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The Six-Liter Club

æ The Six-Liter Club ✓ Harry Kraus æ The Six-Liter Club ✓ Harry Kraus - The Six-Liter Club , The Six Liter Club ELUSIVE WHISPERS A DARK CLOSET STRONG ARMS DOES SHE EVEN WANT TO REMEMBER Camille Weller has arrived as the first African American attending in the trauma service of the Medical College of Virginia

  • Title: The Six-Liter Club
  • Author: Harry Kraus
  • ISBN: 9781416577973
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback

æ The Six-Liter Club ✓ Harry Kraus, The Six-Liter Club , Harry Kraus, The Six Liter Club ELUSIVE WHISPERS A DARK CLOSET STRONG ARMS DOES SHE EVEN WANT TO REMEMBER Camille Weller has arrived as the first African American attending in the trauma service of the Medical College of Virginia Never mind that the locker rooms are labeled doctors and nurses rather than men and women or that her dark skin communicates incapable to many of her white maleELUSIVE WHISPERS A

The Six-Liter Club

æ The Six-Liter Club ✓ Harry Kraus æ The Six-Liter Club ✓ Harry Kraus - The Six-Liter Club , The Six Liter Club ELUSIVE WHISPERS A DARK CLOSET STRONG ARMS DOES SHE EVEN WANT TO REMEMBER Camille Weller has arrived as the first African American attending in the trauma service of the Medical College of Virginia The Six-Liter Club

  • æ The Six-Liter Club ✓ Harry Kraus
    171Harry Kraus
The Six-Liter Club

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  1. Dr Camille Weller is both the first African American and the first woman surgeon at the Medical College of Virginia From day one, she not only breaks the glass ceiling, but also breaks in to the Six Liter Club, a title reserved for doctors who save someone who has lost six or liters of blood the human body has only five liters of blood Despite her career achievements, she seems to constantly ruffle the feathers of her boss and challenge the very authority that has the power to strip her of ever [...]

  2. Harry Kraus does something unusual He writes in the point of view of an African American woman doctor He does it well How does he do it I ve had the pleasure of meeting Harry at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference I found him to be a humble, joyous, and highly observant person With his experience in the medical field, this writer does a fantastic job communicating the world of Dr Camille Weller to the non medical reader Her emotions fit a woman s emotions Her struggles fit every wo [...]

  3. This was a fascinating story of an African American woman who comes to terms with her past while dealing with her present Camille Weller s mother was African, and her father was a white American doctor that was helping in the Congo The storyline jumps between Camille s memories in the Congo in 1964 to her present time in Richmond, VA in 1984.As the story unfolds, so do her memories and they become a huge part of the struggles she deals with, on top of being a woman surgeon in a man s profession [...]

  4. Wow, is all I can say Ok, I ll say than that When I picked up this book, I had forgotten who sent it to me Thanks Rebecca from Glass Roads and wasn t sure what to expect, except for what I read on the back While many of the review books I get are from Christian publishers and or publicists, recently some general market folks have gotten me on their list, so I wasn t sure in which category this book belonged Camille is the daughter of a missionary, and one of the characters we meet early on seem [...]

  5. I had the privilege of interviewing Harry Kraus, on our radio show Kingdom Highlights , for his new book, The Six Liter Club published by Howard Books.The heroine is Dr Camille Weller, an African American woman in 1984 who has broken the color and gender barriers at the Medical College of Virginia as the attending surgeon in the Trauma Department On her first day she has joined the super elite club known as the six liter club by keeping a young man alive from a gunshot wound by giving him six li [...]

  6. Title THE SIX LITER CLUBAuthor Dr Harry KrausPublisher Howard BooksApril 2010ISBN 978 1 4165 7797 3Genre Inspirational contemporary medical thrillerIn 1984, Dr Camille Weller has the distinction of being the first black female trauma surgeon at the Medical College of Virginia Not only that, but she isn t even working there twenty four hours when she becomes a member of the elite Six Liter Club a club membership based on saving the life of a patient who has lost six liters of blood But Camille st [...]

  7. From My Blog return return Mysterious, riveting, and emotionally charged are only a smattering of words to describe The Six Liter Club by Harry Kraus Dr Camille Weller is the first woman to join the Six Liter Club at the Medical College of Virginia in 1984 She also happens to be the only female doctor in trauma surgery and learns she was hired due to her colour, which angers Camille as she has always viewed herself as a surgeon After the age of 10 she was raised by her aunt Jeanine, prior to tha [...]

  8. Dr Harry Kraus has written another great book Not sure why I m surprised Have loved each one This is a story of the first Black American woman ER trauma surgeon, Camille Weller, hired at the Medical College of Virginia in 1983 She had to prove herself in several ways the first woman, let alone a black woman in an ER trauma setting, the home of male testosterone and egos trying to be one of the guys to fit in and having to toe the line of the upper male echelon s rules of conduct, the latter of w [...]

