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People of the Raven

✓ People of the Raven ↠ W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear ✓ People of the Raven ↠ W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear - People of the Raven, People of the Raven In People of the Raven award winning archaeologists and New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors W Michael Gear and Kathleen O Neal Gear spin a vivid and captivating tale around one of the mo

  • Title: People of the Raven
  • Author: W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear
  • ISBN: 9780765347572
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback

✓ People of the Raven ↠ W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear, People of the Raven, W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear, People of the Raven In People of the Raven award winning archaeologists and New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors W Michael Gear and Kathleen O Neal Gear spin a vivid and captivating tale around one of the most controversial archaeological discoveries in the world the Kennewick Man a Caucasoid male mummy dating back than years found in the Pacific Northwest on theIn People of th

People of the Raven

✓ People of the Raven ↠ W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear ✓ People of the Raven ↠ W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear - People of the Raven, People of the Raven In People of the Raven award winning archaeologists and New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors W Michael Gear and Kathleen O Neal Gear spin a vivid and captivating tale around one of the mo People of the Raven

  • ✓ People of the Raven ↠ W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear
    278W. Michael Gear Kathleen O'Neal Gear
People of the Raven

969 Comment People of the Raven

  1. This was one of the best books of this series It deals with the fictional setting for the Kennewick Man The story takes place at a time when the Caucasian type prehistoric North Americans were diminishing and the Mongoloid type were expanding The story is very hard to get into because of the number of characters and the profusion of names like Windwoman that may apply to a person or, in this case the wind Anyone who has read books by the Gears is familiar with this and has to be prepared to rere [...]

  2. I bought this book almost wow ten years ago at a library book sale At the time, I remember seeing these First North Americans books everywhere and, frankly, I liked the almost cheesy cover art, so I thought I d give it a go and see what these Native American books were all about I started it not long after buying it And then university happened and I sort of forgot about it until recently I don t even know what brought it to mind after all these years, but I was looking for something a little ou [...]

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is a tale of survival and strategy The People of the Raven are in a subservient relationship with the North Wind People they provide food and resources whilst the North Wind People provide them with skilfully produced artefacts What should be a symbiotic relationship has descended into one that verges on the borders of genocidal warfare and it is the North Wind People who have the edge Anyone who comes to the First Americans series has to accept that these are n [...]

  4. Masterful, Intriguing, and Thought provoking The Kennewick Man do I have your attention yet That was all it took for the Gears to have mine I love the different theories about how North America was populated and what peoples were here pre Columbus I am also an avid reader, particularly drawn to historical fiction, pre historic works, and Native American lore The Gears give me all the elements that make a story a powerhouse for me and the biggest part of that mix is their detailed and rich storyt [...]

  5. I have read about 15 of their books and this one is just as good as the rest If you want to learn about the Native American Indians in a fictional story then I highly suggest you pick up any of their books.This book is about the Raven people It s every engaging, fascinating and although it is over 500 pages long you can t put it down.

  6. Written by the husband wife team of Kathleen O Neal Gear and W Michael Gear who are both archaeologists, this novel was driven by the discovery of Kennewick Man along the Columbia River The remains were discovered to be Caucasoid which caused a stir among scientists A white man in North America 12,000 to 9,000 years ago That created questions and the old understanding of Mongoloid types traveling across the ice bridge that covered what is today the Bering Strait began to look like one of perhaps [...]

  7. People of the Raven By W Michael Gear and Kathleen O Neal GearReviewHistory is dynamic, and conflict in universal Looking at the archeological history of the United States has only happened in 2% of the land, but that does not negate controversy Kennewick man is one of those historical anomalies, a Caucasoid skeleton on the North American Continent over 10,000 years ago The Gears dive head into the controversy Theory that there are three genetic groups that settled in the American Continent The [...]

  8. The Gears this time have thrown you back in time 9,000 years ago Set in the Pacific Northwest along the banks of the Colombia River, People of the Raven brings the reader up close and personal with the controversial Kennewick man Kennewick man is a Caucasoid mummy found here on those very banks Why so controversial Supposedly white men didn t show up in North America until the Vikings made a few tentative trips to the area called Vineland This story follows the two different races of people, the [...]

  9. I m starting to feel like I m reading the same book Young, seemingly incapable boy who must Dream a new spiritual path for his people Old but not too old powerful woman dreamer who dances on the sides of both good and evil Strong leaders who fall in love and help lead their clans away from the bad guys The good news is this means you don t have to read any of the other books, you ll be just fine reading this on your own.The Raven People and the North Wind People have always had an uneasy allianc [...]

  10. These always looked like they would be interesting books to read, so I grabbed a few from the library booksale one time I really enjoyed this story, set in the Pacific Northwest British Columbia region of North America Even though the characters, their ways, customs, and culture are prehistoric, their emotions and actions are so very human It reminded me that throughout the ages, people are essentially the same, especially in regards to their motivations and desires, hopes and fears This is a st [...]

  11. the people of series has become my brainless book what i find annoying, even though i keep reading them, is while the science and history behind them is quite fansinating, the novels themselves are tedious and lack development the politics seem contrite the endings are anti climatic i guess that s what happens when you churn out a novel every 18monsese books could be really well written and deep if you want really well researched, well written historical fiction, try colleen mccollough s masters [...]

