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Watch Them Die

Free Read Watch Them Die - by Kevin O'Brien Free Read Watch Them Die - by Kevin O'Brien - Watch Them Die, Watch Them Die In Seattle no single woman is safe as an obsessed killer stalks the ones he so desperately wants He s willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love but should his latest obsession betray him he

  • Title: Watch Them Die
  • Author: Kevin O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780786014521
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Watch Them Die - by Kevin O'Brien, Watch Them Die, Kevin O'Brien, Watch Them Die In Seattle no single woman is safe as an obsessed killer stalks the ones he so desperately wants He s willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love but should his latest obsession betray him he ll have no choice but to punish her Original

Watch Them Die

Free Read Watch Them Die - by Kevin O'Brien Free Read Watch Them Die - by Kevin O'Brien - Watch Them Die, Watch Them Die In Seattle no single woman is safe as an obsessed killer stalks the ones he so desperately wants He s willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love but should his latest obsession betray him he Watch Them Die

  • Free Read Watch Them Die - by Kevin O'Brien
    376Kevin O'Brien
Watch Them Die

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  2. Oohh I did like this murder mystery Nothing quite like a clever serial killer to have me up all hours reading when i should be sleeping And this really is a rather clever serial killer story.The serial killer shares with Hannah, a video store worker, snippets from old movies which show murder scenes which he then copies when killing someone she knows So poor Hannah is warned of the crime before it happens is a most freakish way she kows someone will be killed and how but she doesnot know where, [...]

  3. Hannah is an abused wife who is in hiding with her young son When she starts getting tapes that mimic deaths that come to pass around her, she is terrified that the killer is her husband This was another mystery by an author that I d previously enjoyed The book was well written and interesting in that it was almost impossible to have a clear suspect in mind there were a whole host of characters who seemed shady However, I didn t really like or empathize with the main character, some of the plot [...]

  4. A stalker story taken to the nth degree who s stalking who Hannah and her 2 yr old boy leave her abusive husband and family and no one knows where she ist Having been part of Second City in Chicago, she naturally veers to a video store for work She meets several people and is leery of their interest in her being paranoid about her husband finding her Then people start to die, always with a video warning smuggled into her belongings Parts were a little muddy towards the end but it was still an in [...]

  5. I am not sure why it was difficult to get into Watch Them Die by Kevin O Brien I usually find that his books draw me in from the first chapter Although I thought the book was fine, I always expect excellence from him I will definitely continue to read his books This one just did not show off his mastery of suspense writing 3 stars

  6. In the last 12 months, I ve read almost all of Kevin O Brien s books While he s ranged from the somewhat disappointing Final Breath to the addictive Viscous, Unspeakable, Tell Me You re Sorry , Watch Them Die fits somewhere right in the middle If you ve read one O Brien novel, you ve pretty much read them all, as every single one revolves around the same basic plot, contains the same basic characters and throws in the same basic twist ending Obviously all the red herrings are in full effect and [...]

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I haven t read any of the authors other books He s now on my list of authors to look for The little slips of levity, often provided by Mr O Brian are a great addition to the story It makes you smile just a little before turning back to worry and suspicion Stephen King did this often and this is a major reason I like his writing so much It s also a lot like real life.It is obvious that Kevin has a talent for writing from both of the female and the male s characters [...]

  8. This author was recommended to me and I am so glad I loved this book however stalker books always make me really uneasy because it could happen to anyone This was definitely a page turner and I wasn t sure who did it until the very last page I will definitely be reading by this author.

  9. I found this book in the Romantic Suspense section, but it s not romantic whatsoever unless you find the murder scenes exhilarating Still, it s a very good suspense murder mystery book I somehow managed to read this all in one day.

  10. My second Kevin O Brien book and I think I ve found my new favorite author He is so great at making you think and letting you believe you re right until he throws at you that makes you question everything you thought you already knew On to the next Kevin O Brien book

  11. I really enjoyed this one The main character is stalked by an unknown man after she s made a new life for herself and her son after escaping a rich, abusive husband, and moving half way across the country.

  12. One of my guilty pleasure are these pop fiction mystery thriller books, and Kevin O Brien is great This one is expecially fun because of it s many movie references Not only a good read, but I added a bunch of excellent films to my netflix queue

  13. Another great book by Kevin O Brien The plot line is dark twisted, numerous suspects for serial killer Very tense, who can Hannah trust hard to put down

  14. First line He was crushing her, but Rae didn t complain WOW what a read.This is definitely one of the best novels I ve read this year, hands down I found the plot to be very compelling and I had a very hard time discerning who the killer was until they were presented right to me on a silver platter I think that is key in a mystery suspense novel.I really liked how different this novel was compared to others of this genre It wasn t the typical whodunnit , in the sense that there were continual mu [...]

