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The Winter Thief

å The Winter Thief ✓ Jenny White å The Winter Thief ✓ Jenny White - The Winter Thief, The Winter Thief January Vera Arti carries The Communist Manifesto in Armenian through Istanbul s streets unaware of the men following her The police discover a shipload of guns and the Imperial Ottoman Bank is

  • Title: The Winter Thief
  • Author: Jenny White
  • ISBN: 9780393338843
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback

å The Winter Thief ✓ Jenny White, The Winter Thief, Jenny White, The Winter Thief January Vera Arti carries The Communist Manifesto in Armenian through Istanbul s streets unaware of the men following her The police discover a shipload of guns and the Imperial Ottoman Bank is blown up Suspicion falls on a socialist commune that Arti s friends organized in the eastern mountains Investigating Special Prosecutor Kamil Pasha encounters a ruthlessJanuary

The Winter Thief

å The Winter Thief ✓ Jenny White å The Winter Thief ✓ Jenny White - The Winter Thief, The Winter Thief January Vera Arti carries The Communist Manifesto in Armenian through Istanbul s streets unaware of the men following her The police discover a shipload of guns and the Imperial Ottoman Bank is The Winter Thief

  • å The Winter Thief ✓ Jenny White
    188Jenny White
The Winter Thief

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  1. The Winter Thief is a historical mystery set in 1888 in Istanbul and in some rural villages along the border with Russia This book was the third in the series and may spoil events in the previous novels, however, you don t need to read them to understand this one It wasn t until I was about to write this review that I even realized this book was a part of a series.The vivid setting details and historical political and everyday details were expertly woven into the story, bringing it alive in my i [...]

  2. Reading Jenny White s historical mysteries is somewhat akin to meeting a group of new acquaintances at a party or business meeting you might leave with an overall favorable impression and then when you start thinking you start nit picking There is alot to like in this book and the other Kamil Pasha novel I recently read Turkey is a complex, mysterious, magical place for me Kamil Pasha, White s protagonist, has an interesting background and solid moral core which adds spice to the series I ve b [...]

  3. This isn t so much a mystery, but of an adventure that would make a good movie While Kamil Pasha is the main character, White doesn t lack for strong, but in different ways, female characters.White does a good job of getting time and place done, and that pretty much makes the book worth reading The story is dark and to give White credit, she doesn t pull punches It s not a deep book, but a riveting adventure story.

  4. Kamil Pasha has good character but the rest of the bureaucrats are evil, Istanbul is an intriguing city but the story lacked excitement I m glad I ve tried this mystery series about Asia Minor and my grandfather s home town of Smyrna is mentioned, hurray But, I don t think I ll go back for seconds.

  5. Appreciated the historical setting You can tell by all of the political historical anthropolical details that the author is a scholar The characters and the action are good, too.

  6. I got this book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program It is book 3 of theKamil Pashamystery series It is set in 1888 in a remote Turkish valley and Istanbul in the Ottoman Empire.I had it on my wishlist to pick up when it was published in tradepaper, so I was going to read it anyway I have books 1 The Sultan s Seal 2 The Abyssinian Proof , but have not yet read them That lack did not hamper my enjoyment of this book The characters and relationships are well defined I am already familia [...]

  7. I love this series, and I use it as a parallel universe to the Nadel series of Inspector Ikhmen, in current day Istanbul although he travels to the outer reaches of Turkey in some of the recent books in the series The Kamil Pasha series takes place in Ottoman Turkey, and it is a time when the Ottoman Empire is shrinking, being chewed on and threatened by the British and the Russians, and with internal struggles with the Armenians and Kurds In truly Byzantine fashion, Kamil Pasha must solve his [...]

  8. I picked this up because my two favorite genres are Mysteries and Historical Fiction, and this combines them both a historical crime, so to speak, based in Turkey the Ottoman Empire in 1888 I took a chance becuase the author, Jenny White, is a professor of Anthropology at Boston U and clearly had an invested background into the historical aspects of the novel Having said that, just because you KNOW history doesn t make you good at recounting it 100 pages into the book, and I was ready to toss it [...]

  9. This mystery political thriller is set in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire The authorities intercept a shipment of illegal weapons bound for an Armenian settlement near the border with Russia Then, a terrorist attack occurs against the Imperial Bank in Istanbul While Kamil Pasha, a detective and the main character of the story, investigates, the head of the secret police sets his own plans in motion to resolve the situation I appreciated the historical atmosphere likely enhanced by the autho [...]

  10. Picked this up because I was interested in the unusual setting and protagonist a Turkish investigator in the Istanbul of the waning Ottoman empire The parts that related to the social political environment and customs were all well done and interesting The mystery aspect didn t hold up quite so well, for me maybe because of the number of bodies piling up, maybe because it felt like the reader knew a little too much about who did what when The story is about how the hero puzzles things out than [...]

