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The Story of Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand Best Read || [Munro Leaf Robert Lawson] The Story of Ferdinand Best Read || [Munro Leaf Robert Lawson] - The Story of Ferdinand, The Story of Ferdinand Ferdinand is the world s most peaceful and beloved little bull While all of the other bulls snort leap and butt their heads Ferdinand is content to just sit and smell the flowers under his favorite

  • Title: The Story of Ferdinand
  • Author: Munro Leaf Robert Lawson
  • ISBN: 9780448456942
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback

The Story of Ferdinand Best Read || [Munro Leaf Robert Lawson], The Story of Ferdinand, Munro Leaf Robert Lawson, The Story of Ferdinand Ferdinand is the world s most peaceful and beloved little bull While all of the other bulls snort leap and butt their heads Ferdinand is content to just sit and smell the flowers under his favorite cork tree Leaf s simple storytelling paired with Lawson s pen and ink drawings make The Story of Ferdinand a true classic Commemorate the th anniversary of the book sFerdinan

The Story of Ferdinand

The Story of Ferdinand Best Read || [Munro Leaf Robert Lawson] The Story of Ferdinand Best Read || [Munro Leaf Robert Lawson] - The Story of Ferdinand, The Story of Ferdinand Ferdinand is the world s most peaceful and beloved little bull While all of the other bulls snort leap and butt their heads Ferdinand is content to just sit and smell the flowers under his favorite The Story of Ferdinand

  • The Story of Ferdinand Best Read || [Munro Leaf Robert Lawson]
    121Munro Leaf Robert Lawson
The Story of Ferdinand

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  1. I m not an impartial judge of this book I m assuming all of you know the story It s about a bull that doesn t want to bullfight like the other bulls He just wants to sit and smell flowers in the field My mom used to read it to me when I was a kid She used to call me her little Ferdinand, because all the other little boys wanted to run around and roughhouse And I didn t I just wanted to sit and read and think I m not an impartial judge of this book But I m fond of it And when a book s been around [...]

  2. Lovely, lovely book Sweet story plus bonus magical illustrations of romanticized Spain of yore to delight all.

  3. The mood and tone of this story are both spot on And even though Ferdinand is easy to love, and even though the beginning is cute and entrancing, overall, the story is just pretty okay.It s about a bull who doesn t want to fight like all the others, because he d rather just relax and smell flowers Can you blame him No But there s really not much to the story than that.

  4. I enjoyed this book on several levels a wonderful book about being yourself for children but also a subconscious commentary on fascist Spain a bull with a big heart picked to be slaughtered at the Blood Wedding of Franco and fed to his guests my interpretation.

  5. Many of the kids books I ve been revisiting are filled with specific, vivid memories of my childhood that are almost narratives unto themselves Reading them transports me back to those probably apocryphal moments in my brain, leaving me full of a sort of joyful melancholy for things past and a hunger for of those memories, a desire to relive all those locked up personal stories, so I grab another book I have always loved and devour it looking for I didn t find those memories in The Story of Fe [...]

  6. This is the story of Ferdinand a little bull who would rather sit and smell flowers than fight in the bullring This book truly is a gem While I had heard about this work before, this is the first time that I have read it and I absolutely love it Originally published in 1936, this work has been translated into than 60 languages and has rarely been out of print As this title is well known, I want to talk about its background Its a hefty one While Munro Leaf is an American author because of the ti [...]

  7. It could be said this has been on my TBR list since childhood I don t remember reading it then, and don t remember reading it to my daughter Although I ve known the story of the little bull with a gentle heart who turned into a big bull with a gentle heart for quite some time, I d never picked up a copy until now Lovely little story, which shook the world one might say.It was banned in Spain during the Spanish Civil War since it was seen as a pacifist book Oh, the horror It was banned in Nazi Ge [...]

  8. I was always curious why my school library had multiple copies of The Story of Ferdinand Until now Upon scanning some of the other reviews I feel left out because Ferdinand was not part of my collection growing up I was blown away by the simple story of a gentle bull named Ferdinand, content with his life in the Spanish countryside When it is time to choose a strong and tough bull to fight in Madrid, Ferdinand does not care and would rather smell flowers under his favorite cork tree Ferdinand is [...]

  9. I celebrated the Freedom to Read for the 2013 ALA Banned Book Week by reading this selection Yes, it is a short children s picture book, but I was knee deep in other reads this year.So why was this book banned you ask This book was originally published in 1936 Some saw the material as fascist, socialistic, pacifist or communistic Munro Leaf, an American writer, had chosen to set this book in Spain Well, history will tell us in 1936 the Spanish Civil War began a few months after publication Hitle [...]

  10. I had read it before but revisited it recently What I loved most this time is the controversy that swirled around the book I had no idea Lots of readers like this for the non violence, peace choosing theme, but that message doesn t seem accurate I like that Ferdinand chooses to do what he loves he doesn t judge,criticize nor disparage the other bulls who want to fight he just wants to smell flowers The stronger message for me is to find what makes you happy and do that regardless of what others [...]

  11. This is, without a doubt, my absolute FAVORITE book from childhood I remember my mother reading this to me as a small child, and having to fight back the tears, the story touched me so deeply I found significance in the extreme simplicity of the words and illustrations I was impressed with Ferdinand s gentle, yet strong, nature He stood firm against the strongest pressures and remained constant I like to analyze this book on many levels On a side note and dork moment my husband holds the same va [...]

