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Free Download Madlenka - by Peter Sís Free Download Madlenka - by Peter Sís - Madlenka, Madlenka Madlenka whose New York City neighbors include the French baker the Indian news vendor the Italian ice cream man the South American grocer and the Chinese shopkeeper goes around the block to sho

  • Title: Madlenka
  • Author: Peter Sís
  • ISBN: 9780439233132
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Madlenka - by Peter Sís, Madlenka, Peter Sís, Madlenka Madlenka whose New York City neighbors include the French baker the Indian news vendor the Italian ice cream man the South American grocer and the Chinese shopkeeper goes around the block to show her friends her loose tooth and finds that it is like taking a trip around the world


Free Download Madlenka - by Peter Sís Free Download Madlenka - by Peter Sís - Madlenka, Madlenka Madlenka whose New York City neighbors include the French baker the Indian news vendor the Italian ice cream man the South American grocer and the Chinese shopkeeper goes around the block to sho Madlenka

  • Free Download Madlenka - by Peter Sís
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  1. When Madlenka, who lives in a vibrant and culturally diverse New York City neighbourhood has a loose tooth, she decides to visit her many friends and tell them of this momentous news Her visiting makes her late, and when her worried parents ask their daughter where she he has been, Madlenka replies that she has been on a trip around the world and that she has finally lost her tooth.I very much love and appreciate the premise of this sparsely narrated, lushly illustrated picture book While there [...]

  2. I saw this book and Madlenka s Dog on the library s shelf and borrowed them both I started off with a Huh and ended up being charmed However, a few of the inclusions for various places perplexed me Madlenka lives in New York City, and when she finds a loose tooth she goes off to tell everybody in the neighborhood, a diverse neighborhood Depending on whom she s relating with, depending on where they re originally from, they call her variations of her name There is a map at the back and throughout [...]

  3. Madlenka is a children s book by Peter Sis, illustrator of Rabbit Ears Rumpelstiltskin, and was a selection for the Children s book Picture Book Club and it details how a young girl named Madlenka goes around the city telling everyone that her tooth is loose while learning about other cultures from her neighbors Madlenka is a truly cute story about exploring different cultures one neighborhood at a time When I first started reading this little unique gem of a book, I was totally blown away by th [...]

  4. I read Madlenka with my 2 year old Three times at her request Part of the thrill of the book had a little something to do with the way we would call out Madlenka s name when we were looking for her on every page.The story is about a little girl whose tooth is loose She goes around her New York neighborhood sharing this information with neighbors from around the world I liked how each person cheerfully greeted Madlenka and said something in their native language.We enjoyed the cutouts However, I [...]

  5. Madlenka by Peter Sis follows a small girl as she visits shop owners on her block to tell them about her loose tooth This trip around the world on her own square block is a multicultural look at the world from New York City.The sparse text is supplemented with writing on each side of some pictures, making the reader turn the book around to read it, thus changing their perspective There are lists, with pictures, of what is in a shop, or what is in a country Each person says hello or greetings in [...]

  6. This books takes a visually exciting look at the multiculturalism of an American city It introduces children to a variety of cultures quickly, a few foreign words, and, in the end, offers a world map that pinpoints the origins of all of the people Madlenka tells about her loose tooth However, it oddly distinguishes some people by country and others by continent Is this because children are expected to be able to distinguish the German from the Frenchman but not the Korean from the Chinaman or th [...]

  7. This is an interesting story about a micro cosm of world cultures in a NY neighborhood Madlenka, Madeline, Maddalena, etc as she is called by her neighbors has a loose tooth and wants to share the news with everyone The interesting cultures, foods, and languages that are incorporated into this story along with the fun writing that is written around the edges of several of the pages is a creative way to expose children to the diversity and differences among people from different nations and backg [...]

  8. First, the other reviewer on is correct when stating that there s something wrong about carefully distinguishing between Italy, Germany, and France but then having one person from Latin America and another from Asia These are continents, not countries continents with diverse ethnic groups and cultures, and, of course, many different nations.I also found the format of the book, while visually interesting, to be difficult and frustrating to read It s hard to manage as a read aloud and it may also [...]

  9. Madlenka loses her tooth and tells all of her friends in the melting pot of NYC about it One gets a feel for the many cultures that in some way exist in her neighborhood A globe at the end of the book showed where everyone had been born.

  10. Sis, Peter, Madlenka, Farrar Straus Giroux, unnumbered pages Picture book Description Madlenka finds that her tooth is loose and can t wait to tell the whole neighborhood Living in a city, Madlenka s neighbors are from all over the world Each of the neighbor s originating country is briefly described as Madlenka travels around the block.Review While Madlenka s story is relatively simple, the book s pages are packed with a great deal of visual detail The neighborhood is shown from a sort of flatt [...]

  11. I like Peter Sis as an author, and this book did not disappoint This was the story of Madlenka, a girl who lives in a big diverse city When she has a loose tooth, she wanders around her neighborhood, giving us an introduction to all of her ethnic neighbors We learn how they say hello, the kinds of foods that come from their country, and so on.It was a really cute and fun story, and the kids loved hearing all of the different information about the countries I would definitely read this again We r [...]

  12. I liked this book a lot this time than I liked it last time Peter Sis has a habit of wrapping his text around the pages and using cutouts and random lists and object names The first time I read this book I thought it was a bit gimmicky, but, on my second read through I liked it a lot It s a book that demonstrates the diversity in NYC and talks a bit about some of the people who make up one city block It s a cute book, perhaps a little hard to read simply because of the font choice and word wra [...]

