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The Railway Children

The Railway Children Best Download || [E. Nesbit] The Railway Children Best Download || [E. Nesbit] - The Railway Children, The Railway Children Bobbie Peter and little Phyllis move from their home near London to the countryside and the exciting new world of travelers and trains But will they ever solve the mystery of their father s absence

  • Title: The Railway Children
  • Author: E. Nesbit
  • ISBN: 9780140350050
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback

The Railway Children Best Download || [E. Nesbit], The Railway Children, E. Nesbit, The Railway Children Bobbie Peter and little Phyllis move from their home near London to the countryside and the exciting new world of travelers and trains But will they ever solve the mystery of their father s absence

The Railway Children

The Railway Children Best Download || [E. Nesbit] The Railway Children Best Download || [E. Nesbit] - The Railway Children, The Railway Children Bobbie Peter and little Phyllis move from their home near London to the countryside and the exciting new world of travelers and trains But will they ever solve the mystery of their father s absence The Railway Children

  • The Railway Children Best Download || [E. Nesbit]
    129E. Nesbit
The Railway Children

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  1. The shock involved in crying over a children s book that endorses theft, children soliciting favours from old men, and frequent acts of trespass on to Railway property is hard to describe.As is the dislocation in reading a Father tell his son that girls are as clever as boys before inviting his daughter to consider a railway career, and a man with a Polish surname imprisoned in Siberia for offending the Russian state Still, I am fairly sure that this was published in 1906 and not 2006, afterall [...]

  2. Pilot for the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament, The Railway Children versus Atlas ShruggedIt s a capacity crowd tonight at the Surrealist Boxing Stadium, and everyone s wondering if The Railway Children have a chance against Atlas Shrugged I can see them in the blue corner, I must say they look nervous, they know they re behind on weight and reach but their supporters are out in force, that s always worth a lot, Bobbie is trying to calm Phyllis, she s whispering something in her ear And i [...]

  3. Question Why do I read Children s Literature Answer I read them because they are feel good stories and they fill you to the brim with hopes They teach you great lessons through simple actions and easy sentences.Question Did The Railway Children fulfill these expectations Answer Certainly My Four Stars rating is the proof of that.Question Why not a Five star rating Answer Unfortunately I fell in the trap of comparison game I compared it with other books of similar genre that had received five sta [...]

  4. Recently, I have been going through a phase of revisiting my favourite childhood reads to see if they still garner the same awe and satisfaction when read as an adult This, I was happy to discover, is as beloved to me now as when I first read it as a child.My younger self appreciated the focus on sibling bonds from their minor feuds to their lasting camaraderie but my older self has discovered the darker and harrowing story line, that I either seem to have prior missed or that had completely sl [...]

  5. changed my mind this is a5 STAR BOOK I am overwhelmed by the emotions and was hungover for a day The whole journey throughout this book was magical It was nostalgic It was beautiful This book tells the story of three children whose father is taken away by the police and they have to live with their mother in poverty nearside a railway station.If poverty is living in a wonderful countryside, meeting with lively people, roaming around free and exploring new areas then I will happily accept it and [...]

  6. One thing I ve noticed while reading the classics is that most of them center around female characters I find that interesting, especially when you look over American educational statistics and see that girls generally fair much better at English class than boys Perhaps this could be a reason It was a relief, then, to read The Railway Children and discover that female and male characters get equal play in this book In fact, it was the favorite book of a male friend of mine when he was little, wh [...]

  7. Children who have grown up with Matilda, The Dumb Bunnies or The Cat in the Hat can t really appreciate what an advance Edith Nesbit s The Railway Children actually was For the first time, an author wrote about children who weren t miniature adults, who weren t preternaturally perfect, but who were flesh and blood children, children who quarreled and worried and snapped at one another when they grew fatigued or anxious.Nesbit also provides a somewhat realistic view into the Edwardian period When [...]

