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Mosaic Best Download || [Jeri Taylor] Mosaic Best Download || [Jeri Taylor] - Mosaic, Mosaic Mosaic tells the life story of Captain Janeway a compelling tale of personal bravery personal loyalty tragedy and triumph As told by Jeri Taylor co creator and executive producer of Star Trek Voya

  • Title: Mosaic
  • Author: Jeri Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780671563127
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Book

Mosaic Best Download || [Jeri Taylor], Mosaic, Jeri Taylor, Mosaic Mosaic tells the life story of Captain Janeway a compelling tale of personal bravery personal loyalty tragedy and triumph As told by Jeri Taylor co creator and executive producer of Star Trek Voyager this is an in depth look into the mind and soul of Star Trek s newest captain Deep in the unexplored reaches of the Delta Quadrant a surprise attack by a fierce KazonMosaic tells the life


Mosaic Best Download || [Jeri Taylor] Mosaic Best Download || [Jeri Taylor] - Mosaic, Mosaic Mosaic tells the life story of Captain Janeway a compelling tale of personal bravery personal loyalty tragedy and triumph As told by Jeri Taylor co creator and executive producer of Star Trek Voya Mosaic

  • Mosaic Best Download || [Jeri Taylor]
    330Jeri Taylor

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  1. Sometimes it s really hard to find a good novel written for the spin off Star Trek Voyager No doubt that the books published after the return of the vessel to the Alpha Quadrant and its later expedition returning to Delta Quadrant must be really entertaining and I plan to read them eventually It s not so easy to find really engaging novels set on its time when the crew was stranded 75,000 light years away from Federation space You can find a lot of very good novels of The Original Series and The [...]

  2. Ah may zing Janeway is my favorite Captain and anything involving her is of immediate interest to me When I found this book laying dust covered in the corner of my in law s living room, I ran off with it and devoured it in 2 days.We follow two stories the present issue of an away team being trapped on an alien planet while dealing with the Kazon, and then glimpses of Janeway s growing pains from an adorable four year old up to her first command We see her grow as a human and I felt of an attach [...]

  3. Jeri Taylor gives us Captain Janeway s backstory, from her childhood days trying to be the best and brightest to impress her father, through her friendships and relationships in high school and at the Academy, to her early years in Starfleet.The writing is clunkier than I remembered from reading this when it first came out, but the spirit of the story still holds up.

  4. I m going to start off by openly acknowledging that my thoughts and feelings regarding this book are entirely biased, because I absolutely love Kathryn Janeway She is one of my favorite characters of all time, and though I realize she has her flaws, she s on the short list of characters who I can get very, very defensive of.I had actually saved this book up for a long time I m not sure if I was saving it for a rainy day, or as a treat But in any case, I finally decided to read it to give me some [...]

  5. Definitely one of the better Voyager books The plot of the events happening in real time was fairly disposable, and so were the characters with one notable exception Janeway Ultimately it is a Janeway biography, and I wasn t expecting miracles from the set up so it didn t bother me too much.Janeway s back story is creative, although at times almost too dramatic Her characterization in the actual tv series is haphazard at best, but this really solidified her for me A couple lines thrown here and [...]

  6. Wow An excellent Voyager book Mosaic starts out with the crew trying to find food, and encountering a situation which reminds Janeway of something that happened to her when she was younger The book basically bounces back and forth between the present time and Janeway s youth Very interesting to see how Taylor linked other characters such as Data and Riker into the book Definitely top 3 Voyager books I have ever read The only thing I did not like was there was no closure on the nocha cake and Tuv [...]

  7. I was a bit disappointed in this one I read Pathways and loved it First of all there were 2 parts to the story one part in present day and the other part discussing Janeway s rise to the captains chair There was nothing exciting about Janeway s rise to becoming the captain of Voyager and they didn t even touch on how Janeway and Tuvok became such good friends Also, they didn t even tell you how Janeway became captain of Voyager either And the present days scenes were jumbled and hard to follow w [...]

  8. A very enjoyable read I ended up downloading the Audio Book for a trip a few months later because Kate Mulgrew reads it Trek Pocket Book stories tend to always be a full crew event, so I really enjoyed the clear focus on just the character and background of Captain Kathryn Janeway Written by creator Jeri Taylor, this book is considered canon by most Trekkies If you love the Janeway character, you will enjoy this book immensely.

  9. I was torn I grabbed it off the library shelf because Janeway was my 1 favorite Captain, followed closely by Picard So Janeway anything I m going to read But while I enjoyed the deep look into her formative years and why she became the person she did, parts of it annoyed me Trying not to give anything awaywe saw flashes of a person so unlike the Captain we know that I wanted to reach in and slap some sense into her But then at other times, there were holes We met some faces we already knew, like [...]

  10. I listened to this audiobook on Audible and I really enjoyed it Kate Mulgrew narrated it and that made it even better The story skipped around a lot going from past to present and that was simultaneously my favorite and least favorite part of the book I really liked learning about Capt Janeway s past and how she became the outstanding leader she is, as well as about her family and personal life too But the back forth made it essentially lots of different stories thrown together that didn t see [...]

  11. The flashbacks through Janeway s life are all quite enjoyable, and at times excellent, but the present day framing story is awful I m guilty of being overly critical of Voyager, but those parts manage to exemplify all of the problems I have with the show and its terrible characters.But the flashbacks are almost all great fun and tell their own gripping stories It adds a lot to Janeway s backstory and it feels significant since, being written by one of the show s creators, this book can be consid [...]

