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My Name is Joe

Unlimited My Name is Joe - by Stefan Bourque Unlimited My Name is Joe - by Stefan Bourque - My Name is Joe, My Name is Joe When Joe s doctor advises him to get his affairs in order after a diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer he faces two choices leave this world full of regrets or seek forgiveness for a life unlived An unex

  • Title: My Name is Joe
  • Author: Stefan Bourque
  • ISBN: 9781453843079
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited My Name is Joe - by Stefan Bourque, My Name is Joe, Stefan Bourque, My Name is Joe When Joe s doctor advises him to get his affairs in order after a diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer he faces two choices leave this world full of regrets or seek forgiveness for a life unlived An unexpected thing happens on Joe s path to redemption He meets Rebecca a young single mother struggling with guilt over the death of her own mother They soon come to realizeWhen Joe s doct

My Name is Joe

Unlimited My Name is Joe - by Stefan Bourque Unlimited My Name is Joe - by Stefan Bourque - My Name is Joe, My Name is Joe When Joe s doctor advises him to get his affairs in order after a diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer he faces two choices leave this world full of regrets or seek forgiveness for a life unlived An unex My Name is Joe

  • Unlimited My Name is Joe - by Stefan Bourque
    105Stefan Bourque
My Name is Joe

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  1. I absolutely loved this book I would classify this as literary fiction because of the eloquent prose, attention to character and detail, and the proper motivation to make me think and feel Essentially My Name Is Joe is about a middle aged man who has no family of his own, and working from home has kept him isolated from the outside world He is relatively without ambition or motivation and is just going through the motions of the daily grind when he learns he has cancer of the terminable nature T [...]

  2. A short and emotional book, you ll likely be left with a renewed appreciation for life.This is a short quote that I liked from the book You are not dying, and perception might lead you to believe there is still plenty of time for experience later Someday you ll visit the Grand Canyon Someday you ll find a job that you actually love to do There will be plenty of time for the love of a puppy for the love of a good womanmeday I was a man who had walked through his somedays and had not even realized [...]

  3. A wonderful book about one man s search for redemption and recognition before he dies He finds solace and a family when he meets a women and her son.Stefan Bourque does a great job touching all our emotional buttons It s very sad but also inspirational and sweet The pace is slow and meandering, but in a good way, imitating a man s contemplation of what his own death would mean The characters are realistic and powerful They each have their weaknesses but try their best to overcome them As I ve sa [...]

  4. I received this book for free through First Reads a fact I am required to disclose Although I had no previous exposure to Bourque s writing, I am looking forward to reading of his work Bourque has written a beautiful book with My Name Is Joe Despite its heart breaking subject, the story both inspired me and restored my faith in the potential for human kindness.

  5. If I d ever recommend a book, it has to be this oneI read this book as part of a personal project to search for books in the 3 stars range, but which actually should be 5 stars, at least for me After rounding up a couple of books, I wouldn t have imagined that I d find the perfect book matching my criteria right off the bat This is definitely a hidden gem.What I liked the most about the book is how believable Joe is as a character How the author can convey such complex emotions and yet one can e [...]

  6. It s difficult to review this book without giving out spoilers Suffice to say, I enjoyed the beginning or first third to half of the book when the character pontificates about the ironies of life, the growing loneliness of the digital age, the feelings of having a lack of a social circle and strong family relationships I thought it was all fascinating and well written You knew from the beginning something would change for our dying character, Joe, but I wasn t a fan of how it came about and furt [...]

  7. An incredibly moving story about a man told he was about to die and the power of human kindness Stefan Bourque wrote a beautiful, heartwarming story It was a wonderful read in the first part of the book, you just read Joe s thoughts as he faces his dying alone you really understand what it was like for a person facing a terminal diagnosis Then he gives himself a going away party and in the process found a wonderfully caring individual that truly helped Joe through his final days, but she also go [...]

  8. A quick little feel good read Joe has just been told he has terminal cancer, and he s looking back on his life, regretting choosing his career over any personal relationships to speak of There is redemption, of course, as Rebecca and her son enter his life, and give him a reason to find joy, purpose, and love not really romantic in his final days It s not exactly the most realistic scenario, but it s still nice to have hope that people can still care about others even though they have nothing to [...]

  9. Didn t get good until the middle and then the end was so sad even though you knew the whole time it was going to be sad.

  10. To see my full review abookvacation 2014 02 13 rThis relatively short read takes an in depth look at one man s life once an end date is unceremoniously stamped upon it Like Queen Latifah in Last Holiday, Joe has just learned that he is going to die But unlike the comedic movie, Joe does not have a happy ending there is no mistake made here Suffering from pancreatic cancer, he is instructed to get his affairs in order, sending him on a spiraling journey that surveys his contributions to the world [...]