  8. Listened to a Librivox recording of this classic during a nine hour car ride It kept me entertained throughout the journey and also helped to keep carsickness at bay I would probably have enjoyed this a lot had I read this in my early teens, when I was obsessed with authors like Enid Blyton It s a charming, feel good children s story with a cast of precocious kids who have their share of adventures while also rescuing a couple of people and brightening up the lives of the town folk in general L [...]

  9. Nothing if not Strictly TruthfulAnd something wonderful did happen exactly four days after she had said this I wish I could say it was three days after, because in fairy tales it is always three days after that things happen But this is not a fairy story, and besides, it really was four and not three, and I am nothing if not strictly truthful.Edith Nesbit had her tongue well in her cheek, of course, as she came to the end of her children s classic, published 110 years ago in 1906 After all, this [...]

  10. I believe this may be one of the best children s stories I have ever read Told in a creative and sprightly way, this book carries you into the story of Roberta, Peter and Phyllis After their father is called away on a long, mysterious trip, these three must adjust and help their mother as they sell their mansion and move into a smaller cottage just outside of a rural village There they make friends with various people who work at the railway station, and thus begins their love of trains They are [...]

  11. This is such an adorable story My mom read it aloud to me and my brothers a couple years back It s touching, funny, and picturesque Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews

  12. A light, summery, charming read in an old school British sort of way It was a little slow paced and predictable though, then again I was expecting it to be like that I did find the kids quite cheeky when they went around demanding things from the Old Gentlemen, the villagers, and the poor Doctor I know they were trying to help their mum and other people, but it was still kind of greedy and cheeky Though they were quite selfless and nice when it came to the Russian guy and the red jumper guy, so [...]

  13. Again E Nesbit shows herself expert at showing not telling, and at writing for anyone and everyone With the story told from the point of view of the children, and aimed at children, all anyone under a certain height level is going to understand is that the father of the family goes away one night and does not come back, and the mother tells the three that he is away on business and everything changes Mother is upset or sad all the time, even when courageously pretending otherwise The children ar [...]

  14. I m on a bit of a classics kick recently And as mentioned in my review of For Love Of A Horse, these aren t the Oliver Twist sort of classics These are classics that have framed my childhood and my adulthood and are just really, really good I love The Railway Children And I love Bobbie in particular E Nesbit is a stylish, approachable author who writes with a sort of seditious aplomb There s a whole level of this book that I missed first time round, the subtle comments on society, class and gend [...]

  15. This was an endearing read, but one that, for me, was nothing than endearing The children, the side characters, and the narrator were all well considered and gave an almost whimsical sensation to the book, but I was lost when trying to properly connect and feel emotionally invested It was very reminiscent of Little Women but luckily had less of the sexist undertones Yes, I am aware of when these books were written, but I felt almost dirtied by such statements as girls are so much softer and wea [...]

  16. E Nesbit s Edith story, The Railway Children, was published in 1906 This first decade of the 20th century also introduced us to Montgomery s Anne of Green Gables and Burnett s A Little Princess All three are considered childrens classics but are equally enjoyed by adult readers Unlike many of today s children s stories, these classics place children in real life situations, and they find real life solutions to their problems Although sometimes far fetched, they provide a level of belivability th [...]

  17. Meh Tedious.I really thought I would enjoy a book about the railways, and I did enjoy that aspect of it It s funny how quaint and informal the railway officials are but it was nice to see the children s growing love for the railway station, the trains and the employees working there The plot, as it goes, was boring The childrens father was imprisoned for spying but the mother does not tell the children anything and lets them speculate all manner of terrible things, which I found to be quite crue [...]

  18. La historia nos cuenta las peque as aventuras de un Roberta, Peter y Phyllis tras trasladarse a vivir a Tres Chimeneas todo ello tras un extra o suceso en su familia, de repente tu padre ha desaparecido y ellos no saben lo que ha pasado En su nuevo emplazamiento, los ni os vivir n entretenidas aventuras, har n amistad con el Jefe de la estaci n, con el mozo de la misma o con un misterioso Anciano Caballero que todos los d as les saluda en el tren de las 9.15, tras salir del t nel.Narrado en terc [...]

