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Unlimited Hummingbird - by LaVyrle Spencer Unlimited Hummingbird - by LaVyrle Spencer - Hummingbird, Hummingbird The Bandit and the GentlemanBoth were wounded in the same train robbery in frontier Colorado and left on Abigail McKenzie s doorstep to nurse back to life Gentle loving David promising her a happine

  • Title: Hummingbird
  • Author: LaVyrle Spencer
  • ISBN: 9780861889143
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Hummingbird - by LaVyrle Spencer, Hummingbird, LaVyrle Spencer, Hummingbird The Bandit and the GentlemanBoth were wounded in the same train robbery in frontier Colorado and left on Abigail McKenzie s doorstep to nurse back to life Gentle loving David promising her a happiness she d lost hope of finding was all a lady could wish for Jesse stood for everything she hated he was rude violent roughly handsome and disturbingly sensual But it was JThe Bandit and


Unlimited Hummingbird - by LaVyrle Spencer Unlimited Hummingbird - by LaVyrle Spencer - Hummingbird, Hummingbird The Bandit and the GentlemanBoth were wounded in the same train robbery in frontier Colorado and left on Abigail McKenzie s doorstep to nurse back to life Gentle loving David promising her a happine Hummingbird

  • Unlimited Hummingbird - by LaVyrle Spencer
    350LaVyrle Spencer

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  1. HUGE 5 starsThey don t write romance like this any Hummingbird is one of the most delightful, engaging, sweep you off your feet and make you smile romances I ve read to date I now understand why this is one of LaVyrle Spenser s beloved books I could gush on and on about the wonderful and richly developed characters, the hilarious and brilliant plot, the overwhelming sexual tension, and the beautifully written prose that overflows in this story But what I really want to do, however, is find the [...]

  2. This is my second book by this author and I loved everything about it How have I missed this amazing talent The copy I just finished is a loan from the Library, dog eared, tattered with yellow, crinkling paper held together by tape The printing date is May 1983 But this one is timeless and I would never have known it s age if I hadn t looked Where have I been not to have read some of her books To think I could have missed this wonderful gift if my GR friend Jill had not recommended her Morning G [...]

  3. Both were wounded in the same train robbery in frontier Colorado and left on Abigail McKenzie s doorstep to nurse back to life.Gentle, loving David, promising her a happiness she d lost hope of finding, was all a lady could wish for.Jesse stood for everything she hated he was rude, violent, roughly handsome and disturbingly sensual.But it was Jesse s mocking mouth that troubled her dreams, Jesse who made her feel a hundred things a lady should never know, Jesse who challenged her every waking ho [...]

  4. This is my favorite book by LS It s funny, when I read this book, I had not discovered the appeal of the bad boy yet I was thinking that Abigail was better off with the nice guy she was nursing But she ends up falling for Jesse, and so do I This book was steamy but in a different way from nowadays The steam was the sexual tension that did not rely on descriptive love scenes, but the attraction between the characters Reading LS is an experience because you don t get out of her books without your [...]

  5. This is the first book by Lavyrle Spencer that I ve ever read I m a long time romance reader, but I incorrectly got the impression that Spencer s work was old I remember seeing a book of hers that my grandma was reading when I was in Jr High The image stuck with me, so I haven t until now, given her the respect that she so obviously deserves Hummingbird was so many thingsIt was very funny yet it dealt with serious emotions It was very fictional yet it also felt very real I really can t say enoug [...]

  6. Everyone was shocked when LaVyrle Spencer retired from writing a few years ago at the top of her game and the top of the bestseller lists , but she left behind a rich legacy of books YEARS with its grown up LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE vibe is another one of my favorites but HUMMINGBIRD is the ultimate gunfighter schoolmarm Western There are plenty of opportunities for delicious and romantic encounters as gentle, prim Abigail McKenzie nurses wounded gunfighter Jesse back to lifed love Alternate Y [...]

  7. Stuart s Junction, Colorado The morning run from the Rocky Mountain Railway shows up very late, and with two injured men to boot one of them allegedly attempted to rob the train and the other heroically saved the day Doc needs someone to tend the two men, and since no one wants a dangerous criminal in their home the railroad s going to have to pay for it, and Miss Abigail definitely could use the money Miss Abigail lost her one chance at happiness at twenty when she committed to caring for her f [...]

