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The Gorgon's Gaze

The Gorgon's Gaze Best Read || [Julia Golding] The Gorgon's Gaze Best Read || [Julia Golding] - The Gorgon's Gaze, The Gorgon s Gaze Magical Mallins Wood is under threat from developers Unknown to everyone the wood is the home of the last gorgon a creature so deadly she can kill with a look Only a handful of people know that she

  • Title: The Gorgon's Gaze
  • Author: Julia Golding
  • ISBN: 9780192754615
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback

The Gorgon's Gaze Best Read || [Julia Golding], The Gorgon's Gaze, Julia Golding, The Gorgon s Gaze Magical Mallins Wood is under threat from developers Unknown to everyone the wood is the home of the last gorgon a creature so deadly she can kill with a look Only a handful of people know that she still exists Col and his mother are among them and both are determined to save her and the forest

The Gorgon's Gaze

The Gorgon's Gaze Best Read || [Julia Golding] The Gorgon's Gaze Best Read || [Julia Golding] - The Gorgon's Gaze, The Gorgon s Gaze Magical Mallins Wood is under threat from developers Unknown to everyone the wood is the home of the last gorgon a creature so deadly she can kill with a look Only a handful of people know that she The Gorgon's Gaze

  • The Gorgon's Gaze Best Read || [Julia Golding]
    453Julia Golding
The Gorgon's Gaze

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  1. Gorgon s gaze The Companions Quartet 1 , 2007, Julia Golding 2 1390 432 9786002511546 2 21 Characters Connie Lionheart 11 year old girl , Colin Col Clamworthy 11 year old boy , Skylark A young Pegasus , Evelyn Lionheart Connie s Aunt , Lavinia Clamworthy Col s Grandmother , Aneena Nuruddin Connie s best friend , Jane Benedict Connie s best friend , Mack Clamworthy Col s father , Dr Brock Society member , Jessica Moss Society member , Ivor Coddrington Society member , Shirley Masterson Society me [...]

  2. Connie Lionheart is no ordinary member of the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures She is the only universal companion she is able to bond with all of the mythical creatures dragons, pegasi, wood sprites, sirens, etc that live secretly in our world To protect the mythical creatures, Society members protect the last wild spots on earth in which the creatures can survive In the Gorgon s Gaze, that wild spot is an ancient wood including a huge oak rud to be the tree where Merlin was imp [...]

  3. Connie Lionheart is back in athrilling sequel to Secret of the Sirens Connie, the spunky universal, now has other problems on her mind Col s mother, companion to gorgon s, is visiting Rumor has it she wants to capture Col for Kullervo The oil company Axoil is trying to build a road through Mallins Wood, causing public outcry, and Connie s great aunt and uncle have taken her away to wash all that society nonsense out of her Once again, Kullervo tries to breach Connie s weak points, and a rare spe [...]

  4. Julia Golding certainly knows how to tell a pageturner, you eagerly follow the adventures of Col and Connie wondering what will happen to them next I was surprised though to learn that they aren t even twelve yet They and their friends seem pretty capable for their age.

  5. Enjoyable middle grade eco fantasy I think I like this one better than the first, but I can t say why, exactly Maybe just that this time I knew going in that it was middle grade than YA.

  6. Book 2 in a unique fantasy seriesThis second installment in Golding s Companions Quartet takes Connie and Col deeper into the fight to save a wooded area from developers and a whole host of fantastic creatures as well Members of a secret Society, both friends possess a gift that allows them to see so called mythical creatures and to communicate with them But all is not fairy tales and unicorns for the pair of tweens as evil threatens the delicate balance of nature and the sprites, dragons and ot [...]

