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[PDF] Hounded | by à Kevin Hearne [PDF] Hounded | by à Kevin Hearne - Hounded, Hounded Atticus O Sullivan last of the Druids lives peacefully in Arizona running an occult bookshop and shape shifting in his spare time to hunt with his Irish wolfhound His neighbors and customers think

  • Title: Hounded
  • Author: Kevin Hearne
  • ISBN: 9780345522474
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Ebook

[PDF] Hounded | by à Kevin Hearne, Hounded, Kevin Hearne, Hounded Atticus O Sullivan last of the Druids lives peacefully in Arizona running an occult bookshop and shape shifting in his spare time to hunt with his Irish wolfhound His neighbors and customers think that this handsome tattooed Irish dude is about twenty one years old when in actuality he s twenty one centuries old Not to mention He draws his power from the earth posAtticus O Sullivan


[PDF] Hounded | by à Kevin Hearne [PDF] Hounded | by à Kevin Hearne - Hounded, Hounded Atticus O Sullivan last of the Druids lives peacefully in Arizona running an occult bookshop and shape shifting in his spare time to hunt with his Irish wolfhound His neighbors and customers think Hounded

  • [PDF] Hounded | by à Kevin Hearne
    378Kevin Hearne

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  1. It s hard for me to read urban fantasy these days and not compare the books to the Dresden files When the main character is a magic wielding badass that interacts with mythological figures, it makes it harder to avoid the comparison When the book is in first person, and the magic wielding badass is also a snarky, sarcastic wise ass well it s nigh impossible to avoid putting the two books side by side in my mind That said, there are a lot of differences And the vast majority of the things that se [...]

  2. I loved this book I wasn t sure at first because lately when reading my urban fantasy books, they are taking me longer to get into and that s sad because I used to read them all of the time At any rate, this one took off for me after a little bit and I freaking fell in love I mean this book has so much stuff in it All kinds of gods, references to gods, God, the devil We have Vampire and Werewolf attorneys, goblins, ogres gah there is just so much Anyhoo, so Atticus is a 2100 year old Druid, the [...]

  3. If Joss Whedon and Jim Butcher had a love child that would one day grow up and write a novel this would be the novel he wroteUSEQUALS image error Now would be the time to admit the truth about your parents, Hearne ADMIT IT For the most part, Hounded is a delightful, action packed urban fantasy novel with plenty of laugh out loud moments, interesting characters and witty banter.It s not a perfect novel The main protagonist, Atticus, a 2100 year old druid living in Tempe, Arizona is a fantastic ch [...]

  4. The Learning Annex presents a three session workshop HOW TO WRITE URBAN FANTASY IN 3 EASY STEPS Session 1 Uncover Your Inner Shallow Self And Flaunt ItWhy waste time putting energy towards creating depth Readers are not looking for intangibles, they are looking for escape Depth often makes them feel out of their depth so why not create some positive impact Research your mythology of choice, then surround that central mythology with as many other mythologies and fantasy figures as you possibly ca [...]

  5. Re read 2017Because Druids are hot I ve been meaning to reread this series and catch up on missing books for a while now, but it took my oldest son getting into Urban Fantasy to kick my ass into gear I gave it to him, he loved it, and then promptly wanted to talk about what had happened in the story Aw, fuck.Yeah, I d forgotten everything, so I had to refresh my memory Luckily, this was one of those first books in a series that wasn t bogged down by too much set up for the next installment or in [...]

  6. Ten Things I liked loved about Hounded and the Whys 1 Sexy, redheaded Irish hero Why, because I have a thing for red headed guys, and I am a proud person of Irish ancestry, so I think Irish people are cool 2 Hero is a druid who can also kick butt like nobody s business Why, because I love characters who can kick butt, and druids are so mysterious and underutilized in contemporary fantasy.3 The hero communicates with his dog Why, because I am crazy about animals, I love the human animal bond, and [...]

  7. Atticus O Sullivan, the protagonist of Kevin Hearne s Iron Druid series, Thor, Stevie Nicks and Lyn sit in the left field seats watching an Arizona Diamondbacks game and discussing Hounded.Thor So why did you call me an ass hat Atticus I call em like I see em big guy But don t take it too hard, I ll buy you another beer as my way of making amends hails a beer vendor Thor I m repeatedly described as difficult, and that s a euphemism, and I m not supposed to take it so hard Stevie I think what Att [...]

