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Sock Best Download || [Penn Jillette] Sock Best Download || [Penn Jillette] - Sock, Sock Twisting the buddy cop story upside down and inside out Penn Jillette has created the most distinctive narrator to come along in fiction in many years a sock monkey called Dickie The sock monkey belo

  • Title: Sock
  • Author: Penn Jillette
  • ISBN: 9780312328054
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback

Sock Best Download || [Penn Jillette], Sock, Penn Jillette, Sock Twisting the buddy cop story upside down and inside out Penn Jillette has created the most distinctive narrator to come along in fiction in many years a sock monkey called Dickie The sock monkey belongs to a New York City police diver who discovers the body of an old lover in the murky waters of the Hudson River and sets off with her best friend to find her killer TheTwisting the buddy cop s


Sock Best Download || [Penn Jillette] Sock Best Download || [Penn Jillette] - Sock, Sock Twisting the buddy cop story upside down and inside out Penn Jillette has created the most distinctive narrator to come along in fiction in many years a sock monkey called Dickie The sock monkey belo Sock

  • Sock Best Download || [Penn Jillette]
    173Penn Jillette

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  1. If this book was a person I would punch it in the face.This isn t a story It s just a string of atheist essays with a small bit of plot holding them together I hated it so much, and I m not even a religious person If I had known this book was going to preach to me I never would have started reading it in the first place.The worst part of all is that a dear, sweet sock monkey had to be included in this drek I love sock monkeys I hate this book.

  2. I ll be up front here Lately, I ve had a non sexual crush on Penn Jillette This, of course, was spurred by his appearance on that awful time suck of a show called Celebrity Apprentice however, I ve always thought he was articulate, creative and uber intelligent He s tall He s mysterious He s mothereffing magic Not to mention, he named his daughter Moxie CrimeFighter For real What a RAD DAD Anyways, a few years back, I picked up Sock and found one reason to appreciate Penn Jillette he s a fairly [...]

  3. I want to give an extra star for the wild and unconventional execution, but it s tempered by the fact that a lot of its kooky devices fall flat Every paragraph ends in a pop culture reference, usually a line from a song, I guess because the Little Fool listened to music a lot when he was younger, so Dickie picked up these phrases But they are only rarely actually relevant to the content of the paragraph they are tacked onto, and often that relevance doesn t go much deeper than simple word associ [...]

  4. Sock What a surprise Granted it has been out a few years, but I had not heard anything about its existence, let alone how well or poorly it was written Not quite what you would expect from the co author of Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends But, then again, in some ways it is.I see that the goodreaders don t rate it on average quite as highly as I did I can understand that It is choppy in some ways, but not because of lack of interest I think that elements of the book take effort to get through and [...]

  5. This book has the most interesting narrator I have ever read a sock monkey called Dickie All throughout the book, readers will see things from Dickie s point of view You see, Dickie belongs to a grown up NYPD diver, whom Dickie calls Little Fool One day Little Fool discovered a body belonging to his former lover Nell, obviously dead, in a river Together with his friend Tommy and Dickie, Little Fool tries to find the killer Which is a bit challenging, since Little Fool is a diver, not detective.T [...]

  6. the voice of this novel is a sock monkey named Dickie he is owned by the Little Fool, a police diver who scubas a reserve of water in new york for bodies the story starts to pick up steam when the Little Fool drags a familiar body out of the water an old lover of his that he has now determined was his true love i enjoyed the book as a whole it is full of pop culture references, all of which the author has said help give the paragraphs a theme i felt that there was a chapter towards the end that [...]

  7. This book was a grind It s about 50 pages of story and 220 pages of Penn s meandering thoughts filler Usually I enjoy Penn s meandering thoughts, but not when I think I m going to read a crime mystery novel The sock as a storytelling device was unnecessary at best and stupid at worst I love Penn s other books, but not this one.

  8. The end of every paragraph ends in a line to a pop song This is meant to reinforce the idea of the paragraph It seems like a nice, quirky idea, but for me it was extremely distracting It took away from the flow of the story I quickly started skipping the last line of every paragraph It still bothered me because sometimes he threw in two lines of a song I felt myself getting super frustrated because of how much I liked some passages of the book.Then I found a website that listed all the lyrics in [...]