  13. There was a time in my life when I just did not get Peter Sis at all I would stare at his illustrations and his text and not understand what the hoopla was Well, today I spent a great deal of time dissecting an image out of this book, and I reached an epiphany, where I finally saw what Sis was doing with the book, how the border is a microcosm for the whole, and how each portion of the image represents what he wants the book to mean, down to the color and thickness of the outlines, and it blew m [...]

  14. Wow Just wonderful A little girl explores her neighborhood New York City and shares her big news will all her friends who come from all over the world Lush art and fascinating design make the physical book itself part of the exploration Excellent invitation for children to explore other cultures albeit somewhat superficially through the people they meet.I m thrilled to find that there are several Madlenka spin offs I hope they re as fantastic as this first one.

  15. Loved the playful way the text wrapped around the page and how certain cut our pages allowed for a shift in perspective As far as the story, I love the multicultural aspect of the title character, Madlenka, telling her neighbors all about her loose tooth It was sweet how they greeted her in their home language, and how her name changed ever so slightlyI will definitely find a way to incorporate this book into my children s lit course.

  16. Notes weirdest book we ve ever readtext is written sideways and even upside downpictures are borderline creepymy kids didn t even want to finish it and that never happensnames and greetings in other languages make it hard to read aloud

  17. The story is so so, but I liked that it was done with an original idea how to display the written words.

  18. I love so much about this book 1 the pictures are wonderful Detailed, yet somewhat whimsical in their reality The perspective is really fun and interesting 2 My 7 yr old daughter has been learning about continents and loved that many were mentioned and she knew them 3 I loved that they showed different languages even her name translated , which was fun to talk about 4 The 2 page spreads about each person s homeland which showed many cultural icons were amazing 5 The simplicity of losing a tooth [...]

  19. Madlenka is a dive into a new world We are put to see things through Madlenka s eyes as she goes to tell everyone she was a loose tooth Every time she tells someone new, we learn about them and where they are from This is a cute and fun book I loved getting to learn new things through Madlenka and children in the classroom would do This would be incredible useful in class if you are mentioning different areas in the world.

  20. Madlenka has a loose tooth and she goes around her very diverse block in NYC to announce it to different neighbors she knows.

  21. If you read any or all of my picture book reviews, you ll quickly learn that for me and my kiddos art is king Which is interesting because I do write a bit, but I can t draw a stick Soooo you might think it would be opposite I do love wonderful writing, but illustrious illustrations are my absolute favorite Anyways, on to the review Madlenka is such a startling beautiful book Page turn after page turn makes you say whoa or wow or awesome or oooooooh or any other such exclamation of joy The text [...]

  22. Why I love it When I looked for resources I found other Madlenka books, Madlenka s Dog, Madlenka Soccer Star, and Madlenka s Music, all obviously written for and inspired by his children This one in particular is of course the one where Madeleine lost her first tooth Her neighborhood is a city block made up of people from all over the world Sis tells this in spiraling news starting with one page and spreading out across a double spread He has squares cut out of the pages to show Madlenka in the [...]

  23. Peeking out through a die cut window on the jacket, Madlenka invites the reader to enter her world And what a world it is On the surface, it looks like an ordinary city block, but as we meet Madlenka s neighbors the French baker, the Indian news vendor, the Italian ice cream man, the Latin American grocer, a retired opera singer from Germany, an African American school friend, and the Asian shopkeeper and look through die cut windows to the images and memories they have carried from old country [...]

  24. Madlenka is a book about a girl s journey to lose a tooth The girls come across many emotions about losing the tooth including excitement and fear The mix of color and subdued pages tell the story of all the places the main character visits on the journey to lose her tooth The dark pages have small cut outs to show the color of the previous or next page Because of the pictures, readers can use predication about the next picture Just as in reading, prediction is important the pictures with cut ou [...]

  25. Author Peter Sis takes the reader into the world of a little girl who is experiencing her first loose tooth Overcome with excitement Madlenka, the protagonist, rushes around her block to tell all of her neighbors But what Sis is able to do is give the reader a lesson in the cultures of many different people by creating Madlenka s neighborhood in such a diverse manner Madlenka lives near a baker from France, a newspaper salesman from India, a gelato truck from Italy, a person from Germany,and a g [...]

  26. Illustrator Peter SisAge ElementarySummary Madlenka makes her way around the city exploring the multiculturalism in her neighborhood.Applications Uses Can be used to explore the different cultures all located in one area, one city Specifically it could be used to look at different words in different languages that Madlenka tells us about Art projects can be inspired by the intricate pictures of the neighborhood drawn on the pages Also the pictures show places in relation to other things in the w [...]

  27. As a children s librarian, I look at LOTS of picture books So why would I say that I really like this one Well, it s always intriguing when an author does something interesting with the layout of a book and Peter S s did just that I ve also read The Wall Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain and used it as an example of a non fiction graphic novel at a presentation I did a few years back not sure why I didn t already have it on my list but I will fix that up soon It s amazing that something as simp [...]

  28. As in many Peter Sis books, I think the illustrations are far stronger than the narrative Sis voice is somewhat weak at times, and this story about a little girl in New York City who goes to show all her neighbors her loose tooth is a somewhat weak parable about the beauty of multiculturalism The fact that her German, Italian and French neighbors are identified by nationality while her Asian, African, and Latin American neighbors are associated with vague regions is somewhat vexing, though I do [...]

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