  12. A classic children s story that even for a grown man like me means a lot, even though I m not as strong as a bull, I believe that Ferdinand looks like me when I was a little boy

  13. Where was this little gem when I was young Hard not to cast my childhood as poorer in hindsight seeing how many great children s literature I missed back then Well, better late than never Nobody said grown up kids can t read this book and enjoy it as well

  14. Very emotional I cried the whole time and refused to even accept my pacifier Why should I be pacified when poor Ferdinand, our peace loving protagonist, is dragged to Madrid against his will to participate in a bullfight before a mob eager for bloodshed and violence Satisfying ending, though I immediately settled down for a nap M

  15. 3 APR 2016 Love, Love, Love this book As a little girl, I carried this book everywhere I did not know at that time that Ferdinand was all about seizing his day and enjoying it in the way most suitable to himself Such a smart bull As I re read a newly purchased copy yesterday, I thought of this lovely poem Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May, by John William Waterhouse Source To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time is a poem written by English Cavalier poet Robert Herrick in the 17th century The poem is [...]

  16. My children really enjoyed this one The pictures were clear and drawn well, all in black and white, and it made for a easily understandable understanding of the story line The story was cute, and since we got it from the library, it came in a packet with an actual stuffed Ferdinand which allowed me to use my bull voice and have him make comments about the story and added another dimension altogether to our book time that we hadn t considered up until now The children all loved it My only concer [...]

  17. The story of Ferdinand, a very enjoyable story, by Munro Leaf tells the tale of a young bull named Ferdinand Ferdinand grew up in a society s where he was expected to take part in the Spanish bull fights in Madrid Unlike all the other bulls, Ferdinand only wants to live in peace among the flowers and the open fields As he grew, he became healthy and strong but with the same gentle heart as his young self No matter what others say and expect from him, all he cares about is peace.One of the most s [...]

  18. Ferdinand the Bull is not like the other young bulls He doesn t like to run, jump and butt heads with the other calves He likes to sit under his favorite tree and smell the flowers His mother doesn t mind as long as he s happy.One day men show up to choose the fiercest, scariest, strongest bull to fight in the big bullfight in Madrid, Spain All of the other bulls ran, jumped and charged to show the men how fierce and strong they were But it is Ferdinand who is chosen after being stung by a bee a [...]

  19. Tjuren Ferdinand kom som en glad verraskning i brevl dan, och jag var v ldigt nyfiken p att l sa den S sagt och gjort s gjorde jag det, och jag tyckte v ldigt mycket om den.Tjuren Ferdinand r en av mina favoritber ttelser i Kalle Anka och hans v nner nskar God Jul, och jag ser den varje r S jag blev v ldigt n jd n r jag s g att den h r boken inneh ller n stan allt som finns med i filmsnutten Sj lva handlingen r s mysig, och jag lskar Ferdinand och hans blommor Bilderna i boken, och hela boken i [...]

  20. This book fascinated me when I was learning to read I would read and reread it I had a deep empathy for the bull, who found himself captive and with life in danger because of mistaken identification.The story and pictures were interesting and left questions open to my young mind that caused me to gaze in with my eyes and imagination to try to see what was beyond the pages of the story and beyond what was shown in the illustrations.I was raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma It was a nice mid western [...]

  21. Ferdinand would rather sit under his favorite cork tree in Spain and smell flowers than roughhouse and butt heads like the other young bulls But in a surprising twist of fate, Ferdinand is chosen to fight in the corrida, the bullfights in Madrid What will the peaceful and care free bull make of this change of scenery Will he become a fighter for the cheering crowd in the ring As far as I m concerned bullfighting should become a sport of the past Even in this charming book the drawings of the lon [...]

  22. This is a book that celebrates the introverts among us While Ferdinand s bull brethren wrestle each other, in hopes of being chosen to represent at the bullfights in Madrid, Ferdinand likes to just sit under the cork oak, and to observe the lovely flowers Ferdinand s mom is worried about him, but she comes to realize that he isn t unhappy he just rather enjoys spending a lot of time alone I do wish that Ferdinand had some friends, as his complete withdrawal from the world resembles schizoid pers [...]

  23. I read this book as a small child and it fast became one of my favorites So when I saw this in the bookstore the other day, I had to get it and share it with my son I loved the simplicity of it Ferdinand is a bull, but he isn t a very fierce one He s of a nature lover than a fighter I love that Ferdinand just wanted to be left alone to sit quietly under his favorite tree and smell the flowers I think that s probably what I related to most as a child just wanting to be left alone to do what you [...]

  24. I first heard about The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf through the film The Blind Side 2009 Munro Leaf was an American author who wrote this book in 1936 It is the story of a bull named Ferdinand and his happy existence sitting quietly and smelling the flowers The book is illustrated in black and white by Robert Lawson and there is a picture, when Ferdinand is being taken to star in a bull fight in Madrid, of what looks like the bridge in Ronda This book is charming and informative as there ar [...]

  25. Another of my childhood favorites I LOVED this story Imagine my surprise when, 20something years later, after being married to my husband for over a year he brings some of his childhood things home from his parent s house His favorite book as a child Ferdinand I went to my Mom s house and got my copy out of a box and now we have both red battered copies next to each other on the bookshelf.

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