  19. THE RAILWAY CHILDREN 1906 E Nesbit E Edith Nesbit 1856 1924 was a writer of children s books that were very successful in England and remain so to this day She is not read much in America, primarily because her plots are simply too sweet for U.S kids or at least that s what the critics say In this book, one of her most popular, we meet a family of mother, father and three children The kids are, from the eldest down, Roberta Bobbie , Peter, and Phyllis It s a perfect family until two men come to [...]

  20. Written in 1906 still fresh The fact that there is no electricity and people walk instead of getting their mother to drive them are the only real indication of its age On page 6 the father tells his ten year old son, Of course they girls can help Girls are just as clever as boys, and don t you forget it When the father is taken away the clever mother supports the family writing poems and children s stories Her son regrets at one point that she has to be so clever as she has less time for fun wit [...]

  21. While reading some books, you smile often and this wasn t that kind of book Because you don t smile often but always The goodness of heart, the kindness, innocence and love is overwhelming especially in today s world Almost an utopian work, worth a read not only for kids but also grown ups And especially for the skeptics grown ups Such works should be read often A breath of clean and fresh air amidst the polluted air that we breathe.

  22. Th ch h n quy n Five Children and It c ng c a Nesbit c d ch sang ti ng Vi t, mang t a N m a tr v con ti n c t , b n d ch c a Nguy n Th Huy n, NXB V n h a Th ng tin.M t cu n s ch mang t nh gi o d c, nh ng y nh nh ng ch kh ng kh c ng v c u chuy n di n ra th t t nhi n ang s ng trong sung s ng, nh ng a tr r i v o c nh kh n c ng khi cha c a ch ng b b t, m ph i l m vi c m kh ng chi ti u, n n nh ng a tr kh ng ph i n tr ng, m l i kh ng c th i gian ch m s c n ch ng, v nh ng cu c phi u l u nho nh di n ra. [...]

  23. A sweet, charming listen, thanks to LibriVox A little contrived at times, but quite pleasantly so 4.5 stars.

  24. I ve read this children s classic by E Nesbit many times over the years, and this time I really enjoyed listening to this fine audiobook, which is enhanced by Virginia Leishman s excellent narration.

  25. This story reminded me of the nursery rhyme Sugar and spice and everything nice That s what little girls are made of It was just so sickly sweet and innocent I get it though, as it was written in 1906, when kids were encouraged to make friends outside and most people cared about respecting one another.For the most part, this was a cute story It was enjoyable, despite the Mary Sue behavior of all the characters The only thing that didn t hold up well was the gender conversation, but again not sur [...]

  26. I can t say this was the most exciting book to read I bought this book because I had heard so much about it, it s such a classic and well known novel that gets referenced now and again, and it looked like a quick and easy read, so I thought why not Except, it took me longer to finish than expected, only because I wasn t too interested in the storytelling or overall plot It revolves around 3 siblings who come from a comfortable background with a nice house, servants etc One evening, their father [...]

  27. Kh ng ph i ai c ng c th n n vi t c u chuy n i m nh i u c m nh n u ti n l S ch r t p v c c u chuy n trong S ch c ng r t p p nh t l nh ng c i t n, nh con t u R ng Xanh c n c t n g i kh c l c S n , con t u Giun c a Wantley v con t u N i S H i Bay Trong m , ng i Bi t Th hay ng i nh tr ng Ba ng Kh i i u th hai v c ng l h t i u r i, l nh ng c u chuy n p v nh ng cu c tr chuy n th v lu n l m th i gian tr i qua r t nhanh.C i kh ng th ch duy nh t cu n s ch n y l k t c c, E Nesbit kh ng cho m nh v o ng i n [...]

  28. Cute but nothing terribly special I read this mainly because C.S Lewis loved Nesbit s work Nothing magical happened in this book thoughjust your typical good children doing good and saving the day sort of tale.

  29. Brings back great memories of watching the film as a kid.Not sure how children today would react to it, as parts of it seem very dated, and also a bit sexist.Overall though, I really enjoyed it.

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