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Past Lies

[PDF] Past Lies | by ☆ Shayla Kersten [PDF] Past Lies | by ☆ Shayla Kersten - Past Lies, Past Lies Two opposite men two different lives two sets of past lies With his twenty year high school reunion looming Paul Loughton dreads seeing the one person who could tempt him to stray from his path Sma

  • Title: Past Lies
  • Author: Shayla Kersten
  • ISBN: 9781419916380
  • Page: 357
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Past Lies | by ☆ Shayla Kersten, Past Lies, Shayla Kersten, Past Lies Two opposite men two different lives two sets of past lies With his twenty year high school reunion looming Paul Loughton dreads seeing the one person who could tempt him to stray from his path Small town mayor lawyer and budding politician Paul can t won t admit he s gay even to himself Years of denial and lies are now threatened by an inevitable encounter With hTwo opposite men

Past Lies

[PDF] Past Lies | by ☆ Shayla Kersten [PDF] Past Lies | by ☆ Shayla Kersten - Past Lies, Past Lies Two opposite men two different lives two sets of past lies With his twenty year high school reunion looming Paul Loughton dreads seeing the one person who could tempt him to stray from his path Sma Past Lies

  • [PDF] Past Lies | by ☆ Shayla Kersten
    357Shayla Kersten
Past Lies

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  1. You can t never forget your first lovePaul is the perfect All American Boy of a small town USA Quarterback, Golden Boy, wealthy and handsome, he was the dream of every girls in high school, but also of one boy, Randy Randy was from the wrong side of the city, he was a bit of a goth and plus he was also gay Not that he could do nothing in the small town he lived, other than dreaming about Paul And he would never imagine that also Paul dreamed about him.But eighteen years old are too few to have t [...]

  2. Simple story, but I liked itWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 8 10PROS I love the premise a rich kid and a poor kid who went to high school together meet up 20 years later and the poor kid is now the richer of the two but still nice not arrogant or vindictive This is a heartwarming story of awakening, and the fact that Paul is 38 when he finally starts admitting to himself that he s attracted to men made it even sweeter for me He actually throws himself [...]

  3. As a coming out story and from foes to friends to lovers theme, this is hot and sweet Recommended For me, this is a keeper.

  4. This was a really well written book, as are all of Shayla Kersten s books I did, however, feel that it kinda fell into a cookie cutter kind of layout that was pretty predictable Paul was the All American, rich kid, quarterback, who had all the girls falling at his feet Randy was the poor, kid, sorta goth, who was rud to be gay Randy also had a crush on Paul and little did he, or anyone else, know that Paul crushed on Randy too So flash forward to the 20 year reunion now where too much alcohol gi [...]

  5. 3.5 StarsAn enjoyable enough read although a deeper insight into the characters would have been welcome I didn t really feel the connection between the 2 MCs.

  6. The setting is a small town where everybody knows everybody s business We have Paul a high school jock who s been in denial about his sexual preference all of his 38 years of life, and we have Randy the weird gay kid, probably bullied a lot, who escaped the town right after graduating So, comes the high school reunionRandy is attracted to Paul has been since high school , but keeps it to himself because he s not out to his mom yet and to the best of his knowledge, Paul is straight.Paul is attrac [...]

  7. I usually like my romances to have some paranormal aspect, mystery, or scifi element I don t usually go for contemporary romances as they start to sound alike How many ways can you tell a boy meets boy story in the real world So, I m not sure what prompted me to order this one, other than allowing me to read the first few pages before buying I immediately felt a connection, and am very glad I bought it.The story was simple, and familiar popular high school jock still unmarried, and in the closet [...]

  8. It was hard not to compare Paul and Randy of Past Lies with Dylan and Sebastian of M L Rhodes Under My Skin Both couples are attractive as people, not just superfically but I found Dylan had that sexual magnetism that Randy, his counterpart in PL lacked Likewise, Sebastian was also a interesting character than Paul.There s a lot of sex but perhaps I wasn t in the mood as I found myself skimming through much of it towards the end It was repetitive but then how much different can it be from book [...]

  9. synopsis paul and randy both attend their 20th high school reunion and both are dreading it paul because he has never admitted that he was gay and his crush is attending, and randy because he was a weird kid from the wrong side of the tracks who got teased for his sexual orientation before he was even certain of it as they meet again, sparks fly, even though paul is still in the closet and has no intentions of coming out, since he is a lawyer and his father wants him to carry on the family tradi [...]

  10. M M contemporary romance Hero 1 admits he is gay but has a swinging door on his closet he has just moved to the bible belt to be close to his ailing mother so the door is definitely closed Isn t it Hero 2 refuses to admit his urges to anyone, especially himself He so far back in the closet he s hiding behind the winter coats but sometimes he moves to front and finds himself peeking through the cracks He s not gay, not really, is he Then their 20th year high school reunion happens and they meet a [...]

  11. For me an m m romance has to have a good balance between two things hot sex and a good backdrop story that s entertaining When the sex is hot enough, I am flexible on the second point If the story is good enough, I am flexible on the first point Past Lies is very interesting as a hot read, but I found the story a little too simplistic The men are about my age so I would expect a level of maturity equivalent but they felt like teenagers most of the time which I don t mind when the characters are [...]

  12. Wow I actually put off reading this one cuz I thought by the blurb it would have too much drama in it i m not the drama type i only like a little to my hea s but I have to say I loved this storyblurb did not do it justice not to much drama just a wonderful story this one will go on my favorite list.d of course the sex was totally hot were talking bringing out the mini fan hot will be passing this one along to my friends, Shayla Kersten really knows how to tell a story and keep you reading till t [...]

  13. Paul and Randy find each other at their 20th school reunion Both were in love with each other in high school but neither did anything.Randy is gay but not out Paul is gay but doesn t want to admit it Its small town Arkansas and being out is not the done thing.As Paul has drunk too much at the reunion, Randy offers to drive him home.However, they get yo his hotel room and old feelings raise their head.A nice story about 2 men who wait 20 years to admit their feelings tor each other.

  14. 2.5 stars I found the writing to be a bit stiff it did not flow well, and the editing was mediocre I never really liked nor felt connected to the MCs I thought they both came across as weak The storyline was okay but parts of it seemed quite farfetched I had a difficult time sticking with the story After a while, even the steamy sections failed to keep my interest Toward the end, I found myself skimming large sections just to make it through.

  15. I first read this in 2013 and loved it then and I love it still It is one of the first books that introduced me to the gay romance genre and has kept me hooked since I am so glad I decided to revisit Randy and Paul.

  16. 3.5 4 5 While the plot is simple, I enjoyed it Plus, both mc were likeable The light bondage was also a welcoming addition.

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