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Bengal's Heart

↠ Bengal's Heart ☆ Lora Leigh ↠ Bengal's Heart ☆ Lora Leigh - Bengal's Heart, Bengal s Heart Reporter Cassa Hawkins has always supported Breed rights especially in light of a specimen like Cabal St Laurents the epitome of the male animal But when the Breeds are incriminated in a series of vi

  • Title: Bengal's Heart
  • Author: Lora Leigh
  • ISBN: 9780425229026
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Ebook

↠ Bengal's Heart ☆ Lora Leigh, Bengal's Heart, Lora Leigh, Bengal s Heart Reporter Cassa Hawkins has always supported Breed rights especially in light of a specimen like Cabal St Laurents the epitome of the male animal But when the Breeds are incriminated in a series of violent murders it s left to Cassa and Cabal to discover the truth before they become prey

Bengal's Heart

↠ Bengal's Heart ☆ Lora Leigh ↠ Bengal's Heart ☆ Lora Leigh - Bengal's Heart, Bengal s Heart Reporter Cassa Hawkins has always supported Breed rights especially in light of a specimen like Cabal St Laurents the epitome of the male animal But when the Breeds are incriminated in a series of vi Bengal's Heart

  • ↠ Bengal's Heart ☆ Lora Leigh
    486Lora Leigh
Bengal's Heart

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  1. This book has tied with Jacob s Faith as my least favorite in the series Cabal and Cassa were great individually in the previous books, but I m afraid LL has made a huge mistake by pairing them up They brought out the worst in each other, and I wanted to hit both of their hard heads with a shovel Ugh Unfortunately, I can t say that readers who have been following this series can skip this book, because there were some interesting new facts introduced into the overall story arc Not to mention new [...]

  2. Breeds 20Feline Breeds 12Featured Couple Cabal Bengal Tiger Cassa Human Cabal has known that Cassa is his mate for than 10 years but he didn t claim her They aren t technically mated, but still Cassa is suffering from mating heat and she needs to take hormonal supplements to continue living her sexless life.In the past Cassa met Cabal when she helped him escape a bloodbath Someone tried to kill him and his family Imagine his whole family splattered and chopped up all over the place and a woman, [...]

  3. Lora Leigh insults her readers by attempting to rewrite the past It isn t fair to the fans or to the Breed storyline that is already riddled with inconsistencies.Did LL forget what she wrote in Tanner s book When Tanner s book was written, Cabal had no mate Tanner was worried that Cabol was truly Scheme s mate because he had no swelling of the tongue glands after kissing Scheme He even brought Cabal in to try and seduce Scheme to see if there was chemistry between his twin and Scheme Cabal had n [...]

  4. Originally read 8 12 11 I ve found myself trying to reread this book a few times, hoping that I ll like it better than the first time around I m always left disappointed I should like this book, based on glimpses of these characters in the past, but I don t I was severely underwhelmed by their romance and found Cabal much less interesting and of a jerk this time around It sucks big time, because this was one of the books I anticipated the most I thought the first chapter was pretty great and th [...]

  5. My thoughts about this book in one word disappointmentI have been excited for Cabal s book since I first read about him and Tanner But the Cabal shown in this story was not the man I knew from before My biggest problems with the book Cabal didn t seem to care about Cassa or her feelings He left her alone for 11 years for reasons that were never really explained Cabal blatantly had sex with other women who rubbed it in Cassa s face for those 11 years but he never even apologizes or shows remorse [...]

  6. Where do I start Boy was I disappointed with this book There was so much potential for Cabal and Cassa to have a great story but somehow the mark was totally missed Let me start off by saying that the beginning of the book was great I thought it was going somewhere but immediately it went off track I won t go into the plot but I will say that the story became repetitive Cassa and Cabal are both looking for a Rogue She wants to report the story and he wants her out of the way After ten years of t [...]

  7. First let s start with The Bad The minute I finished this book I was on the phone with my partner in crime bemoaning my disappointments Here was Cabal s story, the nasty playboy Bengal tiger who spent most of the series steeped in compromising positions with his m nage a breed sexathons And what do we get with his book, barely a mention of this side of him or why he was into such carnal pleasures of the flesh We get a brief page all wrapped up nice and tight and no closure or what have you s of [...]