  11. Redemption This book is all about redemption and choices made and friendship and altruism The book is really of a novella I read it in just a couple of hours and definitely a tearjerker It is the story of a man stricken with terminal cancer and what he discovers about himself as he prepares to die Did I truly believe the story about bringing together his neighborhood with a carnival Not so much But that was the plot point that enabled him to find his redemption and to connect finally with anoth [...]

  12. This book starts with the sentence, The man who sat across from me might have been a stranger except for the bare intimacy of knowing one another s names and the occasional gloved finger that probed my prostate With that line, I was hooked.This writer s style is poetic in places, and concise throughout, leaving the reader to ponder the insights and needs of the dying with each passing page What I enjoyed most were take away messages such as these It is never to late to change, everyone has somet [...]

  13. I enjoyed the majority of the book it was very moving because of the subject matter being alone having terminal cancer I would have given it five stars but for Joe s relationship with Rebecca I m sorry but it just doesn t ring true with me Yes the initial meeting was fine and looking after him when he collapsed shortly after but stripping off and getting in the shower with a man that you had only met less than 24 hours later albeit to clean him after he had soiled himself and then stripping off [...]

  14. The story is a sometimes flippant but often thoughtful look at the various feelings one might have when told to get one s affairs in order kely to that and much I appreciated the author s consideration and poignancy marking various passages that particularly touched mech as this as Joe considers There might still be some purpose to what little remained of my life A chance to make some kind of difference after all And in the end, isn t that all that any of us wants I also appreciate this Without [...]

  15. heartbreakingly sad, but very thought provokingCurrently, I m caught up in the emotion this book provoked I won t go too in depth as I don t want to give away the ending, but I will say be prepared for an emotional ride How can you be so heartbroken and elated all in the same moment Stefan Bourque has a beautiful way with words that will make you think about your life and how you are making it count and also how you want to be remembered when your time on this earth is done Great read

  16. This book was very dark and depressing in the beginning I almost stopped reading it about half way through But, I kept going because I wanted to see why it had 4.5 stars I started to enjoy the book and characters when Rebecca was finally introduced I enjoyed the ending, it was heart felt and sad But wouldn t recommend it unless you were in between books and looking for something quick and easy to read It s only 156 pages.

  17. A fifty ish single man finds out he is dying of pancreatic cancer and begins to reflect on his life which has been pointless and boring A chance meeting with a woman roughly half his age who has fallen on hard times offers them both an opportunity for redemption She and her young son move in with him for the final weeks of his life This book is sappy and predictable with fewer insights into the mind of a dying man than one would hope for.

  18. This is actually closer to novella length at 156 pages, but it was worth every bit of it Very emotionally charged, from Joe being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, giving up and planning suicide, meeting Rebecca and her son, everything, all the the through the book Yeah, this one will make some tears well up for you.

  19. This is so drab I was fully aware it s about a man who is dying but I was expecting it to be like Me Before You , it doesn t have to be completely depressing I couldn t finish this, I really wanted to get to the part where he met the woman and set all things right but I got halfway through and there was still no sign So cliched and really heavy going.

  20. The dialogue Joe maintained in his head while trying to grapple with the earthly and existential crises he was facing was so compelling, it was surprisingly easy to overlook what I thought was an underwhelming climax and sometimes clunky writing Definitely worth reading

  21. Great readJoe at the end of his life finally found what he wished he would have found long agobut at least he did get to feel love and give of himself to a very special lady and her sonloved the book from cover to cover

  22. I didn t think that this book would be much Boy, was I ever wrong This was an intense emotional journey with surprising moments of tenderness It just goes to shows that gems do hide in unlikely places Or covers

  23. What do I say about this book, really not a lot, I almost gave up on it but felt for the main character and was semi curious how Joe met his death I was disappointed with the content as well, not as moving as some other readers posted.

  24. This book made me think, it inspired me, it bored me at times, and it made me cry There were parts at the beginning that were a little slow I m not going to lie, I may have started skimming, however the rest of it was insightful and tugged at my heartstrings.

  25. While the book is on the topic of death, the book ended surprisingly satisfying A good read Free Kindle ebook from

  26. TearjerkerSad but well written story of a man s life after a fatal diagnosis He makes his final preparations then a woman and her child come into his life and change everything.

  27. The first half of the book has Joe pondering about much that is negative in life The second half does much to redeem the story after he meets Rebecca and her young son Devin.

  28. Loved this fast paced story about Joe, and how he came to make his life worth living even when life was all but a distant memory.

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