  11. The Winter Thief takes Kamil out of Istanbul and into new parts of the Ottoman Empire It also brings in bigger political intrigue, a bit of a faster pace and a bigger bang than the first two Kamil Pasha novels As I ve said in my other reviews I like how Kamil is modern, yet still seems to fit perfectly with his 19th century surroundings He s honourable, almost to a fault, and both enjoys and feels constrained by the formalities of Ottoman customs and his position in society Some reviewers do not [...]

  12. I ve only been to Istanbul twice, but every time I pick up one of White s Kamil Pasha books I feel as if I am taken back to the ancient streets of that intriguing city It had been quite a while since I read the first two books, but it only took the first few pages to take me back once again into the world of Kamil Pasha While I found the story plot of the first two books to be personally interesting, this third story is written just as well as White s earlier volumes She entwines such small his [...]

  13. This is the third in a series of novels involving the detective Kamil Pasha, a relatively well connected higher up in the twilight years of the Ottoman empire This particular outing involves Armenian nationalists, International Utopian Socialists and a serious black flag operation by an unscrupulous secret police officer intent on creating a new security service As usual the Kamil Pasha novel s strength is the atmosphere of Istanbul and the Ottoman Court By adding in the element of the Armenian [...]

  14. I didn t like this book as well as I liked the first two in the series, but it was still a fun, quick read The Winter Thief starts out in Istanbul, but becomes a bit less interesting when the action moves out to a small valley near the Black Sea White does a good job of portraying the upper class Ottomans in the late 1800s, but the narrative falls a bit flat when she tries to focus on the Armenian locals Maybe it s related to what another reviewer said, and it s just too hard to stay invested wh [...]

  15. I thought this an enjoyable read, intriguing and absorbing I liked the juxtaposition of the innocent commune seeking political types with the established police and CIA like institutiton of the time probably because they reminded me of the 60 s and 70 s in this country I don t read a lot of historical fiction, and liked this well enough to be curious about the author s other books I m wondering how it will be to read the series out of sequence as I now must since I started with the third.

  16. This is the third book in the Kamil Pasha novels written by Jenny White I find them all fascinating forages into the world of Mid Eastern society during the turn of the 20th Century I have learned much about the culture, caste systems and the times besides being enveloped in a wonderful story of intrigue and suspense.This story deals with secret societies of the ruling class as well as the people involved with some of the first Utopian communes There are many various characters and the story can [...]

  17. As we follow the adventures of a slew of characters the book begins to feel too disorganized and diffuse My interest flagged a little However, the threads of the story all come back together when the Sultan dispatches Kamil Pasha to the wilds of Armenia with a small troop of soldiers to find out whether the new settlement is a band of Armenian revolutionaries or a harmless socialist commune.See my complete review here whatmeread.wordpress tag t

  18. Istanbul in 1888 Sounds like a good place for a historical mystery Unfortunately this wasn t a well written book It was written in a choppy style, many chapters being only a page or two In places it slid into the historical romance category I won t be reading any of what appears to be a series.

  19. In the third volume of a historical mystery series, a westernized Pasha wades through the usual level of operating corruption to disentangle a bank robbery, bomb plot, missing arms shipment and commune of naive Socialist Armenians in 1882 Istanbul From Armenians, you know this isn t going to end well.

  20. The previous two books featuring Kamil Pasha were good and this is a good addition.s an interesting cultural feel to early Turkey, though how realistic is hard to tell Kamil, although admirable, has modern sensibilities that are not terribly believable for the time period of the book, but I ll take them anywat y

  21. I liked the first two Kamil Pasha books so well that I found the third installment excessively disappointing White tries to weave together so many different characters and plots that the overarching story lags in the middle She does an amazing job with the history and the world she has created, but this book just didn t quite live up to my expectations.

  22. Bit of historical and cultural detail Some strong female characters More sex violence than I prefer It is leaning even towards spy novel , rather than mystery I prefer the Jason Godwin ones for my ottoman fix

  23. Sad to reach the end of this series Another great intertwining of culture and history in this third novel of magistrate Kamil Pasha Wasn t so impressed by the battles, but learned a lot about the Ottoman empire as it lost power near its end.

  24. A bit political intrigue and violence than the previous books in this series Still, I enjoyed it very much, learning even about the history of Turkey and, in this case, the Armenians I hope Jenny White plans to write of these.

  25. This is the third book in this series, but the first one that I read it is wonderful evocative of Turkey, set in a distant time and with a good story line to boot I thought it was both unique and well done, and I gave it one of my highest ratings for a non Scandinavian murder mystery,

  26. Very suspenseful so far, great villain Nice set up for sequel 4.I really like Jenny White s style of writing She has a talent for reaching a nice balance between interesting detail and moving the plot along.

  27. This book just didn t hang together for me It was a good, quick mystery read, but I wasn t interested in any of the characters, none of the details grabbed me, and the resolution didn t quite work for me.

  28. A good solid mystery series in an exotic location with a good dose of history Easy to listem to and follow as an Audiobook And the narrator, Nadia May, never misses.

  29. This was so good, I had to go and read the first two right away after it Parts of it were tough to read tho.

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