  8. I ve been waiting for this book since the epilogue and sneak peak in Coyote s Mate Unfortunately I was rather disappointed with how this one turned outAnd, yet again unfortunately, I can t pinpoint the exact location of my unhappiness with it.This was a typical Lora Leigh Breed book with an arrogant, stubborn, I m always right because I m a man Breed and an equally stubborn, determined heroine.Pity, I didn t feel the connection I usually feel with other Breed couples And I also didn t feel the c [...]

  9. Esto libros se est n volviendo irritablemente predecibles, repetitivos, molestos y sin real sustento para querer seguir esta Saga Siempre lo mismo Casta se enamora de humano, Casta niega su conexi n pero se empe a en estar cerca pero a la vez lejos del humano, pasa el tiempo neg ndose el uno al otro, siempre alguien quiere matar al humano o l gico al Casta, por lo que el Casta o lo secuestra o se vuelve su guardaespaldas y aqu comienza la formula de toda esta saga Conflictos, sexo, solo es el ca [...]

  10. Star Seriously.I am saddened to say that Bengal s Heart was the worst book in the series to date Although I have disliked a few of the prior Breed books, this is the first that I actually struggled to finish Other than the introduction of the primal breeds, this book was a waste of time In short, the hero was a slutty jack ass, the heroine was a contrary bitch who at times was TSTL, and the story was mind numbingly boring CONTAINS SPOILERS Cabal St Laurents is a Bengal breed his mate is investig [...]

  11. I ve been hankering for Cabal s story ever since Tanner s Scheme Larger than life, he became one of those characters everyone waits anxiously for which can be a boon for an authoror set them up for failure.Unfortunately, this one falls in the latter category for Lora Leigh.Bengal s Heart by Lora LeighYears ago Cassa Hawkins played an integral part of the rescue of Cabal St Laurent from the compound he was being held captive in Because of a heinous betrayal by the man she thought was her husband [...]

  12. It was okay, but the series is just becoming the same old crap over and over again Alpha male meets and mates with strong female They fight the attraction until essentially their bodies turn on them and they can t help but screw They have lots of wild sex and eventually realize they re in love when someone usually the dumb female who thinks it s a good idea to ignore the advice of people WHO MAKE A LIVING PROVIDING SECURITY and venture out on her own when someone s trying to kill her becomes kid [...]

  13. Well, I was disappointed I loved loved Tanner s Scheme Not sure what happened here I actually put the book down out of boredom and picked it up a few months later just to skim the rest to read the ending After reading a little bit of Cabal in Tanners Scheme, I expected much from Cabal Even though Cabal was supposed to be the fiercest of the both Tanner came off as the fiercer of the two and Cabal just fell short to me Oh and Cassa was just annoying I love the breed series but, Bengal s Heart is [...]

  14. 2.50 2 StarsI read for entertainment and many times small details slip by me, but that s okay, I still enjoy what I read as a whole However, I was a bit confused with some of the things that happened in Bengal s Heart Cabal is a horn dog and has shared women with his twin brother, Tanner Then during Tanner s Scheme, Tanner thought Scheme could have been his brother s mate and was willing to give her up if that was the case Why would Tanner not know Cabal already had a mate Lastly, there was a fe [...]

  15. I m a huge fan of Lora Leigh other than her menage stories so I did really like this book But if it wasn t Lora Leigh and I hadn t read all but 2 Breeds books already, I don t know if I would have given this than 3 stars This wasn t the most tightly plotted of Leigh s books the sex is also quite tame for her Nonetheless, I love the series and always want to learn the latest that is going on with the Breeds The Genetics Council and other enemies keep getting threatening which adds to the suspen [...]

  16. Cassa Hawkins has always been supportive of breeds and their rights, and being a journalist has always tried to put them in the positive light as much as possible However the breed s have never made it easy for her, and for years she has resisted Cabal, who if he decided to claim her she would be his mate Having to suffer with the hormone treatments to regulate the symptoms of the heat, the past several years haven t been easy on her especially when seeing him with countless women So when Cabal [...]

  17. Lora Leigh delivers her signature mix of hot sex and page turning action Cabal is the requisite hunky hero but you ve got to wonder what gene controls stubborn pigheadedness It s pretty obvious the Breeds all got a double dose Cabal has been avoiding completing the mating with Cassa for eleven years while watching over her from afar Now her time, and his, has come if they can only live long enough to enjoy it.The plot revolves around a series of murders which the Breeds are trying to solve while [...]