  15. This definitely does its job keeping you up at night, with clever murders and an interesting whodunit and why, but it s so long some parts actually drag establishing the very many red herrings, the elapsed time between when you can reasonably figure out the murderer s identity and game plans and the final confrontation , and the ending was a bust trite and simultaneously improbable, some aspects too easy, and disappointing While there are some interesting characters and relationships, not a sing [...]

  16. .25 star for the premise otherwise this novel was awful in every sense of the word how this has been rated so highly on is beyond me terrible structure, several grammatical and continuity errors, too many red herring characters, a true lack of character development and a horrendous ending that came out of nowhere that made zero sense this is quite possibly the worst book I ve read this year ugh.

  17. Kevin O Brien does what he does best keeping the suspense at unbelievably high levels Thoroughly enjoyed this book, have only read a couple of his books, this one hands down was the best Looking forward to his other books.Putting author on my must read list.

  18. Very formulaic and a bit sensational but marvelously narrated by Michael Kramer, which bumped the stars up to four for the audiobook A fast read listen.

  19. This is my third book from this author, the last one of his 3 book bundle All three have been of a similar format Iinnocent, ordinary people being murdered in strange and devious ways and two or three main central characters in the thick of it trying to make sense of it all These are not detective books, in fact the police hardly appear at all I often wondered how so many people could get murdered without the police not realising there were obvious connections Anyway, all three books are just go [...]

  20. This novel is filled with plenty of guilty looking characters that keep you on your whodunit toes Here s what distracted me The novel was written in 2003 and I read it in 2014 I kept getting reminded of how much the world has changed when the author talked about video tapes, video stores which have almost become extinct these days and pay phones When was the last time you needed a quarter to make a call The setting is essential to the plot, but I must admit I felt a bit of nostalgia reading this [...]

  21. Couldn t put it downEscaping from an abusive ex husband, Hannah takes her son and moves out of state Hoping her ex husband doesn t find her, Hannah starts her life over in Seattle A killer obsessed with movies wants Hannah to be his new leading lady He starts sending her videos Each video is at the exact scene of somebody dying People Hannah knew suddenly start dying Hannah realizes the killer is somebody she knows.Can she figure it out before she becomes his next target

  22. This book grabbed me from the beginning and I could not put it down I usually like to read books that have a strong emphasis on the investigation and a strong Detective cop character So when I first read that the main character worked a video store and there really was no cop character, I was a little bit afraid that I would be bored But I was wrong The characters back stories were very believeable and the way the characters normal every day people investigated the murders themselves really drew [...]

  23. Kevin O Brien never disappoints Watch Them Die is fast paced without skimping on plot Personally I enjoy letting a book sweep me away, and if it s a mystery then I try to not untangle it as it progresses I get no pleasure from guessing the killer, and I feel like if I did guess correctly, then the author did something wrong So I can t say, OMG you ll NEVER guess because I don t know, you might But I can say the characters are well developed, the plot is well thought out, and the end is very sati [...]

  24. I LOVED this book I am 13 and i just got drawn into the book as soon as i picked it up The plot of this book took me by suprise Th is is a great book to read with the lights on I would not reccomend reading it alone and in the dark I tried that and it scared me half to death I stummbled upon this book when i needed a book for my english class so i went to my dads bookshelf and started reading it.

  25. Absolutely got this book because of price point but it was one of the best I ve read this year I read it in just one sitting as I was unable to put it down and managed to squeeze out battery juice from my Nook by charging it briefly so I could finish it There were multiple suspects in the storyline which was quite horrific and although you had some idea who the killer might be the ending was still a shocker I couldn t have slept even if I d tried and it makes me look at people twice now.

  26. Another Kevin O Brien spectacular I love his books they are suspenseful, scary, and sometimes depraved and this one did not fail to disappoint A woman and young son on the run from her abusive ex husband She is working at a movie rental store yes this s an older book and she begins receiving movies that are fast forwarded to death scenes And people in her life begin dying the same way as the movie scene Is it her ex or a random stalker Read to find out.

  27. I m not going to lie, I bought this book because it was cheap and I needed a book to read It turned out to be one of the best books I ve read in a long time It was perfectly written and I don t think anyone could see the end coming Spectacular Each of the characters had a rich and deep history and O Brien keeps you guess at whodunnit I thought I had it figured out, and then he just kept making me think Wonderful book I would recommend it to anyone seeking a good thriller A

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