  12. Wonderful Well written, amazing characterisation and a fantastic finish Jeri Taylor s Mosaic is my first Voyager novel and I loved it In this we learn some about the history of Kathryn Janeway and in between those chapters the crew struggle against the Kazon and unravel a mystery The end where is all comes together is stunning and reinforces just why Janeway is such a great captain.This one is probably as close to canon as books get since it s written by Jeri Taylor and it s one all Trek lit fan [...]

  13. I quite enjoyed the first three quarters of this book seeing the background of Captain Janeway was rather wonderful, but the supporting cast seemed very stilted and one dimensional, something that I have to come to not expect from this author However, the climax was a total letdown, with problems cropping up with no real causes, and then to make matters worse, no resolution whatsoever.

  14. Captain Kathryn Janeway was, quite possibly, my favorite Captain This story, of her life, was utterly fascinating to me I loved reading about her childhood, her time at Starfleet Academy and her early missions She was such a strong, intelligent character Her relationship with her father was so strong, and deep, it shaped a lot of who she became.

  15. Look, it s a Star Trek novel The writing is mediocre, the plot is rocky, but it s so darn enjoyable to just read without any expectations or though Really good, lightweight fluff that does a passable job of expanding the Janeway universe.

  16. This was some nice background about Kathryn Janeway s character, especially what led to her decision to strand her ship in the Delta Quadrant.

  17. I ve indulged in a couple of Trek novels since I started to watch the shows earlier last year, and this is one of the better ones.Due to being busy, I had to listen to the audiobook, instead of reading the prose, and boy, was I lucky This particular audiobook was read by none other than Janeway herself, Kate Mulgrew.The novel starts with Janeway on an unnamed planet, still stuck in the Delta Quadrant From there, the plot involves plasma storms, a dead, angelic species, and the Kazon, who look li [...]

  18. I ll always be grateful to Jeri Taylor for her role in creating the character of Captain Janeway, but this book just wasn t that great way too much time spent describing puppies, Janeway s self consciousness about her hair , and odd details about her coffee preferences The climax also basically replicated an episode of TNG with Dr Crusher taking command, which was much better done in my opinion Nice to revisit the Star Trek universe, but there are probably better ways of doing that Try Mulgrew s [...]

  19. I haven t read a Star Trek novel in a very, very long time Not because my love for the genre has waned, but rather because there are so many other books that need to be read But this one came recommended to me, and no self respecting female Trekker can t get behind the Captain Janeway Picard is my favorite captain because he s so cerebral it even pushed out his hair follicles, but if I were in an emergency, Janeway is who I d want on my bridge Picard is for the ready room or the holodeck As with [...]

  20. This novel was good so far as Star Trek novels go The framing device was unnecessary beyond giving the novel a limited amount of popular appeal at the time it was published The juicy stuff all happens in Janeway s flashbacks to her formative years.Most of these novels, especially the ones concerned with a specific character like this one is, reveal some deep, dark secret that helps define the character in question Mosaic reveals that during a test flight of an experimental starship Janeway s fat [...]

  21. I m a Janeway fan so I just had to get this book I m glad I did It filled me in on Janeway s life and why she is the way she is To her introduction to Data, to her blind date with William Riker, to how she knew Tom paris s father, Her first meeting with Tuvok she didn t like him much at first , to her relationship with Mark, to her greatest tragedy This book was a page turner and I didn t want to put it down until I had read it all Sometimes when I read a book about a series sometimes the charac [...]

  22. Die Rahmenhandlung der Geschichte bildet ein Planet auf den zum Zwecke der Suche nach Nahrungsmitteln ein Au enteam abgesetzt wird Als dort ein interessanter arch ologischer Fund gemacht wird teilt sich die Gruppe Die Voyager wird in K mpfe mit den Kazon verwickelt und auch die Au enteams m ssen sich mit dieser Bedrohung herumschlagen Dies ist jedoch blo die Rahmenhandlung Viel mehr geht es aber in diesem Buch um die Entwicklung von Kathryn Janeway immer wieder erlebt sie Flashbacks In einer Unz [...]

  23. I had high hopes for this Voyager book because it is written by Jeri Taylor, one of my favorite writers of the show Unfortunately, she does this weird thing where she uses a rare word or a familiar word in an unfamiliar way and I am ripped out of the story while I look up the word Luckily for me, I am reading on my Nook, so looking it up is just a matter of holding my finger on the word and selecting look up Still, I find the practice distracting Please know that I have a very large vocabulary s [...]

  24. Mosaic reads as you would expect an episode of Voyager to progress It starts off peaceful then the conflict starts and finally the resolution But intertwined in this story is the narrative of Captain Janeway s past, starting from early childhood all through her first command as a captain This is where the book shines The Delta Quadrant plot is wholly disposable and serves as the backdrop for Janeway s thoughts of her past Jeri Taylor does an excellent job narrating the experiences that would eve [...]

  25. I thought this was a nice fill in the blanks book to fill in the life of Captain Janeway and it did a nice job until the end, which was totally unfulfilling The author was a producer on the Voyager TV series and knows the character well, but trying to wrap up the entire book and give meaning to the title in the last paragraph was a little pathetic And although I am new to the Voyager book universe, I was upset to find that although Taylor has Janeway meeting Riker at the Academy, the next book I [...]

  26. I really enjoyed this story from Voyager exec Jeri Taylor I did find the back and forth between the current timeline story and the flashback random a bit jarring but, in the long run, I just sat back and enjoyed learning about Janeway s past I enjoyed the mentions we had heard throughout the series get the long form treatment makes me really want to rewatch Coda I thought some of the TNG cameos were unneeded and a bit forced and may not have made sense on the timeline But, all in all, anyone who [...]

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