  18. This was really the first time I was disappointed by a Lora Leigh book When she first describes the killer Death it is completely female She even uses the word she several times in each description of the revenge murders But it turns out to be a Male breed I even went back to the beginning chapters just to make sure I read it right Other than that, it was the same story as her previous books Breed and mate fight for most of the book, the human mate is kidnapped, one of them is shot, and the last [...]

  19. I am not sure why Ms Leigh wrote this book It did not make any sense I did not connect with either Cabal or Cassa They argued constantly and finally at the very end the connect It was the typical ending I just was not happy that they got together I enjoyed the side characters better than the lead characters The lighthearted Cabal that I enjoyed in Tanner s Scheme was no where to be found We first got a glimpse of Cabal in Sherra and Kane s story and I thought he was adorable In this book, he was [...]

  20. Really bad I have no problem with dark stories, which this one is, but the author keeps repeating the same theme over and over with amazing repetitiveness There is actually very little plot or story between the overly enthusiastic scenes between the main characters in bed or anywhere else for that matter Bleh.Characters, both main and secondary, are dull and the landscape doesn t really come through very well.I understand this series is popular and that this is the 19th book in it, but really I [...]

  21. The overall story and the things revealed to us the readers was great I just could not get into the couple Cabal and Cassa To me Cassa was just to annoying I could not stand her and I just did not feel the passion with Cabal I found myself skipping their sexual encounters something I never do I do want to know about the primal lion Rick and his son.

  22. OMG, this was so good I tell you, Ms Leigh writes likes no ones business Just loved this one It s a must read.

  23. Bengal s HeartI was really annoyed with most of this story because of Cassa s character She was really a stubborn chick Sometimes I wish LL would have chosen another person I this story because Cassa s would never do ask she was asked Her being so damn nosy as a journalist could have caused her to end up in a bad situation I m really giving this story a 4.5 because I think Cassa s story somewhat over did things for me I know we woman can be stubborn at times, but I guess it did not interest me o [...]

  24. Ok, I m a very loyal LL fan It pains me to say anything negative about her stories, but I really had a hard time with this one I would have given it 3 stars but added one for the sheer love I have for her books I will continue to be a die hard fan too.I agree with most of what the other reviewers were saying No need for a long recap of the story Great plot, very suspenseful and lots of intrigue Fantastic love scenes and sexy breed love Like the mystery end of it and for the most part, the love [...]

  25. Cassa Hawkins is a reporter who is trying to make amends for a terrible error in judgment eleven years ago Back then she was married to an abusive guy who used her to destroy the Bengal tiger breed It was thought the only survivor was Cabal St Laurents who told her on the day of the massacre that he owned her and one day she would pay So for 11 years Cassa has been living with the guilt and trying to support the breeds with positive public relations and telling the truth The problem is on that f [...]

  26. Another one I never reviewed Let s face it, the Breeds books are nearing end of life, at least for me What was once an exciting concept with some titillating nuances and scorching sex has become a little passe This is Cabal s story Cabal is a Bengal Breed, Tanner s twin Since I especially enjoyed Tanner s Scheme, I thought maybe this would be another good one But I couldn t identify very well with Cabal, and definitely did not find Cassa sympathetic The suspense element of the plot was just OK T [...]

  27. this chapter in the series showed us of a look into the genetics council, and i have to say i wish it didn t the books starts out with a truly horrific description of a lab i got a little too strong of a visual from it from that point on every time it was mentioned i saw it again the stomach churning level didn t decrease as we learned about the council s deadly dozen and their ideas of fun i do love hearing the story of the Breeds in general and their integration into society but this one mad [...]

  28. 3.75 starsCabal is 4 star male.Cassa was 2 starsThey fought made upot.Almost too much.He having stripesry cool His reveal of new breed characteristics was an exciting new change to this series.I liked set up w her husband using her to betray the breeds.But Cabal being near here but away from here for 10 yrs, even when we knew she was his matedidn t sit well.They kept talking about Death the killer This was confusinge Harmony in previous books was called Death I liked Jonas in this story his new [...]

  29. I really disliked this book It took me two weeks to finish It took me so long because I kept trying to rewrite this book in my head everytime I sat down to read it There were so many different ways she could have gone with this book Her female characters are becoming very weak I mean come on she hung around 11 years watching her mate screw around with lots of other women and never tried to get a life of her own or even date other men And he never seemed to care that he hurt her even though she c [...]

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