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[PDF] Treasure | by ↠ Clive Cussler [PDF] Treasure | by ↠ Clive Cussler - Treasure, Treasure Clive Cussler author of sixteen consecutive New York Times bestseller brings us beloved character Dirk Pitt who discovers a trail leading straight to priceless treasures But it also thrusts him into

  • Title: Treasure
  • Author: Clive Cussler
  • ISBN: 9781451621013
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Ebook

[PDF] Treasure | by ↠ Clive Cussler, Treasure, Clive Cussler, Treasure Clive Cussler author of sixteen consecutive New York Times bestseller brings us beloved character Dirk Pitt who discovers a trail leading straight to priceless treasures But it also thrusts him into conflict that could tip the world s balance of power the wrong wayCharts of lost gold htaking art and rare volumes of hidden oil and mineral deposits that cClive Cussler author of sixteen c


[PDF] Treasure | by ↠ Clive Cussler [PDF] Treasure | by ↠ Clive Cussler - Treasure, Treasure Clive Cussler author of sixteen consecutive New York Times bestseller brings us beloved character Dirk Pitt who discovers a trail leading straight to priceless treasures But it also thrusts him into Treasure

  • [PDF] Treasure | by ↠ Clive Cussler
    420Clive Cussler

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  1. Plot 1 391 AD Julius Venator, a Roman plans to save the treasures of Library of Alexandria before it has to be destroyed by the order of the king He takes a group of soldiers and roman slaves with a fleet of ships and buries the treasure Before getting back to the ship the natives kills all the slaves, his legion and all his ships lost but one ship Serapis escapes.Plot 2 Lily Sharp, a professor of anthropology at Colorado and her team discovers a Roman coin in Greenland At the same time a plane [...]

  2. I think this book is my all time favorite Clive Cussler book I never get tired of re reading this book I probably read it once a year or so I realize that much of a gap between reading might seem like a lot, but I love reading books And I tend to read quite a bit between readings This was one of the 1st Clive Cussler novels I read, if not the actual first one It has always held a soft spot due to level of suspense it created the first time I read it.Anyhoo The basic gist of the story is that the [...]

  3. When I need a mental vacation like to travel with Dirk Pitt I haven t read all of the series and what I ve read hasn t been order but I still enjoy the books My most recent read was Treasure 1988.Treasure has all the usual adventure story stuff buried treasure, sunken treasure, espionage, kidnappings, car chases, and so forth In the Dirk Pitt novels there are typically two different plots the A plot being whatever word crisis NUMA somehow has to fix and the B plot where NUMA is actually looking [...]

  4. Dirk Pitt, ancient artifact discoverer extraordinaire is searching an ancient deepsea wreck for info about the Library of Alexandria when he finds himself drawn into a terrorist plot set on international unrest and upheaval in Egypt and Mexico He picks up several love interests along the way and with his trusty band of sidekicks, goes toe to toe with a madman.I won t deny that the story was entertaining but it could have been so much better If Cussler had made the characters believable and if th [...]

  5. My least favorite of Clive Cussler s books so far There is essentially two stories contained in the novel, and they are not very well connected He starts off with one story about lost treasure, then transfers almost totally to another story about terrorists which takes up the bulk of the novel, stays with that until it is over, and then finally switches back to the original story about the treasure for the last few chapters The terrorist story really had nothing at all to do with the treasure I [...]

  6. This is the same comment for all the Dirk Pitt books Great set of books, I had to stagger these books into my reading rotation since they are so similar Dirk Series Book in less then 50 words introduction to bad guy, introduction to hot chick, introduction to Dirk, Dirk gets in impossible dangerous situations to stop the bad guy, Dirk wins, Dirk gets the hot chick.

  7. The library of Alexandria, Egyptian and Mexican take overs Arctic explorers are the ingredients to make this a good story Again Cussler has anticipated current times with a rush of people from Mexico invading the southern USA, is this shades of Trump Otherwise of the same quasi death scenes turned into formidable escapes.

  8. I really enjoy reading this book I think it is one of Cussler s better books as it is one of the first to be over five hundred pages long as a hardback, and it does not get bogged down as later books tend to with too much going on in terms of different plot points The character development such as it is is decent for a story of such nature When one reads a Dirk Pitt novel, one expects a lot of action, some mystery, some explosions, and men being men Well, in the earlier novels Dirk s character h [...]

