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á Daybreak ✓ Keira Andrews á Daybreak ✓ Keira Andrews - Daybreak, Daybreak Lucas and Nate enjoyed eight steamy nights of forbidden romance last year at Hanukkah Now after months of long distance dating they re living in their own apartment in Greenwich Village and beginning

  • Title: Daybreak
  • Author: Keira Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781596328099
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook

á Daybreak ✓ Keira Andrews, Daybreak, Keira Andrews, Daybreak Lucas and Nate enjoyed eight steamy nights of forbidden romance last year at Hanukkah Now after months of long distance dating they re living in their own apartment in Greenwich Village and beginning a new life together Lucas hates lying to Nate s family about the true nature of their relationship but being with Nate is worth it They revel in having a private place toLucas and Nate enjo


á Daybreak ✓ Keira Andrews á Daybreak ✓ Keira Andrews - Daybreak, Daybreak Lucas and Nate enjoyed eight steamy nights of forbidden romance last year at Hanukkah Now after months of long distance dating they re living in their own apartment in Greenwich Village and beginning Daybreak

  • á Daybreak ✓ Keira Andrews
    356Keira Andrews

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  1. Dear Lucas,You make me GROUCHY.I get ityou re young, still figuring stuff out, sad, lonely, have only had one boyfriend But you re a putz And a view spoiler cheater hide spoiler , and weak I do not like you You re lucky Nate is forgiving and cares.Urgh.This book Urgh.

  2. The ending was totally sweet and made me happy, but getting there was ROUGH About a third of the way through the book, Lucas betrays Nate in the worst possible way What follows is a view spoiler break up hide spoiler and a rage inducing view spoiler separation in which Lucas frequently gets his freak on with someone who is NOT Nate hide spoiler It may have been a slice of relationship reality, but I found it incredibly tough to swallow Bottom line I generally like Andrews stories and characters, [...]

  3. 4.5 starsThis was an excellent follow up to the short novella Eight Nights by Keira Andrews If Eight Nights was the idyllic beginning of Lucas and Nate s romance, then Daybreak is just as the title suggests the relationship waking up in the harsh light of day and the boys given a hefty dose of reality.Lucas and Nate are blisfully happy when they move into a small studio apartment together in New York City at the beginning of the school year But as with any relationship, they run into some obstac [...]

  4. It s impossible to review this book without spoilers I guess I can say it was tremendously angst filled and it touches on a topic that usually goes on my read rage shelf What I discovered, however, is that my feelings towards this topic changes based on the POV This is the first time I ve read a book with this topic that wasn t from the victim s POV I have to admit, that it definitely skewed my perception of events I wasn t raging about the situation, and for the first time I felt like maybe if [...]

  5. Lucas and Nate enjoyed eight nights of forbidden romance at Hanukkah Now they re living together and reveling in the freedom When painful betrayal shatters their happiness, can their relationship last in the light of day From Loose Id.I really enjoyed reading Keria Andrews book, Love Match, which was also published by Loose Id My tennis slash googles were firmly on So, was looking forward to reading this new one It s about two young men at the beginning of their relationship and dealing with the [...]

  6. 3.5 starsThis sequel to Eight Nights, for me, suffers from the amount of sex scenes I keep lowering the level of my liking it every time Lucas and Nate smexxing In fact, they seem to have sex everytime they finish talking It has never been and will NEVER be the kind of story I enjoy So don t ask me whether the sex scenes are hot or not, I just skip through it.Luckily, the story still has a story to be told outside the sex Still written from Lucas s perspective, it takes the timeline about 8 mont [...]

  7. Too much pointless sex, and stupid character actions I never bought Lucas being in love He seemed like someone starved for a family, terrified of being alone, and having the desire for sluttiness Boring and annoying.

  8. Eight Nights was the beginning of Lucas and Nate s story and I really enjoyed it So much that upon discovering it s existence I immediately bought Daybreak the follow up story to Eight Nights Sadly while Eight Nights got a happy 3.5 stars from me, Daybreak is going on the read shelf with a whopping 2 here s where things went wrong for me Let s start with Nate s mom I loved her in the first book She was awesome Sadly she went from awesome in book 1 to judgemental, self absorbed bitch [...]

  9. 3.5 StarsThis is the sequel to Eight Nights wherein Lucas and Nate enjoyed eight steamy nights of forbidden romance last year at Hanukkah After enduring months of long distance dating, they re living in a tiny apartment in Greenwich Village and beginning a new life together As they adjust to the realities of living together both good and bad an unexpected and TOTALLY DEVASTATING betrayal shatters their tentative happiness Daybreak details Lucas and Nate s struggle to find their way back together [...]

  10. The sequel to 8 nightsI m wishing I would have stopped at the first night instead of losing the last few hours of my life Lucas was TSTL and Nate was overly dramatic view spoiler The whole thing with whoops, that whole blow job thing caught by surprise I didn t really know what was happening until it was over Then followed by him sleeping with Casey immediately after Nate leaves, while crying the whole time about how he misses Nate TSTL hide spoiler I ll probably not read any by this author if [...]

  11. I am beginning to think that Keira Andrews could write anything and I would love it Something about her stories and her style of writing draws me in every single time I fell totally in love with Nate and Lucas And Nate s family too For most of the story anyway There was a little while when I wasn t very happy with Nate s mom, but she redeemed herself in the end I think Keira Andrews writing has come a long way since this series was written Her newer works are perfection in my eyes, but this stor [...]

