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Lizzy Harrison Loses Control

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Lizzy Harrison Loses Control : by Pippa Wright [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Lizzy Harrison Loses Control : by Pippa Wright - Lizzy Harrison Loses Control, Lizzy Harrison Loses Control Have you ever noticed that the modern romantic heroine can be not to put too fine a point on it a bit useless Lizzy Harrison has everything under control Lizzy Harrison isn t a romantic heroine Not

  • Title: Lizzy Harrison Loses Control
  • Author: Pippa Wright
  • ISBN: 9780330521710
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Lizzy Harrison Loses Control : by Pippa Wright, Lizzy Harrison Loses Control, Pippa Wright, Lizzy Harrison Loses Control Have you ever noticed that the modern romantic heroine can be not to put too fine a point on it a bit useless Lizzy Harrison has everything under control Lizzy Harrison isn t a romantic heroine Not even close She doesn t have a cat owns no shoes than the average person and is in no way hopelessly scatty and disorganised In fact her life is in perfect order Have yo

Lizzy Harrison Loses Control

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Lizzy Harrison Loses Control : by Pippa Wright [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Lizzy Harrison Loses Control : by Pippa Wright - Lizzy Harrison Loses Control, Lizzy Harrison Loses Control Have you ever noticed that the modern romantic heroine can be not to put too fine a point on it a bit useless Lizzy Harrison has everything under control Lizzy Harrison isn t a romantic heroine Not Lizzy Harrison Loses Control

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Lizzy Harrison Loses Control : by Pippa Wright
    466Pippa Wright
Lizzy Harrison Loses Control

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  1. Well Don t know what to think I have read a lot of reviews with 5 out of 5 or 10 out of 10 For me this book was just ok Surely nice and compatibly written, easy to read and with funny elements, I liked Lizzy, and Lulu, and Camilla, and Dan, and of course didn t like Jemima and didn t trust Randy But it was so predictable Actually, it is usually predictable This book just didn t win me I guess I will buy another book of Pippa Wright if she writes , just to see if she developing or keeping the sa [...]

  2. I first heard of Lizzy Harrison Loses Control when a publicist I was emailing mentioned to me that it would be releasing in 2011 I immediately went onto , intrigued by the title, and discovered that it sounded right up my alley When I received a proof copy of the book, it had a sticker on it saying this Warning A clever romantic comedy is inside this package Can also be enjoyed by cynics who never normally read Chick Lit and I had no other choice to read the book The book also claims it s perfec [...]

  3. This book was one of those recommendations you get on after buying something I was a little sceptical, but it didn t take long before I was hooked in.The subject is interesting, fun, and quite honest I felt for the heroine, at first, being pushed into becoming the pretend girlfriend for a disastrous celebrity client for a PR stunt, something she really didn t want to do But then she went and ruined all my respect by actually getting involved with him, although I suppose that was the whole point [...]

  4. This is the epitome of chick lit and is the perfect easy read for a lazy afternoon Lizzy is a believable and distinctly likeable character, who has the perfect mix of bubbly personality and intelligence, and while the common theme throughout the book is the need to lose control, there is a whole lot going on The career woman who wants a social life, a romantic life and a high flying business life is a popular ideal in chick lit, but Pippa Wright tackles it from a new angle, with a protagonist w [...]

  5. I read one too many chick litts last year and felt that I didn t challenge myself enough I made a vow not to read a chick litt this year, but promptly broke it with Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan It was worth the guilt.Along comes Lizzy Harrison and while the premise is fascinating, all the disdain for hopelessly disorganised women in chick litt is scrunched together in part of a chapter The story had the premise of upturning the chick litt stereotype, but fails at it somewhere about [...]

  6. So far, I don t like the book In the beginning I kinda liked it, but then there was Randy Jones I don t like his character.Update This book is laying on my floor for ages Don t now if I should finish it.Update 2 I didn t finished the book and it s now in the library again.

  7. Gewoon een heerlijke chicklit die je snel uit hebt Hoewel je al kan raden hoe het verhaal verder zal gaan, hoort dat ook wel een beetje bij een chicklit.

  8. In Lizzy Harrison Loses Control , Lizzy is a personal assistant who works in the world of public relations PR She s unlike the generic chick lit heroine as she s incredibly controlled, organized, precise and competent However, when her best friend Lulu suggests that she tries to lose control and see what life has to offer, Lizzy ends up seizing the opportunity to pretend to be the girlfriend of famous comedian Randy Jones in order to fulfill her agreement.In the beginning, the story was quite pr [...]

  9. It was one of those books that I wish I d written It tried so hard not to be the usual run of the mill Chick Lit but in the end it was and this was exactly one of the reasons that I liked it so much The heroine of this tale is Lizzy Harrison of course hence the title and freely admits herself that she is pretty adamant that she doesn t want to be like those ditsy main characters that fall for the wrong guy and get into all kinds of trouble, both emotional and physical before they get the ending [...]

  10. It says on the back that Lizzy Harrison is not your typical romantic heroine but she is really She s not a mother so she has a glamous job in the world or PR Are these the only two options that are available to women Have babies or exciting career Can t we have a book about a girl who works in shop or something She falls for the bad guy who is wrong for her in everyway, when we can see that the guy she s grown up with all her life is madly in love with her Psst she ends up with him in the endw w [...]

