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Parsifal's Page

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Parsifal's Page : by Gerald Morris [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Parsifal's Page : by Gerald Morris - Parsifal's Page, Parsifal s Page Piers or Pierre as he wants to be called is desperate to escape the dirty tedious labor of his father s blacksmith shop So when a knight shows up and says he s on the quest Piers begs to go along S

  • Title: Parsifal's Page
  • Author: Gerald Morris
  • ISBN: 9780618432370
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Parsifal's Page : by Gerald Morris, Parsifal's Page, Gerald Morris, Parsifal s Page Piers or Pierre as he wants to be called is desperate to escape the dirty tedious labor of his father s blacksmith shop So when a knight shows up and says he s on the quest Piers begs to go along Soon he is off on a series of adventures he never dreamed possible However Piers s knight quickly runs into some difficulties and is slain by an odd character named ParPiers or Pierre

Parsifal's Page

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Parsifal's Page : by Gerald Morris [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Parsifal's Page : by Gerald Morris - Parsifal's Page, Parsifal s Page Piers or Pierre as he wants to be called is desperate to escape the dirty tedious labor of his father s blacksmith shop So when a knight shows up and says he s on the quest Piers begs to go along S Parsifal's Page

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Parsifal's Page : by Gerald Morris
    394Gerald Morris
Parsifal's Page

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  1. In the fourth of at least ten books in a series based on Arthurian legends, Wisconsin based author and Baptist minister Gerald Morris brings than an impressive display of scholarship He also brings a very evident love of one of the world s most enduring and powerful stories, a knack for making old tales new in a way that will appeal to younger readers, and a charm for blending timeless myths with original characters and story lines that speak to the present moment Believable touches of human em [...]

  2. Gerald Morris is one of my very favorite authors He regularly impresses me with his wit and ability to tell a really good story Parsifal is just an odd way to spell Percival, I guess I probably would have read that name smoothely if I had known that before reading the Author s Note, which of course is at the end of the book Oh, read the Author s Note, I got a few chuckles in the course of 2 minutes So Likes The Author s Note As I stated above, you might enjoy it The funny approach to love Sir K [...]

  3. Like the rest of the series, Parsifal s Page is light and fun It s also actually a treatment of Parsifal that I don t hate on principle, and that s rare for me I didn t like him much at first, but I did get to like his character, or at least almost to like his character I appreciate the way Gerald Morris handles all of the knights he sort of assumes good faith in all their deeds, even when in Malory they were shocking and terrible It occurs to me that he might make a good lawyer or PR agent, wit [...]

  4. The fourth entry in the Squire s Tale series Piers or Pierre, as he had much rather be called longs for the glamour and glory of court, and despite his father s attempts to teach him his blacksmithing trade, years to be a squire, or at least a page Soon his wish comes true, but not in the way he wanted the knight he acquires sets out against King Arthur When the knight is defeated by Parsifal, a young man raised by his mother in the woods but wants to be a knight, Piers and Parsifal decide to st [...]

  5. I can t quite put my finger on exactly the criteria I use to judge between whether a book is worthy of four or five stars, but I do know that there s something very important that makes the difference Parsifa s Page has that something That something that evokes a response from deep within me It doesn t even really matter what the particular emotion is, whether sorrow, elation, or gratitude what matters is that it is not superficial, but profound.I think what really got to me about this books wer [...]

  6. This is brilliance Gerald Morris has shown everyone the side of the knight s story that has never been seen before This was definitely a side that needed to be shown, and it was awesome There are so many people that are questing to be knights Changing their names, getting fine and fancy manners, and dreaming of glory This is the side we need to see The one that doesn t always reflect glory, and the one of the off duty knight It s about what s behind a mask What s behind a duty to protect the peo [...]

  7. In most Arthurian retellings, the character Parsifal Percival, in most versions , is a minor satellite character In Parsifal s Page, he is brought to into the spotlight as this book follows the story of his well meaning, but often misguided and na ve page While this book was very entertaining and I enjoyed watching Piers journey as he discovers that knighthood and chivalry aren t quite as romantic as his French noblewoman mother made it out to be, I preferred the relaxed, wise voice of Terence [...]

  8. Possibly my favorite Morris book, a nonallegorical retelling of the story of the Fisher King The way Morris tells a story as a story, with the characters as real people instead of allegories, gives the tale a depth it would otherwise lack The deeper meanings are still there, but they re richer Very moving.

  9. Another delightful story, exactly as I expect from this series It s like mac cheese, hot cocoa, and a snugly blanket on a rainy day in book form, and always leaves me feeling good after reading.In this entry, we have a not so typical knight and an aspiring page who get together as something of an odd couple They have some adventures, cross paths with some characters from prior books, learn a few secrets and valuable life lessons, and end up finding their true selves While such stories can be rat [...]

  10. Piers and Parsifal s characters were very interesting and I loved the playfulness that such eccentric characters can evoke in a story It wasn t the most engaging of the plots as Parsifal becomes quite two dimensional in the middle of the book and the story lags.

  11. Apparently the legend of Parsifal is quite famous, although I have only heard of it through the title of Richard Wagner s opera, fittingly called Parsifal And no, I had not even watched the opera, just heard of it My only encounter with Parsifal thus far was briefly when Gawain wrestled with him in the Other World However, I m glad Gerald Morris saw fit to bring Parsifal to the front of the stage.This story is not told by Parsifal himself, but rather by Piers, his page Piers was raised to believ [...]