  12. Fascinating Story The story is a novel that takes its inspiration from the discover of the ancient remains dubbed the Kennewick Man discovered in 1996 When the remains were first discovered scientist believed they suggested that caucasoid peoples were present in North America 9000 years ago People of the Raven is a Novel that explores that possibility.It is a well conceived and told story based written by a couple who are archaeologists by profession The book explores the environment, culture an [...]

  13. While Kathleen and Michael Gear know their archaeological facts and can tell a good story, they have greatly over populated this particular book To keep track of the characters, I had to write them down, and try to separate them as to which side they were on I counted than 50 named characters before I gave up trying to keep track The authors would do well not to give names to people who do nothing in the story or may even be dead In fact, they could just edit some of them right out of the story [...]

  14. This is the first book by the Sears that I have read It is not necessary to read this book in the order in which the series is written.People of the Raven is a fictionalized story of two tribes, the Raven People and the North Wind People, whose history is closely intertwined Over time, war between the tribes appears inevitable.I enjoyed this book It contains details on tribal life in America about 9,000 years ago which I found fascinating Whether it dealt with spiritual beliefs, or clothing and [...]

  15. Finally done I ve been cleaning out the books from the last paperback swap I went to As a rule I love paleo fiction This book just seemed to on and on It uses the discovery of Kennewick Man, a caucasoid type skeleton, found in Washington state Read the book Kennewick Man by Chatters, which I rated 5 stars Using the premise that there were 2 distinct races competing for the same dwindling resources at the time the Ige Age was receding and ecosystems were in major transition.The book was OK It was [...]

  16. This is the second book I have read from the Gear Empire Nice premise, but again too much violence, rape, murder, and torture Too many characters to follow Too many tangled plot lines I couldn t figure out what was going on and I am not a stupid person But I persevered because I wanted to know who Coyote was, but I must have missed it because I still didn t know at the end of the book I resent that kind of cheap teaser to keep people reading through this book that is way way too long in the midd [...]

  17. I swear each of these books is better than the last Since writing People of the Wolf new people have been discovered living in the area that is now Seattle Caucasoid people Where they came from is a mystery, but the bones were definitely dated to about 9000 BC, meaning both Mongoloid and Caucasoid people existed at that place and time Using that discovery, the Gears come up with a whole new story focusing on suspicions these people might have of the other while able to see and understand the obv [...]

  18. The Gears are the best at what they do, which is writing about pre history based on archeology, creating a plausible fictional story to help us to understand the facts and thus preserve our own Native American history Kathleen and Michael have been my lamplight in becoming a Native American historical fiction writer They alone are responsible for peeking my interest in our dim past and have provided a window to that time and place of which they write If you desire to see the past of our unknown [...]

  19. Great book, ranks up with People of the Silence, Lakes, Weeping Eyes, and Thunder This book is different among all the others I have read by the Gears, it starts off with action immediately and will grip you into the story after the first few chapters The plot was easy to follow and I didn t trouble remember all the characters the Gears like to introduce into their stories The story slows a lot mid way through but picks back up with a brilliantly written ending 4 1 2 stars because I felt the mid [...]

  20. This book is based upon the archaeological find of the Kenniwick man in Washington in about 1996 I remember vividly the thoughts I d had when this finding was released Finding a white man over 9,000 years ago in the America s stirred so much in the Anthropology and Archaeology world As the Gear s weave their tale of historical fictione events intertwine with my own study of Ancient Americas.

  21. The Raven people and the Northwind people become locked in an epic battle for survival as shifting climate change makes resources ever scarcer This book, set in a pre history Washington State, uses the archeological discovery of the Kennewick Man to spin a What if tale full of suspense, mystery and action The Gears show their usual attention to details as they create a world rich in characters and history Great set up, but kind of anti climactic Not their best.

  22. i loved the setting, but the Gears pulled out their formula a bit too much for this one The last book i read by them, People of the Masks, was also very formula apparent The previous few were original Still I think I will continue with this series to see which cultures the Gears will drop me into.

  23. Set in pre historic America over 9,000 years ago there are light skinned people with red hair among the native populations Evening Star is one of them and has been captured and made a slave by the North Wind People Escaping, she flees to the People of the Raven seeking help Rain Bear must decide wether his people should flee or stand and fight.

  24. I ve read this entire series It s been a couple of years since I finished this particular book I am sure there are a few newer ones in this series that I haven t read yet But this is one of my absolutely favorite genres.

  25. This fictional tale of very early native Americans was pretty good, but I found it somewhat confusing that the characters in the story referred to the elements as if they were people, especially since the characters names were also frequently earthy.

  26. When I first began reading this book, I wasn t sure I d like it It s out of my normal genres of interest But the writing is solid and captures the tone of the story and setting I grew to like the characters and the journeys both external and internal they found themselves on Quite enjoyable.

  27. This period book took place 14,000 years ago in what is now the states of Washington and Oregon The envisioned life of people s day to day activities needed for survival and corresponding beliefs was entertaining.

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