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Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith

[PDF] Read ✓ Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith : by AndrewWilson [PDF] Read ✓ Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith : by AndrewWilson - Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith, Beautiful Shadow A Life of Patricia Highsmith The first and highly anticipated biography of the author of such classics of suspense as Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr Ripley The life of Patricia Highsmith was as secretive and unusual as

  • Title: Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith
  • Author: AndrewWilson
  • ISBN: 9781582341989
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ✓ Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith : by AndrewWilson, Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith, AndrewWilson, Beautiful Shadow A Life of Patricia Highsmith The first and highly anticipated biography of the author of such classics of suspense as Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr Ripley The life of Patricia Highsmith was as secretive and unusual as that of many of the best known characters who people her peerlessly disturbing writing Yet even as her work her thrillers short stories and the pseudon

Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith

[PDF] Read ✓ Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith : by AndrewWilson [PDF] Read ✓ Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith : by AndrewWilson - Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith, Beautiful Shadow A Life of Patricia Highsmith The first and highly anticipated biography of the author of such classics of suspense as Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr Ripley The life of Patricia Highsmith was as secretive and unusual as Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith : by AndrewWilson
Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith

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  1. Andrew Wilson s Beautiful Shadow A Life of Patricia Highsmith is a comprehensive piece of reportage Given access to the author s abundance of personal diaries, working journals, correspondence, and the many living acquaintances family, friends, neighbors, publishers, lovers quite willing to go on the record, you would expect little less Yet the fundamental labor of the true biographer, at least from my perspective, is to go beyond the facts, beyond the proofs, beyond the dry history of a life to [...]

  2. Patricia Highsmith 1921 1995 is best known for her disturbing books about sensitive and sympathetic psychopathic murderers i.e Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr Ripley and for the movies they ve inspired Andrew Wilson s biography is fascinating, well researched and convincing I don t know if I d want to have dinner with Miss Highsmith, but at least I think I can understand a little where she s coming from The author Wilson would probably make a good novelist himself he understands psychol [...]

  3. A few years ago I found a quote I love quotes , by a certain Amy Hempel, that intrigued me I read about a famous mystery writer who worked for one week in a department store One day she saw a woman come in and buy a doll The mystery writer found out the woman s name, and took a bus to New Jersey to see where the woman lived That was all Years later, she referred to this woman as the love of her life It is possible to imagine a person so entirely that the image resists attempts to dislodge it I w [...]

  4. Ten pages into the book and I already prefer this far than the Joan Schenkar bio I could do without Wilson s exhaustive itineraries of Highsmith s European travels, which are over documented to the point of tedium and for the most part do not shed any light on her writing, except in a few scattered instances Nevertheless, Andrew Wilson delves quite deftly into Pat s eventual descent into madness.

  5. Andrew Wilson s Beautiful Shadow A Life of Patricia Highsmith is a thorough look into the life and literary output of Patricia Highsmith He documents in sometimes too great detail every quirk and eccentricity of the author s life, from her dozens of fragmented relationships, her stalking of women she barely knew, and her brusque unpleasantness towards almost everyone she ever came in contact yet.Still, I found the book quite interesting, and fleshed out the personal demons which drove her to wri [...]

  6. This is probably my most difficult book review I m an avid reader and reread Highsmith s Ripley books multiple times over the past 25 years I also read The Blunderer after having watched the movie with Maurice Ronet Marina Vlady And I read Strangers on a Train , but have to admit that I like Hitchcock s adaptation better than the novel.I read several Highsmith novels that I did not like, but way back in the 80 s and 90 s I just read a lot of Highsmith.So finally discovering that there was a biog [...]

  7. So far so good I am on page 250 From some of the reviews I thought PH would be portrayed as an absolutely horrid person She isn t She was eccentric and quite self involved Maybe on the next 250 pages she becomes evil She becomes a little horrid as she ages This was one of the greatest Biographies I have ever read It was interesting and moved quickly This biography also had to use every psychological theory on the planet to explain Highsmith s bizarre behavior She really did not have that bad of [...]

  8. I became interested in Patricia Highsmith after reading The Price of Salt That book stayed with me I couldn t stop thinking about it I wanted to know about it s author so I picked this up It took me almost three weeks to read this I don t generally like biographies or autobiographies but I am glad I endured and read this It went through her work and life chapter by chapter and though I am unfamiliar with her other work, the exception being The Talented Mr Ripley, it was never boring to read I c [...]

