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My Life as a Man

[PDF] Read ò My Life as a Man : by Philip Roth Dan John Miller [PDF] Read ò My Life as a Man : by Philip Roth Dan John Miller - My Life as a Man, My Life as a Man At its heart lies the marriage of Peter and Maureen Tarnopol a gifted young writer and the woman who wants to be his muse but who instead is his nemesis Their union is based on fraud and shored up by

  • Title: My Life as a Man
  • Author: Philip Roth Dan John Miller
  • ISBN: 9781441805409
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Audio CD

[PDF] Read ò My Life as a Man : by Philip Roth Dan John Miller, My Life as a Man, Philip Roth Dan John Miller, My Life as a Man At its heart lies the marriage of Peter and Maureen Tarnopol a gifted young writer and the woman who wants to be his muse but who instead is his nemesis Their union is based on fraud and shored up by moral blackmail but it is so perversely durable that long after Maureen s death Peter is still trying and failing to write his way free of it Out of desperate inventionsAt its hea

My Life as a Man

[PDF] Read ò My Life as a Man : by Philip Roth Dan John Miller [PDF] Read ò My Life as a Man : by Philip Roth Dan John Miller - My Life as a Man, My Life as a Man At its heart lies the marriage of Peter and Maureen Tarnopol a gifted young writer and the woman who wants to be his muse but who instead is his nemesis Their union is based on fraud and shored up by My Life as a Man

  • [PDF] Read ò My Life as a Man : by Philip Roth Dan John Miller
    306Philip Roth Dan John Miller
My Life as a Man

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  1. I read this novel because I am reading all of Roth s Nathan Zuckerman novels, and this is the eighth of ten for me This is the first published, in 1974, though it sort of doesn t quite qualify In this book, Roth writes three different stories, two of them short stories in a section entitled Useful Fictions one , Salad Days, a comic story of a sexual romp featuring Zuck with several women, and the second, Courting Disaster, also featuring Zuckerman with women, but far serious Two different versi [...]

  2. I was nearing the end and set to give this extremely autobiographical novel, the twelfth by Roth that I have read, two stars not exactly respectable, but short of running out to the dumpster now to burn this Then Roth caused his fictional wife to crap her pants in the middle of a scene in which she is already getting the crap beat out of her by her husband The smell had spread around us before I saw the turds swelling the seat of her panties Is it images like this that explain Roth s lack of a N [...]

  3. Bisogna sempre fare le cose nel modo giusto Farle nel modo sbagliato, figliolo, non ha alcun senso Peter Tarnopol un giovane scrittore emergente figlio amatissimo di orgogliosi genitori ebrei La storia ruota intorno al suo matrimonio non voluto con Maureen, reduce da due matrimoni falliti, una psicopatica che occuper , provocando devastazioni e disastri, la vita di Tarnopol, per renderla la vita di uomo di Maureen , non pi figlio amato, scrittore emergente, fratello affettuoso, professore prepar [...]

  4. Ricorsivo Il romanzo si compone 1 di due racconti il cui protagonista Nathan Zuckerman, alter ego di Roth 2 del romanzo vero e proprio in cui il protagonista Peter Tarnapol o meglio il rapporto tra Peter e la moglie Maureen.I racconti di cui al punto 1 sono, nella finzione letteraria, la modalit che usa Peter per meglio comprendere ci che sta dietro il conflittualissimo rapporto con la moglie Maureen.Quindi Roth, scrittore, scrive di uno scrittore Peter che, come Roth stesso, ha un rapporto prob [...]

  5. Peter Tarnopol who may or may not be Philip Roth has some problems On the one hand, there s his wife, a chronic liar who spends all her time arguing with him yet refuses to divorce him On the other hand, there s his tendency to create problems for himself Tarnopol seems to thrive on conflict as much as he suffers from it Although he all but admits this to himself, he still seems bewildered by the whole thing.In part, as he realizes, his difficulties stem from his literary frame of mind, from his [...]