  9. Penn Jilette puts his words into his protagonist puppet s mouth in his oddball novel Sock Purportedly told by a stuffed sock monkey, the main focus is on a New York City police diver Upon finding the bludgeoned body of his ex during a crime spree, the diver and his salon running gay best friend team up to bring down the murderer While starting off with a neat premise, the book swiftly falls into a running commentary of Jilette s societal views Plot is sacrificed in order to expound upon religion [...]

  10. What begins as a potentially interesting, Gothic romp through the mind of a terrible sock monkey in the midst of a murder mystery devolves into an all out attack on religion It s depressing to watch a novel with a lot of dark, intriguing ideas become a simple delivery vessel for Jillette s pure hatred of religion I can t go below 2 stars here, because the writing s solid, and this book had me thinking and flipping pages pretty fast, but it s final on the nose message undercuts what makes the boo [...]

  11. Penn Jillette The louder half of Penn and Teller.Penn wrote a book back in 2004 When i saw it in the book store, i said to myself, that looks awesome The story is narrated by the sock monkey of a NYC Police Diver Said diver runs across the body of an ex girlfriend and spends the rest of the book determined to locate the killer and take him down Did i mention it was narrated by a sock monkey The book aptly named Sock was one of the lousiest reads i have ever mucked through The story was interesti [...]

  12. First off, I must admit that I had no idea Penn Jillette of Penn Teller fame had written a book I was very happy and excited to find this it meant a book for my hubby to read and I really wanted to read it myself And, as is usual of strange writing, we had very different opinions about said book when we were done Namely that hubby really liked it, and I was really disappointed by it.The story is a basic murder mystery on the surface A police diver the guys that fish corpses out of the water is d [...]

  13. 2.5 stars I was a big fan of Penn Jillette s two collections of rants, anecdotes, and essays God, No Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales andEvery Day is an Atheist Holiday so I was curious to see what a work of fiction from him would be like Well, it turned out that the book was still full of rants and opinions and they pretty much overwhelmed the narrative The plot of Sock is fairly straightforward a police diver discovers the brutally murdered body of his ex girlfriend [...]

  14. This is a difficult novel to review, especially if you are a fan of Jillette not only in his roll as bullshit bashing magician, but as a social commentator Penn tells it like it is constantly And that is the problem with Sock.As a debut novel it is brave, clever, insightful and raw Unfortunately,if you ve read any of his other works as I had with God,No book show 84, read any of his work online, or seen Penn Teller Bullshit, it s all old and just comes across as preachy ranting.Don t get me wron [...]

  15. I am a big fan of Penn Jillette, whether it be from TV or his Vegas show, where he graciously signed this book So of course I was curious to read a work of fiction from him I was a little nervous because the story was told from the point of view of a sock monkey and I had read an awful book called Winkie, which was told from the point of view of a teddy bear Luckily the odd narrators are the only similarities This is really two books in one The main storyline is a classic noir story a policeman [...]

  16. I fully knew what I was getting into when I started this book, thanks to so many reviews on sites like this But I am having a hard time putting my thoughts into words for this book, or even picking a rating I liked that it was so different from other books It was dark, but at times I wondered if the author was doing so for shock value I didn t understand the point of the pop culture reference at the end of almost every paragraph Few of them contributed much to the story.The ending seemed a littl [...]

  17. I couldn t finish this book.For the first chapter, I thought I was reading something revolutionary a story, while fairly straightforward when you took away all the heavy handed in your face pop culture references and oh look at me, a character in my book is gay , told from a unique perspective and with an interesting voice.By the second chapter, I was oh, of the same.By the third, it was starting to grate.By the fourth, i d had enough.I m sure Sock has in there somewhere a great book, but the u [...]

  18. I had all kinds of hope for this book Whew See, I d believe a sock monkey as a narrator if he had some redeeming qualities or helped what might be mistaken for a plotline But Jillette s investment in this character narrator is so very disappointing He is hurtful, spiteful, and at times full of the kind of hate that makes Donald Trump look good to the unwashed The premise of the book is unique, but it doesn t do much else for anyone who puts sentences together with care Concluding each paragraph [...]

  19. Okay, another weird book from Mellinger, one which I m not quite finished with yet One of the blurbs on the cover mentions the orginal new voice of the narrator, a sock monkey named Dickie Anybody familiar with Penn Jillette will note that there s nothing original about the narrative voice it s a direct feed from Penn himself It even features his fascination with monkeys Monkey Tuesday and it seems unedited There s a song quotation at the end of nearly every paragraph, and often the lyrics are m [...]

