is clever, filthy sexy and romantic They re all infused with magical threads that have grown th [...]

  24. Five for perfection Yes I loved it.Can t get enought of this series I m glad it was left open to Because I need please Perfection the second time around.

  25. Another author who s work I keep a dictionary to hand Ms Charles writes wonderful prose with vocabulary in keeping with the period of her novels I love discovering new old words Another fantastic novel in the series Great plot, great characters, a great read.5 well deserved stars.

  26. I had only one moment of uncertainty where I actually put the book down and took a deep breath, praying it wouldn t head where I thought it would Luckily it didn t and I enjoyed every moment and adventure Crane and Stephen went through Plus, we got to hear Stephen s point of view too, which was awesome view spoiler I feared the author would separate the two and stuff in some jealousy and the usual lovers misunderstandings I dreaded reading on when I thought I might have to witness Crane and Step [...]

  27. The third book in the Charm of Magpie Seriesended up being my favorite It was the best end, to a great series.This series confirms what I already knew K.J.Charles is one of the most talented writers out there I m not into magic or fantasy especially when it s paired with historical romance But I read all three books back to back, and I m planning on reading Jackdaw next, and this speaks volumes.As far as the romance is concern, the conclusion of the story left me deeply satisfied Despite the ama [...]

  28. This has been a fantastic series and certainly Flight has all the elements that we ve come to expect from K.J Charles brilliant dialogue, humor, great characters, scalding sex, and gruesome magical deaths This was the only book that felt too short though it is the same length as the others This is partially just my disappointment at seeing a great series come to a close but also a lingering sense that wrapping up matters for this plot and this couple needed a longer book to really do it justice [...]

  29. You should be furious with me I am, Crane said against his neck Livid Can t stand the sight of you Come here This is my favorite book in the Magpies Series.We find Stephen and Lucien several months after the events in book 2, their relationship has progressed but Stephen s overwhelming sense of responsibility towards his job causes some friction I loved the way K.J Charles handled the conflict these two had, how she laid both their hearts open on the pages so I could feel all the emotions they w [...]

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