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Cat Magic

[PDF] Cat Magic | by ✓ Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry [PDF] Cat Magic | by ✓ Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry - Cat Magic, Cat Magic The arrival of Amanda Walker a talented young artist in the seemingly peaceful town of Maywell New Jersey triggers a bizarre and horrific series of events in a terrifying tale of modern witchcraft

  • Title: Cat Magic
  • Author: Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry
  • ISBN: 9780812515503
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Cat Magic | by ✓ Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry, Cat Magic, Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry, Cat Magic The arrival of Amanda Walker a talented young artist in the seemingly peaceful town of Maywell New Jersey triggers a bizarre and horrific series of events in a terrifying tale of modern witchcraft

Cat Magic

[PDF] Cat Magic | by ✓ Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry [PDF] Cat Magic | by ✓ Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry - Cat Magic, Cat Magic The arrival of Amanda Walker a talented young artist in the seemingly peaceful town of Maywell New Jersey triggers a bizarre and horrific series of events in a terrifying tale of modern witchcraft Cat Magic

  • [PDF] Cat Magic | by ✓ Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry
    170Whitley Strieber Jonathan Barry
Cat Magic

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  1. As a fan of Strieber, i picked this book up for the hell of it The premise sounded ok, but I m never a big fan of how witchcraft is handled in fiction so I was a bit hesitant Whitley Strieber proved me wrong as he approaches modern witchcraft and Wicca in a tactful and honest way in this book, coupled with a great story of life, death, and rebirth What impressed me was his grasp of witchcraft I was fearing a cheesy evil witch or magical spells being cast to enchant silverware to dance or somethi [...]

  2. I thought it would be your average trash book, and it is, but it was also a bit whimsical and just plain weird I really liked Mother Star of the Sea.

  3. I read this book when I was 14 in 1986, the same month I got This Mortal Coil s It ll End In Tears , and first dropped L.S.D I am re reading it, now, inside of cannabis vapors,so my judgment is, still, the opposite of clouded.This book is slow to start, but is an earthen version of the samekind of disinhibiting stimuli asGustav Meyrink s The Angel of the West Window , Gerard de Nerval s Aurelia and Philip K Dick s V.A.L.I.S , but couched in a 80 s horror novel.Proof of re incarnation and dreamie [...]

  4. Fucking fantastic.A book that really makes you think about the possibilities of what happens after you die.Definitely a book you can t put down.

  5. This was one of my favorite books in high school It really made me think on how we are all connected and intertwined The store is odd and twisted Just my kind of book.

  6. Le voy a poner a este libro 2,5 La verdad es que no s por qu pero no creo que menos sea correcto para este libro porque tiene cosas buenas Este libro llego a mis manos porque como ya he dicho en varias rese as sigo un reto de juego de tronos y lo que nos ped an es que en la historia apareciera un felino y la verdad es que me volv loca por mi cuarto y no consegu encontrar ninguno Empece a pedir consejos por twitter pero al preguntarle a una gran amiga me dijo yo tengo uno por casa si lo quieres F [...]

  7. About halfway into the book, I can safely declare I m rooting for the Cat The other characters so far are annoying, playing with life and death like no one ever would get hurt, but the Cat is there to kick their behinds and ruin all their plans, and that s why I love him Go Cat.Mother Star of the Sea is my other champion, then come the frog and Tess the monkey I d love to see them unleash the apocalypse on bratty scientists, arrogant witches and our terminally dumb heroine and then ride in the s [...]

  8. I found this book completely and absolutely boring and nonsensical and stupid.I am not from the US and I do not have any idea about Wiccan or whatever it seems a bunch of hippies to me doing nature rituals and all that, a religion for the ones who need to believe in something and dont know exactly what.The book itself is crap, the giant cat, the fairies, the characters, everything is so absultely absurd that I pity the day I found this piece of sh in a book market.The worst thing the writing so [...]

  9. This was my fourth time reading CAT MAGIC, and I still enjoy it.I don t like how the author blends ancient Witchcraft myth legend into story that is trying to portray modern Wicca in a positive light But it was written in 86, before the new generation of Pagans became the in thing, and it does help Strieber weave an interesting web.For those who have read this already read this, the part with the frog in the lab it breaks my heart every time Ripped away from Summerland, and thrust back into pain [...]

  10. Cats, magic, art, science, I can t think of it getting any better Streiber is an excellent writer and is very good at understanding both male and female views I also love how he had the traditional churches accepting the pagans and the new fundamentals being the issue It s basically the same way I truly see the problem too so I was happy to see it that way and that s why I used quotes It s truly an exciting novel with unexpected events and anxious moments I also found it very emotional.

  11. I read this book many years ago I recently ran across it on and remembered yeh, I read that one.What stayed with me is that hell is whatever you think hell is, so when you die, if you go there, what happens to you is what you expected to happen to you when alive.There s also a story of a witch s coven and a Christian group that doesn t like the witches and the idea of dying and being resurrected That s what I remember, anyway.