  8. sigh This was quite the frustrating book to read For the first third or so of the book I wasn t certain how I felt about it, but this was largely due to my hesitancy to jump to conclusions Well the potential middle of the road rating quickly deteriorated to a well deserved one star Needless to say I will not be continuing in the series unless I am at a level of boredom I have not yet experienced.Let s start with Atticus Atticus is supposed to be a Druid who is 2,100 years old However, he acts li [...]

  9. A few moons ago, I use to read PNR UF books like I breathe air, and ate them like potato chips Then the treads started up with many authors pretty much doing the same thing over and over again Walking back to the genres has been so far very good with the help of many of my GR friend s reviews I ve had a lot of luck with PNR and Romantic UFs, but haven t had the true courage to try my hand at a UF until Hounded Hounded is a book that made me remember why I loved and miss the genre so much There w [...]

  10. I m kind of torn on this one On the one hand, it was fast paced, exciting, fun, and humorous On the other hand, it s a little muddled, has a couple of plot holes, and is occasionally silly to the point of being cheesy I enjoyed it, but I honestly don t know whether I would recommend it to someone else So here is what I liked and what I didn t you decide.Hounded has an interesting premise a 2,100 year old Druid, along with the Celtic god of death, a magic sword, a pack of werewolves, and a witch, [...]

  11. Millenia old druid Atticus O Sullivan has a powerful magical sword in his possession and a Celtic god wants it in the worst way But what does that have to do with a coven of witches And which side are Flidais and the other gods on Can Atticus escape with his skin, even with a pack of werewolves and a vampire lawyer on his side I had my eye open for a new urban fantasy series to try once the Dresden Files began tasting like ashes in my mouth When the price on the ebook version of this dropped to [...]

  12. Full review now posted Rating 4.5 5 starsSometimes, I want my fantasy dense and epic Sometimes I want a fantasy that keeps things light and funny Sometimes, I want a fantasy that is a happy medium between the two, something that isn t dense and has humor, but where there are real stakes to the hardships facing the protagonist That s when I turn to Urban Fantasy Some UF series and most of them are series are superior to others While I like what I ve read of the Dresden Files and the Hollows serie [...]

  13. i was surpirsed at how much i loved ite myths are correct and from all over the worldd i loved the dog read still love that dog re re read i could read this every month if i had too.

  14. This book was a fun read I needed for recuperation Thank you, Milda, for one great rec Hounded is well soaked in Celtic mythology, with some spices from other cultures, also it s fast paced, humorous, magical, doggily fantastic and it has a great blend of modern and mythic worlds I think Hounded was a great read I liked the variety of mythology a lot, it was interesting and engaging to read The story is fast paced and it wasn t over flooded with stereotypes, so no eye rolling or yawning for me [...]

  15. Manchee fans of Chaos Walking you will love Oberon Review for the males Atticus is a guy s guy He s got a dry sense of humor, doesn t spew pretty language for the sake of having to impress anyone, and spends a good portion of his time communicating with man s best friend yep, a dog A very intelligent dog who happens to be loyal and helpful in a pinch, but would rather be eating sausages and banging french poodles Oh yeah, and this Atticus guy carries a big sword And works some badass magic And m [...]

  16. 1.5 NopeIt s not for me I really didn t like it The beginning seemed really good then everything went downhill damn fast.This guy was thinking like a 12 year old And he was just so damn annoying about it When I decided to read this one I saw two types of reviews really good ones and really bad ones I really hoped that I d be in the YES category but well, guess I wasn t It was a bad read for me.Why the 1.5 2 stars I can see the appeal, the guy has his good moments although I DNFed, so maybe he ge [...]

  17. Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says Atticus O Sullivan, last of the Druids, lives peacefully in Arizona, running an occult bookshop and shape shifting in his spare time to hunt with his Irish wolfhound His neighbors and customers think that this handsome, tattooed Irish dude is about twenty one years old when in actuality, he s twenty one centuries old Not to mention He draws his power from the earth, possesses a sharp wit, and wields an even sharper magical sword known as Fragarach, the Answerer [...]

  18. I enjoyed this first in the Iron Druid series It reminds me a great deal of Dresden that s a good thing My only compaintI didn t get as emotionally connected as I would have liked probably beause he seemed rather nonconcerned about any conflict that would befall him But that s a minor nitpick I m a writer we always think about how we would have done things I highly recommend this book especially for those that enjoy Butcher s Dresden.

  19. By any objective standard, this is an awful book It has a childishly simple plot, which still manages to get buried under page after page of the sort of clumsy exposition and background information that can only be shovelled on by an author who clearly believes the show, don t tell adage applies to other people It has a supporting cast of characters who, when they re not cheap caricatures lifted directly from Urban Fantasy for Dummies are so poorly fleshed out as to be virtually non existent And [...]