  7. I read this series years ago, but reading the Mark of the Thief raised it back in my thoughts It s a great series Maybe at a 5 7th grade level I distinctly remember the characters being unique I hope you all like this book

  8. In the second book of the Companions Quartet, Connie, now 12, is taken away from Evelyn, her friends in Hescombe and the Society when her borderline insane Great Aunt Godiva shows up, at the behest of her concerned parents, with sweet, but docile Great Uncle Hugh in tow They take her to live with them at the family estate in Chatsworth, where Godiva essentially locks Connie up, cutting her off from everybody and trying to convince Connie that this nonsense of the Society is utter and complete tr [...]

  9. In this book Connie is taken away from Hescombe and everything Society related by a woman called Godiva and she is nothing like the truffles With a poker self imposed up her arse she can sure suck the fun out of any situation and this particular situaion decides that fun has to be brought TO Connie as she cannot go to it.Leads me perfectly to Argand, the gorgeous tiny golden dragon that whizzes around and is generally adorable, especially when abandoned if you have a heart it breaks Other than t [...]

  10. This book was so much fun to read It s even better than the first Connie gets whisked away to stay with her crabby great aunt Godiva WHO IS TOTALLY HATEABLE and is completely vulnerable to Kullervo and his evil schemes Scary He is a lot meaner in this book, and honestly I thought there d be some major character deaths because of him and his puppet view spoiler CASSANDRA WHO IS COL S MOM hide spoiler Is there any major deaths HA, NOT TELLING READ THIS BOOK AND FIND OUT BECAUSE IT S SO AWESOME If [...]

  11. This was really lacking in action until the very end Of course, this is in large part due to Connie being stuck with her Aunt Godiva, but still, something could have happened Or cut that part short Also, Uncle Hugh was such a push over Seriously, why is he so scared of his sister Tell her to whatever British people say Bugger off Piss off Oh, bloody hell I m not sure Anyway, he needed to do something about her She was a tyrant Felt like there was a bunch of build up for a battle with Kullervo an [...]

  12. 2016 The two first books in this series are definitely my favourite The Gorgons Gaze is just as well written and lovely as the first book, and I really enjoy how it continues expanding what we already know about the Society and Kullervo One of my favourite things in this book, is how we see our characters in a new light, how they react to situations that doesn t appear in the first book We get a glimpse of the difficult relations in the Lionheart family and the strained relationship between Col [...]

  13. MY TAKE I love the story lines, the characters, and their companions It is an easy, captivating style and flow that draws you right into their world where you can believe that anything can happen I love the little gold dragon, and the wonder and joy of the bonding with Connie It was terrible that Connie was taken from her new home and forced to live with her Aunt Godiva, cut off from her support structure she had a lot to learn, and this move made it nearly impossible and could have cost many pe [...]

  14. While the first book grated on me for a whiney brat of a protagonist with too much power in her hands, the second book redeemed itself The Goron s Gaze followed a faster paced plot filled with high points and lows The inclusion of new characters, whom I hope to see in the third installment, were a delight The interactions of Connie with these characters, both human and an adorable baby dragon, deepened her character to someone who holds herself responsible, while understanding her own flaws Of [...]

  15. Al principio parece un libro dif cil de leer y aunque no tiene exceso de p ginas es una historia un tanto extensa y concentrada al mismo tiempo.Le pondr a un 4 porque aunque no es de mis favoritos me encant No termin de conectar del todo con este universo fant stico y sus personajes, es decir no consegu sumergirme del todo en su lectura y eso lo hizo un tanto dif cil pero de alguna forma me enganch , no es por tanto un libro de los que se lee en una tarde si no m s bien de esos que lees un par d [...]

  16. The second in the wonderful Companions Quartet series sees Connie sent off to live with her Great Aunt and Uncle, Godiva and Hugh She soon discovers her Aunt s secret that she was once a companion herself and has run from her gifts for years She has to face through a time without being with the Society, and a halt in her training She has to go without her animal friends, and her human friends as well All the while her enemy grows in strength, and Col faces his inner demons while trying to find a [...]