  9. Patricia Highsmith s biography was just published Recently deceased, she wrote very popular murder fiction most famously The Talented Mr Ripley and succeeding novels about the maybe homosexual murderer and con artist Tom Ripley In my quest to read about the lives of women famous in their own right, she is definitely a strong example a lesbian, she never married nor settled down with a lover, was not close to either parent, and as far as I can see owes her entire fame solely to her own determinat [...]

  10. You may not have heard of Patricia Highsmith, but you ve almost definitely seen the films Strangers on a Train or The Talented Mr Ripley, which were based on two of her most famous novels I read this book on the advice of a literary magazine, and I can honestly say that it is one of the best biographies I have ever read It was meticulously researched and extremely well written, providing a model to all of us of what a good non fiction book should be Author Andrew Wilson did not try to avoid the [...]

  11. This book was on my reading list for at about two years It won an award, and is extensive, with a bounty of interesting insights about the psychology that motivated Highsmith s writing It was also exhausting, clunky and suffered from being obsessive and at times boring I tried to be a dutiful reader because I have long admired the myth of Patricia Highsmith, but after a while, I lost interest in Highsmith s failings in relationships, and lost patience waiting to see how the million experiences d [...]

  12. I like to read biographies of writers the best reveal how the unique personality and soul of the writer filters her talent, hard work, and dedication onto the page Wilson accomplishes this goal in this beautifully written book Wilson had access to her years of detailed journals, so this is as complete as picture as one could hope for.It s hard to read parts of Beautiful Shadow because Highsmith was obviously a troubled woman, misanthropic, alcoholic and prone to serial passionate relationships t [...]

  13. For all your faults, imperfections, problematic beliefs, and amorality, thanks for the unique perspective, for Tom Ripley, and most of all for Carol and Therese Thank you for giving their relationship a happy conclusion even if that was one that s denied to you your whole life You may not believe that it can happen nor that you deserve it, but thanks for the generosity In death, we cease to exist You may have died alone but I d like to think that you lived your life the way you wanted Farewell.

  14. Tragic life, very detailed bio of Patricia Highsmith based on her own diaries, notebooks and friends testimony Wilson also covers the writing and shaping of her novels and short stories attaching them to her life s struggles Amazing woman, tragic, ahead of her timeHighsmith was a force to be reckoned with to say the least.Recommended.

  15. Sono lieta di poter dire che ha soddisfatto le mie pi alte aspettative stile brillante, equilibrata, documentatissima, attenta alla vita privata senza scadere nel gossip, questa biografia un esempio di come si dovrebbero scrivere tutti i saggi del genere Colpisce, in un epoca come la nostra, che ha fatto dell attenzione per la cronaca nera, il sangue, la morbosit la sua cifra, scoprire che la Highsmith pi negli Usa che in Europa in vita non vendette mai a livelli da best seller Spesso, anche qua [...]

  16. A fascinating subject Highsmith was a troubled, often conflicted woman who managed to chanel all that into her dark, dark writing A good, if at times plodding biography Worth the time for Highsmith fans out there

  17. Andrew Wilson s biography of Patricia Highsmith is an engaging read from start to finish He pays his subject the compliment of using prose as clear as her own to tell her story Highsmith was a devoted diarist, letter writer, and keeper of detailed notebooks of all her background writing work Andrew Wilson draws on all of this material plus his own interviews with many of her acquaintances, friends and lovers to produce a very detailed narrative of her life He presents the testimony, opinions, an [...]

  18. First I was a fan and avid reader of Highsmith novels When I wanted to understand about the mind who created these chilling tales of the Sociopath Next Door, I looked for a biography This was published a year or so after I began looking Great timing, Mr Wilson Highsmith s life was tortuous and at times tortured While she was still in her mother s womb, her mother drank turpentine in a vain effort at self abortion It failed, but the story persisted, and Patricia Highsmith grew up knowing it Ther [...]