  11. This was a fluff fest and I m not ashamed to say, I got through it with ease Lizzy Harrison sensible and always in control is challenged by her boss and best friend, to pretend to be girlfriend to outrageous drug taking comedian Randy Jones think Russell Brand Her boss is manager of a PR firm and Randy Jones is one of their trouble causing clients Lizzy is hired for the position of fake girlfriend to make Randy appear to the press to be a changed man after leaving rehab This book tries to be ori [...]

  12. As I started to read this book, I felt sure I d read it before, but since it s only just been published, I know I haven t I assume it s because I ve read a book with the same premise So the set up of this one isn t unique but I did enjoy it for all that Randy was totally obnoxious, maybe a little too obnoxious It became hard to like a heroine who falls to his dubious charms even though she knows exactly what he s like But he s a superstar and he s tempting Again not tempting enough for me, but s [...]

  13. Behind the rather dowdy grey cover sits a rather sparkling read Lizzy is remarkably self aware, unflowery and all the compelling for it She s cynical but wears it lightly and it s this freshness that makes you want to see her story through to the end I couldn t get Russell Brand out of my mind when imagining Randy Jonesr all his failings, the author managed to weave in touches of sensitivity which kept him from being a complete ass If you want a nice read for the Christmas break, you could do w [...]

  14. I picked this up randomly from the new books shelf at the library and gave it a chance because a it meets my criteria for chicklit smart and self deprecating heroine who lives in the UK and b the first page made me laugh out loud Don t be put off by its fairly stock premise, this is well written, smart, and kept making me laugh all the way through There s one paragraph where she compares her own situation to Pride and Prejudice that contains the phrase nubile regency babes I kept re reading it b [...]

  15. I love this from start to finish Lizzie dating Randy properly took me quite by surprise but once I got over the shock it added to the story and I even built up a grudging affecting for him Pippa s a fantastic writer and this book had so many laugh out loud moments I lost count I loved reliving some of my youth with her one liners I will endeavour to read all her books in future A great, pacey cheer up read.

  16. It was ok I predicted what would happen right from the first moment we meet Dan, so it was all just leading up to what I knew was coming really Lizzy keeps going on about how she s not your regular romance heroine, but she still falls for Randy and believes she s different to all the others, which I found a bit stupid Especially as she starts off by saying to Lulu that she thinks Randy is unattractive and smelly

  17. I wasn t sure what to expect from this book, as I ve not read one by Pippa Wright before It was a delight The humour was spot on for me not ridiculous, not scatty, not madcap, just right I didn t feel I wanted to hit the heroine over the head to make her see sense although I hoped she made choices that took her in a certain man s direction I just enjoyed her journey and the ending was suitably satisfying.

  18. I d give this book a 3.5 5, but we ll round up This is Pippa Wright s debut book and it was quite enjoyable I liked the premise of someone who was orderly losing control, and Lizzy did it spectacularly Unfortunately, there wasn t much in the way of surprises in the plot, which was the only downside But it s very well written and I look forward to reading by her.

  19. Alles, was mir zu diesem Buch einf llt, ist das simple Wort langweilig.Ich konnte keinerlei Bezug zu den Charakteren herstellen, es lie sich unwahrscheinlich schleppend lesen und erst die sagen wir mal letzten 80 Seiten waren einigerma en gut, sodass ich wenigstens noch zwei Sternchen geben kann.

  20. Sometimes fun, very light read, although nothing groundbreaking or memorable There was some flimsy moral to the story about letting go, losing control, etc but the plot ran loose in places by unnecessary details and inconsistent characterization.Also, Randy Jones aka Russell Brand in very thinly veiled disguise Yeah, nice try.

  21. This book cost me 2.49 from a clearance table so my expectations weren t too high but cheap and cheerful is a pretty fitting description Plenty of laugh out loud moments, pretty predictable but still pretty smart compared to your usual chick lit rom com read And of course completely channeled Russell Brand in the Randy Jones descriptions

  22. Fantastic read Best book I have read in a long time funny, fast paced and light hearted.A little predictable like all Chick Lit but the author has managed to create a very acurate representation of someone not as comfortable putting thwmselves out there.

  23. The plot of the story was not what I was expecting so was a nice surprise At times the pace was fast and became a book which could not be put down This book was one I found on and what a bargain price It is definitely worth the 1 and is something which I would even pay for.

  24. Yeah ok another one and it wasn t good well after a couple of bad once you wouldn t believe there really existing a few good and funny once either Unfortunately its been a while since I ve accidently picked one

  25. Entertaining enough chick lit but I thought Sarra Manning s You Don t Have To Say You Love Me did the fake relationship story better in fact, reading this just made me want to read YDHTSYLM again Not my favourite book but a good, light hearted read all the same.

  26. hey, Lizzy, you have just spent the night with a man voted the Shagger of the Millennium, and he didn t even try to make a move You are about to do the walk of shame without having anything to be ashamed offBeing mad with Randy for being Randy is like being angry at sky for being blue

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