  8. The author spends the majority of the book concentrating on the developing romance between Jesse and Abigail They start out absolutely despising each other, they bicker constantly but it s not annoying bickering, it s funny I laughed out loud than once and it s believable, then over the course of the book they become friends This was a close to perfect book but it wasn t perfect because it was about 80 pages too long, IMO About three quarters of the way through the book Jesse is healed and take [...]

  9. The heroine Abigail single handedly ruined the entire book for me Morning Glory is such a wonderful novel by LaVyrle Spencer that I feel bad about giving Hummingbird a low rating RTC

  10. Cada vez que leo un nuevo libro de LaVyrle Spencer pienso que no puede superarse m s, que no habr ninguno que pueda gustarme a n m s todav a y termino ascendiendo en una nube de felicidad que solo un lector satisfecho puede sentir Hummingbird es eso y m s Una historia que puede quitarte el sue o porque no quieres dejar de leerla y esto es definitivamente una se al positiva de que hay libros y libros , pero aquellos que nos mantienen en vilo y nos hacen hacer muecas en p blico de frustraci n y fe [...]

  11. Thank God, at last I could have finished the book I m not sure how I am feeling about the book I am in contradictory sentiments First of all, I like author s writing style and her ability to develop everyday s life events so naturally in her story Although sometimes these events seemed boring, I admit that they were needed for the sake of characterization and story progress.I thought quit reading a few times, yet I couldn t find it in me to do it to this book author On the other hand, I had diff [...]

  12. I m all for bickering that leads to hot sexual tension but the bickering here made Jesse seem like an a hole and Abbie like an impatient shrew I was however okay with looking over that because I really enjoyed Morning Glory and this book was so highly rated I thought I might be too sensitive so I kept going I eventually had to drop this book because my biggest pet peeve in romance books is the kiss her and feel her up until she submits and has sex with you because she ll like it she just doesn t [...]

  13. Oh, how I wish Audible would publish an audiobook for this story and for Morning Glory Not abridged Pleaaaase I loved this book Smile on my face Laughter Tears Hopes Dreams Just beautiful MmmMmm.My favorite by Spencer is Morning Glory, but this book is totally wondrous, too Spencer speaks to the heart.

  14. I unearthed this book at the back of a closet the other day, which I thought was a funny place for me to put a book I vaguely remembered not liking it all that much, but I figured it couldn t be too bad because it s by LaVyrle Spencer, so I started reading it again By the time I got to chapter 7 or thereabouts, I remembered exactly why I had chucked it into a closet the first time around.Jesse, the hero, is an asshole of the first order Abigail was a little irritating and prissy at first, but sh [...]

  15. Lavyrle Spencer is, in my opinion, the best romance writer of all the ones out there I have come across her books take place in many places throughout America, in various time frames, yet always come across as current and applicable to any woman, anywhere, at any point in time Her ability to create rich characters filled with human flaws is what appeals to me most None of them are perfectly gorgeous, with fabulous lives and not all of them have happy endings in the way we think of, or expect fro [...]

  16. Very enjoyable romance.There were some scenes that had me laughing out loud I loved the characters It was fun to see how fighting added spice to the relationship and the characters looked forward to their spats It was well done I m going to try from this author Sexual content mild.

  17. Re read June 2013I loved the book even the 3rd time I had to give the book another star definitely of a 5 star read for me then a 4 star read I found that I really liked Jesse even this re read, if that was even possible And, I loved Abigails lesson in the book which was that sometimes what you think you need and what you actually need can be two entirely different things Still an amazing book Lavyrle needs to come out of retirement October, 2010I really liked it Jesse was an uber alpha and I [...]

  18. A Second Chance at Love From a Very Unlikely PlaceSet in 1879 in Colorado, this is the story of the very proper Miss Abigail McKenzie who decides she needs to make some money to keep herself and her home So, when two men, wounded on a train in what was thought to be a robbery, show up in her town and the doc says he needs a place to put them at the railroad s expense she volunteers One is the hero and one is the train robber, but it matters little to Abigail who is good a tending the sick after [...]