  6. This book makes me reconsider every other work of literary fiction I have rated with 5 10 20 24 , , , , , , , e , .

  7. I was 10 when this was published in 1970, oblivious to the tumult of the late 60s and entirely ignorant of what it meant to be Jewish, much less and American Jew, 25 years post WWII This was the backdrop of the novel, and I loved Roth s description of the history and gestalt of that time and place The years 1959 1966 are covered, a time of interest to me being born in that timeframe The plot was chaotic at first, but I came to see the genius of being pulled back and forth in time Roth started wi [...]

  8. Roth at his best ironic, sharp, cynical The book deals with the typical Roth s themes the difficult relations with women, hebraism and the writer s ego The narrative scheme is brilliant the first two chapters are two short stories written by the author who is the protagonist of the following chapters.The writing style, as usual, is amazingly polished.

  9. La vita vera e le sue variantiRomanzo per rothiani incalliti, La mia vita di uomo conseguentemente sconsigliabile per un primo approccio all autore Si tratta infatti di un opera in cui la linearit del racconto ripetutamente deviata, contraddetta, frammentata da digressioni, salti temporali e riflessioni, tanto che a volte sembra che Roth si stia quasi esercitando a sviluppare la narrazione in diversi modi, sperimentando varianti, personaggi e situazioni, facendo addirittura precedere il romanzo [...]

  10. De una crudeza implacable y una sinceridad desgarradora, las variaciones sobre el mismo tema que Philip Roth presenta en Mi vida como hombre suponen cada vez una nueva vuelta de tuerca alrededor de c mo un hombre puede echar a perder su propia vida sabiendo bien lo que hace y c mo lo hace Una historia contada de una forma totalmente inveros mil, y a la vez de una autenticidad tan descarnada que por fuerza tiene que contener elementos autobiogr ficos reales.El narrador protagonista sea Nathan Zuc [...]

  11. As always, reading Philip Roth is not entertainment for me I often find myself having to take a break, a long walk or find something to completely distract me for a while.The author uses various characters that speak in the first person it appears that they are thinly disguised versions of himself Actually, they are mostly fiction but sometimes inspired by events in his own life Sometimes, he tells similar stories from the POV of different characters, which include variations on a theme.Until I [...]

  12. Una cattiva annata Eppure Roth mi piace tanto Riproporre scritti precedenti non sempre una buona idea questa operazione editoriale non riuscita.Certo, il primo racconto Anni Verdi molto bello, trabocca di quel che pi affascina in Roth la sua scintillante intelligenza che trasforma parole, frasi e racconti di vita in altro, in storia, personaggi e pensieri.Ma non quel che fa ogni grande scrittore Ora, dopo aver letto tanto buon Roth, diventa quasi insopportabile il lungo resoconto sadomasochista [...]

  13. Un po indispettito dalla cronologia delle traduzioni tali per cui mi trovo a leggere ora la prima apparizione di Zuckerman dopo che ne ho gia letta l ultima non posso tuttavia che scivolare lietamente tra questi dialoghi e questa New York cosi cinematografica almeno, nella mia immaginazione Non c e trama da salvare non rimango piacevolmente stupito dagli intrecci dei tre racconti dal meta intreccio tra i tre racconti invece si Una bella capacita ma d altronde, lo si sapeva gia Altro tassello del [...]

  14. I don t know off hand how many Roth books I ve read now, but I suspect it s easily in the two digits I ve also read essays, reviews and entire books of criticism of Roth than any sane person should A common criticism of his work is that he portrays women poorly, that he is in fact a misogynist.Maybe it s because I didn t graduate from college and was therefore able to avoid any sort of Gender Studies class, but I never really had a problem with his portrayal of women He typically has two extrem [...]

  15. The most interesting aspect of My Life as a Man, at least to me, is the swirling structure of the novel Roth splits the novel into two parts, Part One is two short stories about Nathan Zuckerman though not the Zuckerman as I understand it, but another Zuckerman who stands in as analogy for the author within the novel Peter Tarnopol meta magic from Roth , one story seems comic the other tragic both stories are superb and the rest of the novel never quite lived up to the beginning, for me These tw [...]

  16. philip roth is one of my favourite writers and i always thought him very consistent this time around he does not deliver, or maybe this time around i just can t overlook the staggering amount of misogyny that informs most of his fiction to be clear, this novel is as semantically superb as any other penned by roth but it s just tediously overanalytic the dialogue is good but there s so little of it what we get instead is three hundred pages of excruciatingly detailed self evaluation, practiced by [...]