  12. Started out fine But after about 100 pages began to bog down with a bunch of pseudo philosophy religious junk and the story got strung out badly.I thought the later half of the book rather poor to terrible As a horror story it sucks with the main horror being the poor writing.

  13. This was my favorite book for years and years I haven t read it for a long time, but I may try it again to see if I still like it The spine and the cover captured my attention, and the writing kept it the entire way through.

  14. I can t even remember how many times I have read this book It was given to me by my mother and I have read it so many time that I have had replace it once and looking to replace it again Nice light read that totally grabs you and puts you in the book.

  15. I always love when a story points out the evil that fuels fundamentalist Christians Any person doing harm in the name of God is doing the work of Satan they need not recognize this truth, it is that way with or without their knowledge.

  16. Cat Magic takes place in Maywell, New Jersey where the some of the residents are witches Amanda Walker came to Maywell, New Jersey from New York City in attempt to get her name as an illustrator for a well known author, Constance Collier She is staying with her uncle, George to get her illustration done if Constance Collier hires her.Little does Amanda knows that she will be involved with Witchcraft, a mad scientist, and a fanatic preacher in a life and death confrontation of who she is in the p [...]

  17. Sometimes I need to read a book about witches I had read this once, when I was seventeen, on a long, psychically painful plane ride, a flight whose circumstances dictated I not look my family in the eyes.I was given a used copy by a dear pal on my birthday thanks, Samara I ve been searching for this book for years, so I could re read and see if it was still good or if I could have been reading ANYTHING on that plane that day and found comfort.Well I m still enjoying it Witches Magic Cats Ancient [...]

  18. In my opinion, Amanda s story is interesting and there are some exciting moments However, the author seems to struggle with scene transitions.The Moom flashback felt unfinished It is a vision into an ancient time, but I would have preferred a modern narrator s voice.

  19. Skip it.Started out okay but by the end it had devolved into a bunch of rants about witchcraft, folk lore, and dealing with guilt All good subjects, but not when laid on with a shovel The characters and plot were okay, but they just could not struggle through the mounds of prose that were heaped all about Even the prose wasn t so bad, but it stood directly in the path of the plot and dragged it all down to a painful crawl By the end I was skimming just to get through it and see if there was any [...]

  20. BOOK REVIEW.I had trouble getting into this story from the beginning A good part of that was the reading itself But also the story It was very wordy I found myself wishing it was a paperback so I could skip in places Over all it was just an okay storyDIO REVIEWI found the narrator to sounded like she wasn t really interested in the story The characters were different enough sounding to be able to tell the difference of who was speaking for the most part However they were annoying sounding I didn [...]

  21. A read from the pastI first read that book when I was in high school so many, many years ago When I saw it in the bookstore, I decided to give it a try, to see if the impressions that I had left of it would still be the same Well, some part I remembered well and other parts of the book had been forgotten I did really like the figures and symbols use for the spirits and afterlife but I would have liked to have background infos on some of the characters and covenstead Overall, it was an enjoyable [...]

  22. I read this in high school and loved it Then, I found it in a bookstore years later and picked it up to see if I still liked it I was surprised at how much I disliked it The premise of the story is great, but the writing is quite cheesy and the plot becomes very predictable I felt the same about his sequel to The Hunger, too If you likes book about witches, not well written, then this one is for you.

  23. Whitley Strieber is cracked He was abducted by aliens a whole bunch of times you can read about that in his book Comunion Cat Magic was written by Strieber and his buddy Jonathan Barry Only.Barry doesn t actually exist Just Strieber Strieber alone wrote this book Why did he list Jonathan Barry Because Whitley Strieber is cracked This book still wasn t bad I suppose It s not a true story like Comunion was It s a novelabout witches n shit.

  24. This is an interesting look at the wiccan religon in a small town with over half of the population being Episcopalians Some of the town members become nervous at the going ons and they feel they have to stop it There is talk of witch burningsc And, there is quite a few other tales being woven along in this story All I can say, is it is quite interesting I would re read it.

  25. An amazing insight to intoleranceMs Stripper has captured not only what it means to truly be a witch, but also the reasons why the intolerant believe what they do Her characters are enticing and the storyline engaging, even when it s offensive I found myself thinking about this book and the messages within a great deal I will be reading this again.

  26. I was provided this book free for an honest review.I am hoping to get through it.Maria Marquis is an ok narrator.This is the worst Whitley Strieber book I have read.It goes from withces,demons,gods,scienceI really have nothing good to say.

  27. This modern fantasy is a combination of the Frankenstein tale, where science is taken too far, an advertisement PR piece for Wiccans, and fun story.It is fairly well done, though not great A decent light read.

  28. I apologize for entering such a late review I am really far behind in my reading Darn need to work anyway This is an interesting example of white witchcraft I enjoyed following the development of the lead character Note to Sheli I think you would enjoy this.

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