  19. Let me tell you what I went through to get this book I usually get most of my historical romances at the thrift store, but I alway pass up this book every time I saw it I just didn t want to read it for some reason, but then I read an awesome review and wanted to read it desperately So, I went back to the thrift store and it was gone, of course, went to another one and it was no longer there I was soo frustated, but it was my fault I then went to all Barnes and Nobles stores, Borders, but no luc [...]

  20. Closer to a 3.5 rating I like it pretty well It definitely had its good points and I liked Spencer s writing, but I had some issues with the hero that were probably mostly a function of the book being published in 1983 He was sexually aggressive with the prim, inhibited heroine in a way that would make a lot of readers in 2016 a little uneasy.Also, the story dragged on longer than it should have, and I found some of the later chapters in which the relationship between the hero and heroine is put [...]

  21. Hot damn I have no qualms about giving this book 5 stars.What I thought would be a LoooOOooong, drawn out story, turned out to be a surprising page turner.The author did such a wonderful job pulling me in and keeping me in There was never a brick wall point in this story I was excited to keep turning the page Or well clicking the next page button on my Kindle.Jesse was soo yummy and had such a rousing rapport with our heroine Abbie Very likable characters Their back and forth bickering and fight [...]

  22. Ooohhh Hummingbird I still don t know how I feel about this book It started off pretty slow, the heroine was a prissy prude for most of the book and the hero was a little too rough with the lady for my taste They had many physical altercations and the hero tried forcing her to bend to his will a LOT I found the hero to be a brute and not in a charming, sexy way The romance did grab me though and even though I was cringing through a lot of it I didn t throw it up against the wall

  23. I think I m becoming obsessed with old LaVyrle Spencer novels They are incredible She is the queen of angst romance and Hummingbird is one of her best The conflict between Jessie and Abigail was bite your nails, edge of your seat, I can t believe he she did that, riveting until the very last page was turned.

  24. Aahhhhhh Jesse hahaha I love this book Love this author Love the historical setting Love the characters Great one.

  25. Loved this book Wonderfully written.Its a book i won t be forgetting anytime soon.Loved all the characters in this book Its a very engaging book Never a dull moment.I would recco it to all.

  26. Oh WOW I was surprised and impressed by this read I ve only read 2 or 3 LaVyrle Spencer books before and that was quite a few years ago I remember being utterly enchanted by Morning Glory, which was a 5 star read LaVyrle Spencer is a uniquely talented author with such a deep understanding of the human heart, it leaves me mesmerized What really sets this author a part is that her characters have a kind of depth and kindness you rarely encounter these days any Spencer s quality also lays in the fa [...]

  27. A smidge under 4 starsI m having a hard time rating this book.There were things I loved and things I hated about Hummingbird.First, I love how Spencer writes She can especially create a Hero to die for.And Jesse is definitely that The macho bad boy who can be so gentle and kind Abby was uptight with her rules of propriety but we watched her discover herself They were funny and witty together and I enjoyed their story.HoweverSPOILERS AHEAD.Jesse was such an ass in the beginning and I HATED that g [...]

  28. What a disappointment After reading Morning Glory and The Fulfillment I was set for an amazing story full of rich characters and some real internal conflict Instead I got cardboard characters I didn t like or respect and a silly contrived plot I read a lot of this novel but eventually decided not to finish it I just didn t care about any of them I guess I ll stick with the two above and just be happy I read them.

  29. ceritanya bagus bgt gw agak ksel aja ama Abbiedy tu terlalu proper, jd kaku bgtdont get me wrong, gw suka bgt ama ce proper, tp gw suka ce proper yg kuat dan menurut gw Abbie itu bukannya kuat, malahan klewat naif Pdahal umur udah 33yah tapi gw suka bgt ama Jesse sihdy ngajarin Abbie biar ga terlalu kaku dan nikmatin hidupall and all menyentuh, tapi Abbienya agak bikin gw ksel d bbrp saatapalagi pas dy ama Jesse gtuan Ngeselin pas dy malah marah2huff

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