  9. Years ago a friend handed me this book from her collection It became the first opportunity for me to add a new favorite author to my long list I love archaeology and treasure hunting stories we need good ones and Treasure only whetted my appetite Though Dirt Pitt and Al Giordino are a bit too larger than life, the events and locations with a little bit of pseudo history thrown in Cussler provides create such imagery in the mind that you feel as if you ve just visited a most exotic locale Yes, i [...]

  10. Cussler is an author that brings the reader into his novels The details were just enough to make me see everything Not too much as to become boring Dirk Pitt is the character that many readers have told me that TR Bare in my own novel Mysterious Lady is like, even though I wrote the novel before reading any of Cussler s books I feel honored for my style of writing to be considered in the same class This is an excellent read and I hope you take the time to read it and Mysterious Lady and decide f [...]

  11. I was looking for something on the shelves at the family Cottage in Michigan that I had not read This was my first Cussler I held my attention while providing a little historical context about the mythical Library at Alexandria The situations are pretty silly Hero Dirk Pitts can do and save anything and anyone.

  12. Good, but just didn t do it for me like some of the earlier and later volumes Not everyone can be hit out of the park, but this is still a fun summer read.

  13. An absolute thrillerLoved the funny scenes in this book especially fly me to the moon dialogue by Dirk Pitt.I wanted to give it 5 stars However, I find the startings of Clive cussler s books extremely boring and slow so I will not give it full 5 stars.Still, I understand that it is the writing style of the author and don t expect any chanes in it It s just that I don t exactly enjoy reading them and have to read them forcefully for the sake of understanding the story.Whatsoever, it is a complete [...]

  14. Another exciting and deeply researched story.I chose this book to take on holiday It was a real page Turner and I felt gripped by the twin stories right until the end.As ever, the research that went into the book was incredibly detailed and made it even enjoyable.Another cracking book from Clive Cussler

  15. Another great Dirk Pitt adventure Pitt is tasked with finding the lost Library of Alexandria, saving the Egyptian and Mexican leaders from terrorists, and preventing an invasion of the United States Of course he does it all while getting the girl and being a badass Can t wait to get to the next one

  16. Pretty indistinguishable from any other Dirk Pitt novel Moves at a good pace, with a decent set of villains, and some tense moments.Good book to read when you just want to switch off for a bit and relax with a good adventure story.

  17. A disappointment from Clive Cussler This is the 9th in the Dirk Pitt stories and it shows by being formulaic and unrealistic I am a great fan of Cussler but here we have too many plots intertwined to make an exciting read The result is very artificial and somewhat confusing linking between them, and a lot of background waffle to establish their presence And another thing Cussler s books are normally almost believable if one squints a bit but this is simply too much It veers into the realms of co [...]

  18. My fav of all the Dirk Pitt adventures its got everything you want in an adventure thriller, far fetched situations ,great bad guys and a couple of heroes that if you ve read other Pitt adventure s you ll lap this up and want and .

  19. Eindelijk weer eens een Clive Cussler boek dat ik echt kon waarderen Een welkome verandering tussen de andere Dirk Pitt boeken Zeker de moeite van het lezen waard De bibliotheek van Alexandrie, mogelijke coups in Mexico en Egypte En Dirk Pitt met zijn team redt het weer allemaal.

  20. Yet another good book by Clive Cussler I first read this some time ago in paperback before I had a kindle It was good to read it again and enjoy Dirk Pitts adventures once .Excellent book Definitely a must read.

  21. Other than the annoying switch to the metric system in Cussler s writing, Treasure is an adventure set at a good pace while Dirk Pitt travels from Greenland to the Antarctic and everywhere in between blending ancient history with modern intrigue.

  22. I really enjoyed this book A nice change to some others in the Pitt series, but still pure escapism For some reason Dirk Pitt reminds me of Nathan Drake in this book, or vise versa given Pitt has been around a few decades longer Worth the read.

  23. Treasure is the 9th installment of Clive Cussler s Dirk Pitt novel, and this time it s about hunting down the remaining yet astoundingly large collections that have been saved from the Library of Alexandria.It contains knowledge that may turn the World into chaos, holding the lost map of oil deposits and ancient civilization considered to be a myth recipes of medicines that may heal those diseases that were thought to be incurable and new insights to the lost parts of Bible s Old Testament or Qu [...]

  24. My first time reading some clive cussler Safe to say i thoroughly enjoyed it Fast paced action and some historical archeology whats not to like

  25. I ve been an avid Cussler reader for years now A friend of mine introduced me to his stories when I worked in the high tech industry in the 80 s Dirk Pitt, what a wild ride

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