  20. It wasn t until his second book got released that I started wondering about Penn s writing, and I decided to pick up a copy of Sock, his first book.It was great in a dark, twisted, sock monkey sort of way This is the kind of book I d recommend to my peers, but not my parents It s graphic and vulgar, and it tells a fascinating story from a unique point of view.I can t speak for others who have read it, but there were definitely parts that made me feel physically upset And while feeling upset is n [...]

  21. I really wanted to like this book I really did Who do I love Penn and em effing Teller, that s who But man, I did not get into the voice of the storyteller at ALL, and while I do appreciate a good serial killer storyline, I didn t find myself satisfied by the denouement Also, we all know Penn is an outspoken fella with some really firmly held opinions Unfortunately, so much of what the storyteller had to say read like Penn going on a tirade and didn t feel really honest for the character, or nec [...]

  22. this was one of those books that sounded interesting enough to go on my Christmas list, but not interesting enough for me to run out and buy I ended up getting it for Christmas and love it than I can explain.I m not necessarily a Penn Jillette fan, I guess he s funny enough, but I d never go out of my way to see one of his shows or anything, but this book is I don t know, it s just well written and funny and smart and dotted with enough pop culture references to keep pop culture connoisseur lik [...]

  23. Read this one for bookclub I felt like there were two stories here The nominal story was about The Little Fool solving the mystery of an ex flame s death That story was engaging and funny It was nearly drowned under the weight of Penn s personality Over the top swagger and political opinions ranged from eye rolling to irritating to genuinely upsetting and I pretty much agree with the guy The tone of the book was musical calling to mind rap battles and clearly demonstrating Penn s showmanship Lit [...]

  24. Highly entertaining and written in an unusual style from the point of view of the protagonist s sock monkey Contains a great many fun pop culture references and dialogue that makes you think outside your normal frame of reference It was a real treat for someone who gets easily bored with formulaic novels and traditional writing styles I also share a similar point of view with the author on many political and religious subjects so it was interesting to see those fleshed out using the novel s char [...]

  25. A clever conceit that could have failed miserably, but, perhaps surprisingly, didn t The whole story is told from the perspective of the protagonist s sock monkey, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, especially popular songs.Yeah, I know, I know, but it somehow worked, and yes, the author is one half of the Penn and Teller duo I think he s the one who named his daughter Moxie Crimefighter Jillette, so go figure It s not great literature, but it was fun marred only by a rather rushe [...]

  26. I couldn t do it.The frustration of reading a book comprised almost entirely of three or four word sentences was maddening Not to mention the fact that those sentences were either painfully repetitive, made no sense, or were song lyrics didn t help Just getting through the first ten pages, I had to put this book down and walk away than ten times.This dialogue works when you re speaking or telling jokes, but doesn t translate well to print While the narration idea was novel at first, it s hard t [...]

  27. Penn Jillette doesn t hold back a lot in his writing or his stage performances, for that matter Sock is a somewhat intense, often funny, murder mystery that ends up with a big overarching theme that won t be a surprise to any serious Penn Teller fans but I m not spoiling it here There are even a few spots that are surprisingly touching, because it seems like it s written from a point of honesty.I ll tell you what this book didn t do for me it certainly didn t reduce my feeling that monkeys are j [...]

  28. While at times interesting, I didn t feel that the book was all that well written The pop culture references were amusing at times for their Where s Waldo discovery moments, but needless When you end every paragraph with a line from a song or movie to set the tone, it becomes tedious The plot was lacking and served as only a thinly veiled attempt at writing a book about his Atheist beliefs Something he s done much better in his non fiction attempts at writing The book had an interesting concept [...]

  29. This book is roughly 30% story and 70% philosophical musings The philosophical musings were generally not very deep, but they were the better part That said, I thought the very end of the book was good and made the rest of the story worthwhile Jillette s writing style, like his performance style, is in your face direct, which some people may find offputting And his frequent cultural references will make large parts of his book inaccessible in less than a generation Many lines in the book meant n [...]

  30. Religious believers should know already that Jillette will try to set them straight, or at least offend them.I enjoyed this book than I expected to, and probably than I like to admit Why is that Too much sex in the book I m okay with sex in a book Too much weird sex Maybe Also, I guess I had low expectations, even though I love listening to this guy on YouTube and wherever.I am very glad I stumbled on this book.

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