  19. G zel G lge , Andrew Wilson n haz rlad Patricia Highsmith biyografisi.Verdi i r portajlarda ketumlu uyla ve huysuzlu uyla nam salsa da, g nl k tutma konusunda olduk a disiplinli ve detayc olan, kar la t olaylarla, insanlarla ilgili en ufak ayr nt lar bile not etmeye enmeyen, dahas arkada lar na, edit rlerine, ailesine zellikle annesine sayfalarca s ren mektuplar yazan, kendisine gelen mektuplar da b y k bir titizlikle ar ivleyen bu huysuz kad n n hemen her d nemine k tutan ok kapsaml bir biyogra [...]

  20. I give up, after 351 pages of Andrew Wilson s biography on Patricia Highsmith, with a hundred and fourteen to go Highsmith is getting too mean and crazy as she gets older and I had enough I wished that I had skipped the first part of the book that traces her childhood and adolescence, which was the weakest part of the biography, and saved my energy for the end instead The problem of biography writing, the forcing of life into one story, is most apparent when Andrew Wilson tries to explain young [...]

  21. I haven t read many biographies, but have been driven in some cases by interest in the lives of authors I enjoy Once again, I am confirmed in my opinion that I would be quite happy never meeting those who create works I love One monumental undertaking was the three volume bio of Graham Greene, unsurprisingly a huge fan of Patricia Highsmith Given the characters she creates, with their indifferent approach to morality, Ms Highsmith s social diffidence and misanthropy is not surprising People appe [...]

  22. A very sad book about one of my favorite mystery writers Wilson s relating of Highsmith life reads like a tragedy so much intelligence and charisma seemingly unfocused and therefore less effective than a disciplined writer may have accomplished If there any credence can be placed in this biography, Highsmith was a character consumed by her own passion, and delayed by her own dalliance Still, with such writings as the Ripliad to her credit, the woman produced good writing than most authors ever [...]

  23. It is sometimes much better for a writer to content himself with a simple narrative of events Dostoevsky, quoted by Highsmith Andrew Wilson comments that this is a wise piece of advice for any biographer, but he does not always manage to follow it he falls into the trap of making judgements on a range of matters from the apparently anonymous and authoritative perspective of the biographer.I perhaps noticed this even because of recently reading Threads and The Biographer s Tale and Edmund de Waa [...]

  24. Dense small type over 460 pages of my library borrowed paperback made this one a bit of a slog Bit repetitive as each chapter typically deals with Highsmith s life during the period of writing a book Enjoyed the early chapters of her childhood, captures a lot of life in the States split between Texas and NYC during the early decades of the twentieth century Albeit this is supplemented with some general material of life at the time.Great as a record of Highsmith s life, beliefs, weirdness and a [...]

  25. Find it hard to know how to rate this book in terms of stars It s extremely well researched and written Depressing Interesting Depressing ha.

  26. I have read most everything that Patricia Highsmith has published over the last decade or so I have also read the other biographies written about her IMHO, Beautiful Shadow is the best of the lot Highsmith was a highly gifted and yet extremely complex study in opposites People loved her work, but a majority of those who knew her personally found her abusive and self deluded Ultimately, she left this country altogether to live anonymously in Switzerland The final straw for me was finding out how [...]

  27. Andrew Wilson delves with clarity into the detail of the life of writer Patricia Highsmith and presents her warts and all This is how one of Highsmith s friends described her She never showed her feelings and I never knew what she thought of me If someone reached out to touch or greet her she would always take one or two steps back Yet her face was full of life and everything she thoguht or felt you could see in her eyes It was a fascinating insight into Highsmith s creative process and writing [...]

  28. I ve enjoyed Highsmith s books and I knew that she was a difficult person This book portrays her compassionately, but realistically She wasn t always kind to those around her and she had many anxieties and dark thoughts If you ve read any of her books, you d guess as much The 50 s were a difficult time to be a lesbian and having to hide her relationships didn t help The biographer did extensive research, even going as far as finding out who Carol, the object of infatuation in The Price of Salt, [...]

  29. I liked this biography It is apparently not the best one out For people familiar with Strangers on a Train by Hitchcock Hightsmith is the writer as she is of many other novels based on her books As I read the book, I realized that Wilson did not get the difference between anti semitic and anti Israel Highsmith except for her predictable prejudice against blacks and urban problems was a doctrinaire liberal of the Roosevelt era Her insistence on existential approach for the artist, her devotion to [...]

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