  12. Sequel to Eight Nights I enjoyed getting to see Lucas and Nate living together, starting their own life and all, but sadly things never go smooth, do they sigh Ah, sometimes Lucas was really slap worthy So frustrating Nate s dad surprised me by being super amazingly awesome.

  13. Very satisfying conclusion to the love story of Nate and Lucas from Eight Nights Just the right amount of angst and drama thrown into a sexy continuation of their relationship ups and downs.

  14. Super disappointed with this book I fell head over heels for Andrews Amish trilogy and was looking forward to reading of her backlist.The major conflict between the characters isn t really ever discussed and resolved One day they are broken up and barely even speaking and the next they are back together And the reason for their breakup You don t just get over it one day That should be a slow build towards resolution.Also, the relationship seems very off balance Lucas doesn t have many friends o [...]

  15. I gave it one star because1 One of the MCs was so insecure that he ended up cheating on the other MC 2 And his reason for cheating was so pathetic It was not because of some misunderstanding or for revenge or retaliation or any of those things No He cheated simply because the other guy stranger found him hot WTH 3 So now, he got caught and was sorry for what he had done Only theoretically Because next thing you know, he was banging dating his so called friend and dallying with strangers in publi [...]

  16. Main Characters Lucas has grown up a bit since Eight Nights, transferring to NYU and finding a studio apartment to share with Nate He does, however, still have a lot of growing up left to do, and a series of his bad decisions drive much of the story It s interesting to see him growing into his possibilities.Nate, on the other hand, still seems stuck where Eight Nights left him despite spending the summer in Europe with his parents, he s no closer to telling them of either his orientation or his [...]

  17. I first met Lucas and Nate in a short story released under Christmas time last year It was a nice story, but as always when the two characters are so nice, I regretted the fact that it was so short Now the author writes a full lenght novel for them and it s again very nice.Lucas is a young college student since he was a teen he was always a lonely kid, with a very special relationship with his father, his only relative alive But soon before he started college, his father passed away from cancer, [...]

  18. In this sequel to Eight Nights, we find out that the course of true lover never does run smoothly Lucas and Nate are living together in New York after having been apart for the summer while Nate has traveled in Europe with his family They have their own apartment and are at NYU Nate having changed to study photography from his pre law studies and Lucas still undecided about what he wants to do with his life Then Lucas makes a mistake He is definitely insecure and really vulnerable and that leads [...]

  19. 3.5 starsIn this sequel to Eight Nights, Lucas has transferred to NYU and is now sharing an apartment with his secret boyfriend, Nate Although they have a pretty good relationship, Lucas insecurities and feelings of unworthiness push him to make a devastating mistake He struggles to gain forgiveness from Nate, but the stubborn photographer will not give it easily.I liked this story for the most part There was a good amount of romance and angst, but neither went overboard The one issue I did have [...]

  20. Lucus grow a freakin set of balls Seriously he drove me crazy with his OH, I messed up but here let me make another dumbass decision and make things even worse grrrr OK there I feel all better now LOL This was a great follow up to Lucus and Nate s love story It had its ups and downs, but overall it gave me the details and ending that I needed Family members have a way of surprising us sometimes when they come face to face with an issue that they never expect to have to deal with and if we are lu [...]

  21. Absolutely awesome finish to Eight Nights K.Andrews is fast becoming an auto buy for me This book had it all stong writing, great sexy times, wonderfully told tale that continues the relationship between Nate and Lucas While I could not believe what Lucas did and yelled at my Kindle, noooooo I totally understood He s young, inexperienced sexually, never had a relationship, never really had friends He had to find himself Handled so well And the touch of kink Whoa, what a nice touch that came out [...]

  22. 4.5 stars Good deal of angst in this, and I was pretty bummed during parts of it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, sadness and all I found the issues the guys faced to be pretty realistic for a couple of college kids Were some of Lucas s actions frustrating Yup But I think they easily could have happened, and that s the kind of frustrating I m happy to deal with And while some of the stuff that happened pained me, I think it was good, too, because it gave Lucas a bit of a broader range of experience [...]

  23. I hadn t read the first book, but I found no difficulty following the plot It s quite an enjoyable story, but there was a little too much sex for me It s understandable, these guys were in their early twenties, and this was the first time they lived together, so high libido is not out of question It s just totally a matter of taste for me Actually, I forgave a lot of these two characters stupidity because of their age in the story At that age, you make a lot of mistakes and learn from them.

  24. I enjoyed this book than I thought I would At the beginning I thought this was going to be just another cookie cutter romance story but I was pleasantly surprised Though it was a heavy subject, it was a light read I liked that the author gave the incident proper time and development to heal and mend I feel that a lot of times writers resolve similar issues too quickly without proper development to be credible or for the readers to forgive Just because the character forgives easily does not mean [...]

  25. It s been so long since I ve read this I can t remember much except to say that I did enjoy reading the book There were moments that I didn t like, but it had nothing to do with the writing, just the characters actions which were emotional angst on my part It was good ok, I remember that.

  26. It felt a little contrived and cliched, particularly at the end but it s a solid three stars I do wish Nate had taken responsibility for his role in the whole mess by keeping them both firmly shut away in the closet, though.

  27. I really liked the book, but in my opinion, the end was the best part The book made me laugh, smile and cry I never expected that I am really happy I read it, It was a really cute and interesting story.

  28. Lucas I don t get it, I really don t After the incident I had to push myself to continue reading, it could have been great.

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