  12. Piers was so excited to be a page, but what he didn t know was what lay ahead of him In this historical fiction book, Parsifal s Page, a small French boy named Piers is so happy to be a page He hopes to see all the people his mother talks about in her stories she tells him He sets off with a knight named Sir Ither on a quest around England, but as soon as Piers returns from King Arthur, he discovers that Sir Ither has been killed by a man named Parsifal who is trying to become a knight He then b [...]

  13. This is a good example of how sometimes following the proper path is not always the correct path in the end.Piers wants to be a part of the chivalrous world of King Arthur s court, so he signs on as a page to a knight It turns out that the knight is the worst kind Then he is defeated by a country bumpkin named Parsifal, who dreams of becoming a knight Arthur sends Parsifal out to do great deeds, and Piers quickly joins him Parsifal has no notion of what chivalry means he has terrible manners, do [...]

  14. Really good Piers is 11 The book takes place over a year He grows a lot He goes from kind of silly and na ve to a smarter and wiser character He has a budding romance with Ariel, the daughter of Nimue, Lady of the Lake they re really just friends, but it has potential for later on I liked the Trebuchet Lady Hazel Trevisiant thing It was a cool way to tie than just this book s plot together, as it had other characters Terence and Gawain were there for the second half of the book, mostly Gawain, [...]

  15. Book Four of the Squire s Tales.I enjoyed this very much Piers got to be a bit trying at times but you had to see him in his silly bratty stage to appreciate his growth the last line of the book actually brought tears to my eyes, I was so happy for him and his dad And Parsifal was great I loved how straight forward and honest he was about everything Terence, Gawain and Arthur were delightful as ever and it was nice to see Jean le Forestier once again it s nice to see how he s grown too Add in th [...]

  16. Another really good entry in the series that makes four I guess I really take to Gerald Morris writing, but I even enjoy his Author s Notes at the end he had a lot of fun with the one in this book Still witty, still lots of tie ins to previous books such as when Parsifal encounters and trains with Jean de Forestier, and travels with Terence and Gawain There s also good messages in here about honoring one s parents and service to others being the pinnacle of knighthood And a running joke about Si [...]

  17. I love this author and how he treats Arthur, the knights of the Round Table and their squires with humorous quirks that make me chuckle Parsifal hails from the Otherworld and defeats everyone he meets with unusual skill and often in unusual ways Some of his opponents are angry while others are puzzled How can such a dolt defeat those who have not before been defeated This is a most delightful approach to this fantasy world.

  18. I believe I would have to say this is my favorite series this year It combines the richness, mystery, and adventure of the Arthurian tales with a practical cheekiness that delights me It makes me feel again the powerful, unique beauty of Camelot and its ideals not the ones depicted by Hollywood while mingling a dash of earthbound wisdom that me joy And so far this one was my favorite thus a rare for me 5 star rating.

  19. 3.5 stars Maybe 4 I can t decide whether to put 3 or 4 I did enjoy this book a lot, but it wasn t my favorite of this series view spoiler The ending where they healed King Anfortas was just way too easy All he had to do was ask a question hide spoiler But Parsifal was one of my favorite characters from this whole series, and there were some laugh out loud moments, and I m still looking forward to reading the next five books.

  20. This is an OK book It is about a son of a blacksmith who wants to become a page, squire, and finally a knight However, when the opportunity presents itself, he goes on a series of adventures involving some of Camelot s most famous knights including King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Kai Kay , and Sir Parsifal Percival Some of it, however, I found disappointing for the way it turned out Not, however, that it isn t a good story.

  21. This might be the funniest book in the series I laughed so much while reading it This is technically the story of Parsifal aka Percival , the knight who finds the grail and meets the fisher king in most Arthurian legends, but it s really about his page, Piers It s wonderful to see how Piers develops through the story.

  22. I love to read and rarely find a book I don t like So, assigning one star to a book seems very harsh I was so disappointed in this book I found the story line disjointed and hard to follow I found the characters hard to understand and care about I put this book down several times and forced myself to pick it back up and finish.

  23. This is one of my favorite books by Gerald Morris It tells a great story, has a good blend of humor and duty, and introduces so many wonderful characters The one thing in it that bothers me is the implication that work with the hands is the only valuable work so maybe being a courtier doesn t make you a knight, but courtiers have some purpose.

  24. Gerald Morris retellings of the Authuring legends are wonderful Their humor, cadence, characters all are well worth the read He has some obvious opinions about chivalric codes and what it means to be a knight, but this adds to the fun This book in particular is an interesting mix of the light hearted with some serious elements.

  25. My son continues to read this series to us in the evening This volume has a darker and less comical tone than The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf, but was till enjoyable This is less a tale of Parsifal, and the tale of Piers, his page, as he learns what is truly valuable and what is superficial.

  26. It s an okay story, though I m not particularly fond of tongue in cheek humor, as the author s voice gets in the way of my enjoyment of the story Still, for those who like Arthurian legends, this is an interesting approach that most other books won t mimic.

  27. Parsifal s Page is based on Arthurian Legend However, as I kept reading the book, I felt like I was reading something from Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail I ve read much better than this I ll be interested to see how my students find this book.

  28. My least favorite of his books, which are all amazing Naivety and stupidity are things that must be handled with care when used as humor Combine the two as humorous elements in a book and you could and he does, in my opinion run into trouble.

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