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Of Mutability

☆ Of Mutability ½ Jo Shapcott ☆ Of Mutability ½ Jo Shapcott - Of Mutability, Of Mutability Jo Shapcott s award winning first three collections gathered in Her Book Poems revealed her to be a writer of ingenuous politically acute and provocative poetry and rightly earned her a

  • Title: Of Mutability
  • Author: Jo Shapcott
  • ISBN: 9780571254705
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Of Mutability ½ Jo Shapcott, Of Mutability, Jo Shapcott, Of Mutability Jo Shapcott s award winning first three collections gathered in Her Book Poems revealed her to be a writer of ingenuous politically acute and provocative poetry and rightly earned her a reputation as one of the most original and daring voices of her generation In Of Mutability Shapcott is found writing at her most memorable and bold In a series of poems tJo Shapcott s

Of Mutability

☆ Of Mutability ½ Jo Shapcott ☆ Of Mutability ½ Jo Shapcott - Of Mutability, Of Mutability Jo Shapcott s award winning first three collections gathered in Her Book Poems revealed her to be a writer of ingenuous politically acute and provocative poetry and rightly earned her a Of Mutability

  • ☆ Of Mutability ½ Jo Shapcott
    418Jo Shapcott
Of Mutability

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  1. This is one of those poetry collections that I come back to again and again It is beautifully written and works on many levels It is a book that I recommend to all my poetry students It is about life and illness but is never sad or depressing, nor is it a feel good book, yet somehow it is imbued with beautiful positivity.

  2. I ve been buying poetry books over about the last 8 months, and this is the shortest book so far just over 50 pages , but I think this might be one of my favourites I was actually looking at it in the bookshop over a month or so, not really sure if it was worth it Then I read the poem Scorpion, and that seemed so interesting that I had to buy it.There s quite a lot of variation in style Scorpion is 1 paragraph with 22 lines of sentences all starting with I kill it because , others are tradition [...]

  3. Didn t always understand but I loved the use of language and the rhythm of the words.

  4. Permeable and penetrating My favourite part may have been the mini sequence of tree poems, especially the mighty My Oak My Oakhas memory it put the wind which shookthe sapling into the mass of its trunk it put the prevalence of weatherdown Hanter Hill into its weighted curveacross the skyline that infestation of caterpillars was remembered by the leaveswhich contracted and thickened the next year.It remembers the seasons, or at least the lengthof darknesses which distinguish them our word is pho [...]

  5. I found her just by accident through the 52 ways of looking at a poem book and I wanted to read of her poetry.This small book with very special poems, each one a gem, is very dear to me whenever I seek for a strong female voice and like to be in London even if only in my thoughts Religion for girls is one of my favs.I also was pleased to find her in that great film National Gallery where she is reading one of her poems, another strong and inspiring piece of her work.

  6. I must confess, I had never heard of Jo Shapcott before I bought this book second hand for 53p, for a perfect condition hardcover no less, what a bargain but I m very glad I gave her a try There are some truly wonderful poems in this collection the standout being the first and one for which the collection is named, On Mutability I found this exceptionally moving, and was moved to tears There are some in the collection I found dell a little flat, but overall this is something I can see myself ret [...]

  7. I have to admit that the meaning of some of these poems did elude me and the word cells seems to pop up every six words or so, but in spite of this it was an enjoyable collection I liked the structure and brevity of the work, alternating between brief and punchy to lengthier and reverent with themes and tone that seemed to match in terms of thematics At times the language was downright beautiful and it would be nice to see this collection within the context of Shapcott s entire oeuvre.

  8. Jo Shapcott s poetry made me feel alive as a poet It redeemed my inner self Simply put, it is one of the best books in poetry that I ve read in a long long time.Her poems are a delight to read and are very vivid.A MUST READ for any budding poet.

  9. I don t remember what made me buy a book of poetry by someone I d never heard of I liked it, though Conversational in style pieces of London, country, trees, bugs, humans.

  10. Some touching pieces here noted by this reader were, especially, Somewhat Unravelled , Tea Death and Religion for Girls A curious intimacy to be found in this collection.

  11. One of my favourite collections for a long time and perhaps Shapcott s best work yet.Witty, sensuous, intelligent In places, breath taking.

  12. It was a book of transformations, of changes, and of growth I liked one about the owl I didn t like the one with the wee 2.5 5

  13. Although these poems aren t explicitly about cancer, they deal with themes of change of disruption Shapcott is one of the UK s foremost poets dealing with scientific themes.

  14. A fresh new voice, reviewed by carol ann Duffy so I thought I would read a bit of work and was very impressed Original and raw Beautiful

  15. Jo Shapcott shows off her poetic prowess with this collection of imaginative verse It has everything you could want from a collection of poetry Within Of Mutability are poems utilising strong poetical forms and technical devices to create very powerful imagery.Click here to read my full review

  16. A friend gave this book when I was having chemotherapy for breast cancer last year fortunately the treatment was highly successful Spending five months on the strongest drugs Western medicine has to offer, it was hard to concentrate sometimes, but I took as my motto a line from Julia Darling s poem Chemotherapy I have learned to drift and sip Thus in the stark nights of chemic insomnia I read poetry, sipping of its beauty and truth This Costa Award winning collection treats subjects ranging thro [...]

  17. This collection holds both remarkable poems and not quites, but that is my personal take I m not going to write a lit crit review here, as I m no longer a student and read this collection for pleasure and curiosity.When Shapcott nails it, she really does But there are a few that just don t quite do it for me here and that is a subjective view I am being quite strict on this because Shapcott is a well established name in British poetry and has a relatively high profile compared to many There are [...]

  18. I appreciate your straight on talk,the built up toilet seats, the way you wish poetrywere just my hobby, our cruises on the stair lift, your concern about my weight, the special seat in the bath pg 28 So this is me In the field after we got lost.My eyes are turned up to the rightand my mouth is a little open pg 49 It s two thousand and fourand I don t know a soul who doesn t feel smallamong the numbers, razor small Of Mutability , pg 3 The twenty second day of March two thousand and threeI left [...]

  19. I struggled with this book and found it hard to connect with the poems Just four of the poems stood out for me of mutability, abishag, scorpion and somewhat unravelled The collection didn t really hang together either there were, as the cover text suggests, a series of poems exploring the nature of change and mortality, but other poems pulled me sharply away from this central theme.Some of the poems felt untidy and I can only point to the lack in these of a natural pattern of rhythm, of no real [...]

  20. Having just read Helen Dun s excellent Inside the Wave and being reminded of the thematic overlap with Shapcott s outstanding 2010 collection of poetry, Of Mutability, I felt it necessary to revisit what is one of my all time poetry books Many personal favourites within resonated still, yet also many gems including My Oak, Border Cartography and Religion for Girls seemed to stand out even than they did previously A slight read altogether with immense emotional heft I was on land, but the land d [...]

  21. I m never overly convinced when poems have scientific language shoehorned into them, but it s done quite naturally here for the most part Well written collection and distinctive I particularly enjoyed alternative , myself photographed and for summer.

  22. Another day, another book of poetry about the body and it s failings into illness It must be a theme in my life at the moment.These were very delicate poems, ones to touch lightly and glance back at to be sure that s what I read.

  23. In the main incomprehensible the type of poetry that gives modern poetry a bad name May expand on this a little later.

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