  17. Just as good as the first book in the series It fully lived up to my expectations and perhaps even exceeded them I would have liked to see Connie spend time learning about her new found abilities, but the plot quickly made it very obvious that that wasn t going to happen As a single book in a series, that didn t bother me too much, but I hope Julia Golding will return to Connie s training in the next book.I ll be very interested to see where Connie s fight with Kullervo will take her, and thoug [...]

  18. It was better than the first book with a lot suspense and great action I think that there is much to come in the next book I really enjoyed it and thought that Connie in this book starts to find the full extent of her powers and through that, she is able to save the ones she cares about but will she be able to save herself In this book where Connie is faced with the problem of leaving her old life behind and forced to start anew when others think that she is being crazy they also don t look at [...]

  19. I kicked this one down a bit because of an unnecessary WTH reference and an increase in eco warrior speak and action Kids being lauded on the news for taking dangerous action like climbing in trees to stop bulldozers isn t quite the example I d support, even if it was part of Society business In this book, Connie explores her own lineage and finds out about the role of the Universal in protecting mythical creatures Kollervo stikes back by finding an unwilling traitor If it weren t for the langu [...]

  20. WARNING SPOILER ALERT This book was very good I really how Col was compared to Perseus, a Greek hero Col was a rider of the Pegasus and he had to brave the Gorgon as Perseus did Col getting captured by Kullervo was a monumental twist because I didn t know Kullervo was that clever Col was a big part in this book and I like how Julia Golding let other characters take the spotlight I found out why Col s parents divorced and Col s impression of them My favorite character that was introduced in this [...]

  21. Much like The Empire Strikes Back, this second in the series takes a turn for the frustratingly uncomfortable Just when we get comfortable with all of the characters and creatures from the first book, they re ripped from us and forced into miserable situations so much so that I stalled out for a week When I did pick it back up again and slog through the depressing angering parts it was a fast paced adventure that left me happy I checked out the next installment from the library so I won t have t [...]

  22. Connie Lionheart is one of the newer members of the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures She is also one of the most important ones, being able to communicate with all mythical creatures It also leaves her very vulnerable since there hasn t been another Universal in a long time, so there is no one to train her This is the second book in this series, which young readers of fantasy will like I especially like her companion, the golden baby dragon.

  23. Second book in the Companions Quartet In this installment, Connie and Col and the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures must figure out how to prevent the destruction of Mallin s Merlin s Wood home to many mythical creatures, including the gorgon to whom Col s mother is companion They must also fight Kullervo, the mythical equivalent to the universal companion, who is raising an army of mythical creatures to destroy all humankind.

  24. This book pretty much recycled the plot of the first book but did it a little bit better, even if it was daft Again, I felt like I had to force myself to keep picking this book up or forget about it I still haven t found the will to make a start on the third book in the series and I honestly don t know if I ll bother finishing it by hunting down the forth It just isn t captivating to me.

  25. this book brought out the best of many emotions it makes you hate Godiva, fall in love with new characters and experience many mythical creatures golding creates an intriguing plot line in this book, unexpected twists if you like these books I recommend the Percy Jackson series, dragon slippers series, and series of Unfortunate events.

  26. This is the second book in the Companions Quartet series Connie is sent to live with her great aunt, who is determined to make Connie forget about the society She tries to stay in touch with her society friends and keep training with her powers as the only universal Then Col goes missing and when she finds him she is captured by Kullervo.

  27. I have to say that this was another disappointing ending and that annoyed me to the fullest extent The supposed fight did not even happen according to me The last chapter was fine but that second to last chapter was not I really hope I have the will to continue with this series.

  28. Appropriate for age 13 You will like this book if you like Fantasy, mythical creaturesNo swear words yay I see a pattern forming with these books, but hopefully she ll make the next on different enough

  29. it was really good i m looking forward to the next one but i need to finish the Various so that s my new project trying to reach 6000 pages for this trimester and my reading log, so if i read 5 things at once, theres a reason im at 5000 and something, so im making excellent progress.

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