  17. Tough going in the beginning but work through it It gets much easier, much enjoyable If you like Roth, that is And goddammit you should

  18. DISCLAIMER, I only got to 50% of the way through this book and could not continue I was really interested in reading Philip Roth after watching American Pastoral and Indignation last year and enjoying them both very much Obviously Roth is hailed as a novelist that is among the modern classics so I figured I should expand my literary horizons and give him a try I don t know if I just in general dislike the male narrative in books as I normally am drawn to books from a female author or female per [...]

  19. This tale of marriage, divorce, death, and Jewish neurosis largely narcissism is as unpleasant as it is well written, inspired, and personally familiar My Life as Man is reckless in inviting us to review the man rather than the writer, which is part of its appeal To get the story out Roth is willing to look not only ignoble and self centered, but also foolish, helpless, even moderately to majorly misogynistic However, if the personal confessional mode highlights Roth s limitations it also return [...]

  20. Reads like an alternative ending sequel to When She Was Good Much of the same ground covered but brings in a Freudian psychoanalyst to inject a note of Portnoy.

  21. There is this emotional pressure when a girl tells you to be a man about something that makes you want to kick her because you know she has no idea what being a man is like This book is screaming FUCK YOU I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT AND I DON T CARE IF IT S MANLY ENOUGH JUST STOP EXPECTING THINGS FROM ME I love how corrupted and aggressive Roth s characters are It feels so honest of him, knowing that he is probably a disturbed and narcissistic person in a real life, to read about highly intellectua [...]

  22. While I was reading this book, I kept telling people that the gist of it was bitches be crazy It s true that the only sane woman in Peter Tarnopol s life is his mother oh, wait, but his therapist dismisses her as the castrating source of his narcissism Maybe his sister At least Peter Roth realizes that it takes a crazy bitch to know one The novel is Peter s obsessive, claustrophobic investigation of why he can t stay away from his banshee of an ex, who makes his current insecure, mildly suicidal [...]

  23. FIRST LINE REVIEW First, foremost, the puppyish, protected upbringing above his father s show store in Camden Always interesting to go back to the first line after finishing a book In this case, the book ends where it began, with the narrator author reflecting back on his childhood where he has come to believe that all his troubles began or where his salvation lay This was a twisted, messed up book with truly unlikeable characters throughout While I loved the writing, I wanted to yell at the cha [...]

  24. With some regret, I give this one two stars In the end, my apathy mild hate for the main character as intended was too overwhelming to enjoy this book It was well written but perhaps complex than strictly necessary the two short stories at start provide than enough fodder for the remainder of the plot, but then the plot jumps around chronologically in a dizzying and ultimately uninteresting way A disappointing Philip Roth.

  25. Deft, and with shades of Human Stain and Mickey Sabbath, but ultimately not his best and, sadly, tied to its time.

  26. Publicado en lecturaylocura mi vida comMi vida como hombre de Philip Roth Comienza el juego Vuelve a tocarlo, Philly le dijo el padre, furioso , y te ver s hablando con los atunes, te lo prometo Te ver s hablando con las anguilas.Pero una vez de regreso en la pensi n donde los Zuckerman pasaban sus quince d as de vacaciones, Nathan, por primera y nica vez en su vida, fue azotado con un cintur n por haber estado a punto de sacarle un ojo a su t o mientras hac a payasadas con el maldito anzuelo Lo [...]

  27. Questo romanzo, uscito per la prima volta nel 1974, lo sfogo accorato e angosciosamente ironico di Roth a seguito del suo primo, devastante matrimonio In Peter Tarnopol, personaggio autore di questo romanzo, leggiamo un Roth esasperato e prigioniero inerme della moglie Maureen Tarnopol la Maggie, consorte di Roth , irrefrenabile bugiarda e pericolosa psicopatica Troviamo tra queste pagine anche lo psicoterapeuta Spielvogel, al quale Tarnopol si rivolge per lunghi anni di terapia, e che specchio [...]

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