  20. I jinxed myself I read the first 5 pages and thought I might actually like it after procrastinating over the decision of to read, or not to read I blame myself for settling on the former, as many have compared it to Jim Butcher s writing Me and that dude do not get on We are chalk and cheese The humour is unfunny it s forced The info dump is off putting too much, too fast Dialogue overload Not enough description.Atticus claims to be 2,100 or just 21 to humans He lies to everyone but the humans H [...]

  21. Enjoyable, engrossing read Definite fun Atticus is the first praciticing druid I ve read about in a long while, and it s nice to have a new take on magic in the urban fantasy line In fact, all sorts of immortals and deities seem to be present, particularly from Celtic and Norse mythologies They actually behave a lot like the stereotypes of gods from mythology at least in the Greek myths I read , which is to say, manipulative, egotistical and randy Hearne does a nice job of balancing their scary [...]

  22. 2.75 stars I listened to the audio version and the narration was good I plan to listen to 2 Okay, I feel sort of like the odd woman out here Most of my friends loved this book and are gushing about it But I just did not see what was so special about this book I feel bad writing this review and saying this, but no this book is not a favorite Okay, the good things first The writing is solid in Hounded and the pacing is good The characters are interesting There is not any chapter that drags or is s [...]

  23. Wow Amazing 88% price drop to 0.99 at US, 3 17 14 What a great giveaway win I started this book feeling a bit underwhelmed There are a whole lot of deities mentioned in this book along with shifters, the fae, vampires, druids, and witches Whew I was a bit bogged down with all of the people to remember and sort through Honestly, if I hadn t read many UF books before, I would have been completely lost It just didn t grab me I could have dropped the book in the first 50 pages I also had a bit of tr [...]

  24. Buddy Read with Shandra, Ana, Loki, Skyla and Litchick Really strong for the first book in a series, and I ll most likely check out at least the second one if not the rest at some point along the way Loved the premise and all the Celtic Irish mythology being of Irish, Scottish and Welsh descent myself, it just feels good to find a story that involves all of that without resorting to leprechauns right off the bat , and all the characters were fantastic Atticus and Oberon and Granuaile and the nei [...]

  25. Easily a five star book for me, and Atticus, the 2000 year old Druid, is a five star character too This has LOTS in common with the Dresden Files which is a plus plus plus because I love the Dresden Files and have to wait patiently each year for the next in the series This series will help me wait Hounded is a great read, full of magic and all the creatures that that entails plus a new to me superhero who eventually wins the ultimate battles Oh and lots of laugh aloud moments too especially with [...]

  26. I am sort of a sucker for good snark And I ve been bemoaning the similarities of much of the fantasy I ve been reading recently So this book came around at exactly the right time, and quite enchanted me It s not the deepest book in the world, but it was thoroughly fun and diverting, and I look forward to reading in the series.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read th [...]

  27. I was recommended this book by a friend and since I ve also had a great time with several other series in the same way, I was perfectly willing to give it a try I have to admit that my general reaction to Urban Fantasy is somewhat less than warm, but for some odd reason I can t quite figure out, I still get sucked right in and I enjoy some of them immensely I started with Laurell K Hamilton, and even stayed with it through the myriad sexcapades Then I was heavily surprised and overjoyed with Kim [...]

  28. Awesome A really fun read I barely finished the first chapter when I went online and quickly ordered the next 2 books in the series.There is so much to like about Kevin Hearne s book Hounded, book 1 of the Iron Druid Chronicles Take a look at the cover Nice Read the blurb on the back cover Amusing Hounded is the story of Atticus O Sullivan, a 2100 year old Druid living as a 21 year old in Arizona Atticus is in possession of a magical sword Fragarach, The Answer A whole slew of characters want th [...]

  29. This was just pure fun for me I didn t get connected to the characters very much because there wasn t much urgency Atticus never gets riled up, so I never was worried about any of the main players BUT I think I ll get and into it as the books go along It s a fun intro into the world, but I wouldn t say it ll blow you away.

  30. This urban fantasy has a very light tone What s supposed to be serious turns into dark humor A 2100 year old Druid using the alias Atticus O Sullivan is enjoying life in Arizona with his Irish wolfhound, a talking dog with a French poodle obsession The plot is very simple He has a sword this god enemy wants The enemy sends minions to get it When they re all gone, the enemy finall shows up himself to get the sword Atticus is so powerful, we re never worried for his safety Ever It s light and funn [...]

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