  9. WARNING Slight Spoiler IncludedI finished Six Liter Club last night, and I was completely satisfied with the ending While the book did not have an overt Christian message throughout, there were Christian characters that influenced Camille Camille s father was a missionary in Africa, and the mother of her first major case as trauma surgeon was a strong witness When Camille finally remembers key incidents from her past, she begins to understand the meaning of a Father s love.This was a well writte [...]

  10. I picked this book up because a black woman was on the cover Then I read the summary and saw that she was a doctor at the hospital near my hometown so that made me want to read it Also, the plot seemed intriguing.I liked the story because I could relate to being different from those in your professional circle I really liked the international roots of the character and her having to figure out how her childhood intersected with her as a woman in the present.I do have a few problems with the set [...]

  11. Description In The Six Liter Club, we revisit a time during the 1980s when many personal and professional barriers for women and minorities were yet to be broken In 1983, Camille Weller, MD, is the first black female in history to attain the status of attending staff at Medical College of Virginia She is gritty, sexy, and used to excelling over her male colleagues She was born in Africa, orphaned as a child, and raised by a white aunt in the racially charged South of the 19702 She is a trauma su [...]

  12. Camile Weller has the world in the palm of her handse is the first African American female to get a trauma surgical position at Medical College Her first day on the job she enters the six liter club by saving a young man on the surgical table She thought she would be worshipped for her miracle save of his life but it was the opposite The stress of her new job, rejection from her superiors, loss of her best friend, opening her heart to her true calling and lack of romantic intimacy because of ter [...]

  13. I am reviewing this book for Glass Road Public RelationsThis story is about Camille Weller She is the first African American attending in the trauma service of the Medical College of Virginia She has to deal with prejudices of her profession along along with overcoming her dark past Her past threatens to overtake her future.This book is a delight to read It deals with some serious topics such as overcoming one s past and prejudices one faces The story is interlaced with humor and romance so it d [...]

  14. Set in 1983 Dr Camille Weller becomes the first African American female surgeon to become an attending staff member at Medical College of Virginia and also to be initiated into the six liter club by bringing her first patient back from death by replacing a full six liters of blood Raised by a white aunt in the South, her prior terrifying childhood in the Congo as the daughter of an American missionary doctor and Conglonese mother battles her spirit as much as her private and professional life do [...]

  15. Harry Kraus has plumbed the depths of the female psyche, making Camille Weller a credible and memorable character in his sopho novel, The Six Liter Club A fresh voice in fiction, Harry doesn t overpower the story with an excess of medical jargon I never felt lost or like I was standing on the outside looking in.His protagonist, Camille, is faced with professional prejudice, both gender and color, and is tired of going along with the boys Making her life complicated are the nightmares and flashb [...]

  16. This book was very slow in the beginning It took me awhile to get through the first 2 3rd of it because I wasn t super invested in the characters or the story However, I am glad I finished it The last 1 3 of it was much better and there were some interesting twists I wasn t expecting I liked how it ended and I loved the themes this author explored, but I just wish the beginning wasn t so slow.

  17. good story female surgeon who challenged the old boys club of surgeons Born to missionary parents, she had flashbacks of horrors related to losing her parents in Africa as a child In solving the origins of her panic attacks with a colleague psychiatrist, she also sorted out her relationships between two men she was seeing Different story from Kraus usual.

  18. This was a very good readThe only thing negative I can say about the book was that it took the Author so long to get to the climax and that once the ride was over it really didn t seem to be that big of a deal to cause all the inner turmoil Camille suffered Definitely had a is that it moment at the end.

  19. The book was an interesting look at life as a black female surgeon in the south in the 80s With some history of war in Africa thrown in SPOILER I knew at about halfway through the book this strong black non believing woman was going to eventually find that she needed Jesus and when it happened, the whole book was a waste.

  20. Kraus is a great storyteller I had no clue such a club existed until I read his book Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised to read a story about a pan african doctor very fascinating story, a must read.

  21. I am sure this is a great story I was put off by its writing when, in the first few pages, the writer says Attending surgeons were known to be forgetful of the little people around them I am a nurse Thank you for belittling my profession Returns book to library after reading 4 pages

  22. This is not my kind of book The story of Dr Weller was nice but I could not finish the book I just could not stand reading about Mark sinxe he was so selfish and had no regards for either Tina or Camille.

  23. This was an interesting mystery as well as an interesting take on what it s like to be the vanguard of a particular discipline It also speaks well about the heart and courage required to demonstrate love, whether for a family member, a stranger, or a calling.

  24. I had high hopes for this book But was greatly disappointed The story line and plot was lacking I didn t like ANY of the characters It was raunchy and the dialog was boring Normally I love medical fictionNormally.

  25. Started out captivating Lagged some in the middle Suspense built to a satisfying conclusion Enjoyable summer read, but not outstanding.

  26. A fast paced, intriguing entertaining medical novel Great mix of excitement, romance, drama even a little bit of spirituality I love it

  27. Very intriguing As a psychology major, loved the emphasis on the effects of the unconsciousness on the main character s life

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